“Malfoy what the hell are you doing here?” Ginny snarled as she tightened her grip on her already raised wand. Draco eyed the wand in Ginny’s hand with trepidation before he swallowed his pride.

          “We- Ginny, I need to speak to Po- Harry,” Draco managed to choke out.

          “Why?” Ginny asked sharply, although Draco could tell that she was a bit surprised with use of first names.

          “It’s about Hermione,” Draco then said calmly. The effect that Hermione’s name had on Ginny was shocking and she left Draco alone in Harry’s living room wondering where the red headed woman had gone to.


Moments later Ginny came back, towing Harry with her.

          “Malfoy?” Harry exclaimed, thoroughly surprised to see Draco Malfoy in his living room. “What are you doing here, and how did you get in?” Harry asked.

          “I flooed in,” Draco answered.

          “You can’t just floo in you have to be le-. Ginny did you let him in?” Harry asked. Ginny looked back at Harry with a sheepish expression on her face.

          “I wanted to know why he was here, if we barred him we would never know, and he has some info on Hermione,” Ginny said, speaking quickly so Harry didn’t cut over her.

          “You know where Hermione is?” Harry gasped.

          “Shit she didn’t tell you?” Draco gasped, and then he hung his head in his hands and groaned very unmalfoyishly into his palms.

          “Didn’t tell us what?” Harry asked with a warning tone to his voice.

          “Hermione’s stayed with me the past two days and she’s agreed to stay there for the foreseeable future until she’s back on her feet,” Draco said in a rush. Ginny however was as sharp eared as Hermione and she glared at the blond boy in front of her.

          “Hermione has stayed and is staying where?” Ginny growled dangerously.

          “Gin, don’t shoot the messenger,” Harry warned.

          “I’m not going to. I’m going to bloody shoot the person who sent the messenger. She promised to write Harry, promised to, Hermione doesn’t break her promises. Hermione does not disappear and go and live at an old enemy’s place while her parents’ house burnt down to the ground. That’s not Hermione Harry,” Ginny moaned, matching Draco’s stance to the letter.

          “Hermione burnt down her parents’ house and since when did Hermione watch TV?” Draco asked, as he raised his head from his hands.

          “Since she was a child, she is muggleborn,” Ginny scoffed.

          “Since when has Hermione opted for watching TV as opposed to reading a book?” Draco questioned quietly. Ginny stared aghast at Draco while Harry seemed to be catching up.

          “Wait, Hermione burnt down her parents’ house?” Harry gasped.

          “Yes.” Draco answered shortly.

          “And our Hermione opted for TV as opposed to a book?” Harry gasped again.

          “Keep up Potter,” Draco then moaned.

          “Hey don’t Potter him Malfoy,” Ginny growled.

          “You’re right, sorry Harry. Actually I…er…thanks for saving my ass a year ago, and to both of you I’m sorry for the way I acted when we were at school. But we’re meant to be adults now so what do you say Harry?” Draco said smoothly as he held out his hand.


Harry stared at Draco with his mouth open while he looked between his hand and his face, until Ginny nudged him and told him to close his mouth. Snapping out of whatever state of confusion he was in Harry stretched out his own hand and shook Draco’s giving a tentative smile as he did so.

          “Both adults now Draco,” Harry reiterated. Draco gave a nod and a ghost of a smile crossed his face.

          “Now you two have sorted out your issues, can we please go back to the matter at hand, remember Hermione, about 5ft 3”, bushy hair, used to love books?” Ginny smirked. Draco nodded and then crossed his arms over his chest.

          “I don’t know what to do,” Draco then shrugged.

          “And you think we do?” Harry asked. Draco shrugged and frowned down at the floor.

          “You probably have a better chance than I do at guessing,” Draco answered.

          “Can we come round for dinner?” Ginny asked. Harry looked at Ginny quite alarmed and Draco matched his shocked expression.

          “If it was just me at my flat then yes, but er Ginny Hermione is also at my place remember. As bad as it sounds, she ran away from you. If you’re going to come over then I have to run it past her first,” Draco murmured quickly. Ginny swelled up as if she was going to shout at him but Harry put a comforting arm around her waist.

          “Gin, he’s right. Draco ask Hermione and get back to us. Try and get her away from the TV with anything,” Harry said quietly. Draco nodded and then walked back to the fire and flooed home.





