Im gonna break your little heart,

watch you take the fall,

laughing all the way to the hospital,

'cause theres nothing surgery can do,

ima' break your little heart in two.

                                                -All Time Low, Break your Little Heart




A/N: All credit of 'To Kill a Mockingbird' goes to Harper Lee. 


Looking up at the clock, Hermione sighed. It had only been 15 minutes since leaving Mr Jacob. They had another 45 minutes left, that’s going to drag; it’s weird, being in his body. It’s like im him, but im still me. I wonder if I should have a sneak peak, hmm…? She stood up, and started to make her way to the bathroom, Draco noticed, worried about what she would do.

‘’Hermione, where are you going?’’

‘’Um… I need a wee.’’ She looked at him, a blanked face, her chocolate brown eyes, meeting his grey ones, he knew she was lying.

‘’don’t do or look at anything....’’ he made his eyes look like slits.

She smirked, ‘’I promise.’’ She crossed her fingers discretely.

‘’Okay…’’ he went and sat down watching her go into the bathroom.


Walking into the bathroom, she felt his eyes bore into the back of her head. Well, technically, they’re my eyes…sat sat on the edge of the bath, No, I won’t look, I just want him to think I look, cruel, yes, but he has touched my boobs

He didn't know!


He didn’t know it was you, you can’t blame him!

Who is this?

Your conscience speaking.

Oh, I suppose you’re right. But a little game won’t hurt, will it?

No, I guess not.

Good. No leave me alone!

She walked over and sat down on the edge of the bath. She gasped then laughed, to give the impression that she had looked. She heard a quiet ‘fuck’ from come from outside the door. She struggled to hold in her laugh. Going over to the mirror, she lifted up the shirt of his that she was wearing and started to drum on the torso, admiring the view she laughed, never done that before, probably never will again. This could be quiet funny, being him for an hour. She laughed, and made her way out of the bathroom, feet sounding heavier than expected on the stone floor.

Draco stood up the moment he saw the door open.


‘’Draco…’’ she got shut the door behind her, and started to make her way to her bedroom.

‘’Um…did you really?’’

‘’Maybe I did, maybe I didn't.’’ she smirked.

Ohh, so that’s what it looks like when I smirk, now I understand everyone’s annoyance at it! It’s quite the smirk. ‘’Hermione!’’

‘’Not going to tell you!’’ she stood on the last step, before entering her bedroom, ‘’why are you so worried anyways?’’

‘’Im not, I just value your opinion, I was worried I wouldn't be good enough.’’

Oh, ‘’well, if it helps, I didn't look, im not that cruel, but I would highly appreciate you not touching my boobs again.’’ She made her way back down, and sat on the love chair, he then joined her.

‘’Deal’’ He turned to face Hermione, looking straight into the dilated pupils.

‘’How are we going to pass the time?’’ she looked at the array of books that sat neatly in the bookshelf.

‘’No idea, we have 30 minutes left, I’d rather spend it with you instead of going out where we have to act like we hate each other.’’  He sighed.

‘’I agree, it’s hard, but it’s worth it.’’

He leaned in, closer to Hermione, feeling her warm breath on his face.

‘’Draco, I think it’s best we don’t do this now, I mean, it’s going to be slightly odd, me kissing myself.’’

He leaned back, and nodded, ‘’agreed, I don’t want to be kissing myself.’’

‘’I don’t know whether to take it as a compliment, or an insult.’’ She winked, and picked up a copy of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’ and started to read.


*40 minuets later.*

Appearing out of their bedrooms, they looked at each other and sighed in relief. They handed each other there robes and sat down on the sofa opposite the now roaring fire. Picking up her book, she started to read, Draco putting his hand round her shoulders, reading with her, enjoying the silence, knowing they were going back to class in 20 minutes time.

‘’Draco, it’s time to go to class.’’

‘’Alright, let me just get my books.’’ He got up, and walked off into his bedroom.

Waiting for him, Hermione heard a knock on the portrait. She wandered over to the the door, and opened it, she stepped back, as the portrait was swung open forcefully, and Professor McGonagall along with some Aurors and Mr Jacobs, (who was now head of Slytherin)  walked in and sat down in front of the deep orange flames. Professor McGonagall beaconed Hermione over.  Hermione sat opposite, trying to read the emotions on the headmistress’ face.

‘’What is it Professor?’’

‘’Well, Miss Granger, I am currently aware of yours and Mr Malfoy’s relationship. So it is necessary I inform you  without Mr Malfoy present, as I think it is best the news come from you.’’

