We are wild,

we are like young volcanoes

we are wild, Americana, exotica,

do you wana feel a little beautiful baby?

                                                        -Fall Out Boy, Young Volcanoes



The sun light shone between the curtains, causing beams of light to flash across Hermione’s room. Opening her eyes, she stretched her arms above her head, briefly forgetting what had happened last night. Laying there, she thought, I’m forgetting something, what is it I am forgetting. It came back to her, last night. Laying there, she thought over last night’s events:




*She looked at him, ‘’pardon’’ sat sat up right on her bed.

‘’Is this friendship thing working out for you. Us, being just friends.’’ He made hand gestured motioning between Hermione and himself.

Hermione paused, knowing her answer, ‘’no, no its not.’’ She looked down and pulled the duvet over her.

Draco sighed, ‘’what do we do?’’ he walked back to her bed, and sat at the end.

‘’I…I don’t know.’’ She could feel tears in her eyes. Why does this have to be so hard?

‘’What if, we just take it as it comes?’’

‘’What do you mean?’’

‘’Well, if something happened, like those kisses that you keep stopping, how about, you don’t stop them, and if you need something, we go to each other.’’

‘’Or, why don’t we, just…’’ afraid to say more, she stopped.

‘’Just what?’’ he looked at her, worried she was about to reject him.


‘’Hermione, I like you, I do, and if you don’t, I completely understand why.’’ He looked down .

Hermione gasped, the infamous Draco Malfoy, the boy, that hated her for 7 years, the boy who took the piss out of her for her bloodline,  the boy who had joined the dark side, the boy who bullied her, and tormented her to tears, the boy who she had come to like during this short space of a couple of months, the boy she had grown to care about, and like, had just admitted his feelings for her. Crap.

‘’Hermione, say something, please.’’ She could hear the desperation in his voice.

Hermione looked up at him, and what she did next was not like her, she lunged forward and kissed him. She kissed him passionately. He was surprised, thoughts racing through each of their minds. Is this right, should we be doing this? This feels right. He stopped, and pulled away from her,

‘’Hermione, what was that?’’

‘’My reply.’’ She managed to say in between deep breaths.

He beamed, he then pulled her again, and kissed her softly.


‘’Hermione, say something please.’’ She could hear the desperation in his voice, pulling her away from the day dream she just had, not knowing what she should do next, she looked up at him.

‘’Is this, all lies?’’

His face went cold, ‘’no, it isn’t.’’

‘’I don’t know what to say, I don’t know how to take all of this. Im confused. 7 years, 7 years you hated me, why now?’’

‘’because I finally got to know you, plus, you’ve changed, you have become more…more quieter, you don’t act like you know it all, but there is just something more, damsel in distress about you. I want to be there to rescue when you fall.’’

‘’I fell a long time ago.’’

‘’well then, I want to be here, to make sure you don’t fall again.’’

She smiled, weakly. ‘’since when did you become such a softie?’’

He laughed, ‘’since, hmm, September?’’ he winked.

‘’Draco, let’s take it as it goes, but, let’s not tell anyone for now. Let’s carry on like we hate each other, because…because I think it would be easier for everyone, I mean, we have our common room, and we have to plan this ball thing, we could come out then, if…if you want?’’

‘’Sure thing, but does that mean, that we’re a thing?’’

‘’we’re a thing’’ they both smiled at each other.’’*



Sitting up her bed, she smiled, first friends, now we’re a ‘thing’. She laughed, she got up out of bed, and put on her slippers, tying her messy curly hair into a bun, and putting her dressing gown on, she made her way to the common room. Opening the door, she looked down into the room, he wasn’t in there. She made her way down to the setae, started the fire, and started reading a book on the Titanic.

