“What are you doing here?” He demanded.



“Visiting my friends. Not that it’s any of your business.” She glared at him.



“Of course it is, you’re my girlfriend.” He told her.



“Ron! You and I were never together and we never will be! Why won’t you understand that?” She shook her head at him in despair. Turning to Ginny she said; “Can you get Bella? I think it’s time I left.”



“Of course.” Ginny left the room to fetch the children.



“Bella? Who is Bella?” Ron asked.



No one answered. Harry continued to stand in front of Hermione but moved to take Bella from Ginny and hand her to Hermione, whilst James clung on to Ginny.



“Thanks Gin.”



“WHO ON EARTH IS THAT.” Ron thundered. His eyes were glued to Bella’s white blond hair with its golden brown undertones, her pale skin and the curious expression on her face as she looked at him.



“This is my daughter. Isabella Charlotte Granger-Malfoy.” Hermione told him.



“WHAT!  YOU HAD A KID WITH THAT FILTH. HOW DARE YOU?! YOU ARE MINE.” He thundered taking a step closer to her in anger. Bella whimpered in fright.



“Ronald Weasley! How dare you! You barge into my home, frighten my guests and demand for our help. You disgust me. Get out.” Ginny yelled at her brother. “NOW” she yelled when he didn’t move, and just continued to glare at the little girl in Hermione’s arms.



“Fine.” He spat. “This isn’t over.” He flung the words at Hermione as he vanished through the flames leaving the three adults standing in shocked silence.






“Mione come here.” Ginny walked over and pulled her and Bella into a hug. She could feel Hermione shaking in her arms, together the three of them collapsed on the sofa, whilst Harry did protection charms sealing the house from Ron.



 “I can’t believe he’s acting like that! What have I done to make him do this?” She asked.



“Nothing Hermione, you’ve done nothing. He’s just insane, and jealous.” Ginny told her.



“Mummy who was that man?” Bella asked.



“Oh sweetheart don’t be scared, he can’t hurt us anymore. He was an old friend of mine from Hogwarts but I don’t think I can be friends with him anymore.” She soothed her daughter.



“Okay. Will he go see Grandma and Grandpa now then?” She asked.



Hermione’s head snapped up: alarmed.



“HARRY” Ginny yelled.



“What?” He ran into the room.



“Go to Hermione’s parents and make sure that Ron cannot get near them or the house. Okay?” She told him.



“Sure.” He disappeared.



“What if he hurts them Gin? To get to me?” She whispered.



“Mione, hush, Ron wouldn’t do that. He wouldn’t go that far.” She told her friend.



“Yeah you’re right.” She nodded her head, sure that her friend was correct.



“All sorted Mione, you can sleep in peace.” Harry popped back in.



“Okay well I better be going guys… Thanks for having me round though, it was good to catch up.” She stood up and gathered a now sleeping Bella in her arms.



“Yeah I’ll owl you and we can go shopping sometime this week.” Ginny said.



“Sounds good.”






Hermione appeared at the gates of Malfoy Manor. Hesitating slightly she rang the bell.   Draco appeared and opened the door for her. Immediately he could tell something had happened.



“What is it? What happened? Are you two okay?” He ushered her inside.



“We’re fine. Let me put her to bed and we can talk.” She told him.



Ten minutes later Draco and Hermione were sitting in the kitchen sharing a pizza and several butterbeers.



“I can’t believe him!” Draco shouted, pounding his fist on the table.



“Well you know he’s never liked you.” Hermione reminded him.



“Not that! I don’t give a rat’s arse if the weasel hates me! Bloody hell the feelings mutual! I’m furious because he said that to you, about our daughter and in front of our daughter.” He calmed down after seeing Hermione’s face pucker slightly as though she were about to cry.



“Shhh. I’m sorry Mione. I…Just the thought of him near you... I can’t lose you again.” He walked towards her, bringing up a hand to stroke her cheek. She curved into him, stepping forward so they were nose to nose, or in Draco’s case he was staring down into Hermione’s eyes due to the height difference between them.



