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 "Hey ladies, " I announced upon my return to the dormitory. 

"Dorcas," yelled Alice. "We missed you last night. Lily's not as fun without you. Don't ever do that again." I gave her a great smile. She gave great welcomings.


"For once in the last ten hours, I agree with this one," Lily said, pointing at Alice. 


"Do you know how much gossip I've had to deal with?" I sat on the bed, excited for once. Alice never had gossip.


"What gossip?" Lily turned to Alice, gave her a discerning look, and then joined me on my made bed.


"Me and Frank, we, well we, I mean I don't know what to say," she said, becoming increasingly red.


"Well you certainly had enough to say last night. I'm going to brush my hair." Lily then proceeded to walk haughtily back to the bathroom.


"I don't really know if Frank wanted me to tell anyone, so maybe I should just wait until he says it's okay." I looked at her, mouth agape. No fucking way.


"Lily!" I called out to my friend, knowing she would tell just to get the conversation over with. She came out into the doorway of the bathroom, a hairbrush hanging from her red knots, and looked at Alice, very annoyed.


"They had sex after the game. In this room. On her bed." She walked back in, and I heard the brush struggling to pull free, as Alice smiled again and began blushing.


"What! Before me? I mean no offense, but you're all Alice and perfect and oh Merlin! So, how was it?" She looked up from her cuticles giddily.


"Perfect," she sighed. Great, her life really was perfect. "But that's not the only hot piece of gossip in town."


"Really? Did he propose, too?" I asked happily, secretly hoping that at least someone's life was headed for bliss.


"No, don't be silly, Dorcas. Guess where Lily slept," Alice began, bouncing on her bed excitedly.


"I guess she couldn't very well get any rest in here." Alice shook her head, almost in a spasm.




"So couch?" She frowned. "Fifth year's?" No again. "Seventh?" No. I saw where this was headed. "Boy's dormitory?" She was still bouncing on her knees in excitment, and I knew I'd guessed correctly. I got up and marched into the bathroom.


"LILY LIKES JAMES! LILY LIKES JAMES!" She turned to face me, seething, and I could barely contain my wide smile.


"No I bloody well do not! If you haven't forgotten, your best friend went awol on the lot of us, so I used his bed. Then, with his perfect timing, comes in yelling about his stupid familly just as I had begun to fall asleep. Therefore, I was offered another bed, which Remus conjured up for me. As for Hestia and Marlene, I just hope their nights were better." I stared at her for a couple seconds.


"So Sirius is back?" I asked plainly, ignoring her defensive rant. She rolled her eyes, and turned back to the mirror. I dashed down the stairs to the common room and across to the Boy's Dormitories. I ran up a couple sets of stairs, and upon reaching the sixth one, barged in, uncaring of any state of disarray. I saw only three boys, James, Remus, and Peter. No Sirius.


"Where is he?" 


"He's showering," James answered. "Just give him a minute to relax after he gets out."


"Fat chance on that one, Prongs." He continued putting on his shirt, and that's when I realized all of them were in the process of getting dressed.


"What the hell is everyone getting dressed so damn early for?" I looked to Peter for explanation.


"First of all, it's one, and second of all, it's Hogsmeade. Lily told us you're meant to be getting your dresses today," Remus answered as Peter shrugged in indifference. 


"Shit, Moony, you're right. I guess she did mention something about that sometime." I heard the shower stop running, and my smirk fell upon my expression.


"Dorcas no!" James lunged for me first, as I ran for the door, and Remus followed. Needless to say, Peter did not think it was worth getting involved. They held me on the ground as I struggled to get free. My hair was pulled, and I'm lucky I'm not bald, but then again, I just had to wait five seconds for a stark naked Sirius to come out of hiding. Okay, well, he had pants on but whatever. I looked up from the foot of the door, batting my eyelashes.




"Hi Sirius." He looked down. The three of us were in a very compromising position.


"Vix, Moony, Prongs. Having a good time down there?"


"Better if you and Pete joined us," I said, tugging down the bottom of his pants slightly.


"Well then, all for the better good." He flopped down atop James, and pushed a big exhalation out of my ribcage. I was sure something would crack. 


"Hey guys," I wheezed out. "Can't breathe down here." Sirius lifted himself off, then Remus and James, my chest decompressing comfortably, thank Merlin. Sitting up, I breathed in heavily to try and let oxygen access my lungs again. 


"You okay there Doe," asked Sirius, pulling on his black sweater.


"Me? What about you," I exclaimed, standing up. 