A while later Draco opened the door and noticed Hermione sitting opposite the fire -he smiled, going over the events of the previous night. He quietly made his way down the stairs and sat next to her. Without thinking, he took her face and kissed her, Hermione, caught off guard, jumped at the touch of his lips on hers.. Where do I put my hands, on his head? no, that just sounds stupid. Hermione, stop thinking for once, and just go with it! She decided to place her hands in his hair. Exploring new area’s she had not seen or touched before, he, doing the same. This is going to quickly. She pulled away,

‘’not yet. Im not ready.’’ She looked down, embarrassed.

‘’Okay Hermione, when you’re ready.’’ He quickly gave her a kiss on the forehead, and made his way into the bathroom for a shower.

Hermione waited until she could hear the water running, and made her way into her bedroom.  She quickly got changed into her robes,  done her hair, and her wand and books. Potions first, hmm, another hour with Draco!

She walked into the common room, and saw Draco coming out of the bathroom, ‘’we’ve got potions first. Another hour with Draco Malfoy, making the last bit of our potion, how fun!’’ she said in a mocking voice.

‘’Oh how fun!’’ he smirked and walked over to her, giving her another kiss as she left.

Before turning out of the door, she turned around, ‘’you’re going to be late.’’ She smirked.

‘’Meh, oh well. Mr Jacob’s is in Slytherin, im sure he won’t care.’’ He smirked, and waved goodbye.


Walking into potions, he nodded at Mr Jacobs, and took his seat next to Hermione, shit, what do I do? I forgot I sat next to you! He awkwardly made his way over to the table, Hermione slightly smiling as he sat down.

‘’Hello Granger.’’ Hermione breathed in, then realised what he was doing.

‘’Malfoy.’’ She smiled at him.

She went over to the table were there Polyjuice potion was being kept, and bought it back over to their table. It was the final stage of the Poly Juice potion.

‘’Granger, you add the last scoop of Lacewings to the cauldron.’’ He told her, coldly. This is hard, having to act tough to her. Having to act like I don’t care.

She did so, trying to put on her best poker face, and then stirred it three times anti-clockwise.

‘’Right class, I’ve got each a snippet of your hair, and you do not know who you are going to get.’’ (They had all previously given Mr Jacob’s a snippet of their hair, from underneath the rest of the hair, so it would not be noticeable.) ‘’Right, Ginny, can you give the packets to the assigned person.’’

Ginny took out her wand, and muttered a spell, sending zooming packets of hair everywhere, to their accommodated person. She then winked at Hermione, as Hermione’s packet was put on Draco’s side of the table. Hermione went to reach it cautiously, knowing that if she touched Draco’s skin, she would jump. He quickly saw what she was doing, and quickly moved it to her side of the table.

‘’Thanks.’’ She muttered, not wanting to look at him.

‘’Its fine.’’ He looked at her, an expression can mean a thousand words Hermione. Hermione, look at me.

Hermione felt this sudden urge to look up at him, as she did so, she noticed his expression. It was an expression of sadness, yet love. She wanted to hug him, right there and then.

‘’Suppose we better see who we got then.’’ She took out two glasses from the box in front of them, poured in some of the potion, then emptied the allocated hair into the cup.

Hermione looked down into the cup, it turned a sluggish grey, but not as grey as Crabbe’s or Goyle’s, then it turned into a shining platinum, which then turned and weakened into a dark blue. She looked over at Draco’s, and saw that his was a brilliant yellow, which then also turned platinum, then settled for a bright gold. They both looked down at their cups,

‘’Class, go to your dorms, and take the drink, you are allowed the next period for it to wear off. Once you have taken it, report back to me, and then you will be free.’’

‘’What? We have to miss a lesson!’’ she walked over to Ginny and they started to walk towards Hermione’s dorm, ‘’Gin, can you believe we have to miss a lesson!’’

‘’What are you talking about? It’s good!’’ Ginny looked at Hermione like she was crazy.

‘’I agree with Ginny, you can then plan this ball thing for after Christmas.’’ Harry replied.

‘’Ginny! You told him? Why?’’ Hermione looked sternly at Ginny.

‘’Sorry, it sort of just, slipped out!’’ Ginny shrugged.

