Molly watched the growing crowds of red heads with contentment.  The day of the trip had finally arrived; everyone had managed to get off for the first week of July.  Bill and Fleur had arrived with baby Vic in tow.  The beautiful strawberry blonde baby was gurgling at Molly from her mother’s shoulder.  Percy arrived on time with everything he needed stowed away, Audrey stood next to him still a little nervous around the family.  Arthur was trying to pack everything into the back of the bus with the help of Charlie.  Molly wished her second oldest would find someone special and settle down.   She didn’t know how many more years of his bachelor days she could handle.  Molly heard the pop of someone apparating in and looked to see George and Ron having a heated discussion about whether or not Verity could be trusted to run the entire store for a week.  Molly smiled at this, she didn’t know what George would have done if he hadn’t had Ron to push him to reopen the shop after Fred died.  Molly was beginning to get impatient where was Ginny she should have been home and hour ago.  She looked over hopefully when heard another pop and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Ginny flanked by Harry holding Teddy, and Hermione. 

                After much fussing with the bus everything was stowed away and they were ready to leave.  Fortunately the children had taken over the bus loading, and it went much quicker without Arthur hurrying around like a child.  She climbed onto the bus, which Arthur insisted he could drive, and saw her children splayed out on the bench seats.  She settled herself in the bench behind Arthur’s chair and they were off. 




         Hermione snuggled into Ron’s side and sighed in contentment.  Everyone had managed to take to time off work and this week was going to be fun.  Hermione allowed the waves of sound to roll over her, whenever she was around the Weasley family it was like she was tossed into an ocean of sound.  There was so much talking and laughter, and more than a little yelling, Hermione had quickly learned to let it all roll over her or it quickly became overwhelming.  She looked across the aisle to see Harry playing with Teddy.  Ginny had the toddler on her lap and Harry was popping over the back of the seat playing peek-a-Boo with him.  She couldn’t help but smile at the look of pure joy on Harry’s face.  Teddy more than anything else helped Harry to heal after the war.  There was only so much the rest of them could do and even Ginny was often at a loss when it came to Harry’s black mood, but Andy had needed help with Teddy and as his godfather Harry was the one to provide that help.  Hermione watched as slowly Harry stopped having to pretend to be okay and eventually really was. 

                Hermione felt Ron’s arm tighten around her and looked up to see George smirking at Ron.  “What on Earth are you two carrying on about?”  George tried to look innocent and blinked at Hermione.  She shot him a glare that could rival Mrs. Weasley’s and he caved.  “I was just suggesting to ickle Ronniekins that we play a game of truth or dare Weasley style.”  This seemed to catch Ginny’s attention and she glared at her brother from across the aisle, “No way we had to stop playing that because it got too ugly.”  Hermione shot Ginny a questioning look, “you don’t want to know Hermione, let’s just say mum banned the game.”  By now the other Weasley brothers had caught on and were grinning slyly.  They glanced towards where their mother sat at the front of the bus, Bill was the first to speak, “I think we should play, but we can’t play like we used to.  This isn’t a no holds barred game now, you can’t cross the line.”  Charlie looked at his older brother, “the line William really.  Besides we aren’t children anymore nobody is going to get traumatized by a game of Truth or Dare.”  

                 At those words Hermione watched Mrs. Weasley’s head turn so quickly she could hear her neck crack, “Did I just hear someone say truth or dare?  You all know that game is forbidden in this family.  You do not know how to play nicely, and frankly I do not trust you all not to dare someone to jump out a window.”  The Weasley children all started to turn red, but it was George who spoke first.  “Mum we aren’t little kids anymore; nobody is going to get hurt if we play.  What if you come supervise and if someone says or does something you think is traumatizing you can intervene.”  Molly looked at George and realized that her shocked expression was mirrored on the faces of all her children, “George dear, did you realize that was a responsible thing to say?”  George smirked at his mother, “Yeah mum I am aware.  Now are we playing or not?”  Molly Weasley sighed in a resigned kind of way and moved to sit closer to her children.  They adjusted themselves so they were one to a seat in a circle in the back of the bus.  Hermione found herself stuck a seat in front of Ron and right behind George.  This made her a little nervous until she saw Harry sitting across from her stuck between Ginny and Percy.  Judging by the expression on his face she was better off over here. 

