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The Lost Marauder Love by HPismygodson
Chapter 23 : Chapter 42
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Chapter Forty-Two

"Wake up, wake up Aunt Isa!" Percy yelled jumping on my bed. "Come on Aunt Isa there are pancakes!"

"Ok, ok I'm getting up." I said groaning, "Percy why don't you go wake up your Uncle Remus?"

"He's already up. Everyone is. You're the last. Uncle James said your mum will be here soon and to get your lazy butt up."

"Ok, ok I'm up. Go tell Uncle James that I'm up. I'll tell you what go make sure that your Uncles remembered to go get all the hot chocolate stuff down and when I get up there I'll help you make some."

"Yay!! Let's go let's go!"

"You go. I need to get dressed and brush my teeth. I'll be right there I promise." I smiled as I watched Percy run up to the main house. I got ready for the day then went up to the main house for breakfast. "Good morning everyone."

"Morning Isabella. You're just in time."

"Aunt Isa what do you want in your hot chocolate?" Percy called.

"I'll take care of it Percy."

"Morning children. It smells delicious in here."

"Mum, Daddy what are you doing here? Morning Mama Evans, Mr. Evans, Mary."

"Are we early? James dear this looks and smells delicous what can I do to help?"

"Nothing Mrs. Jones everything is ready. Isabella and Percy just need to make their hot chocolate. Would either of you like anything?"

"Morning dear." Mama Evans said kissing my cheek.

"Mama tea? Daddy peanut butter hot chocolate? Mama Evans, Mr. Evans, Mary can I get you anything?" I asked from the other side of the kitchen.

"Tea for me please Dear." Mary called.

"Yes please dear."

"I'll take some vanilla hot chocolate if you don't mind Isabella. "

"It's no problem Sir. Daddy?"

"I can get it sweetheart."

"Nonsense Daddy, Percy and I've got it under control. Everyone please start eating." I called over my shoulder. "Percy do you need any help?"

"No thanks Aunt Isa mine's ready."

"Ok go sit down by your Uncle Remus. I'll bring yours over." I said smiling down at my favorite nephew. "Here you go Percy, Daddy."

"Thank you sweetheart."

"It's no problem Daddy. Here Mama. Lily will you pass the bacon?"

"Here you go. So Mama Jones are you excited for the trip?"

"We're both very excited. We can't wait to go see our grandson and niece. It's been way too long."

"Mama I'm so glad you and Daddy are coming with me. I can't thank you all enough for this."

"Sirius are you sure you won't come with us Son?" my father asked.

"I appreciate the offer Sir. I might join you all later on in the trip but we thought it would be important for you all to have some family time first." Sirius replied.

"So what's the plan for today Isabella?" Marry asked.

"After breakfast James, Lily and I are going to go shrink down the furniture and boxes to make it all easier to move. Then we're all gonna head over to the apartment. We'll get the furniture squared away. Then we'll head back here for lunch around one. Mama since you all are going to be staying here with the kids would you mind taking care of lunch?"

"Of course we can sweetheart."

"Thanks Mama. After lunch we'll all go back to the apartment. Molly has offered to set up my kitchen and Lily is gonna set up her room. That will allow me to set up my room. James is gonna work with Lily. Remus and Sirius have offered to do the library. Remus knows exactly how I want it. There's a great living room that we're going to try to get set up before lunch so the kids can play while the rest of us work. If we get everything done early enough there's a great park down the street I thought we could check out. There's a couple of great restaurants in the neighborhood I thought we could check out tonight. How does that sound to everyone?"

"Sounds great." Lily said smiling at me from down the table.

"Well Lily and I are done eating so we'll get started on the shrinking. We'll meet you upstairs in a few Isabella. " James said clearing his and Lily's plates.

"Aunt Isa when are you going to put up my picture?" Percy asked from beside me.

"Well Percy I'll tell you what. When you come over this afternoon we'll put it up. It'll be the first picture that goes up. How does that sound?"

"Yay! Promise?"

"I promise."

"What about my picture frame?" Charlie asked.

"Molly did you find that picture that I asked for?"

"I did. It's already in the frame."

"Thanks Molly. I'll tell you what Charlie after Percy and I put his picture up you and I will put up your picture frame right next to my bed ok?"

"Sounds good." Charlie said with a big smile on his face.

"And Bill after dinner we'll all sit down and watch the movie you and Uncle Peter made ok?"

"Ok Aunt Isa."

"I'm going to go help Lily and James. Remus, Sirius, Peter, Molly, Arthur I'll meet you guys upstairs in just a few minutes."

"Ok Isa see you in a few minutes." Molly said from the sink.

"Grandma will you take me down to our house I need to get something."