‘’Thanks, Gin.’’ Hermione sighed, ‘’well this is me, tell me who you both get at lunch.’’ She waved, and entered the dorm.

‘’Will do!’’ they both shouted after her.


She entered the common room, and saw Draco standing in the middle of the room-glass in hand.

‘’Hey.’’ She said, walking over to him, ‘’see you haven’t taken yours yet!’’

‘’no, no I haven’t.’’ he looked down at his cup, ‘’I don’t know who it could be, any ideas on yours?’’

‘’No! but im going to drink mine in my room, so if im a boy, eww, I can change. Think you better do the same.’’

‘’Good idea. Hope im not another guy, I would be mentally scared. Imagine if I get Weasley? HAHA, that would be funny, I could piss him off!’’

‘’Draco, he is still my friend!’’

‘’Eurgh, fine. Meet you back here in 5 okay?’’


Hermione walked into the bedroom; afraid of whom she would turn into. What if it Harry, or Ginny? Wait, no, it can’t be Harry’s, as his is gold. Plus, I’ve already been Harry, not again please. She looked down at the potion, and quickly drunk it. It tasted of pine needles. She stood up, and waited as she turned into a completely different person.

After a minute or so, she opened her eyes, and looked down. I’m at least a foot taller than I was, no boobs, so im a guy. Great. Who though? Guess I’ll have to ask Draco. She quickly changed into the baggiest clothes she could find, (even though they were still to small.) She looked down, and saw a bulge, hmm, maybe I shouldn’t wear this, a towel maybe? She grabbed a towel and placed it on her bed. She took off her clothes, until she was naked, not wanting to look at whosever ding dong she now carried, she quickly wrapped the towel around her torso. Well, this feels weird, going topless. Holding onto the towel, she walked into the common room.


Draco looked at the liquid in his hand, it smelt of oranges. He took a sip, tastes of oranges too. H downed the rest of the juice and closed his eyes. he waited for a minute. He opened his eyes, and the first thing he done, was place his hands on his chest. Boobs-im a girl! But what girl! No, I wont look, I want Hermione to tell me. He quickly put on one of his longest shirts, and padded out into the common room. He looked up, and saw a the back of his head.

‘’Hermione!’’ he walked forwards towards her, eyes widened. She turned around, and and gasped.

‘’Draco! You’re…you’re me!’’ she looked at her body, wondering if he knew!

‘’Hermione, you’re me! Wait, WHAT? Im you!’’ he ran towards the bathroom, and looked at his reflection, to see Hermione looking back. He then saw Hermione as himself run in, and look in the mirror.

After a couple of minutes, Hermione spoke up, ‘’you know, I haven’t looked.’’

‘’Looked at what?’’ he raised an eyebrow. Hermione pointed downwards, ‘’Oh! Yeah, me neither. Although, I did feel your boobs when I first opened my eyes, but I didn’t know it was you!’’

‘’Hey! No fair! And, please don’t do that again!’’

‘’Sure thing’’ he winked, ‘’I think we should exchange clothes then, as we’re each other.’’

‘’Err, yeah.’’

They walked back into their bedrooms, got some clothes, and exchanged them with awkward glances; they both got changed, and then made their way to Mr Jacob.

Turning into potions, they saw Ginny and Blaise walk out, Hermione almost smiled at Ginny, but remembered that she was Draco, and that, was not Ginny. They turned into the class room,

‘’Ahh, Mr Malfoy, Miss Granger, I see you both changed!’’

‘’Sir, did you do this on purpose’’ Draco asked.

‘’Yes, I did!’

‘’Why?’’ Hermione asked, taking a seat.

‘’Because of house unity. I want Gryffindor’s to experience being a Slytherin, and vice versa.’’

If only you knew how close we were Mr Jacob. Hermione looked down at Draco.

‘’Well, I doubt that will happen. When will we change back?’’ Draco asked.

‘’1 hours’ time.” 




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