          “Hermione, are you here?” Hermione heard Draco call and she giggled lightly as she took in the strange colour of the floor.

          “In here,” Hermione then answered. She heard footsteps and then Draco was standing in the doorway looking absolutely gorgeous with those shiny silver eyes of his. In fact Draco himself was shining and Hermione closed her eyes to block the glare. As she did so she heard a hiss of something between rage and shock come from Draco.

          “What the hell are you doing?!” Draco yelled. Hermione gasped and her eyes flew open as she searched through the empty vials for a full vial of calming draught. Finding one, she raised it to her mouth but a few quick steps and Draco had pulled her hand away from her mouth and had her chin in his hand and making her look at him.

          “Get off Draco,” Hermione whined childishly, when Draco tightened his grip on her face Hermione tried to pull away weakly.

          “What the hell do you think you are doing?” Draco hissed with his anger clear in his cold grey eyes.

          “Being happy,” Hermione said in a sing song voice.

          “How many of those have you had?” Draco growled.

          “I dunno 6 or 7 in as long as you’ve been gone,” Hermione pouted. Draco’s eyes opened wide and Hermione could see his shock clearly even through the haze caused by the calming draught overdose.

          “You do realise you’ve had more than you should have in a day in less than half an hour,” Draco gasped.

          “Really?” Hermione giggled.

          “It’s not funny,” Draco growled as his hand tightened convulsively on Hermione’s chin. Hermione stopped giggling as she stared into the cold grey of Draco’s eyes and then she felt the rising urge to vomit and she pushed away from Draco and staggered to the bathroom where she quickly emptied her stomach while Draco gathered her hair. As she vomited she felt a sudden light headedness come over her and then she blacked out.


Draco moved faster than he could remember moving as he saw Hermione slipping and he caught her in his arms and noticed she’d passed out.

          “Fuck,” Draco gasped then he stood up and apparated to St Mungo’s, where thankfully the welcome witch was not Lavender Brown, and Hermione was taken to see a healer quickly and without fuss. Yet as soon as they checked a few of her vitals she was ushered somewhere urgently and Draco was forced to wait outside without being told what was happening, so Draco flooed to Potter’s again.


          “Weasley! Potter! You guys need to come to the hospital, Hermione passed out, I’m going back now,” Draco called as he stepped out of the fireplace. As soon as he spoke, the two people he’d called came running and he flooed back to St Mungo’s where he waited for them to appear.

          “Malfoy what happened?” Ginny hissed as she stepped next to Draco having gone first.

          “I’ll tell you both when we’re somewhere private,” Draco hissed as he noticed a fair few reporters standing around with a seemingly uninterested air but Draco knew that to be false. Harry and Ginny, having also realised the fact, nodded solemnly and followed Draco through the hospital to Hermione’s room which they found to be empty.


          “Inside and I’ll tell you,” Draco murmured. Harry and Ginny walked in and with a quick check down the hall Draco shut the door and cast a muffliato on the room.

          “Right well explain. How did this all start?” Ginny asked, jumping straight to the point.

          “I saw her on Tuesday around lunch and she was all shaky and crap I stayed with her for most the day because she asked me to stay, we argued and I asked her to dinner which she refused. The same night I went out and just by chance I ran into Hermione and Gods she was drunk. There was this random guy giving her drinks and he was trying to leave with her so I stepped in and saved her and then took her back to mine,” Draco rattled off then he hesitated, should he tell Hermione’s best friends that they had been sleeping in the same bed and kissed, or should he leave that out? Almost as quickly as the question appeared it was gone and leaving out anything would certainly not hold well with Potter and Weasley.

          “What did you do to the guy?” Ginny asked as she flexed the fingers of her wand hand in anger.

          “Punched him in the face, probably knocked him out cause he went down, but I didn’t stick around to wait I pulled Hermione out of there.”

          “What happened when you got to yours?” Harry asked with his jaw tense.

          “She threw up and passed out so I put her in my bed and slept at the other side. I woke up with her head on my chest and her arm around my waist, she made breakfast and we had a pleasant morning, she was looking at houses and flats and I just told her that she could stay with me until she was back on her feet.”

          “Wait you slept in the same bed?” Harry gasped.

