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Prisoner of War by LadyKrobley
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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Day 1; Hour 15

The art of war was simple enough; find out where the enemy was, get to him as fast as you can, strike him as hard as you can, and keep moving. But Hermione didn't know where to strike. She couldn't throw the Killing Curse without fear of killing a member of her own team; she couldn't tell the difference anymore. Smoke and fog covered the battled field. She could see grey and black figures moving, running, lying down; some covered in red.

Mud was caked all over her because of the running, and the ducking to the ground trying to avoid being hit. Hermione wanted to run far away and just hide from all the death. Coward, she had thought to herself. She was thinking of running away, while so many people she grew up with and knew were dying right in front of her, fighting for what they believed in.

It was beginning to turn into dusk. She and the others have all been fighting for hours and it was beginning to take a toll on Hermione's body.

She turned around to run in the other direction but instead is caught watching Lavender Brown die. Lavender was being mauled by Fenrir Greyback. By the time Hermione got to utter the two words that could save her life and end his, it was too late and both now lay there dead. Hermione couldn't cry for her soul though. We're at war and there was no time for weeping.

There was yelling all around her, but she couldn't tell which direction it was coming from. She felt utterly alone at this point because her team had gotten separated after a big explosion. She had no idea where she was. The only time she could even detect where she might be was when a spell flew by her. It reminded her of when her parents would put on a fireworks display for the neighbourhood, but that felt like another lifetime ago, some distant memory that no longer mattered to her or anyone else.

She saw a spell hurtling towards her and she tried to go the opposite direction but that was when she saw him, Draco Malfoy. He was looking right at her; his wand was aimed straight at her heart. She looked at him with empty eyes as if daring him to kill her. "Go ahead Malfoy, kill me. Serve your purpose and rid the world of yet another Mudblood." Hermione spoke with no emotions. She wasn't sure if she really wanted him to kill or not. She just felt tired and she wanted to feel something other than pain.

Moments pass, people were dying around them, but they were still staring at each other; steel-grey peering into amber brown. She was getting ready to run for it, not wanting to stick around to give him the chance to kill. When all of a sudden Draco shut his eyes; he opened them again and looked at her for a few short seconds, then turned on his heel and sprinted away from her. Coward.

She turned on her heel and ran in the direction she had just come from – not wanting to go in the same direction as Malfoy.

Day 1; Hour 18

This had to be the longest battle they had ever had. They had been at war for two long miserable years, and with every battle she couldn't help but to keep thinking to herself that this battle was going to be the last one. Yet every time her assumption is proven wrong, and every time another one came; with every battle more and more deaths were being tallied on both sides. She feared the worst was still yet to come.

There had been a lot of fear surrounding her now; it surrounded her like a wet, suffocating cloth. She felt as if she had lived with it for the longest time, but it has never been quite like this. Fear was never an actuality; it was there and there was no escape from it, no evasions were possible. The fear in her heart was like in one of those dreams where you try to run but you can't do it, you can't run because the fear was heavy like an anchor in your chest. She could see the fear in everyone eyes in the middle of war. It was fear of death, fear of the unknown, and fear of the outcome. She liked to believe there was nothing to fear but fear itself.

There was a huge explosion and all of a sudden she was shaken out of her thoughts. She didn't know where that explosion came from. She didn't know which direction she should go to. She was too caught up in her thoughts.

She turned left and kept running and running, letting her feet carry her to anywhere. Then she heard someone scream; She wasn't sure if it was her voice or not. She kept running though, not letting anything stop or get in her way.

Not long after that she tripped and landed beside a body. She could tell who it was and screamed. No No No No... She kept saying over and over in her head. It couldn't be her. She couldn't be dead. She sat there, looking at Luna's body. Her eyes void of any emotion, but she was smiling. Hermione didn't understand it, but Luna was smiling. How was it that she was happy to die? She didn't think any longer on the subject because she could hear footsteps coming towards her.

Hermione got up and began running again. She was trying to put distance between her and the runner behind her. She casted a spell and then a spell hurtled past her and she felt the energy from it. Her wand flew out of her tight grasp and she collapsed.

Hermione couldn't move; she couldn't feel her body. She felt like a dead weight. The only thought she had was death. She was going to die here. This was her last chance of living and she didn't even know what she had to show for it. Of course, 'Brightest Witch of her Age', but what does that prove? She was able read a couple of books and get O's on all her exams. To her, at this very moment, it didn't prove one damnthing. She was not able to even enjoy her adolescent years because of this war. All because oneman turned into a megalomaniac psychopath and wanted to rule the Wizarding World to rid it of 'Dirty' blood.

She heard the man cackle before he entered her sight of vision.

"You are a pretty Mudblood aren't you?" Hermione stared at the man in disgust. How could someone as vile as him still be able to walk this earth?

"Looks like you are coming with me filth!" He begins cackling once more. He pointed his wand to her face and she was instantly engulfed into darkness.

