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Lysander Scamander is a strange boy. He rides his broomstick backwards and can name every type of aglet in existence. Stranger yet, however, is his evil twin, Lorcan. Lorcan likes pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and poisoning people’s food. Although McGonagall has made sure that he has no access whatsoever to anything lethal, he likes to slip anything he can into food or beverages to make people uncomfortable. And so I suppose that in some twisted way it makes sense that when James accidentally stepped on Lorcan’s foot in the hall and scuffed his shoe, he would give James’s best friend and roommate a fruit tart which would cause Louis to monotonously insult anyone that spoke to him. Oh, and it also gave him an awful case of the hiccups.  

When we reach James’s and Louis’s dorm, the door is already slightly ajar.


Rose pushes it open, and inside we see Louis lying face-up on his bed with his feet hanging off, James and Hugo standing there staring at him worriedly, and Lorcan curled up in the corner, unconscious.


At the sound of us coming in, James spins around and rushes towards us, “I’m so glad you’re here! He can’t talk without—well, come over here and see.”


Rose walks over to him and sits down on the bed, looking down thoughtfully at her cousin, “Hey Gooey-Louis, you alright?”


“Your disturbingly red hair irritates my eyes, and I find the use of the childhood nickname you used to help pronounce my name when we were young annoying,” he finishes the insult with a hiccup.


My jaw drops, and I look over at James who shrugs and says, “He called me a man-whore who has little reason to live life except for snogging every female thing that resembles a human being and has a heartbeat, between random fits of hiccupping. I found it kind of endearing.”


 “Strange… He usually comes up with every excuse he can for your man-whore-ness,” I’m pretty weirded-out at seeing Louis this way.


Hugo walks over to us and sulks, “He told me my kicks were uncool.”


“He also said you were obnoxious, naïve, and a butcher of the English language,” James adds.


The young teen ignores his cousin, and looks at me, “I wonder what he would say to Chase.”


 “I don’t think I really want to know,” I admit.


We look back over at Louis and Rose, who has decided to give talking to her cousin one more try, “Louis, I know this isn’t you talking…”


“You try to cover your fear of having a *hiccup* baby by acting normal and it *hiccup* weirds everybody out. The entire family has *hiccup* been watching you and waiting for you to *hiccup* snap, and we all still *hiccup* are.”

Rose’s eyes go puppy-dog style as she silently walks away from the hiccupping boy, “Don’t do it, Chase. It just isn’t worth it.”


James and Hugo swallow their curiosity and exchange it for rationality.


“Holy guacamole…” we hear a faulty murmur from the corner as Lorcan begins to wake up, rubbing the back of his head. James begins to angry stalk towards the peroxide-blonde, but Hugo wisely holds him back.

And so instead I go towards him, “Who do you think you are? You can’t just go around poisoning people all the time! And people say I’M irrational? Do you realize what kind of hurt you might have created? Why don’t you just stop with the stupid poisons and, I don’t know, make some friends? Now, before you say anything else, just tell us the antidote and get the fuck out!”

Lorcan sits there for a second, speechless. Hugo starts to slowly applaud my outburst, but I suspect whatever looks James and Rose gave him made him instantly stop. Lorcan stands up hesitantly, looks me in the eyes, and, in the most immature voice he seems to have, says, “Well, Longbottom, I think you more than anybody have access to any antidote.”


“What? How?”


He laughs a sudden and awkward yet still evil laugh, “Only your father can show you the way!” and with that throws something on the floor and disappears in a puff of smoke.




“Chase, if you don’t mind, do you think I could go get the antidote from your dad? I really don’t want to be in the same room as Louis anymore, at least until he’s cured,” Rose asks me sweetly.

I nod at her, “Sure, go ahead. Take Hugo with you, you guys could use some sibling bonding time,” Truth was I did want someone to keep an eye on her like Louis said. I’ve been so caught up with my own stupid drama that I haven’t even thought about the fact that Rose is going through something like this and acting completely normal.


The pair left. I looked at James, whom I suddenly realized was staring at me with piercing eyes.




“You have to see what Louis tells you. You may not want to admit it to yourself, Chase, but you and I both need to know what he says. You can’t deny the curiosity.”


I give James a stubborn face. He was right. I had to know what Louis would say to me, even though I knew whatever it was would be hurtful.


I slowly took step after step until I reached Louis. I looked at his unusually blank eyes, “Louis? Is there- is there anything you want to say to me?”


He hiccupped, and nothing more. Not a word. He had nothing to say about me. I turned to James, who had a confused look on his face at first, but then nodded as realization came over him.


