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A/N: I'm so sorry this update took so long, but my mocks are now totally over and done with! *throws confetti* So now I won't have anymore serious exams until the BIG ONE in June. (So basically, you won't have to listen to any more of my lame excuses.)

I also wanted to say HUGE thank you to everyone who added this story to their favourites, since the last chapter gave us that push into the hundreds. (Wowza)

Also, there is a switch up in the point of view in this chapter. Fair warning.

Thanks for reading, please review, and I'm sorry for this colossal author's note! :) 


Chastity's blazing eyes turned to me. "You. This is all your fault! I warned you! I fucking warned you to stay away from my James!" Her fury seemed to be radiating from her as she lifted her arm, which was shaking with rage, to point her wand directly at my heart.

I took a deep breath as her expression suddenly changed to be shockingly calm. "Now you have to pay." She said serenely.

A bright flash of light emitted from the end of her wand and hit me square in the chest and I felt the pain of a million blades slice through my entire body as I was thrown backwards.

In the distance I heard a blood-curdling scream. It could have belonged to me, but I wasn't entirely sure.

Time seemed to move in slow motion as I felt myself slam into the bookshelves behind me and I heard the pounding of books falling to the floor, and felt agony rip throughout my entire body.

Various shouts and screams filled my ears as I landed to the floor with a loud crack.

Then everything went black.

Rose POV

I have to say, nothing pleased me more than watching James yell at Chastity for being rude to Violet. It was bloody hysterical, actually, since it's almost painfully obvious how much James likes Vi. And she has been crushing on him for so long it's ridiculous.

I had always hoped those two would end up together. In fact, Ruby, Alex and I have had a running bet for the past year on how long it will take them to realise that they are meant for each other.

I was so sure I was going to win. That was, until Violet told me she was pregnant with some guy's baby.

I don't think I had ever been so surprised in my entire life. Violet was so quiet and sweet, she was the very last person you expect to end up as a pregnant teenager. The shock of the enormity of the secret is really what made me so furious.

It took me a while to cool down, and once I had, the guilt of turning Violet away when she needed a friend the most almost consumed me. I was so ashamed of myself, I couldn't even work up the courage to speak to her for a couple of days, so sure she would reject me as I had done her. But of course, she didn't. She welcomed me back with open arms, despite all the awful things I had done.

James ushered Chastity out of the Great Hall so that they could speak more privately, without all the years of Hogwarts listening in. I saw all the gossiping girls of James' fan club slump in disappointment when they realised they wouldn't be able to hear the newest gossip about the most popular guy in school.

I sat back in my seat and reached for a slice of pumpkin pie and everyone in our little area of the Gryffindor table stayed quiet, all wearing matching smiles of smug satisfaction. None of us cared for Chastity and we were glad she was getting what she deserved.

The group eventually picked up the conversation again, but I let my thoughts wander. As I sat there, I let my eyes roam around the Great Hall, carefully inspecting the faces of the male population. Who was the father of Violet's child? Was it him? Was it him? Was it him?

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Lily stand up from further down the table and walk towards the double doors leading to the Entrance Hall. She walked with a keen determination, eyes fixed on the exit.

A few minutes after Lily left the Great Hall, the hum of Chastity and James' fighting outside the hall stopped. I stood up and suggested I go and check on James.

I walked back up the length of the hall and left through the double doors. As I looked around, I saw no sign of either James or Chastity. I ventured out further down the stone corridors and soon enough, I found James sitting on the floor against a wall running his hands through his dark hair.

I sat down beside him and winced when the cold concrete met my back. "Are you okay?" I asked gently. James held his head in his hands and I became increasingly more worried when I saw his shoulders start to shake.

"James? What's wrong? Don't cry." I laid a comforting hand on his back as the shudders racked through his body.

James turned his head to the side to look at me and I braced myself for the tears. However, what I saw shocked me even more. "James!" I cried, giving him a playful slap. "You're laughing?"

His whole body convulsed with silent laughter as he rested his forehead on his bent knees to try to regain control of himself. "It's just..." He wheezed, "Oh Merlin, she was horrible!"

I stared at him in wonder for a moment as tears of laughter rolled down his face. Warily, I asked, "Then... why did you go out with her?"

My question seemed to strike something with him, as his laughs gradually slowed until he was left with a serious expression on his face. Staring intently at his shoes, he stayed quiet, seemingly considering my question.

"I don't know." He said eventually as he wiped at his eyes. "I really don't know."

Not sure how to reply, I settled for a hum of understanding as I patted him on the back. "Where is Chastity now?" I asked.

James shrugged. "How should I know? She stormed off somewhere mumbling to herself."

I stayed very still. "What direction?" I asked carefully.

James looked at me in confusion. "What do you mean?" He asked.

