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Scorpius didn’t wait for the magnitude of Rose’s discovery to sink in. Instead he reached instinctively towards his wand and summoned his Patronus, sending word to Harry that a full report on the wands was ready to be presented to the team. He helped Rose gather up whatever papers she needed to take with her to the Ministry and shoved them all in his wooden box, making a dash upstairs to change his clothes. The sun was already high up on the clear sky and his stomach gave him a reminder that he had not eaten anything since the previous day. Ignoring its protests, he left his room and found Rose in the hallway, fully clothed and waiting for him.

“You’d better put a hat on and when we get there, keep a low profile until we reach Auror Office.” he told her and she pulled a fluffy hat from her tiny purse. In the back of his mind, he registered that that was something he had only seen once before, when her mother had produced a thick winter cloak from an equally small bag. Apparently Weasley women liked to carry half of their closets in their bags. She opened her mouth to say something but was interrupted by a silver stag entering the hallway from the wall and speaking to them in Harry Potter’s voice.

“Reported disappearance. Come ASAP. Bring her.”

As the form dissolved to silvery mist in front of them, he placed the box under one arm and with his free hand he grabbed Rose and pulled her downstairs. They Disapparated together to the entrance of the Ministry and made their way silently towards the Atrium.

When he found himself in the familiar surroundings of his work place, it finally dawned on him that he was holding Rose’s hand and he let it go, feeling a sudden regret for having to do so. However, he spent no time in analyzing what that might mean, since it was only a couple of minutes until they reached his office.

The atmosphere there reminded him of the night Diggle was found dead in his home. People were running around, throwing documents at each other, some higher ranking employees were trying to maintain a sense of order by shouting instructions all at the same time and the people passing him in a rush kept throwing him strange looks, as if they were frightened by something. He saw that the team was already assembled in the conference room but once the two entered within the sound proofing charm that was placed over that room, he found that the people in there were in worse shape than the ones outside.

Harry was failing to keep them all in order for once and had resorted to speak as loudly as them, hoping to get a point across. He saw Simone, her eyes red and bloodshot and it dawned on him that she might’ve been crying. She was the only one not speaking in the chaos. When Scorpius entered the room he heard somebody shouting at him. If the person hadn’t used his name he wouldn’t have been made aware that he was the one being addressed.

“About bloody time, Malfoy!”

He resisted the urge to tell them where they could put it and instead looked at Harry, who ran a hand through his hair and passed him a piece of parchment, which Scorpius read with Rose looking over his shoulder.

“Mister Harry Potter,

It seems that our recent actions have failed to make you aware of our task. Thus, we were left with no choice but to try to find you ourselves, using the opportunity to find out just how much you’ve unearthed from your investigations. We trust that you shall pardon Miss Penelope Shepard’s long absence from her work place. We shall contact you to schedule a meeting.


The Peverell Society”

Scorpius’ insides turned to ice as he finished the note and he glanced back at Rose, who was covering her mouth with her hand, her eyes wide with fear. The look that passed between them told him that they were thinking the same thing. These were the same people that had contacted her earlier and they weren’t fooling around. Abducting a fully trained Auror was no easy task.

“When did this came? Has somebody been sent to her house?” he asked Harry as he placed his box on the table and opened it.

“I found it on my desk this morning. Whoever did this has eyes and ears on the inside. I summoned the entire staff earlier and they were all willing to submit themselves to Veritaserum testing so I have reason to believe it was somebody from another Department.” he replied and Scorpius pulled out Rose’s note, laying the two on the table for comparison. “And Fred and Derek just came back from her house. It was quiet, no forced entry, no nothing. It’s as if she locked up and left by her own free will, which makes me suspect even more that we’re dealing with somebody she knew.”

“This came for Rose this morning.” Scorpius said and he slid the two papers to Harry and Ron, who were on his left. “It was in the Prophet.”

Ron let out a sound from the back of his throat, between a whimper and a yelp. He looked at the note, then at Rose, his eyes searching her for any signs of an assault. He found none and his features relaxed a little.

“Potter, who knew she was here?” Scorpius asked. He was looking around the room and noticed for the first time how Dean and Fred weren’t surprised by the girl’s presence. The others didn’t knew her by name but they didn’t raise any objections to the stranger entering their meeting as well.

“The team knew, we told them after you left for the safe house. We needed to plant a cover story for your absence so other employees wouldn’t start spreading anything around. Other than them and the family, nobody.”