“He can’t think of a single bad thing to say about you. That kid is whipped.”


All I can do is stand there. I have a feeling that in a little while I’m going to be uncontrollably happy, but at the moment I’m completely stuck in shock.


James speaks again, “After that, you’ve got to give him your Chasey-love. If you can let him sit there and quietly hiccup at you and not agree to go out with him once he’s back to normal, then you’re even weirder than I thought. Besides, it’s obvious you guys have had eyes for each other forever now.”

“I don’t know. I literally JUST got done with whatever was happening with Danny, and I’m still kind of beat up about it. Louis isn’t the type of guy you start dating when you’re heartbroken over someone else.”


The shock is starting to wear off now. I can tell this by the way my heart rate increases at the thought that Louis and me dating is actually a possibility. And a possibility that is my choice!


“He’s my best friend. I know better than anyone that he wants more than anything else to just be there for you. Please think about giving him a chance sooner than later, instead of torturing him?” 


James is being overdramatic, but I still agree, “I’ll definitely think about it.”




“I can’t believe I said all that,” Louis rubbed the back of his neck ashamedly after Rose and Hugo came back with the antidote.


I wave it off and continue to nibble at the candy bar I’d found in my jacket pocket, “I’m sure each of us would have said worse.”


“Chase,” he seemed to just now process the fact that I was here, “What did I say to you?”


Before I have to say anything, James cuts in, “She didn’t talk to you.”


“Oh,” he nods, “Good. I would feel awful if I’d said something to you, too.”


“Especially after the way she told Lorcan off for poisoning you!” Hugo exclaimed to his older cousin, “I’m sure she would have killed him if he hadn’t run away.”


“What?” Louis seems alarmed, “You yelled at a boy notorious for poisoning people over every little insult?”


My eyes go big, “Oh. Right.”


He sighs, and then looks at me again, “Chase, where did you get that candy bar?”


“I found it in the pocket of this jacket I borrowed from Rose,” I motioned to her, “It’s probably just something she was keeping in case of sudden cravings.”


My best friend shakes her head, “Honey, I didn’t have any candy bars in that jacket.”


Oh crap.


I immediately throw the candy bar on the ground, and start stomping and jumping on it.


“Uhmm,” James puts a hand on my shoulder to get me to stop, “I don’t think that’s going to stop whatever Lorcan put in it from working.”


“What are we going to do?” I start freaking out, “Who knows what kind of weird voodoo that creep put in my chocolate!”


Rose starts trying to calm me down, “It’s okay, it’s okay! Hugo, James and I will go track down Lorcan and figure out what it is! You stay here with Louis for now and stay out of trouble.”


I find myself on the floor rocking back and forth in the fetal position, but nod at Rose’s idea. The three of them leave, and Louis looks down at me with a worried expression. A very sexy worried expression, I might add. I stop rocking so that I can get a better look at him.


He’s wearing jeans that fit him nicely—very nicely, with his usual button-up dress shirt that he rolls up the sleeves of, and I see his under shirt, a white wife-beater, showing through underneath. I start to slowly get up and walk towards him, feeling as if I’m in a dream.


“Ch-Chase?” his eyes are the size of dinner plates, “Why are you looking at me like that?”


“Like what, Gooey-Louis?” I use the childhood nickname that I’d always found adorable, and somehow made it sound… seductive? I was definitely not myself at the moment.

He swallowed nervously, obviously unsure of what to do, “This is just because of that candy bar you ate. It isn’t real,” He seems more like he’s trying to convince himself of this than trying to convince me.


“This isn’t real?” I stand on my tippy-toes and plant a very small, delicate kiss right on the side of his neck.


He takes a sharp breath, and then pushes me away softly, “It’s just not right. I can’t take advantage of you while you’re like this.”

Passion overtakes me, but not in a good way, as I angrily take off my shoe and throw it hard enough to break the window, “Kiss me, damn it!” I shout at him.


Terrified, he quickly brings me back close to him and says, “Sorry, sorry, I didn’t know you would react like that!”


“Neither did I,” I was calm again now that we were close, but my want for him was still burning, and so I went back on my toes again, this time reaching for his lips.


This was the second time we ever kissed, but the last time was quick and unexpected. This time, I was dizzy and confused but at the same time my senses were heightened and passion was coursing through my veins. Basically, I felt like a drugged up version of a girl in some romance novel. A heroine on heroin, if you will.


His lips were slow and deliberate, but not hesitating to reciprocate every move I made. My knees were starting to feel weak, so I threw my arms around his neck and jumped up, my legs wrapping around his waist. This deepened the kiss, and he seemed to completely forget his reluctance from before. Not once breaking us apart, he walked towards the vanity dresser, setting me down on it so that he had more control.