I stood up quickly. "I mean what direction did that psychotic girl you just dumped go storming off in?" I demanded as I felt my heart rate start to pick up.

I knew Chastity felt threatened by Violet. I knew she had warned Violet not to speak to James. I knew her threat had frightened Vi so badly, she had cried. Violet never cries. (At least, not until recently) And now James had broken up with her. What would Chastity do next?

"Oh, shit!" I dashed off, my footsteps echoing around me. I heard James swear and start running to catch up with me, calling out to me to wait for him.

I paid no attention to him, continuing on towards the Gryffindor common room, where Violet had told me she'd be. I saw James start to gain on me out of the corner of my eye.

"What. Are. You. Doing?" He exclaimed, taking quick pants between each word as he continued to sprint alongside me. I felt my lungs start to burn as I rushed up the staircase, but I didn't stop. Violet might be in trouble. She might need me.

I chose to ignore him and save my oxygen to tackle the last few steps of the staircase. Bloody hell, had these stairs always been so long?

As we grew nearer to Gryffindor tower, James continued to follow me, still demanding to know where I was going. I still ignored him, feeling sweat begin to build up on my forehead as I ran the last few steps to the Fat Lady's portrait.

As I began to say the password, James grabbed ahold of my elbow, interrupting me. "Hang on a second! What's going on?" He demanded, looking very red in the face after the exertion of running.

I shook my head as I gasped for air. "Vi. Threat. Chastity. You. Breakup. Danger." I panted.

James furrowed his brow in confusion and looked at me. "Who's in danger?" He asked, scratching the side of his head.

I let out a groan of frustration. "Violet!"

I saw James spine straighten and his eyes set with determination. "Why is she in danger?" He growled as he took a step forward. I backed away when I saw the fire in his eyes.

I didn't know for sure whether I was just overreacting or not. Maybe we would walk in there to find Violet cleaning up or reading a book. Maybe Chastity had just stormed off to go for a walk and clear her head. However I couldn't shake the gut feeling that told me my friend was in trouble.

Still recovering from the strain of running, I simply pointed at the Fat Lady. James barked out the password and yanked open the portrait without waiting for the Fat Lady open herself. I briefly heard her complaining about children these days having no respect.

James led the way and rushed into the portrait hole and I followed quickly after, but the sight awaiting us made us both freeze.

There, right in the middle of the Gryffindor common room, stood Chastity Everlynch, with her wand pointed at my best friend.

"Violet." James whispered, his features twisted in distress.

I could see Lily standing over on the other side of the room as Chastity cackled, "Look who's come to join the party!"

I looked at her in utter disbelief. Bloody hell, this bitch really is psychotic.

My stomach twisted and turned as I watched Violet who had her hands raised in submission, stand silently, looking straight at James with tortured eyes.

"It's about time you got what you deserved, Violet Beale." Chastity threatened.

James looked away from Vi for the first time. "Chas..." He took a slight step forward as he tried to reason with the insane blonde.

"No! Don't you dare defend her, James!" Chastity shouted as she looked back at Violet. I fought every instinct I had not to dash out and defend her. I couldn't risk angering Chastity.

"You. This is all your fault! I warned you! I fucking warned you to stay away from my James!" She shouted at my best friend. James looked at me in surprise as he realised what Chastity had said.

Before he could speak, Chastity straightened her arm to point her wand directly at Violet's heart.

I gasped and James took another hasty yet cautious step forward just as Chastity stated, "Now you have to pay."

A bright flash of light engulfed the room. I felt my heart drop to my stomach as all of my senses were knocked off-kilter for a moment after the blinding spark. I heard a heart-wrenching scream of pure agony come from Violet as I saw the spark of light hit her directly in the chest.

James shouted out "NO!" as Violet flew like a rag doll back into the wall of bookcases, hitting against them with a loud whack. Books began to fall to the ground and I heard Lily scream in horror as Violet landed onto the hard floor, a loud crack resounding around the room.

All was still for a moment as we all froze in shock. In the silence that hung around the room all I could think was: my best friend, my best friend, my best friend.

James raised his wand at Chastity with a shaky hand. "Get away from her." He spat.

Chastity tilted her head to the side cockily. James cleared his throat and pointed his wand with more strength. "I said, get the fuck away from her!" He shouted.

Smirking, Chastity backed away, sarcastically holding her hands in the air. James kept his wand pointed at her as he began moving to towards Violet's lifeless body. I held out an arm to stop him getting too close.

"There might be some residual magic." I croaked out. "You have to be careful." It wasn't until that moment that I realised I had been crying.

Silent tears streamed down my cheeks as I checked Violet from a distance for any obvious signs of injury. She lay on her side, with one hand on the floor above her head and one arm draped over herself. Her leg was bent at an awkward angle and she had large scratches covering her hands and face, a particularly large cut above her right eyebrow.