"I'm fine," he said ruffling back his hair. 


"Sure you are. And I'm in love with Snape. We'll talk about it later, because I have to get ready." I left the room, pausing at the bottom of the stairway. "You're not getting out of this," I called back up, and I heard his loud, garish, and lovely laugh. 


Our room was completely disheveled. Like I mean a pig would have some trouble finding his way around in here. My trunk was open, half my clothes if not more were thrown out to the dirty floor. Lily was pacing the room, her hair still in knots. 


"What the hell am I going to do Dorcas? Alice is already with Frank, and I don't have anyone to go with, cause you'll just be off with the Marauders, and if you think I'm tagging along you'll be very bloody well disappointed!" Man, she was really shaken up. 


"Lil, what's wrong?"


"Doe, I think I'm going crazy," she said, almost in an epiphany.


"You're not crazy, you're hormonal. Now, come on." I came over to her and held her firmly by the shoulders.




"You fix your hair with your wand and put on that blue sweater Prongs is so fond of. At least one of us can be happy today." I leaned forward, kissed her on the forehead, and turned her back to her pile of clothes.




She picked up the sweater I mentioned and struggled with the neck hole, distinguishing between where her head and arm went. I picked out an old quidditch sweater from Sirius, and a pair of jeans Lily had gotten me. I left my hair as was, because there was really nothing more I could do. Putting on mascara hurriedly, I hooked my arm in Lily's and took her down the stairs with me. I couldn't stand to be in there anymore. 


"Stop hyperventilating, Lily. I'm going with you to pick out a dress, alone. The others are not coming, so just calm down." I rolled my eyes at my shaking friend. "Lily!" She stopped quaking suddenly. "I can't be with you all day if you're going to be all freaky like this so calm down, or I'm leaving."


"I just, I feel like something's missing. Something I should know about!" I got a sinking feeling in my stomach. That's exactly what I felt like before I found out about mum and dad. 


"I know what it is! My wand is upstairs, I'll be right back." I sat down on the couch, and contemplated what that meant. I didn't miss my wand when it was gone. I guess I used to have that connection, but it sure didn't feel like it anymore. I've probably never really felt anything, and now I'm just conscious that there's nothing there. A tear fell from my eye, staining a small spot on my thigh. Tears were so meaningless. It was like my body was trying dispel the feeling I had. I never really condoned crying, but it seemed to be happening a lot lately. 


"Let's go Dorcas," said a chipper Lily, someone who's attitude had definitely made a turn for the better. We walked down together, chatting idly about colors and shapes of our dresses. I could really get into this sometimes. What girl wouldn't? Lily was conflicted between light pink, and emerald of course. As for myself, it was either navy or maroon. The cold wind hit us as we stepped out into the courtyard. I cast a warmth charm on myself and Lily, and shuddered a bit from the small sensation I got through my arm. We climbed into a carriage with Rita Skeeter and Xeno Lovegood. This would be an interesting ride.







When we did finally, eventually, thankfully, climb out of that carriage, Lily and I were both more cultured people. I had learned that the news is both for posting real facts, and for gossip. I also learned that money is both very and not at all important. There was one last part that I enjoyed, where it is important to print only the truth, and embellish it a little bit for interest. Overall, a very productive lesson on what and what not to do when writing a piece of journalism or gossip. 


"Lil's, you really didn't have to get that into the conversation did you?" She sustained the ride by at least five minutes.


"Sure, Rita made some good points, but her explanations were full of holes, concerning both truth and moral. Although Lovegood may be a bit eccentric, at least he's focused on facts and morality." 


"Lily I'm sorry, actually I'm not that sorry, but I really don't care." She crossed her arms over her chest.


"I know," she grumbled.


"This day won't be spoiled," I said with determination. "Let's go in there!" I pointed to a small storefront, squished between two other buildings. While it wasn't huge, the intricate designs and twinkling lights were almost overbearing. 


"I don't know, Dorcas. It looks kind of pricey," Lily said worriedly. 


"Oh, don't worry about it. James paid for mine last year when you refused to go with him so I had to. Thanks for that, by the way." 


"Well, I still haven't really asked him," she admitted shyly, holding open the door for me.




We headed in, and were both immediately attacked with fruity perfumes, tulle, and sparkling jewelry. 




"I know," I said, walking forward and sifting through the racks. I moved the conversation inside.


"How do you know?" I split the gowns and stuck my head through to see Lily on the other side.