‘’Its bad then, isn't it?’’ referring to the Aurors present.

‘’Yes im afraid so.’’ She looked down.

‘’What is it Professor?’’

‘I’m afraid to inform you, that Lucius Malfoy has escaped from Azkaban, we have not got all the details yet, but we need to take Mr Malfoy to the ministry and discuss the details.’’

Hermione gasped, ‘’Wha…what! This is awful. ‘’ Hermione looked down, thoughts racing through her mind. ‘’I’ll go get Draco.’’ She stood up calmly, not knowing how to break the news to him.

Draco heard a knock on his door; he put the last book in his bag, and made his way to the door, bag over shoulder. He opened it, and saw Hermione’s pale face looking back up at him.

‘’Hermione, what’s wrong?’’  He pulled her into him, and saw the people in the common room.

She looked up at him; terrified of what his reaction would be. She got up on her tiptoes to reach his ear, and whispered the news into his ear. His eyes widened,

‘’I need to sit down.’’ He stumbled into the common room, and sat opposite his head of house.

‘’Now, Mr Malfoy, we need to take you to the ministry, and discus what we are going to do. Miss Granger, you are allowed to have to the day off if you wish.’’

Hermione shook her head, ‘’no, I need something to keep me busy.’’ She looked up at Draco, ‘’will you be alright?’’

‘’I’ll be alright Hermione.’’ he followed suit and stood up.   

She stood up, and he pulled her in, kissing her forehead and followed after the others, smiling sadly to Hermione as he left the common room.  

Watching him leave, thoughts were racing through Hermione’s mind. What if he comes here? What if he would come to get Draco? I know they switched at the last minute, but it’s plausible. I mean, this is where it began and ended, he would want to fight in Voldemort’s name, and carry on until he died. Oh no, what if he finds out about Draco and I? He might come after me. Shit. I need to tell Draco when he gets back, we would need to find out how he would get in, and then we would need to destroy it somehow. I thought this was all over, but it never is, is it? I will have to carry on protecting and thinking of ways to protect, helping Harry and Ron. Harry! Poor harry, he’s going to be devastated when he finds out, but will he find out? If he needs to, I’ll tell him. Right, off to class to distract me from any other thoughts I might have.


Walking into Charms, she took her place next to Ginny, looking at the spot Draco should have been in.

‘’Hermione, are you alright? You look kinda pale.’’ Ginny looked concerned for her friend.

‘’Yep, im fine.’’ Hermione focused on the task that had been set, and tried to get her mind off the news that she had just been told.



It was now 8pm and Draco still hadn't arrived back at Hogwarts. Hermione sighed, and looked up from the posters she had been making for the dance, and up at the clock on the wall. She sat back, and imagined a cup of tea in front of her. Grabbing the mug, she held it between her hands, and closed her eyes yet again and imagined Draco standing in the common room. Pausing momentarily before opening them, no, it won’t make him appear, what was I thinking? She sighed once again, and opened her eyes to be surprised by Draco’s figure sitting opposite her, looking drawn and if-it-were-possible, paler. Maybe it does work?

‘’Draco?’’ she looked at him, for any sign of happiness, any sign of good news.

Draco looked up from his thinking point, and looked at Hermione. ‘’Hermione.’’

‘’Draco, what happened?’’ she got up and went over to him, pulling him up, and sitting him against the love seat by the fire.

*Professor McGonagall led the group out towards the main doors, ‘’Mr Malfoy, you will be told the details at the ministry. Please follow Hudwin and Tril to the Portkey, and they will escort you to the Minister of Magic. Im so sorry my dear boy that you have to go through this again, I know how much you detest your father.’’

All Draco could do was nod. He smiled at the Headmistress and followed Hudwin and Tril out towards the carriage’s, and saw an old book on the floor- the Portkey. He bent down, and put his hand on the book, quickly catching the name, before being sucked nasal first through and into the ministry. Sherlock Holmes, his father’s favourite book.

 Walking through the ministry, Draco could feel eyes on him, like everyone was watching, to see if he would break. He looked down to his arm, and saw his cloak arm had risen, showing some of his dark mark. Feeling sick at the sight of it, he quickly pulled down his sleeve, and turned the corner, stopping in front of the Minister’s room, Tril mumbling something about  going in and that they will be back to pick him up later.

Knocking three times on the door, he heard a ‘come in’ and he entered the room.