“We’ve already ruled that out this morning.” Scorpius replied in a defeated tone.

“Great, another dead end. Now we have to figure out who sent the notes and who’s been helping these people.” Ron said and fell back into his chair with a defeated air. Grantham had rounded the table and was currently looking at the notes with a small magnifying glass he had conjured.

“I think I may have a lead on who these Peverell people are.” Rose said, speaking up for the first time since they arrived. Silence fell over the rooms and every head turned to look at her. Nobody spoke up so she continued.

“I noticed ever since I looked at the wands from the Dedalus Diggle murder that one of them, namely the Patil wand, had been a fake. Somebody went to great lengths to track down a sibling of the creature that provided the core and to manually reproduce the exact characteristics of the wand wood. In the second case, I found that it was indeed the original wand that belonged to Alastor Moody and in my opinion, judging by the condition the wand wood was in, the person who had it retrieved it shortly after his death and kept it all of this time. When I got the note and started doing some research on who the Peverell Society are, I found that they were a secret society founded in the 13th century, by the only descendants of the brothers Ignotus and Cadmus Peverell.” she said, noticing how Harry and Ron’s eyes had grown wide at this information. The others were looking at her, trying to grasp the meaning of what she was saying.

“The Peverell brothers, or simply the three brothers as legend recorded them, are the three makers of the objects now known as the Deathly Hallows.” she explained and some of the Aurors already started raising their eyebrows.

“The three brothers? Like in the bed time story?” Jeremiah asked, looking at her as if she had grown a beard.

“That’s actually a legend sprung from true events. In the 13th century people didn’t really understand how men could create such powerful magical objects so they just preferred to believe that a supernatural entity, such as Death, made them.” Rose explained. As she was about to launch herself into the explanation of how everything tied in with the killings, Simone interrupted her again, addressing Harry in an angry tone.

“Auror Potter, one of our colleagues is missing and you expect us to sit here and hear retellings of children’s fairytales? How is that helping Penelope?” she burst and her eyes pierced Harry.

“Because it’s all true. The Deathly Hallows. They’re real.” Harry replied and the whole room was thrown in silence again.

“Real? What do you mean, real? You mean these madmen, whoever they are, have the power to master Death?” Dean asked, his voice betraying a hint of fear.

“No, they don’t. Now if you people will let me finish!” Rose said, her patience leaving her. “This Society has links and branches in all the magical families. The protection of the Hallows has been passed on generation by generation, just as the cloak was rumored to have passed from Ignotus' son to the next in line. But once they all started having girls, the line gets a bit blurry. It’s almost impossible to find the leader now. However, they still keep tracks on the Hallows. They don’t have them. Not all of them at least. They managed to procure one.”

“Which one?” Jeremiah grumbled once more. “With our luck, it’ll be the bloody undefeatable wand.”

“And that assumption is correct.” Rose said and as she searched their faces, she knew they understood.

“Dumbledore had Death’s wand?” Dean asked again. “But if they took it, it must mean the wand now recognizes whoever’s in charge as the owner. So we’re still in a big mess.” he exclaimed and looked towards his other colleagues, hoping to see the same panic in them.

“Not quite, you see, the wand’s previous master didn’t lose it in battle for the core to change loyalties. That wizard won it in duel over 20 years ago and hasn’t been defeated since.” Rose replied, hoping to calm the man down.

“Then Miss Weasley, if you know who it is we must bring him in protective custody before he gets killed. So give us the name.” Jeremiah urged her.

Rose looked down uncomfortably at the last words and fumbled with the papers, unsure of how to answer. She was sure she shouldn’t say, not if they didn’t know already. And if Scorpius hadn’t known, she guessed the others didn’t either. Luckily for her, somebody decided to jump to her aid.

“That won’t be necessary Jeremiah. The wand, the Elder Wand belongs to me.” Harry said as every head turned from Rose to him.

“Oh, will you people stop it with the surprised faces already!” Scorpius snapped. “She hasn’t even told you the real problem yet! We’re wasting time!”

Rose silently thanked him for stepping up for her. “When I heard of the break in at Potter Manor, I knew that it wasn’t just a duplicated wand with a similar core. That complexity of the wards would’ve picked up on that. And thought that, they as good as gave their intentions away. I think that whoever broke into the study was looking for the Elder Wand. They want to do to it what they did to your old wand, Harry. Clone its core the Muggle way, replicate its genetic signature and make more copies. Copies identical in shape, size and to my knowledge, also in power, to the originals.”