"Intuition. You're not nearly as nervous as you will be when he says yes." She came around to my side, grabbing anything I shoved into her hands, including a bright orange dress.


"What do you mean when he says yes? Isn't there a possibility he'll say no?" she asked, attempting a casual tone. 


"I'm not stupid Lily, and neither are you. The kid's been in love with you for five years. He'll say yes." I shoved her over to the changing rooms as she rambled.


"Maybe I should rethink it, you know? I mean if he wants me that much, then I should only ask him if I really want to go. Don't you think?" I put three down and handed her the light pink one first.


"That's what I've been trying to say this whole time, Lil." I could hear the zipper slipping down behind the curtain. "But the way I see it, this isn't about torturing Severus anymore." She stuck her head between the two curtains and narrowed her eyes at me.


"Look, all I'm saying is you are still contemplating doing it, which means you actually care about what he feels. I think you like him, no jokes." She came out with a huge sigh, the gorgeous dress a waste on her sad frown.


"I think you're right, Doe." I gasped dramatically, placing my hand over my heart. "But, I can't do it. I just can't."


"Why the hell not?" I said to her as she took a seat next to me on the couch. 


"Do you understand what that would be like for me? I would be constantly tormented, all his litttle fans asking what he does when he sleeps, and how he does his hair or something else ridiculous like that."


"Do you honestly think James will ever let anyone bother you?" She shifted in her seat, the tulle rustling. 


"No. I know he would do anything for me. There's another problem."


"Why is that a problem, ungrateful wench?"


"I can't take his money, I can't take his time, his affection, it would just be too much way too fast." 

I suddenly felt for Lily. Not only was James egotistical and rambunctious, he was also a very wealthy Pureblood. Lily grew up on very small means, and never complained about it, but clearly felt inadequate to James. Her insecurity was completely misplaced. If only I could tell Lily that she was one of the best people I've ever met without her looking at me as if I'd gone mad.  

"You don't know anything Lily. You do not know how any of this will turn out, so just do it. Ask him, and go from there. Now I'm bored of this talk, that dress, and sitting on my arse. Let's do something!" We both walked into our seperate dressing rooms and changed into the next one. 


I came out in a sparkly, blue dress, which made me look unaturally pale. Lily's orange dress was a laugh. That's all I can say. 


The next two were major improvements. I think I most definitely wanted to wear this one. It was absolutely stunning. The strapless dress ran straight from my chest the the floor. The top half, surrounding my bust, was maroon with a black lace overlay. The lace pattern continued down the dress, fading off at various lengths. The bottom was made of a smooth tulle. It was extremely easy to move in, and I absolutely loved it.    


"What do you think, Lily," I asked, beaming and twirling around. 


"It's amazing on you Dorcas. I'll never find anything as lovely." The stiff fabric of her a-line dress crinkled as she sat, and I cringed for my best friend. 


"Look, why don't we just go. You've found a dress, and I can just wear the one from last year, I think." 


"No. We will not stop, not even for food, until you find a dress. Now get back in that room and try this one." Lily went in and was silent for a minute or two, and I heard a small sob from inside. I peeked in.


"What's wrong?" She turned around and held up a beautiful cream colored dress. Lace was the theme of the day, it seems.




The long sleeves were transparent and had appliques of lace and crystals all over it. The dress was simply amazing. The v-neck stopped at a perfect length for Lily, and two buttons met at the neckline where the sternum is. The top of the dress was simply a transparent cream color, layered many times. The layers thinned, until it stopped at her knees curling slightly at the ends. 


"It's great Lily. Where did you find it?" 


"It, it just appeared in this box!"


"Note," I questioned, holding up the small scrap of paper. She grabbed it and read aloud.




"I'd love to escort you to the dance, Lily Evans, if you would. You don't have to wear it, but I thought you might like it.


-James Potter."


"Oh my," she gasped, covering her mouth. I exited the room, and looked out the window of the shop. And, of course, saw James and Sirius standing, well more like bouncing, and looking in. I gave them an understanding look when Lily rushed past me, in nothing but her changing robe, and stood outside, facing James.


She came to a halt before running him over, and I saw his smile grow. 


"James, this dress is stunning," she gushed naturally, forgetting to hide her genuine happiness.


"You think?" He asked this quietly, rubbing the back of his head in the process.


"It's beautiful." She cleared her throat, tuning her attitude to Potter Mode. "I guess that means I'll have to go with you, doesn't it?"


