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5 years later- the day after the Hogwart's aceptence letter came and the day after Uncle Ron had too much fire whiskey and told her some fascinating stories

"So basically... Neville.. I mean my new herbology teacher killed Voldemort?"

"No, not exactly, he helped by destroying the peice of soul preventing him from dying,"

"And It took 11 years to tell me this because...?"

Ginny looked at Harry. Lily had not looked this furious or heartbroken since Arnold died. Unlike her husband, a beloved pet dying was the most traumatic thing that Ginny had let into her daughters life. Harry saw the glance andopened his mouth but..
"So you're famous. Like more famous than Merlin famous. Merlin's hairy..
"Language Lily!"

A 'Humph' and a puff of hair was the only apology Ginny got from her daughter. She knew it was the only one she would get. But she tried anyway.
"Lily, you have to understand, what we went through. I saw so many people die, so many die inside, forced to watch their loved ones suffer. We didn't want you to get sucked into that world or at least not so young. No one should have to do what we did. Especially what your father did,"

Lily sunk back into the chair. Now the red tinted vision of her anger faded, she looked into her mother's eyes and saw the eyes of a person who had seen far too much. Lily had a sudden thought
" Hang on if teddy was born in the year of the battle and you were born then.."
Lily counted on her fingers.
“Merlin. Dad you were 17 and Mum... you were 16? How did you..? What did it..?... Is that Fred died?"

Her mother had mentioned sometime ago that Uncle Fred had died long. She said that that was why Uncle George looked sad sometimes, when he looked in the mirror. They had been identical twins and were each others best friends. Every year, they had a candlit vigil for her dead uncle. The uncle that she had never known.

A choked noise came from her mothers throat
"Oh, sorry Mum, I wont bring it up,"
Ginny wiped her face and said "No, no, don't worry, I'm fine but yes, that's how Uncle Fred died, fighting for us, always having the last laugh,"
Anf her mother buried her face in her father's jumper. Her shoulders racking with the pain she'd been hiding for years.
Lily's mind was racing. This was no longer something that she should be part of
of. It was something disgusting and horrible. Her mother stopped crying.

"Mum, these people are gone aren't they like ... Either dead or in.Azkaban"

Her father reached across the aincent, wooden table and placed his hand on top of hers.
"Lily.. Don't ever be frightened by this. It's in the past. Sure people may stare at you but at least it isn't because one of the most evil wizards of all time is trying to kill you,"
Lily stared into Harry's green eyes and felt a calmness sweep through her. Although that might be something to do with the quiet whisper she had heard or
the soft rustle near her head.
A sudden suspicion came into her head
"Does anyone else know. Like does james or Al know?"

Harry looked at Ginny then back at Lily
"Well.. We never told them. Rose and Al probably know. They're both smart enough to realise that the whispers have a basis in truth. However James is still too self-absorbed to notice that the whispers are not about his prowess at quidditch. Hugo doesn't know or he didn't know untill your Uncle decided firewhiskey was fine drunk in pints"
Lily laughed

"What vegetable do you think Uncle Ron's ears will be next time we see him?"

A thoughtfull silence with the gentle slish-slosh of dishes cleaning themselves in the background surrounded them
"i think cauliflower was next on Hermione's list!"

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