For how long they stood like that, Hermione didn’t know, or care for that matter. She finally felt at peace, Draco was always the one who could calm her down, to make her see reason, that everything would work out okay, being away for so long, she had forgotten what it felt like to be taken care of…



Slowly she pulled back, and he let go of her, he didn’t want this night to end, he wanted more time with her.



“Mione.” He asked hesitatingly.



“Yes?” She questioned.



“Will you take a walk with me?” He held his arm out to her.



“Of course.” She smiled, taking his arm.



Slowly they walked around the manor, Draco showing Mione the new parts he added and re-showing her the old parts, from the times that they dated. Somehow without either of the knowing, they ended up in the Library.



Curled up in a sofa in the very back corner, Draco and Hermione were sitting talking, about everything,



“I remember the time Ron and Harry first found out we were dating…” Hermione was saying;



“Oh yeah, Weasley tried to punch me, but Longbottom held him back.” He laughed.



“Yeah then he rounded on me. He kept screaming at me...” She whispered.



“Hey now, don’t get upset, we don’t have to talk about this if you don’t want too.” He hugged her closer to him.



“No.. I want to explain, I want to tell you how I feel.” She said slowly.



He said nothing, just waited, slowly playing with a curl of her hair.



“There was a time when I thought Ron and I were perfect for each other, I know I already told you this in the beginning, but I need to explain it again, to show you why I don’t believe that anymore…It was fourth year when I first fell for him, it was the Yule Ball and all I wanted, all I wanted, was for him to ask me to go with him, to notice me like Victor did….I said yes to Victor to try and make Ron jealous. I’m not proud of it, Victor was a nice person and he is a friend to me, but I never wanted anything romantic from it…” She trailed off



“Fifth and six year flew by, then we were on the run, and FINALLY he began to notice me, he got jealous if I spent hours sitting and talking with Harry. Finally I thought this is it, and when he kissed me in the Chamber of Secrets during the war… It was everything I had hoped for and more. But then whilst they were rebuilding Hogwarts, I spent the summer at the Burrow, and things changed... He became controlling, deciding what I wore, who I went out with… Like, I haven’t spoken to my muggle friends in five years because of him! And well because I left I suppose, and now I’m scared to go talk to them again…Don’t get me wrong he never hit me or anything like that although there were occasions where I thought he would.” She stated.



“Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore and I told him it was over…he didn’t like that very much. It was horrendous. The biggest argument ever, and although Harry and Ginny never sided with either of us, I just didn’t want to live there anymore. I could feel Mrs Weasley’s glares, of course she didn’t approve she thought that Ronald and I should still be together. I didn’t, so I left, moved back in with my parents for the summer. However that didn’t stop Ronald from coming round each day harassing me… I thought that going back to Hogwarts would make everything better, and in a way it did. Because I met you.” She smiled up at him, he smiled back, although his face was tight with tension. Although he knew how Ron was, she had never gone into this much detail before.



“I met you, and you were so lovely to me Draco…Although it took me forever to trust you.” She laughed. “You showed me what a real relationship was like… and when Ron found out, all the abuse he hurled at me, it just made me realise that I loved you even more. That he could never compare to you... You were what I wanted.” She told him.



Draco sat still as a stone, he hadn’t missed the “were”, he waited anxiously, he wanted to hear what she would say next.



“Then when we found each other again, Draco you’ve treated me and Bella perfectly, you have been amazing and I was hesitant at first to get back with you. But today when I visited Ginny and Harry, and when Ronald showed up and began to hurl abuse at me and our daughter. It made me realise, that I never truly wanted him, all I could think about was getting home here to you. Draco what I’m trying to say is that… I only want you. I want you, me and our daughter to be a proper family.” She took a deep breath, “I love you Draco.”



And at that Draco unfroze, gathered the woman he loved in his arms, and kissed her deeply.



WELLL… what do you all think?! Did you like it? Did you love it? Did you not? Please tell me in a review! And if you have any ideas for any of the upcoming chapters I would love to know!! Thank you for reading! And please leave a review! :)

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