Was the last thing I heard on my way upstairs. It makes me smile to see my family getting along so well. It's times like this that I really miss my son. I'm so glad that I get to go see him. I can't believe that they got me tickets so that I can take my parents to go see Justice. I miss him and Jenny so much. Its been way too long since I got to hold my son.

"Are you ok sis?"

"Yeah just thinking about Justice. I heard Percy calling one of our moms 'Grandma' and it made me really happy. Also made me think that our moms would probably like grandchildren. I mean my parents have Justice but he's in the states."

"I know Sweetie. I miss him too. But you're going to see him really soon." Lily said coming to hug me.

"Isabella listen to me. Life hasn't been very fair to us the last year, but it's the hand we've been dealt. Isabella you're moving into your new place today and it's giving us all a chance to start over. We're going to do everything we can to give ourselves the kind of futures we want. Once this war is over you'll have a beautiful home to raise your son in. Right now we just need to focus on the future and on getting through each day." James said rubbing my back.

"You know I really hate it when you're all philosophical and right." I said somewhere between tears and laughter, "ok let's get the rest of this stuff shrunk so that we can get our fresh start. I don't know about you two, but I'm more than ready for one."

"Slacking much?" Sirius said laughing from the doorway, "Isn't that usually my job?"

"Shut up Padfoot. What can we do to help?" Remus asked hitting Sirius upside the head.

"We're almost done shrinking everything. Why don't you guys pack up your boxes? That way we can finish up and get going."

"That we can do." Peter smiled at me.

We continued to work in silence, the only sound the occasionally muttered spell. It seemed that each of us were lost in our own thoughts and memories. It wasn't long before we were ready to head over to the new apartment. "Everyone ready? Alright everyone grab your box and well go." I said as we headed downstairs. "Were heading out. We should be back around two. Bye guys."

"See you then Sweetheart." My mum said kissing me on the cheek.

We went to the apartment. Each of us with our own assignment. We weren't there to do much of the smaller details. "Hey Izzy can you come take a look at the living room? I just want to make sure Remus and I got it right."

"Sure Pete. Can you help me with this first? I can't move it on my own."

"Izzy why not just shrink it and then move it?"

"Brilliant Pete. Thanks." I said already hard at work on shrinking down and repositioning my bed. "There that's perfect. Come on Pete let's go take a look at the living room."

"Well what do you think Isa?" Remus asked.

"It's perfect." I said smilling at my best friend.

It had been a tense week after I told Remus I was moving out, but then the guys went out. I'm so glad I have my best friend back. I've missed him so much. "It's time to head back Isabella. " James said throwing his arm around my shoulders. "You've made a beautiful home for yourself Isa. It's all so you."

"Thanks James. Come on guys I'm starving. Let's get home. We'll apparate. I just want to get back." With that we headed home. We landed in the kitchen to find the moms making lunch and the dads in the living room playing with the kids. "Looks delicious, what can we do to help?"

"Nothing Sweetheart. Lunch is ready. Will you get the men?" My mum asked.

"I'll get them." Molly said as she headed into the living room.

"The rest of you go wash up." Mary said.

Lunch was loud and a little crazy. The kids chatted with who ever sat next to them while everyone else chatted about nothing much in particular. It wasn't long before everyone started to finish eating. "Boys did you clean up in the living room?" Mary asked.

"No Grandma we didn't." Bill answered.

"Ok then go on and clean up. Ask Grandpa Brian and Grandpa Chris if they'll help you." Mary smiled at the children.

"'Grandma'? " James asked.

"Well we figured since their actual grandparents aren't around and we're far too old to be aunts and uncles. We thought grandparents. We all see each of you as our children and this just seems like a natural extension."

"Somehow that actually makes sense." I said on a laugh. "Well I'm anxious to get back. Molly, Arthur why don't you two stay with the kids and the parents. The rest of us will go back and keep working. We'll meet you back there when you're done here."

"Ok Isa. We'll see you there."

With that the six of us apparated back to my apartment. I was just finishing up in my bedroom when I heard Molly and the others landing in the living room. I grabbed the picture from Percy and headed into the living room. "Come on Percy let's go hang the picture you made me." I said picking him up. "Here you go kiddo. Pick your spot. Somewhere I'll see it everday."

"It should go right here." Percy said putting the picture up with a magnet.

"That's perfect. Why don't you go get Bill and your grandparents and go put all the toys and games away exactly where you guys want them in the kids room?"

"Ok." Percy said with a big smile on his face.

"You didn't have to do that you know." Molly said from behind me.

"Do what?"

"Buy them toys and such."

"Molly my son is on the other side of the ocean. None of the rest of us have kids. So I'm going to spoil those boys. I'm going to buy them things and play with them every chance I get."

"Ok Isa."

"Is it my turn now Aunt Isa?"

"Yep Charlie. Come with me we'll go put it up." I said leading him into my room. "What do you think of the picture I picked?"