As I examined her, Violet let out quiet moan and reached to cradle her stomach. I felt my body freeze. The baby. 

For a while I had forgotten it wasn't just her.

Lily seemed to come to this realisation at the same time as I did, as she slowly raised her terrified eyes to look into mine.

"The baby," she gasped, her eyes swimming with tears and distress.

We continued to look at each other in horror when Chastity scoffed. "Oh please. She's hardly a baby anymore."

Without looking at her, I knew she was rolling her eyes in that arrogant way she does. She thought we were talking about Violet. I spun around to face Chastity, who was still being held at wand point by a distraught James.

I let out a growl. "She's pregnant!" I screamed, allowing myself to release the pent-up frustration inside of me.

Chastity's grin fell at my words.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw James' face turn as pale as a ghost. "She's pregnant?" He whispered.

Turning to him, I nodded in resignation. "Yes."

I saw his demeanor immediately change to one of absolute fury. Turning to look at Chastity, he raised his wand. Without a hint of hesitation, he shouted "Expelliarmus!"

He yelled the spell with so much conviction that the power blasted from his wand was enough to send Chastity flying backwards, to where she landed on the floor, unconscious.



For a long time, I was under.

Under darkness. Under a weight pressing on my chest, securing me in the black fog that threatened to consume me. So much darkness. No light. No life. No up. No down.

There was nothing. Darkness and nothing.

I felt nothing. I heard nothing. I saw nothing.

But slowly, the nothing became something.

And that something was pain.

And soon that something also turned into light. Like a veil gradually being lifted, I became more and more aware of the sounds around me. I heard the creaking of a chair, the tap of gentle footsteps, the soft murmur of quiet conversation.

"How much longer?" This voice was the first one I had heard clearly since I started to feel something. Although my eyes remained closed, I would have known that voice anywhere. Rose.

Another voice answered her. "It shouldn't be much longer now."

"Do you think she's in pain?"

Her question was met with silence.

The something I had began to feel started to hurt even more. I hoped this meant I could open my eyes soon. It was horribly frustrating to hear and not see.

"Did you see that?" Another voice asked. "Her eyes just moved!"


"Violet?" I feel a cold pressure on my hand. "Vi, can you hear us?" Rose's voice was soft and sweet.

I wanted to scream. Yes I can hear you! but my mouth refused to cooperate. The pain kept increasing.

"Violio?" The sound of Ruby's old nickname for me made me want to smile. But my mouth refused to cooperate. The pain kept increasing.

I heard Albus chime in next. "Look! I saw it too!" I wanted to reply but my mouth refused to cooperate. The pain kept increasing.

The agony I now felt must have peaked. There was absolutely no way anyone could hurt this much and survive.

"Everybody stop." The strong masculine voice interrupted. "Give her a second."

That voice only made my chest ache even more. The guilt. The immeasurable guilt I felt. The secrets, the lies, the hiding. I should have told him. I should have told him as soon as I found out.

Slowly, my eyes began to open. The brightness of the room momentarily stunned me and I raised a hand to cover my face. Ouch.

"Vi?" Rose gently brought my hand down from my face. I saw her amber eyes were filled with tears.

I started to answer her, but only ended up croaking. I cleared my throat. "Hi."

Rose let out a sob and wrapped me up in a warm hug. Which would have been nice if it weren't for the stabbing pain in my ribs. "Ow." I winced.

Rose pulled back from me immediately, and I reached down to touch my stomach. When my hand found the taut swell of my small bump, I almost collapsed in relief. All other pain I felt became irrelavent. My baby was okay.

I looked around my bed at the relieved faces of all my friends, crouched by my bed side. James was the only one who stood, facing me from his position at the bottom of the bed.

I looked at his face. Did he know now?

In his eyes, I could see nothing. No concern, no sympathy, no hatred, no love. Just blankness as he took a moment to study my face, as though he were assessing my well-being, before turning around and walking straight out of the hospital wing.

I tried my best not to break down into tears just as Madam Pomfrey came over to me and slid her way through my friends. "Out of the way," she said impatiently.She laid a warm hand across my forehead and pressed to fingers to my neck, checking my pulse. "There we are." She said triumphantly. "Wonderful."

Her eyes wandered down to my stomach, before they flashed back up to meet mine. She gave me a brief smile. "Everything looks good."

She gave me a quick nod before turning to Rose, Ruby, Lily and Albus. "Everyone out." She demanded. "Miss Beale and I need to speak in private." 

Ruby, Albus and Rose let out a moan, but soon turned quiet when Madam Pomfrey gave them a glare. Lily nodded submissively and leant forward to give me a soft hug.

As she leant forward, she pressed her lips to my ear.

"James knows."

A/N: Well that's all for now, folks. Please favourite and review! You have no idea how much they motivate me to keep writing!

~yerawizard27 xx

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