"Well, I mean you don't have to, it's just I thought maybe since Sirius was going to take Dorcas we could go, just as friends," he stuttered out, ending in more of a question.  


"I guess it would be wrong if I didn't, so yes, I'll go." 


His face of delight turned to shock, and then, enlightenment. Lily turned to leave, but before she left, she stood on her toes, kissed him gently on the cheek, and rushed back inside, clearly freezing. She grabbed my shoulders and jumped up and down.


"Oh Dorcas I can't wait! This one is going to be so much fun. I just hope Potter isn't too weird."


"You might as well start calling him James now, Lily."


"Sorry, habit. And did you let Sirius know what color your dress is?" I thought about that. Sirius and I usually made plans to go to balls together, excepting James and Nick. This year, something felt different. Not different like I'm dying, because I know that feeling. More different like...different. 




"There's no guarantee we're going together, Lily. There never is," I said simply, picking up the bag the cashier placed on her counter.


"Please, you know he can't stand anyone but you." She scoffed. "You two are ridiculous. You act like you don't care about how the other feels, when in reality it's all you care about."


My mouth opened in protest, but apparently, she was not done.


"In short, you're perfect for each other. I don't know why you don't do something."


"Okay, first off I do not fancy, Sirius. But, hypothetically, I would have the same problem as you and James will."


"I thought you said there wouldn't be problems," she shrieked, and I looked at her judgingly.


"I lied. Anyway, everyone would be all over us all the time, and after it's all over, we wouldn't end up being friends. It's just not worth it. Hypothetically." She smiled at me.


"It seems you've put a lot of thought into this." I looked at my imaginary watch.


"Oh! Look at the time! I'm supposed to be meeting said topics at the Three Broomsticks. Have fun with the girls, say hi for me!" I jogged away from her, my white bag bouncing on my arm. That was an actual close call, because when Lily knows something, everyone does. I mean, unless I told her about my death. She would probably be able to keep that quiet. Key word probably.  





When Lily and I parted, she went to meet Hestia and Marlene. I never really stopped to wonder what Lily did when she wasn't with me. Oh well. I pushed open the door to The Three Broomsticks with my free arm, and spotted the marauders seated at the center table, surrounded by the hopefuls. God, I make us sound conceited. I'm really not that sorry, though. 




Pushing my way through the crowd, I waved to Sirius, who held up a butterbeer that better have my name on it. He whispered to the girl sitting on his lap, and she got up slowly, a small frown in her eyebrows. He motioned for me to come sit on his lap, and I had no objections. There was one girl Marauder, that's it. But I'm never jealous, no not at all. I sat on his lap and he slid his arms around me, resting his head on my shoulder.


"How was dress shopping," he yelled. I took a rather large sip of my drink and set it on the table before answering.


"Amazing! I found the greatest dress! And, you know what happened with Lily!" I yelled, my voice barely carrying over the crowd at our table. 


"What," he screamed back. I began to talk and he shook his head no, and pointed to his ear. I got close to his ear, inhaled slightly hoping he wouldn't hear it, and whispered what I had said.


"Amazing. I found the greatest dress. And, you know what happened with Lily." I looked at his face, and he was smiling serenely. I loved his happy look. 


"What color is you dress," he whispered back. My neck grew goosebumps, and I wanted to stay right there forever. I closed my eyes, and tears formed as I thought of how little time I had left. Two years, minus two months. Twenty two months. I wasn't ready for that, I really wasn't.


"Dorcas?" He looked questioningly into my eyes. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and whispered back.


"Maroon, black lace. Why, Sirius?" He pulled back and looked at me strangely.


"So I know what to wear, stupid!" I smiled widely at him, stupidly almost, and I fell back onto his chest. I gulped my drink, and relished in the sting it left down my throat. Remus looked at us wonderingly, almost mockingly, and I shot him a death glare. Remus always knew everything. 


"Let's get out of here guys! Too loud," Sirius said, pointing at his ears once again. I hopped up from his lap and picked up the bag that was on the floor next to me.


"So, Dorcas," James began.


"So, James."


"On a scale of one to ten, how excited is Lily?" he asked, rubbing his hands together.


"I think you're getting your hopes up. She really only said yes because of that dress." I wanted to let Lily and James find out how much she liked him together.


"Told you Prongs," Sirius butted in. 


"It was your idea?" I asked.


"Something wrong with that?" Sirius rebuked, bumping my side with his hip.


"No it's just, bloody hell you would've kept your girlfriends much longer if you whipped out presents like that time to time," I said, bumping him back.