"I love it." Charlie said as he looked down at a picture of me, him, and his brothers plaing in Central Park. "That was a really fun day."

"Yeah it was. Where do you think we should put it?"

"Hmmmm? How about right here." Charlie said as he put it on my bed side table.

"That's perfect. That way I can see it every morning and every evening. Do you remember where the kids room is?"

"Yeah I remember."

"Ok then why don't you go join your brothers. I'll meet you guys in there. I'm almost done here." I said smilling down at my nephew. I waited until Charlie left the room before going to my closet and pulling out the box of letters and pictures Jenny had sent. "Where is it? I thought I put it on top."

"Looking for something?"

"Just a picture Jenny sent me."

"Let me guess the picture of Justice that's been stuck in your mirror for the last month."

"Yeah. I could have sworn I put it in here. I know I took it down the other day."

"Isa stop freaking out and come with me."

"Remus I don't..."

"Isa calm down and come with me. Trust me will you."


"Ok. Follow me." Remus said holding out his hand to me and smiling brightly at me. "Close your eyes."

"Remus. Really I don't have the patience for this."

"Please Isa. Just close your eyes and take my hand." I sighed and closed my eyes. Remus took my hand and led me into my living room "Ok Honey open them."

"Oh. Oh my. I love it. Oh Remus. How did you do it?"

"Well I took the most recent picture of you and your favorite one of Justice to a magical artist. He was able to make this. Do you like it?"

"Like it? Remus I love it! I love it more then I can put into words. Thank you so much for this, for everything."

"Anything for you Isa."

"Come on I want to my room finished."

With that Remus and I headed back to my room. Before I knew it the apartment was unpacked and everyone was ready to head to the park and play for awhile. No sooner than we got there than the children ran off to the playground with they're father and uncles. "Dad why don't you and Papa Evans head over and play with the kids or at least keep an eye on them."

"Of course angel."

"We'll meet you back here in an hour. Come on ladies there are some benchs we can go sit on."

The afternoon was perfect. After an hour in the park we walked around my new neighborhood until we came across a small Chinese restaurant. A few of us went in and ordered dinner while the others went home and set the table. Dinner was delicious. Afterwards we all gathered in the living room. "Are we going to watch my movie now?" Bill asked.

"You bet Buddy. Lily will you set it up?"

"Sure thing."

"Come here Charlie," I said holding out my arms to him. "You can sit in my lap."

The movie was great. We all laughed at the silly things the adults did. We clapped as Charlie completed a lap around the house on his toy broom. "Oh Bill, it was great. I loved the video. Thank you so much." I said wrapping my arms around my nephew.

"Come on boys it's time to get home and go to sleep." Molly said gathering the yawning Percy to her. "Arthur, Sirius, will you get the twins?"

"Sure thing Molly."

"We'll see you soon James Dear. Thank you for a wonderful day Isabella." Mary said kissing my cheek. "I've got you parents Lily."

"Thank you Mary. Do you want me to stay tonight Isa?"

"No thanks Molly. I'll be ok." I said hugging my family and friends goodbye.

"Isabella I can stay if you don't want to be alone." Remus said.

"Really? You wouldn't mind?"

"Not at all baby girl."

"I didn't want Lily to know, but I'm a little nervous about being alone. Even at the Manor I was never really alone."

"It's completely understandable. Why don't I run home and grab a few things then I'll be back."

"That sounds great. Just please don't tell Lily or James, they'll just worry."

"Don't worry. I'll take care of it. I promise. I'll see you soon Honey."

After Remus left I took a look around the living room. I couldn't help, but smile as I thought about all the good times that would be had in the living room. As I thought back on the day I hopped that my apartment would be seen as another safe haven for my family. No matter what comes I know we'll do anything for each other. I thought as Remus stepped from the fire.

"No matter what comes I know that I'll always have my family." I said settling into Remus' s arms.

"Always baby girl, always." Remus said kissing my cheek as we settled into my new home.

Author's note: Thank you to everyone that has stuck with this story so far. If you've loved this story as much as I have please don't cry that it's over because I've already started on the next installment. Watch for "ATraitor Among Us." Here's a small prievew of what's to come:

"We don't have time for questions so just listen. Mary, Dumbledore has recieved word that there is a plan by the death eaters to kill you and Sirius." 

"WHAT?" Mary and Sirius exclaimed.

"Like I said no time. Mary your going to stay here while Remus and I go home to be briefed and make a plan with Dumbledore, Kingsley, and James. While we're gone Mary I need you to pack everything you brought with you. If you need anything from home we'll be calling before we come back. Sirius, Jenny put wards up around the house as soon as we leave. Mum I need you to stay with Mary to keep her calm. Keep everyone here calm. Does everyone understand? A simple yes or a nod of the head please."

Keep reading to find out what happens next to this amazing group of people.

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The Lost Marauder Love: Chapter 42


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