Looking around, he saw moving pictures of what was the original Order of the Phoenix, and then the current one.  Looking around, he saw Harry and Ron, his eyes searching for Hermione. She was at the back, looking straight into the camera, putting on a brave face. Her face was withdrawn and tired. She was a lot skinnier, most likely due to the stress- this made his heart hurt.

He sat down opposite the new Minister of Magic –Kingsley Shackelbolt.

‘’Good Morning Draco,’’ Kingsley nodded, a warm smile planted on his face.

‘’Good morning Minister.’’ Draco nodded, not really a good morning though.

‘’As you know, your father has escaped from Azkaban but we have no intelligence of his where-abouts so far. The wardens were strolling up and down the corridors, and were sent to take Mr Malfoy to the prison guards for punishment for a previous incident. The wardens went to his cell, but he was nowhere to be seen.  The guards checked the rest of the prison, but he was not found. We think that the death eaters that have not been caught yet have helped him somehow. ‘’

‘’What does this have to do with me? Im no son of his anymore.’’ Draco put a cold look on his face.

‘’We know, but we think, that somehow he knows of yours and Miss Granger’s new found relationship.’’

Draco stood up in his chair, ‘’How?’’ panic was in his voice.

‘’We think he has a spy in Hogwarts; we are not too sure at the moment. But we know he is going to target Hogwarts and he might target Miss Granger. We are sending auror’s to guard the castle, and your headmistress has been told only to let 5th years and above to Hogesmead, and you being head boy, have a duty to let the prefects know of the current situation. We are very sorry for this predicament you are now in.’’

‘’It’s not your fault.’’ He sat back down, and put his head in his hands.

‘’You are allowed to visit your mother if you wish.’’

‘’What can I say? She wouldn't understand.’’

‘’I know, but it’s your mother Mr Malfoy.’’

‘’I think, I will go back to Malfoy Manor if that’s okay.’’

‘’Most certainly, you can apparate there if you wish.’’

‘’Thank you Minister.’’ He got up, shook his hand, and walked out of the door.


He walked out into the center of the ministry and looked around him. He quickly shut his eyes, and imagined his house. When he opened his eyes, he saw he was in his room. He looked around, and saw his silver four poster bed. He opened the green curtains and let in the brilliant sunshine, he tied them up to the posts with silver tassels.

He walked out the room, and down into the kitchen to grab bottles of fire whiskey. It was now 2 pm. He just wanted to waste this day away, and forget what happened, but he somehow knew he wouldn't be able to. He sat down on the sofa, and opened the first bottle, swigging it from the bottle. Such an empty house, such a big house for one person living in; he wanted to sell it, but no one wanted to buy, knowing its history.

Draco got up from his seat, and started to wonder around the manor. He walked through turning corridors, and up winding stairs, until he found his self in a room, the room he once saw his Hermione get tortured in. He hated this room. Anger was fuelled inside him; he threw the bottle down in anger.


He went around to his desk, and pushed everything off the table, he slammed the bookcases down, and threw the little glass goblets across the room.

An hour later he sat in the middle of the room, looking at the mess he had made: Books strewn across the floor, pages of paper from corner to corner, broken glass stuck to the wall and different sorts of liquid in puddles by the window.

‘’Well done Draco.’’ He thought out loud.

He got up, and went to leave the room, not bothering to clean up his mess. He would never come in this room again, so there was really no need. He made his way down the spiral stair case, and back into his bedroom, looking around in his disgust, he flicked his wand, and changed the colours to Silver and gold, a part of Hermione would be with him at his house. He laid on his bed, and started to drift of asleep, rest was what he needed before he went back to Hogwarts.

Four and a half hours later, he woke with a start, he dreamt his father had come back, and was going to kill Hermione. He looked around, no one was there to comfort him, no Hermione.*

‘’So I went back to the ministry, and asked if they could take me back here. That’s when I got back to you.’’ Draco looked down at Hermione, trying to figure out what she was thinking, and what her reaction would be to what he had just told her.

Hermione carried on looking down at the coffee table- not knowing what to say, she could feel Draco’s eyes on her, but if she looked up at him, she knew she would do something stupid. After about five minutes, she heard Draco get up from his seat, she looked up and followed him with her eyes, she quickly got up and ran after him, hugging from behind,

‘’Im here for you Draco.’’

He turned around, and embraced her, breathing in her orange scent, ‘’I know.’’ He kissed her on the top of her head.

She held onto Draco, everything is going to change for definite now, im a possible target, Hogwarts, this place has had enough grief these past years, it doesn't need anymore, we have to find him, and we have to destroy him and the rest of the deatheaters. 





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