Day 1; Hour 23

She heard screams and laughter.It surrounded her senses; her screams and their laughter.

She moaned in pain as she felt her chest tighten. It was like hyperventilation but much worse. She had never felt this much pain in her life.

There's a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humour and hurt. This is not one of those comedies and this is most definitely not humorous. How could they be laughing when someone was screaming in agonizing pain? Then the pain stops and she was not convulsing on the floor any longer.

Tears were on the brink of releasing but she wouldn't shed them. She wouldn't become submissive to their cruelty.

"Tell us Mudblood!" Lucius Malfoy screams – his lip curling into a malicious grin.

Hermione lips are lightly compressed together as an act of defiance. She wasn't expecting to be slapped in the face because of it. The impact was so strong, her head went to the left and she brought her hand up to hold her cheek.

"Where are they, Where are your precious friends?" An unknown Death Eater screamed out. Hermione sat there and stared at them all with disgust, but she didn't speak. She will not give them any answer. She will not be known as a traitor.

"You will answer me, you piece of filth!" Lucius screams out before aiming in his wand at her face and yelling out Crucio.

There it was again, the pain. It felt much worse than it did before. It was like she didn't even remember what it felt like the first time. But who can remember pain, once it is over? All that remained of it was the shadow, not in the mind even, in the flesh. All she knew to do was scream and scream and she knew her voice was going out because her voice was getting scratchy and hoarse. Then it was over once again.


Hermione looked up at Lucius Malfoy, tears on the verge of spilling. "Go to Hell," she stated, her voice cracking from the screaming.

Roars of laughter erupted from the other Death Eaters watching the scene unfold. His hand made impact with her face once more and she fell over as blood began running down her split lip.

"You will answer the question Mudblood or you will die." He drawls out in a superiority tone that only a Malfoy could possess.

"Then kill me because I will never answer to you." Hermione replied defiantly, locking eyes with the menace.

They all laugh and others scoff in annoyance at her behaviour. "You better hold that filthy tongue of yours!" Everything went black after she was struck in the head by Malfoy's Cane.

Day 2; Hour 5

All the memories were rushing back to her and the dull pain that resided in her head was not pleasant either. She felt around and there was a plate of food – if you could even call it that – in front of her. If it would have been any other day she would have refused it, but she couldn't remember the last time she had eaten or when she would eat again.

She bit down on the bread which turned out to be moulded and tried not to regurgitate the little bit of food in her. If they were trying to keep her alive, you'd think they'd give her better tasting food. They were trying to kill her slowly is more like it; she laughed to myself at the irony of it all.

She finally got a chance to look around the room, her own personal hell. The room was dark; pitch black to be exact. There was no moonlight to creep through a window; nothing to cast shadows around the room. She felt truly alone. The only time light was able to grace her presence was when they decided to open the door, but nothing good would come from them opening the door.

Hermione heard rustling outside the door and it was creaked open. She saw a little sliver of light cascade along the wall and a head full of golden blond hair entered the room. Oh great a Malfoy she thought to herself as he took out his wand and the tip of it lights up. The face of Draco Malfoy comes into view.

"What are you doing here Mudblood?"

Really, he was seriously asking me that question? She thought to herself again. Do all Malfoy's have a brain disorder with asking stupid questions?

"Oh you know, I thought I'd drop by and have some tea, why do you think I'm here Malfoy. I didn't exactly choose to be dragged here by a bunch of Death Eaters."

He shoved his wand against her throat. "You were not supposed to get captured."

Hermione scoffed and rolled her eyes at him, "Tell that to the other Death Eaters, not me!" His wand was being shoved harder against her throat.

"Do not speak, Granger! You're lucky I can't touch you." she could see the disgust in his eyes, and she was sure he could see the fear in hers.

"Granger," she thought she saw pity in his eyes but it is gone as fast as it showed up, "don't you even think about giving up."

With that he turned around and left the room.

Confusion was one emotion she was harbouring at the moment. Why is he telling her this? Did she even hear him right? Did Draco Malfoy tell her not to give up? She started breathing in shallow breaths. Her head began swimming with so many questions that would never be explained.

She felt hot anger rising in her chest. Who the hell gave him the right to come in her prison and tell her not to give up! He had no right. All her thoughts were overwhelming and the tears came cascading over her eyes. She felt like a leaking water faucet in her mum's kitchen sink that couldn't be shut off and that just angered her even more.

I am not weak. She repeated that over and over in her head as the tears fell down her face and she let out a frustrated scream. Nothing she did could have made her felt any better. He shouldn't have told her that. He had no right to tell her to not give up or not.

It was bad enough that she was stuck under the same roof with a bunch of psychotic Death Eaters, but Draco Malfoy had to be a temperamental, argumentative, pretentious arse as well.

I am rewritting all of the chapters. I am rather sad that I lost all my reviews, but it was for the best. You will like these so much better than you liked the first rendition. At least I hope you will. 



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