Molly Weasley looked around her kitchen at the faces of her family.  They were all here for Sunday dinner.   She and Arthur had an important announcement to make.  They wanted to go on a camping trip the whole family for one week.  The timing would be perfect to keep everyone occupied after the anniversary of the battle.  Molly’s heart gave a twinge when she remembered that Fred would not be on this camping trip, but she tried to push on.  George and Ron could close the shop for the week or at least leave it in their employees hands.  Bill and Fleur would be bringing their newborn daughter Victoire along.  Ginny’s first season with the Hollyhead Harpies would be over by then.  Everyone else would have to take vacation from the ministry, but that shouldn’t be too hard none of them had had a day off in two years.  Molly would speak to the minister himself if she had to, Kingsley would not deny her this family memory.  Smiling the contented smile of a mother who will not be told no Molly levitated the last of the food onto the table. 

                Arthur smiled at her when she sat down and gripped her hand under the table.   Molly sighed in contentment as the happy noises of her boisterous family surrounded her.  Once everyone had filled their plates and the talking died down Molly squeezed Arthurs hand and he set down his fork to make the announcement.  “Kids, your mother and I have something very important to tell you all.”  Bill looked up from his plate with a confused expression on his face, “Please tell me that we are not getting another brother.”  Molly looked at Bill with a shocked expression on her face, the rest of her children looked stunned.  “Now why on Earth would you ask that William?  The only Weasley babies to be expected are the grandchildren you all will have.”  Bill sighed in relief, “Good, you had me worried, those are the exact words dad used every time he told us we were getting another sibling.”  Arthur laughed, “No this is a different kind of exciting news, your mother and I have decided that we want to go on a camping trip this summer, and we want all of you to come as well.  We were thinking we’d go the last week of June or the first week of July, whenever everyone can get off.” 

                Molly watched her children’s faces and was pleased to see they all looked excited about the prospect of a family vacation.  Naturally Percy was the first to voice concerns, “Mother, father, how will this work, we aren’t exactly easy to coordinate.  Even if by some miracle all of us can get off work at the ministry, which would practically leave them understaffed, Bill and Fleur will be traveling with an infant, George and Ron have to run the shop, and Ginny’s Quidditch season could be unpredictable.  That’s before you even get to the complications of the trip itself.  Where are we going?  How are we going to get there?  What will the sleeping arrangements be?”  At this George smirked, “What’s wrong Percy, are you afraid you won’t be able to share a tent with Audrey here or are you afraid Harry and Ginny will share a tent together?”  Molly watched as Harry and Ginny both blushed deeply.  Percy just glared at George with his neck turning a shade of red a Weasley could be proud of. 

                Molly cut in before an all-out fight could begin, “Yes Percy things are a bit complicated, but your father and I really want to do this and as for all your questions, do you really think your father and I wouldn’t consider these things.  There are some lovely woods by a lake in the mountains surrounding Hogwarts.  We are going to go up there; we’ll travel in your father’s newest muggle contraption.  It’s a wus...” Arthur broke in, “it’s a Bus Molly dear, liek the Knight bus,  they use them to transport Muggle children to school.”  Molly continued, “we’ll travel in the bus, provided your father proves to me it’s safe, if not we can arrange a portkey.  And sleeping arrangements are already taken care of.  Your father and I will be in one tent, Bill, Fleur, and little Vic will be in another tent, and all you who are unmarried will be in two tents, one for girls and one for boys.”  As she finished speaking grins crossed the children’s faces and Molly knew that they were all excited. 

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