          “Well I wasn’t staying on the couch Po- Harry, nor was I sleeping on the floor, the bed was big enough for the two of us with space left for both you and Ginny comfortably would you believe.

          “What happened in the day?” Ginny asked.

          “She ran some errands and came home so I took her to The Three Broomsticks for dinner cause she was too tired to cook and I was feeling lazy, and she glamour charmed her hair and eyes so she wasn’t recognisable, oh by the way she dyed her hair black and straightened it with a long lasting vanity spell.” Both Harry and Ginny let out audible gasps as they thought of what their friend had done to her hair, but Draco paused with an eyebrow raised and an annoyed expression on his handsome face and they quietened and paid attention. “We argued again over who would pay the bill and when I got home we argued some more and I kissed her.”

          “You did WHAT?” Harry yelled while Ginny’s eyes opened wide.

          “I kissed her. I didn’t mean to, it was just one minute I was arguing with her, the next I dunno,” Draco whispered.

          “We’ll talk about this once you’re done with your story,” Harry growled.

          “Yes well, she pushed away and I went to speak to Blaise and Pans, when I got home I found Hermione dressed for her appointment, which shook her up. When we got home she started crying and she kissed me, I responded but kept things innocent which she wasn’t too impressed with. I then took her to bed and fell asleep with her this time. This morning she was upset cause she thought she’d embarrassed herself, I told her she didn’t we had breakfast, then she told me books were boring and I came to see you guys. When I got home I found her overdosed on Calming Draughts on my bedroom floor, that’s how she ended up here. She said she had 6 or 7 in the space of half an hour,” Draco explained.


Both Harry and Ginny were silent for a few minutes as they processed the entire sorry story and then both turned annoyed, almost furious eyes on Draco and he mentally cowered while physically kept his posture soft, but strong at the same time.

          “You kissed Hermione?” Ginny growled and Harry narrowed his eyes at the blond man in front of him. Draco nodded mutely.

          “Why?” Harry asked after a fair few seconds of thought.

          “Because, she’s beautiful even when she’s angry, she’s intelligent, witty, stubborn and fierce, pretty damn powerful and scary as shit. She’s just… I can’t explain, but I kissed her,” Draco said with strength in his voice. Harry and Ginny just stared in a state of shock at the man in front of them; he was different from the boy they remembered at school. He still had a hint of arrogance about him, which came with being a rich pureblood, but gone was the spiteful, selfish little coward that used to strut around Hogwarts and insult everyone and everything in sight. In his place was a strong man, sure of himself but not sure of his goals, willing to see past face value, blood status and cost to true values in life.


          “If you two don’t close your mouth’s you will catch flies,” Draco snickered, they were interrupted then by the door opening and a bed floating through into the room, accompanied by 2 Healers. Ginny removed the muffliato spell and pulled the men back against the wall to watch and wait until the healers turned to face them.

          “What happened?” Draco asked worriedly.

          “She overdosed on Calming Draught and her heart and lungs stopped working,” A healer said quick and succinct.

          “Her heart…” Draco gasped. Ginny grabbed hold of Harry’s hand while Draco’s own hands crossed across his body and he dug his nails into the sides of his ribs as he bit his lip.

          “Luckily you got her here quickly and we brought her organs back. She will however be very weak for a while and I would suggest not drinking or taking any Calming Draughts for at least 2 weeks,” The healer concluded.


Draco let out a breath he hadn’t realised he had been holding and released the death grip he had on his rib cage.

          “She’ll be alright though?” Draco asked.

          “Yes, now as I believe, she’s been submitted for depression with Healer Karris?” The Healer asked. Draco nodded mutely. “Well I shall ask her to be sent down to see Hermione when she is awake,” The healer finished then he and his colleague left the room.


While Ginny and Harry moved instantly to Hermione’s side Draco stayed against the wall, not wishing to intrude.

          “Draco, come over,” Harry called softly as he looked up and saw the saddened face of the man who had saved his best friends life.

          “Nah, I’ll let you two have your time with her, I’m going to get a coffee,” Draco whispered then he disappeared out of the door with his heart hammering.


