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 Around quarter to eight, Dedalus Diggle, an excitable old wizard, fell off his chair at the announcement that blared through the wireless.

 “I am glad to report, listeners, that lightning has struck! I repeat, lightning has struck.”

 “Petunia, Dudley, come out!” They were at a home concealed by magic in Northern Scotland, where they had been for the past ten months.

 “What is it?” Petunia asked, coming out of the screen door, Dudley close behind.

 “Harry’s at Hogwarts!” exclaimed Dedalus, clambering onto the chair again, as he was a rather small man. The sun bathed the porch, illuminating his white, long beard, and reflecting against Dudley’s light hair. Petunia felt a clawing at her stomach- her nephew had not been seen in quite a few months, just as the plan was... if he had been spotted, especially at his old school, something must have been going down. After a moment or two, the line went dead, and for the next hour or so Dedalus switched stations on and off, trying to find more news.

 Vernon had left around Christmas time, saying that he didn’t need to be mixed up with all of these ‘freaks’. Petunia had a mind to go with him, but decided that it was her job to take care of her sister’s son. The last year had changed her, and she came to respect witches and wizards, and felt a growing guilt inside of her now that Harry had gone and she hasn’t said anything to him. Finally, but on a different station, they heard news again.

 “ that You-Know-Who has asked that Harry Potter turn himself in, or he would take the school by force. It is unknown what the plans are, but young students are being evacuated from the school in anyway possible...” the rest was talk about what could happen next. Dudley looked down at his mother, wringing his large hands nervously.

 “You-Know-Who... that’s the man who killed Harry’s parents, isn’t it?” he asked quietly. Petunia nodded, and watched as Dedalus fiddled with the wireless again. Several witches and wizards popped in over the next hour, bringing different gossip, and talking in bated breaths. Finally, around ten, they heard the next bit of news.

 “...are warning people to stay in their homes, and be ready to leave immediately. According to students who had left the school through the Floo Network, the Battle has started for Hogwarts. Normally around this time we would be singing off, but we fear that there is a long night ahead...”

 There was no news for hours. Dedalus tried to keep in good spirits, but Petunia could only pace across the dark deck, worrying about her nephew. This man had killed Lily, and James, and so many others. He tried to kill Harry when he was a child... he wouldn’t hesitate to do so now.

 The next news came at three in the morning, brought by a tired voice, and the same channel that had brought them their first news. According to Dedalus, this news was from students of the school.

 “There have been over fifty casualties... wait, what?... fifty five.” the man’s voice said melancholy. “Voldemort,” Dedalus flinched, “has threatened to kill everyone in Harry hasn’t handed himself over within the hour...”

 Another hour passed, not interrupted by any news. The air, despite the warm, humid weather, was icy with silence. It was nearly four in the morning when they received another bit of news, this time the shortest they had heard.

 “Harry Potter is missing in battle.” Petunia crumpled, her hands over her eyes. It had been over an hour, and Harry was gone. He had probably been killed.

 “It’s not possible.” Dudley said firmly. Dedalus and Petunia looked at him in shock. “I can feel it, he’s not gone.” And he dismissed himself to go off on a walk.

 Petunia weeped freely, and found herself being ushered into the house, and given a cup of tea. The minutes passed by slowly, and Dedalus brought the radio inside, listening for any news. Dudley came back half an hour later, and sat down at the table, his face rigid with disbelief. Ten minutes passed... twelve... thirty... thirty seven.... another hour passed, and the wireless sparked to life again.
 “Ladies and Gentleman, and all others whom it may concern, the war has ended!” exclaimed the same voice as last time, sounding tired but pleased. “Harry James Potter, son of Lily and James Potter, has defeated Voldemort, in a staggering end! I would go into depth, but I really need a kip, so hopefully the morning prophet will cover if nicely! Despite this joyous moment, could I please have a moment of silence for those who have died in the Battle.” they stayed silent for a minute... “Thank you for listening. This will probably be our last broadcast, as the war is over, but before you turn off this wireless, remember his sacrifice. Remember those who have died for a better world.” and the wireless fell silent.


A/N: So this is mostly just to cover what was going on in the last few chapters of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It's also to see if anyone would be interested in reading a story that covers the year after the war. So please review, and the next chapter should be up within the week!

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