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an unexpected baby by hogshead
Chapter 3 : the great hall
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 chapter 3





"Rose?" "Rosie?" "ROSE GET YOU'RE BLOODY ARSE OUT OF BED NOW!" I open my eyes quickly to see Dom towering over me, however i snap them shut again when a blinding pain washes over me. 




"oww!" I mumble while hiding my face in my pillow. I turn to sit up but as soon as i do i instantly regret it; my head feels like an alarm is constantly ringing in there and everywhere is spinning.






"Rose where were you i was worried last time i saw you were drinking a glass of firewisky every two minutes with Scorpius Malfoy!" Dom exclaims. She notices me swaying and goes in the bathroom supposedly to get a hangover potion. But it was to late i clapped my hand to my mouth and grabbed Lily's paper bin next to her bed and threw up. i clean that up later.






I'm never drinking again! I climb back on my bed feeling like shit. Dom walked back in with the potion in her hand. " Drink this. It'll help." She handed it over to me and with one swift swig i downed it. Slowly i felt it slide down my throat like mud. Despite the bitter taste it worked a miracle, almost instantly i smiled gratefully up at Dom who looked down at me with hungry eyes ready to drain every drop of gossip from me.






"Right just let me get changed out of this bloody dress IF you can call it that." I call from the bathroom. " Shut you're mouth and hurry up!" she called back.






Quickly i brushed hair, scrub my teeth and splashed cold water on my face to freshen my self up. Then i chuck on a old pair of bottoms and Albus's Quidditch jersey. And walk over to Dom whose sitting on my bed picking at her nails. As soon she sees me she sits up straight and looks at me with them same eager eyes.






I sit down next to her and being to tell her about the previous          nights tails. When i finish she stays quite for a moment going over what i told her. Finally she says " So...what your saying is you finally gave you V-card away! And to no more than the sex God more commonly known as Scorpius fucking Malfoy!" I'm scared shes going to scream in my face and call me a slut ( not that she can talk.)Avoiding her eyes i whisper 






" Err...in a nut shell yea." 






"Way to go cus!" 






She claps me over the back. Which nearly knocks me onto my face but i manage to hold my place on the bed- only just. " Come on lets go get some breakfast I'm starving we might just be able to make it. Oh and Rose i won't tell anyone- for now." She promises. And with that we make our way down to the great hall.






Well i wasn't expecting that!






We walk down to the great hall together. All the way i can't help thinking about the party, well what i could remember. Dom running off into the crowd, spin the bottle, Scorpius with his shirt off... Wait WHAT? How could i think of something so...so... disturbing? The little voice inside my head whispers : Or hot.






I shake my head to get rid off the thoughts earning a confused look from Dom. Finally we arrive at the great hall. greeted by the smell of bacon and toast. I drag Dom over to where James, his current girlfriend, Lilly and Jordan are all sat. 






As soon as i sit down i pile my plate high with sausage, beans, scrambled egg and hash browns. Everyone stare at me. i wonder why? Oh yea i forgot to speak! " Bhat ya' lookin' nat?" I manage my mouth full of food. " Eww! Rose swallow before you speak!" Lilly squeals. Every ones looking at me in discus. Apart from James who looks at me proud. After about 30 more seconds of staring everyone goes back to whatever they were talking about.




A couple of minutes later my stomach starts turning and i feel queasy so i stand up and run out the great hall however not before looking over to the Slytherin table and seeing Albus giving me a sympathetic look and Malfoy looking confused.





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an unexpected baby: the great hall


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