When Draco finally had his coffee he wrapped his hands around the warm mug and stared into the brown depths of it trying to make sense of his thoughts. Why did he feel so strongly for Hermione Granger? He had seen her for the first time just 3 days ago, and he worried about her to the point of not feeling completely whole when she was whisked away. The thought of Hermione’s heart and lung’s stopping had his own heart thumping in his throat and his lungs gasping for air. The girl he had held in his arms the night before was quickly worming her way into a place Draco kept open for only his mother. Yes he had decided he wanted to care for her but that was just caring on a friendly level, but somehow his mother had mentioned lover and that was all he could think about being to Hermione. Draco knew that Hermione didn’t need a lover yet, she was too vulnerable to comfortably manage the emotions of having someone to love, but that was all he could think about.


          “Penny for your thoughts Draco,” A deep voice murmured and Draco looked up to see Harry sat there across from him, clutching his own coffee.

          “My thoughts are useless,” Draco growled as he raised his coffee to his lips.

          “What do you mean?” Harry asked.

          “My thoughts are a jumbled mess in my head, I can’t focus on anything other than what’s happening with that woman,” Draco murmured quietly. Harry chuckled softly. “Something funny?” Draco asked with a raised eyebrow.

          “Nope, I just know the exact feeling…Why so jumbled though?” Harry answered.

          “The kisses, holding her at night, the way I know she’s vulnerable and doesn’t need a boyfriend, yet being her boyfriend and loving her is all I can seem to think about,” Draco groaned.

          “When did this happen Draco?” Harry asked quietly. Draco looked up at the raven haired man in front of him that was his exact opposite.

          “I started caring for her when you were captured. Her…her…her screams, they haunted me for months. I vowed when the war was finished, to never ever stand by and watch a woman undergo that much pain or experience that amount of fear. So long as I could act, I would. Then I saw her in disguise and I thought she looked like who she really was but without the confidence, the sparkle of intelligence, without the essence that makes her who she is. But when she asked to meet me I saw fear, real honest fear in her eyes, not because she thought she was going to die, but because she had already died and thought she had no way back. It was the type of feeling a Dementor leaves. When I looked her dead in the eye, I felt like I would never be happy again, I wanted to break down right there and then and cry, but of course, Malfoy bravado always gets me through ay,” Draco explained, ending on a chuckle as he raised his mug and drank more of his hot drink, then he looked at Harry.

          “There’s more isn’t there?” Harry asked and Draco waited a few seconds before nodding.

          “When she asked me to stay, there was this dull and dead look to her eyes and it made me promise to myself that I wouldn’t stay in the background anymore, I wouldn’t cower away in fear, I would stand up and be a man for that woman. The first time we kissed was something amazing too…What do I do Harry, because I have fallen hard for this woman,” Draco almost whispered.


Harry took in the man before him with a small smile as he waited for an answer to strike him.

          “Put her back together again. Give her a purpose, give her a job, give her her life back. Do all that and more and you’ll be able to move on your feelings. Don’t act on your feelings until you are sure she’s not vulnerable, and I say when you are sure and not when she is sure because that woman is as stubborn as they come and will not admit to being vulnerable even if it meant putting up with something unbearable for a long period of time,” Harry murmured calmly. “Now are we going to see if she’s awake?”

          “Yeah sure,” Draco smiled before he drained the last of his drink and placed his empty mug on the table and following after Harry to Hermione’s hospital room.


When they arrived at the room they found Ginny holding Hermione tightly in her arms while Hermione cried. Ginny had tears tracking down her face and Draco moved forwards quietly and tapped the red-head on the shoulder. Ginny let go of Hermione who looked up at Draco and started crying harder. Draco horrified, sat down on the bed next to Hermione and pulled her tightly into his arms and let her cry.

          “I’m sorry,” Hermione whispered.

          “No need to be, I’m sorry for leaving you alone,” Draco whispered back as he rested his cheek on the top of her head, Hermione was silent for a fair few minutes except for the occasional sob then she raised her head and eyes to stare into Draco’s own grey eyes.


Hermione stared into that liquid silver gaze and felt his own determination flood into her body.

          “Draco,” Hermione whispered, Draco’s eyes shined almost as he heard his name on her mouth.

          “Hermione?” Draco breathed.

          “Help me? Please?” Hermione whispered. Draco wrapped his arms tighter around Hermione and as she buried her face against his chest, she felt his chest shudder as he breathed in indicating he was close to tears. Then she felt his cheek on top of her head again.

          “Always,” Draco whispered as he felt his tears spill from beneath his closed eyes.

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