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The Dark Lord's Daughter by Serpens Noctis
Chapter 3 : All Aboard the Hogwarts Express
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“Not bad” said Draco once Snape had left “we manage to knock Gryffindor by 25 points and we’ve barely left the station”

Blaise turned to me, “Why did you decide that I had been the one to tell a joke?”

I rolled my eyes, “Because, Doofus, it was far more believable than Draco telling a joke, and Jess and I are sweet, innocent little girls”. That made Draco laugh,

“Sweet and innocent? You two? You could probably find more innuendos in a conversation than I could”

Jess sniggered “In your end, oh”, she made the ‘Oh’ into a long drawn out moan, Blaise laughed.

“See” continued Draco “your minds have been stuck in the gutter for years!”

“More like chained to the gutter” I smirked. This time Draco laughed, whilst Blaise dropped his head in his hands

“I cannot believe that you would say something like that Miss Elddir” Professor McGonagall’s voice echoed round the compartment, Jess and I jumped looking guilty. Draco laughed and Blaise grinned,

“How do you like the new spell we found over the summer?” he said.

 “A mimicking spell?” breathed Jess, “Brilliant”

“Yep” Blaise replied, “and it’s non-verbal, so your mouth doesn’t move, and if you really concentrate you can keep talking at the same time so no-one knows it’s you”.

“Think off all the fun you could have” continued Draco, “you could make Potter think that the Weasel had just confessed his undying love for him, you could have Granger answer back to teachers in class, anything!” He smiled his most angelic smile, we all laughed at his eagerness, when it came to causing mischief Draco was as happy as a little kid. “Meanies” he said pouting, and of course that only made us laugh more.

I had forgotten how much fun it was being friends with the boys, talking by owl over the summer just hadn’t been the same. It was a shock to realise how much I had missed them seeing as we had only become friends a few weeks before the end of the summer term, when the four of us had been lumped together for a potions assignment. We all ended the 2 week assessment with impeccable grades, and had managed to make Potter and Co.’s drop from Acceptable to Troll; not that Snape had needed much help finding things to dock points for.

We were sitting in comfortable silence, when the peace was shattered,

“Drakie” screamed Pansy, slamming open the compartment door, “I’ve been looking everywhere for you! What took you so long at the meeting?” here she noticed Jess and I. “What” Pansy demanded “are you doing sitting with Them” she gestured towards Jess and I. Her petulant manner made me smirk, which Pansy seemed to take as a challenge “You piece of filth” she spat at me “how dare you even sit in the same room as my Drakie! You had better keep your dirty hands off him you slut” Blaise and Jess’s faces had broken into identically amused smirks at the phrase “dirty hands”, but they reverted to death stares when Pansy called me a slut.

Draco looked coolly at Pansy, then at me. He flashed me a wicked grin, then, straight faced, snaked his arm around my waist and pulled me closer before turning again to Pansy. “Parkinson” he said in a deceptively calm voice, she flinched at the use of her surname, “never call me ‘Drakie’ again; and never tell me who I can or cannot sit with just because unless someone with purer blood or better connections comes along I am stuck with you. You can boast to all your little friends about me if you so wish, but I can shag all the girls in Hogwarts and neither you nor your family can stop me. Now leave, can’t you see that we have better things to do?” he turned away from her, not even flinching as she slammed the door her way out. He heaved a long sigh,

“Had to be done mate” said Blaise matter-of-factly.

“But why her?” Draco groaned “Of all the insufferable bitches that Hogwarts has, I had to get Her” he gently banged his head on my shoulder. I realised that I was almost too comfortable being this close to him, and also that I wanted Pansy to go die, preferably painfully, in a hole as far away from Draco as possible. As I was thinking this Jess caught my eye, she looked puzzled for a moment, then she grinned evilly at me.

She looked deliberately at Draco, then back at me “Do you like him?” she mouthed across the compartment. I struggled to hide my confusion, “This is going to be interesting....” she mouthed and smirked.

“What about a game?” she said out loud.

“What sort of game?” replied Blaise.

“I was thinking Truth or Dare” she looked pointedly at me.

I rolled my eyes, “As long as you’re nice” I replied, now she looked really evil,

I was worried, but what could I do? No way was I looking chicken in front of Draco. Damn, she was probably counting on that when she suggested the game.

“I think we need some basic rules” Draco said, I could feel his breath move my hair as he spoke “such as no stupid questions, like “who do you fancy?’ for example” now it was my turn to smirk triumphantly at Jess “and” Draco continued “no dares that would ruin your reputation” that seemed fair enough, so Draco began.