"Oh, Dorcas. Why buy when I can whip out one present that always makes them happy?" he asked grandly, wrapping an arm around my shoulder.


"Asshole," I muttered. He put both arms around my shoulders, and hung off my back, dragging my down. 


"You couldn't live without me Dorcas Meadowes!" I pushed his arms off roughly and ran about ten feet forward before shouting,


"SIRIUS BLACK IS MADLY IN LOVE WITH JAMES POTTER! THEY HAVE A SECRET RELATIONSHIP, AND ARE BOTH MAGNIFICENTLY IN LOVE!" I turned back to see their faces, and saw them charging at me, red from the cold, and from my false (not so false) confession. I turned around and ran back to the carriages, as fast as I could. My bag bounced around in my hand, and my hair hit my cheeks sharply. My eyes watered, and my voice grew hoarse from laughter; but right now I didn't care. I was happy, and I better enjoy it because all good things end.








Sirius POV




The boys and I walked aimlessly around Hogsmeade. We had just come from Zonko's, but there wasn't really anything new, or that we couldn't top. 


"Zonko's is slipping, eh guys?"


"Yeah, sure Pads." I punched James in the arm at his non-emotional reply.


"What's up with the frown?" 


"I'm just worried. What if she says no? Or hates the dress?" 


"Shut the fuck up James. I can't deal with you anymore if you're going to be all weak. Step up. Evans'll love it." He punched me back, more out of principle. "Hey, Rem?" He looked up from the book of joke spells, the only thing we found worthy of purchasing.






"How was Mary?" He cleared his throat, and put the book in his bag.




"What do you mean, how was she?" he asked slowly, tilting his head to the side. 


"Well James told me you guys fucked," I felt my smile growing wider, but I couldn't stop it when I saw Moony's shocked face. 


"What! Prongs?" James backed up and shoved Peter in his spot. Remus always did tend to go a little girly about girls. "We kissed on a dare! That's all."


"So've you asked her yet?" He adjusted his satchel, and huffed loudly. He knew the conversation was inevitable. 


"No, Sirius, I haven't. We're not all as brave as you."


"That's right. If anything, you're braver my little animal." He looked at me scathingly and shook his head.


"You're impudent."


"And you were just waiting to get to use that." He rolled his eyes tossed the book over to James. 


"Whatever Sirius. Look at that spell, Prongs. Could be useful." James put his finger on the line with the spell and read it aloud. 


"Ectumsempra- slices through cloth and most materials. (excepting iron, steel, bronze, gold, most hard plastics. Not able to cut through flesh of any kind.)" 


"Hey! You guys could probably modify that to actually cut through flesh!"


"Hey Pete!" I exclaimed with mock enthusiasm, "That's a little extreme. You're not talking to Malfoy, you know." 


"Hey, speaking of pureblood maniacs, how was the family, Padfoot?" My smirk faded a bit as I had to think back to them.


"You know, usual. Dumbledore had to read Al's will though. That was interesting," I pondered. 


"Yeah? How'd it go," James asked. 


"I got everything, not much of a surprise there. I didn't really get to think of it until now, but there was something weird in the will." 


"What? Something bad?" Remus inquired.


"No, no. It's just, Dorcas was in his will." 


"Well, he's known Dorcas as long if not longer than you."


"What does that mean Remus? He met her maybe once." We turned the corner down to the dress shop Lily and Dorcas were at.


"You don't remember?" Remus asked. He had his judging voice on.


"Stop being so cryptic and just fucking tell me already!"


"He was there that night. You know, when we supposed to go to my house, and we ended up at James' instead." 


"Yeah, and? So was the rest of the clan." 


"He was there when Dorcas saved your arse! God, how do I remember this and no one else does?" 


"I know! God damn it, I don't want to fucking talk about that. And regardless, that doesn't make it like he really knows her." Remus rolled his eyes again and crossed his arms.


"Well he knows you. And I guess he knows about you two."


"Well, he could've picked any one of you and he didn't. I don't get that old bat." 


"It's not like we can ask him anyway so drop it!" James inserted. James was particularly on edge as we drew closer towards the shop window.


"That's my fucking uncle you're talking about. You're lucky Evans is in there cause if she wasn't you'd be dead meat, Prongs." He pressed his nose up on the window and his breath was clear in the cold. 


"Pete and I are going to Scrivenshaft's. You two, don't have too much fun." 