Harry rubbed his eyes underneath his glasses as he grasped the concept of what was going on. This was something even beyond his wildest dreams. Something like this had the potential to start a war.

“That must mean that they took Penelope and are trying to know how far behind them we are. They knew we’d search for her with priority and they’re buying time, bloody bastards.” he said angrily. “There‘s no time to waste, back to work everybody! We need to find and bring Penelope home! Lupin, Malfoy, Rose, my office, now!”

The three entered the Head Auror’s office behind Harry and Ron and were invited to take a seat, as Harry closed the door behind them and cast a silencing Charm on it.

“It’s time we take this investigation one step further.” he announced and Ron nodded, looking for something in his desk. After a few minutes, he seemed to have found whatever he was looking for.

“It’s done, Harry. They’ll be expecting us in the back room of the joke shop.” Ron said and gathered his things, throwing his cloak on.

“You take them, I have to stop somewhere first and I’ll see you there.” Harry told him and at his words the door unsealed itself and they were off.

Rose wanted to know why they were being taken to the Weasley’s shop in Diagon Alley, but judging by the look on Scorpius’ face, he didn’t know any more than she did. As first instructed by Scorpius, the girl kept a low profile when they entered the Leaky Caldron and from their back room, Diagon Alley. The long and crowded street was just as she remembered it, from her last visit, when she only stopped at Gringotts Bank. All the shops were packed full of witches and wizards, admiring the colorful and sometimes moving displays in the windows and on their shelves. But only one stood out. As big and outrageous as it had been when it first opened, Weasley Wizard Wheezes was by far the most noticeable shop in the entire area. The sight of it made Rose smile. Her uncle George always wanted to stand out, this trait of his reflected in the way in which he ran his business. It was a shame, Rose thought, that neither Fred or Roxanne wanted to be part of the family business, although George’s ambition rubbed off on both of them, seeing as Fred was an Auror in one of the top teams and Roxanne had taken to studying fashion in France, hoping to one day open a line of stores of her own.

They carefully made their way in the crowd and finally reached the entrance of the shop, where her uncle was already waiting for them. He enveloped Rose in a big hug, almost crushing her. She responded just as enthusiastically and after pleasantries were exchanged, George led them to the back of the shop, where he had a large room. The room was empty save for a large, round table and chairs scattered all around. There were no windows.

“Dad,” Rose finally asked, turning to Ron. “What are we doing here? Shouldn’t we be trying to find the Auror?”

“We are doing just that.” he told his daughter and turned to George. “We summoned everybody so we’ll get started when they arrive.”

“Who have you summoned? What are we starting?” Rose pressed on, her tone becoming annoyed.

“My, my, little niece with a flowery name, don’t tell me you don’t know?” George said in a joking tone, placing an arm around her shoulder and laughing. Rose threw him an annoyed look, but couldn’t help her curiosity.

“I don’t, or else I wouldn’t be asking!” she replied in a proud manner that only made her uncle laugh more.

“A chip off the old wife, this one is, eh Ronnie?” he said and Ron’s ears turned red as he heard his brother use a nickname for him. In front of those that he worked with. “This, my dear, is the Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix!”

It was Rose’s turn to laugh. “You’ve got to be kidding me. That was dissolved after the war, there is no record of it after 1999 when the last Death Eater trial was held!” she argued and crossed her hands.

“Well, of course there wouldn’t be. We are now en elite team of mercenaries employed by the Head of the Auror Department when he feels a mess is about to be made.” George said, trying to keep a straight face. His composure was lost as a voice spoke from behind him.

“Giving Rose the old “elite mercenaries” talk, George?” Bill Weasley asked as he entered the room accompanied by his wife, Fleur. The pair hugged Rose, before going around the room and greeting everybody. Fleur spent a few good minutes with her son-in-law, trying to find out when he and Victoire would finally have a child. Apparently her daughter wasn’t too keen on discussing those things with her mother. Teddy looked very uncomfortable and sighed with relief as Hermione, Ginny and a third woman Rose recognized as Luna Scamander entered the room and Fleur turned her attention to them.

“So, what’s really going on?” she asked Teddy, who had come to seek refuge from his in-laws next to Rose and Scorpius. George was with Bill and Ron in a corner and the latter was explaining something, his face lined with worry.