Keeping my legs around him, I let my arms fall from his neck so that they could feel his shoulders, his chest, and, there they were, the buttons of his shirt. I unbuttoned them one by one, and finally took his shirt off completely. He still had the wife-beater on, but I planned to change that—


“Chase!” Hugo slams through the door, “The candy Lorcan gave you is going to make you go crazy and break stuff unless you get some major nookie—“


He stops short when he sees Louis and me intertwined, caught in the act, Louis’s shirt on the floor, his undershirt tugged halfway up. James and Rose rush in behind him, James bursting into laughter and Rose hurrying to cover her little brother’s eyes from the sight.


I feel the same rage of emotion from when we had to stop earlier, causing me to slap Louis across the face, knock over a lamp, and throw a hairbrush with enough force to make a dent in the wall. Then, I get dizzy and everything just kind of turns dark.


“When d’you think she’ll wake up?” I hear a boy’s voice, and realize it belongs to James.


“I don’t know. I’m still curious as to why Louis thought it was a good idea to kiss her back, with the state she was in,” Rose sounds irritable.


“The girl broke a window, for Merlin’s sake! It wasn’t exactly a request when she told me to do it, what was I supposed to do?” Louis replies in a defensive tone.


“Don’t try and act like you didn’t enjoy every second,” Hugo’s adolescently awkward giggle is apparent, “I mean, sure wouldn’t be upset if Chase tried to get a ride on the Hugo Express! It’s pretty obvious she has it bad for us Weasleys, after all.”

I hear three face palms occur, and decide it’s probably time for me to open my eyes now.

 “CHASE!” Rose attacks me with hugs once she sees I’m conscious, but the first thing I’m immediately aware of is the amazing and familiar smell of whatever bed I’m lying in.


“Uhm, where am I? And what exactly happened?” I asked sheepishly.


“You tried to jump Louis,” James says blatantly, and Louis elbows him in the ribs, “Ouch! What? It’s true! Not that he was complaining. Although the part where you left a perfect red hand mark on his face from slapping him might have been a little too kinky.”

The memories all rushed back, “Holy mother of fuck sauce!” 


“There’s the Chase I know!” Rose has still yet to stop hugging me, “You’ve been lying here unconscious in Louis’s bed for an hour now…”


“Oh, that’s why it smells so good,” I thought to myself. Wait, why are they all looking at me like that? “Merlin, did I just say that out loud?”


“Yep,” Louis laughed, and I think I even detected a slight blush. Great, now I had the blushies as well.

“Anyways,” Rose coughed at the awkward silence that ensued, “When we went to get the antidote for Louis, your dad told us to have you go to his office in a little bit. I think now would be a good time.”

“Okay,” I start to get out of bed, but stumble a little, and Louis is immediately at my side to help me steady myself.


James stifles a laugh and pretends to sneeze, making it sound like the word “whipped”, causing the two of us to blush once again.


“I think I’ll walk Chase there to make sure she’s okay,” Louis says.


Under her breath, Rose says, “Big surprise.”


“Stop it, you guys!” I groan, “I know I’m probably the last person that should be saying this, but can we please try and be a little mature? Now, where’s my shoe?”


We all look down at my shoe-less left foot, and then at the shoe-sized hole in the window, and then not one of us can hold back the laughter.


Louis and I walk side by side down the corridor, our hands occasionally brushing each other as we go but neither of us pulling away when they do.


“Sorry about slapping you,” I break the non-awkward silence, “I wasn’t exactly myself.”


“Sorry I let you kiss me,” He sounds equally guilty, which I find absurd.


I laugh, “I’m not sure if you noticed, but I didn’t exactly mind that part.”


“I’m not sure if you noticed, but neither did I,” this time when our hands brush he takes a hold of mine, and I’m not arguing.


“So… What does this mean for us?” I ask, unable to stop myself.


He opens his mouth to answer, but then we reach my dad’s office, “We should go in. We can talk about this later.”

I sigh and reluctantly agree. I open the door.

“Dad?” I ask the form in the big chair behind the desk, but once I get closer I see the devastated look on his face, “Dad, what’s wrong?”

Without a word, he hands me the letter that changes everything.  

Sorry I’ve been gone so long! I’ve had a major case of writer’s block, but somehow I had enough sudden inspiration due to a bet with a friend to write this so I won’t complain ^_^ feel free to write quotes, favorite parts, favorite characters, and predictions in the reviews to help keep me inspired! I love you all, thank you for discovering this story with me<3

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