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Writings of Nelissa Finnigan - A Failing Journalist by hplover987
Chapter 11 : Eleven
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She's a black widow. - Mike Charlotte.


Instead of going out to meet Mike Charlotte, he was coming to us. I didn't know anything about him other than he used to be best friends with David Grimm. I don't even know why they no longer speak. But I owled Mike and asked him to meet us.


When our doorbell rang I hurried over to the intercom. I picked up the phone and held it to my ear. “Hello?” I asked.


“Hi, it's Mike Charlotte. Is that Nelissa?” he asked.


“Yeah, come on up,” I said and buzzed him through. I unlocked the door and walked back to the living room. I looked at Josie and she smiled in encouragement.


“Shall I close the door?” a voice asked.


“Yeah,” I called back and Mike walked through. He was tall, with dark hair and caramel skin.


“Mike Charlotte,” he said and threw out his hand.


“Nelissa,” I said and shook it.


“Josie,” she said once we'd broke apart and she shook his hand.


“Sit down,” I urged.


“Thanks,” he said. He sat in the armchair and looked down.


“Are you okay to talk to us?” I asked.


“Yeah, I'm fine,” Mike breathed. “I just haven't spoken about David for a while,”


“Oliver Wood said you can tell us about Belle Clementine,”


“Yeah, I can,” he nodded.


“What do you know?” Josie asked.


“I know she's scum,” he said briskly.


“Sorry?” I asked.


“Belle is filth. I know David isn't a very nice person, but he doesn't deserve that. She's a whore, quite literally,”


“She's a prostitute?” I asked.


“No, not officially. She isn't paid, not directly at least,”


“He told us she was a model,” Josie informed him. Mike smiled then laughed loudly.


“That's a joke. When he met her she was working in a club, taking her clothes off for a living,”


“Oh,” I muttered. “When was this?”


“Three months ago,” he shrugged. “Then she stuck her claws into him. That was the reason we stopped speaking. Even though I showed him her track record he still insisted on her moving in with him,”


“What track record?”


“Every man she has ever been with has been earning a great sum of money,”


“Gold digger?” Josie offered.


“Black widow,” he said grimly. “She never marries, mind you. But after

they've signed everything over to her they end up dead,”


“How many?” I asked quietly.


“The current count is four, not including David,” Mike replied.


“Doesn't fill you with confidence,” I added. “Do you know where she could be? Or why she's playing along with the disappearance?”


“She's playing along because she wants great things for David. That means more money for her,” he explained. “As for where she is the only place that comes to mind is David's house. She'll be hiding,”


“How can we get her to come out?” Josie asked.


“I don't know,” Mike shrugged.


“We need to prove she's there and they've been lying,”


“There's only one thing Belle will come out for,”


“What's that?” Josie enquired.


“Give her a better offer or make her lose David,” he finished.


“Okay, thank you,” I muttered. Mike nodded and stood.


“I hope I've been of use,”


“You've been very helpful,” Josie smiled.


“I'll be going,” Mike said.


“I'll see you out,” Josie said. She led him out into the corridor and

I heard the door open. I bit down of my lip and and crossed my arms. “Nel?” Josie asked.


“I think I have an idea,” I said.


“About Belle?”


“Yeah, I just involves a few people cooperating and me picking up a

American accent,”


“What? What are you thinking of, Nel?”


“We can't make Belle a better offer. But we can make her lose



“We can?” she replied, confused.


“Well, we can make her think she's losing him,”




“A wedding. Know any coming up?” I teased.


“Cassie's. But Greg is the groom, not David,”


“But if we make Belle think it's his wedding that wouldn't matter. Say we get David out of the way for a few hours. I go round to his house and let myself in. Then I'll find her and go nuts,” she explained.




“Because I've found my fiancée living with another woman. I let her know he'll be marrying me tomorrow and scream the address at her. Then I throw her out,”


“That's brilliant,” Josie breathed excitedly.


“David won't be home and then Belle will rush to my wedding to make a scene. She'll realise she's been played but it'll be too late. The cameras will be snapping and she'll be exposed. Then we can sell the story. They haven't broken the law, but when they're exposed they'll be destroyed,” I explained.


“I see only one problem,” Josie said. “Why would reporters be at Cassie and Greg's wedding?”


“I need to talk to James,” I said. I stood up and hurried to pull on a jacket. “I'll see you later. Tell Greg whatever he does, don't cancel that wedding,” I ordered. Then I turned on the spot to apparate.


I hastened inside the doors of England Quidditch Club and rushed past reception and to the lifts. I pressed the button and waited impatiently to arrive at the top floor. I got out of the lifts and walked quickly to James's office.


When I walked up to Emma she was busy writing on parchment. I tapped her shoulder and she smiled widely. “Back again, Nel?” she teased.


“Is James in?” I asked.


“Yeah, he's really busy today though,”


“Not too busy for this,” I told her. I walked over to the door and entered without knocking.


“Sorry, I'm really busy, Emma. Not now,”


“Wait till you hear this,” I said. James looked up, saw me and smiled. I walked over and sat down in front of him.


“I know it made the papers, it was always bound to,”


“No, not that,”


“What then? Have we made any developments?”


“Yes,” I grinned. “I know how to expose Belle,”


“What have you got?”


“Belle is a gold digger. She's with David because of his money and the only reason she's doing this is because his fortune will go up dramatically if he makes Manager next season,” I explained.


“That makes sense,”


“Mike Charlotte seems to think that if she thought she would lose her

rights to David and his money she'd make an appearance,”


“I suppose so, but how are we going to arrange that?”


“I'm going to convince her he's getting married,” I said. “Conveniently I've been invited to a wedding that's taking place next week,”


“It's perfect,” he breathed.


“There are just a few things I need your help with,” I informed him.


“Like what?”


“Next Friday I need David out of the way for a few hours,”


“I can arrange that. I'll call a meeting for midday,” James agreed.


“There's one more thing,”


“What's that?” James asked.


“I need you to come to the wedding,”


“What?” he gasped. “You don't need me there,”


“There's only one way to guarantee the press at a simple wedding. If you come as my guest everyone will see her exposed,”


“That's brilliant,”


“I know,” I grinned. “As long as David is out of the way,”


“My PA will keep him busy,”


“Only one week to go,” I smiled. James looked at me and smiled back. I was happy it was coming to an end, and I'd made it happen.


Thanks for reading and feel free to review! Sorry for the lack of update, but I'm moving house Friday and everything's everywhere and boxes seem to be multiplying by the day! x

Update: Chapter 12 will be up shortly! After moving I've lost my laptop lead, as soon as I find it I'll post the chapter! Sorry!


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Writings of Nelissa Finnigan - A Failing Journalist : Eleven


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