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The Power of Tea by SiriuslyLily
Chapter 2 : When We Party Part 1
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 HEYY!!!! Here's chapter two!! Sorry it took so long though... Well. You shall read.


I wandered the hall of the scarlet train, friendless,and nervous as a nervous person usually would be. In the compartments were happy people laughing and catching up from the summer. I wondered what Hogwarts would be like, would it be modern? Ancient? I was still to find out. It was a big shock, finding out you're actually a witch, after endless years of normalcy and no real friends.

A boy with raven hair flew by, tripping me up in the process of his flewing by.

“Seriously, watch were your abnormally fat head is going, fat-headed random boy!”

Fat-head threw me a confused look, then started laughing as if it was the funniest joke he had ever heard in his lifetime of having a fat head. I was so filled with rage, that my fist made friends with his face. He stumbled backwards, hands holding his swollen eye which, I may so my self, suited his fat head.

“What the hell?”

“Sorry. I just thought my fist and your face would be BFF's, sadly, it did not turn out that way. I didn't mean it when I said you had a fat head, it's just I was standing too close ...” I told him, making up the lies as I went along. I really needed some therapy. My eleven year-old self was very... Disturbed. Good thing it isn't like that now. 

“I'm James Sirius Potter, sexiest boy alive, even with a black eye.” He said, with a wink. I have changed his name from fat-head to hot-head. He really needed to get over himself. 

“Well I'm Winnie Marielle Valeraine Exinia Rebecca Margot Sabelline Blythe. The most amazing ninja-pirate around.”

James looked as to be in deep thought, and said “My dad wasn't very creative. French?”

“Half French half Irish.” He nodded and we just walked to a compartment that contained a tan, tall boy, a average sized blonde haired boy reading a book, and a tall pretty girl with long silky bonde-silver hair.
The pretty girl smiled manically and gestured to a seat on front of her. “Sit, young one, and tell me your past, present and future.” I curtseyed and fell in to the seat opposite her.

“My name is Dominique Monette Valerie Weasley. And you are?”
“'Tis I, Winnie Marielle Valeraine Exina Rebecca Margot Sabelline Blythe, at your service, well sometimes.” I added. I'm not a House Elf, thank you very much. 

And that, my children, is how you start a beautiful friendship.
I skipped to James' car, and gracefully opened the door, falling in. James swaggered to his door and sat in. How average. Sitting, only for secret nobodies.

“Winnie, please don't sit like that, especially with me driving.” He had a good point. I sat properly in my chair *sob* and we set off for the Burrow. I reached over to the radio and turned it on, switching through the channels until I came across a song I liked, 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' by that old band Nirvana. Sad he died though. Such a good singer. 
I danced wildly in my seat while James laughed at me, but he was also trying to watch the road.

“Hey, we're here.”He told me. I looked out the window to find out he's right. Time really flies by, doesn't it? Especially when you're dancing. I got out of the car and ran up to the door, ringing the bell more times than neccesary. Ding! Ding! Ding!!! 

Mrs Weasley opened the door with an expression intent on murder, but as soon as she saw me it melted. I have that affect on people. I am truly a Goddess under cover. 

"Oh! Winnie dear! Jamsie said he was going to bring you over," she winks at James, who groaned embarrassedly at that comment. "I see he did! Dear, would you like some food? You look a bit peaky... Well I suppose dinner is almost ready ... Angelina is making the dinner tonight, she is an amazing cook. She has to be to feed George and the twins!" Molly rambled on. Yeah, I just called her Molly. Jealous?

James and I walked to the living room where the Weasly crew were situated. 

Dom shrieked at me and I her. 
"Winnie! I have missed your face! HUG ME DARLING!" I leaped into her arms, and we fell onto Albus. He groaned painfully. 
"Seriously, you only get here and I'm dying." I apologised to Albus and hopped off him. Then I attacked him with a hug worthy of homicidal kangaroos. 

Fred chose that moment to saunter into the room. Big mistake, my friend. He looked at me with his brown eyes that went well with his brown hair that fell into his eyes. Suddenly he realised what he just walked into. Fred tried to back away, in fear mostly, but some horror. I'm not that bad. It's just that I have very powerful hugs for a girl my size. Hee hee. I leaped up from the squishy old sofa, with a psychopathic expression on my face, and made my way to Fred. Who ran out of the room screaming, "She's going to kill me! She's like the devil reincarnated!" Which is a bit mean. But it is also true. 

I ran after him laughing manically. He ran all around the Burrow. By the time we were finished, we were panting on the sofa, feeling ready to faint at any moment. But I had gotten my hug. Victory is mine! 
"Do you ever stop? I think you killed me... I'm dying... Bury me beside the ocean..." Fred groaned, panting on the sofa. 

"Really? If you wanted, I could bury you alongside Dobby." I offered, but instead of an answer, I got a glare. Fine, Weasley. Be that way. It's not as if I care. *sniff* 

I jumped up from my seat, which was James' lap. James squeaked in pain. Yes. Squeaked. I think he takes after his dad. Sorry Mr Potter, but you are a bit of a cry-baby when it comes to certain things. For example, last Christmas, someone (George) took his present from Louis and "broke" it. I say "broke" because it was a simple Engorgment charm.


Later that day, we were all getting ready for a Weasley/Potter Party. They are the most epic parties there is. When the adults are completely smashed, they let their children take the rest of the Firewhisky and Odgen's. what a wonderful time we have.

"Winnie, hurry up! We have to get sexified for tonight. The Scamander twins will be here, and the whole family! And you and Teddy of course, but you are family anyway." Dom stood before the mirror, pulling on a furry suit that makes me fear for her safety. It looks like some ran over Baa Baa Black Sheep and made him into a swimsuit. Not a pretty picture. Tonight is a dress up party. Dom's going as a bat, I'm going as a Cornish Pixie, I think James might be going as his dad, but all that takes is some glasses and a marker. Al might be a vampire, and Ted is going as a werewolf. Lily and Rose are probably doing something stupid, and I don't even want to think about Fred. 

"Time to go!!!" Shrieks Dom. I growled at her. Together we made our way downstairs.


Please R+R, love you all!

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The Power of Tea: When We Party Part 1


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