                Bill stood up and looked at Fleur, Harry, Audrey, and finally his gaze landed on Hermione.  She felt rather uncomfortable about the looks of pity the non Weasleys were receiving from the rest of the group.  Finally Bill spoke, “Okay to the four of you who have never played before here are the rules.  First, in your first game you must do an extra round.  Since you’ve never played our game before we will give you each a question to answer or a dare to do, if you refuse you lose.  Second, anything goes,”  Molly coughed pointedly, “alright mum, almost anything goes, just don’t cross the line, nothing that will traumatize or cause lasting physical damage.  Other than that anything goes, and since we are not little kids anymore I would like to add, keep it PG please, nothing to risqué understood.”  Bill looked around the circle and then sat back down.  Hermione tried to hide the terror she was feeling, this was like one of those sleep over games from when she was little.  They always ended horribly.  Ron seemed to sense her distress and began rubbing circles on her back.  Hermione felt her muscles relax, this was the Weasley family, not some malicious nine year girl this would be fun. 

                Bill stood back up again, “Okay since I am the oldest I will give the first challenge.  Truth, did you have a childhood nick name, something other kids called you, and what was it?”  Fleur went first, “Ze ozer girls called me Flem.”  At this Hermione noticed Ginny turning beet red amd remembered the years when Ginny had called Fleur that very same name.  Next was Audrey’s turn, “they called me ice queen” this came as no surprise to Hermione.  Audrey seemed to constantly have a stick up her bum.    Then it was Harry, “they just called me that Potter brat.”  Now it was Hermione’s turn, “they called me Beaver.”  Hermione tried not to blush as she spoke the nickname her childhood bullies had screamed at her.  She reminded herself that courtesy of madame Pomfrey her teeth we straight nd normal sized.

                Charlie stood up next, “Dare, kiss your significant other on the lips in front of us all.”  Hermione leaned over to kiss Ron and noticed Audrey, Fleur, and Harry doing the same.  A quick peck on the lips later and it was over; maybe this game wouldn’t be so bad after all. 

                Then Percy took his turn, “Truth, what was your first detention for?”  Again Fleur went first, “I told ze teacher zat she was an ideeot.  She was, but I still got ze detention.”  Then Audrey, “I have never gotten a detention.”  Then Harry, “For being up on the Astronomy tower at midnight.”   Hermione couldn’t help but smile, “mine was also for being up on the astronomy tower at midnight.” 

                The smile left Hermione’s face when she saw George stand up.  This was the one she had been dreading.  “Dare, jump out the bus window."  George grinned at the expression on his mother's face, "I'm only joking mum.  The dare is really to eat a worm from the bait bucket.”  They all four took a worm from George while Molly watched with an amused smile on her face, as though this was something she had seen before.  They all choked down their worms and glared at a grinning George. 

                Next Ron stood up, “Dare, do the chicken dance.”  Ron’s request was met with confused looks, so he demonstrated, and the gestured for them to continue.  They all danced the chicken dance, and Hermione couldn’t help, but glare at Fleur  no one should look that graceful doing the chicken dance.” 

                Finally it was almost over Ginny stood up, and evil glint in her eye and said, “Truth, who was your first kiss and how old were you?”  Fleur went first, “I was fourteen and hiz name was Pierre.”  Audrey was next “I was seventeen and his name was Scott.”  Then Harry, “I was fifteen and her name was Cho.”  Then it was Hermione, “I was fourteen and his name was Victor.”  At the sound of Victor's name Hermione heard Ron's neck crack as he turned to look at her.  He had the oddest expression on his face, Hermione tried to reassure him with her eyes, but she wasn't sure if it worked.

                Before the next round of the game could begin and almighty crash came from the front of the bus and they stopped moving.  When they glanced out the back window Hermione saw a trail of motor pieces tracked down the road.  It appeared the bus was broken. 

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