"Yes, Remus," James and I answered monotonously. We looked at each other and smirked devilishly. Yes, I have been picking up some of my adjectives from Dorcas recently. I started shivering, the cold finally kicking in. James looked over at me and took a step closer non-chalantly.


"No! Don't even think about it Prongs!" 


"Selfish bastard! Oh shush, Lily's coming." Evans came over to James and they had small little conversation, which ended in a kiss on James' cheek. Lily went back inside and James stayed in his exact spot until she was out of his sight. He turned around and jumped on me, tackling me onto the hard ground.




"She said yes, Sirius! She fucking said she'll go!" I pushed him off of me and we started walking back to the Three Broomsticks. 


"Yeah, I heard you idiot. Of course she did. You bloody well spent over a hundred galleons on the dress. You've got lipstick on your cheek as well,"  I said, disgusted by his behavior. He wiped his hand dreamily across his cheek and Remus and Peter fell into step with us. 


"So I guess she said yes?"


"Yes Peter! She did! And it was a glorious moment I will tre-"


"SHUT UP!" We all laughed loudly and James pouted behind the three of us as we walked to the center table.






I saw her from across the bar. Damn that girl sure is gorgeous. Her cerulean eyes were so bright, all the time, even when she was trying to be emotionless, they were still there. The one on my lap wasn't nearly as pretty. She wasn't even remotely attractive to me, in fact. She wasn't smart or funny or embarrassing like Doe. There was deadness in her eyes, under all her mascara and eyeshadow. I didn't even really like when girls wore makeup. I love when girls wear no makeup, because then you can see their beauty. And the thing is, the beauty is always there for someone. When I first met Dorcas, I thought she was one of the ugliest girls I had ever seen, simply because she was fighting with Bellatrix and that was stupid. Now she's beautiful, because  she picked that fight with Bellatrix in first year.


She waved at me from across the room and I whispered into the girl on my lap's ear to get off. Dorcas hopped on my lap and the girl, Kelly I think, looked a bit disgruntled, but would end up finding another guy in five minutes anyway. 


"How was dress shopping," I yelled. She took a a gulp of her butterbeer and set it on the table before answering.


"Amazing! I found the greatest dress! And, you know what happened with Lily!"


"What," I screamed back. She began to talk and I shook my head no, and motioned towards my ear. I really just wanted her to have a reason to get closer to me. I felt her inhale slightly before she repeated what she'd said.


"Amazing. I found the greatest dress. And, you know what happened with Lily." She looked at my face, and I smiled widely. I watched her trace the lines on my face before responding, fearing getting lost and ending up kissing her. 


"What color is you dress," I whispered back. She sat there contemplating, thinking about something. I saw a smile come and fade, and water well up in her eyes. 




"Dorcas?" I looked questioningly into her eyes. She wrapped her dainty arms around my neck, and whispered back.


"Maroon, black lace. Why, Sirius?" I pulled back and looked at her surprisedly.


"So I know what to wear, stupid!" She gave a great big smile and fell back on my chest. I let out a small grunt of pressure and she relaxed easily. Remus looked at us accusingly and I threw my arm on her waist. If he wanted to think I liked her, let him.


"Let's get out of here guys! Too loud,"  I said, pointing at my ears once again. She hopped up from my lap and picked up the bag that was on the floor next to us.


"So, Dorcas," James began. Of course he's already going to start talking about her.


"So, James."




"On a  scale of one to ten, how excited is Lily?"


"I think you're getting your hopes up. She really only said yes because of that dress." I smirked at her clever cover. She knew exactly how Lily was feeling. 


"Told you Prongs," I butted in, adding fuel to the fire.


"It was your idea?" she asked me.


"Something wrong with that?"


"No it's just, bloody hell you would've kept your girlfriends much longer if you whipped out presents like that time to time."


"Oh, Dorcas. Why buy when I can whip out one present that always makes them happy?"


"Asshole," She muttered. I put my arms around her neck and she tried to walk faster, hopelessly. 


"You couldn't live without me Dorcas Meadowes!" She pushed my arms off  and ran about ten feet forward before shouting,


"SIRIUS BLACK IS MADLY IN LOVE WITH JAMES POTTER! THEY HAVE A SECRET RELATIONSHIP, AND ARE BOTH MAGNIFICENTLY IN LOVE!" James and I looked at each other quickly before running forward to capture her for punishment. No one gets away with that against the marauders. Even if she was a marauder. I wanted to catch her, but not to punish her. I wanted to capture her so no one else could have her. That girl was mine, and anyone who thought anything different was kidding themselves. 




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