“It’s a meeting of the Order.” Teddy told her and she and Scorpius raised a quizzical eyebrow at him at the same time. “I guess Harry called it in since he suspects the Ministry’s been infiltrated and he wants his information under the radar. Though most members these days are family.”

“When did you join?” Rose asked, looking at the boy with amazement. Her head was starting to spin from so many secret societies in the same day.

“I was asked to join when I started my Auror program. Though there hasn’t been a meeting in years and that was when Harry and Ron had discovered those witches that sold love potions to Muggles. Nothing this big. I guess it was because both my mum and dad were members.” he explained and his eyes dropped to the floor as he finished. Talking about the Lupins was always a sore spot for Teddy and Rose sighed, rubbing his back as the last people came in, closing the door behind them. Harry had come, along with Neville Longbottom and the Minister himself, Kinglsey Shacklebolt. As he entered, Rose could see Scorpius out of the corner of her eye, as he straightened his back and involuntarily pulled at his uniform, making sure it wasn’t hanging wrong on his body. The small gesture made her want to smile.

Kinglsey Shacklebolt was a friend of her family’s and she had seen him at numerous parties and other celebrations. He had also been Minister for more than Rose cared to remember. He was a good and honest man and his actions had brought about a period of peace and prosperity for the wizarding folk in England, so he kept getting re-elected every time. Rose recalled a Christmas dinner, when she was fourteen or fifteen, when Kingsley had asked Harry to run against him for Minister in the next election. Harry had laughed and drained his goblet of wine, patting the man on the back and telling him that he was perfectly happy with somebody else being the chosen one for a change.

As the people present gathered around the room, some of them looked at Harry with anxiousness across their faces, others, like Hermione, in curiosity as the woman’s eyes kept darting from her daughter to her brother -in -law and back.

“I suppose you’re all wondering why I summoned you here today. As you can see, we have two new additions to the group. Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy. The reason why they are here, why we are all here, is the fact that the Elder Wand was stolen.” The shock that met this statement was a different kind. It wasn’t the shock of revelation that the Aurors had. No, this was the reaction of the people who knew just what they were up against.

The conversation was smoother than the one with the Aurors, though people did gasp and had the same shocked looks on their faces as the events were revealed to them, along with the story of the notes and Rose’s discoveries. Searching the room with her eyes, she could understand why Harry needed all these people. Luna and Neville came in contact with all sorts of people and they were both bright enough to put the pieces together if they happened to come across some clues. Fleur and Bill both worked for Gringotts and could keep and eye out for both goblin and human signs of odd activity. Ginny was a journalist with sources scattered all over Britain and Hermione was one of the top attorneys in the Ministry. With George running the largest shop in Diagon Alley, it seemed that no part of the wizarding world could go unturned by these people in Harry’s search for the Peverell Society.

“But Harry, isn’t it nearly impossible to find siblings of magical creatures?” Luna asked.

“You’re right, it is. Which is why I suspect that there is a bigger story behind these deaths and the duplicated wands. We need to find out all we can before it’s too late.” The Auror told her and she nodded, looking into space, lost in a deep thought.

“Fleur and I will interview the goblins. Somebody’s got to be financing all of this and the gold comes from Gringotts. There isn’t another bank its size in the country, this amount of gold must leave a trace.” Bill told his brother-in-law as his wife nodded.

“Anything you find, come tell me. We can’t risk any information being intercepted. That is all for now but we’ll keep in touch.” Harry informed them as the people slowly got up and prepared to leave. Neville approached Harry.

“I’m going to try and have a chat with old Binns. If he ever finishes talking, maybe we’ll have a lead. I’ll get old Slughorn to investigate as well.” Neville said and Harry smiled.

“Yeah, he’s prone to knowing about the more obscure parts of our world.”

The members of the Order of the Phoenix had already devised a plan and were on their way to finding out more about the Society. The back-up should have come as a relief, seeing as she was no longer alone in believing the organization was real. Yet, Rose couldn’t shake the nagging thought in the back of her head that something else was wrong, that maybe things wouldn’t get easier soon. Every fiber in Rose’s being told her that this was only the beginning and the though made her insides turn to ice.

AN: Sorry for the long wait! But here it its, chapter 10, hope you enjoyed it. This story is going to be 15 chapters long, as of this week when I finished typing it up! Thank you so much to everybody who's read, reviewed and added this to their favorites. The response I got to this story is overwhelming!

In chapter 11 of "Twin Wands"? Rose and Scorpius sit down for a talk and they discover something unexpected!

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