“Jess, Truth or Dare?”

“Dare” she replied boldly.

Draco thought for a second, then “I dare you to try and seduce Potter in front of the Girl Weasel”. That was evil, not only did Jess have to willingly go within 10ft of the Boy Wonder without murder on her mind, Ginny was also going to try and kill her for it. I felt Draco’s head turn slightly, and I too looked at Blaise. He seemed slightly put out at this dare.

“Done” said Jess, “but is there a time limit?”

“Shall we say a week?” said Draco smoothly, “Good, then Jess I believe it’s your turn”

“Bella, truth or dare?” God I hate making decisions, but reluctantly I said


“Well, I think you should make your robes a bit more revealing, and keep them like that for the duration of today”

I scowled at her, but resignedly turned around and pointed my wand at myself. If I was going to do this I might as well do it properly, and I smirked as I realised that I had the perfect opportunity to really give Pansy something to worry about. When I turned round my shirt was a lot tighter, with the top few buttons undone giving a glimpse of my bra. My skirt was a lot shorter, and when I sat down you could see just the very tops of the lace top stockings that I had transfigured my tights into. My hair was mussed, and my eyelashes seemed longer due to another coat of mascara. Blaise wolf-whistled as I sat down next to Draco whilst Jess grinned.

“Maybe you should dress like that everyday” Draco murmured in my ear, “but it would hardly be fair on the rest of the boys in school, tempting them with what they can’t have”

“And who says you can have it?” I replied with his trademark smirk.

Jess interrupted, “Come on Bella, ask someone”

“Fine, Blaise, Truth or Dare” I asked.

“Bring on the dares baby” Blaise replied, practically bouncing around in his seat.

“Yeesh Blaise, calm down” I said with mock severity, “Draco, what should we make this sorry creature do for our amusement now?”

Draco chuckled, “Blaise” he said musingly, then he clicked his fingers, “of course! I dare you to owl Pansy asking her to come here, then you have to kiss her on the lips for a full 10 seconds”. Blaise shuddered, “Chicken?” asked Draco mockingly.

“No” grumbled Blaise “but you know I can’t stand that girl”

“Exactly why I chose the dare” Blaise glared at Draco, but reluctantly began to compose the note.

Blaise had just sent the note to Pansy when Jess leaned forwards and whispered something in his ear.

“Draco” said Blaise slowly “Truth or Dare?”

“I think I’ll join the rest of you in doing Dares” Draco said cautiously

“Then” smirked Blaise “when Pansy comes in I want you to have Bella on your lap and you snogging her”

“Sure” replied Draco, almost too quickly

“But only pretending” continued Blaise evilly “as part of the dare you mustn’t actually kiss her”

I quickly ran my fingers through my hair to make it look more tousled, then Draco pulled me onto his lap.

“Look convincing” Draco murmured as he moved his face nearer to mine, resting a hand on the lacy band that encircled my thigh, slowly stroking it with one lazy finger. The other hand twisted in my hair, holding me close. I moved closer to him, my hands in his hair, our mouths nearly touching.

At that moment Pansy decided to make her appearance, and immediately froze as she saw me and Draco. My breath was ragged from being this close to him, and I moaned softly as his hand glided up my leg. Blaise took advantage of her shock, grabbing her and viciously pushing his lips to hers. I really didn’t notice the kiss, it was taking all my willpower not to kiss Draco there and then. The compartment door slammed for the second time that morning, and Draco smirked at me before calling loudly “Pansy!”

She hurried back in, looking imploringly at Draco. To stifle my laughter I busily employed myself with pretending to kiss my way up and down Draco’s neck, from his collarbone to the sensitive spot behind his ear. It was his turn to moan as my breath ghosted over this patch of skin, and Pansy looked more hell-bent on my destruction than ever.

Draco’s voiced grew hard as he addressed her “Pansy, I never expect you to be as petty as to slam a door ever again, whether in my presence or out of it” with that he made an abrupt gesture with his hand signalling her to go, and appeared to rejoin his lips with mine. Pansy rushed out, but the door was quietly closed this time. As soon as it was safely shut Jess started laughing as Blaise conjured up a toothbrush and some mouthwash and proceeded to thoroughly wash out his mouth.

“Draco” Blaise said, his voice amused “you can stop groping Bella now and let the poor girl get up”

“Poor?” asked Jess amusedly “Well she seems eager enough to make some money”, she laughed.

With great maturity I stuck my tongue out at Jess and stood up, just as the train arrived in Hogsmead Station.

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