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I do not own anything you recognize! This world was not created by me, I'm just living in it.


Needless to say, I did not go to dinner that night with Potter. How dare he? How dare he thrust himself upon me?

Ah, but you didn't exactly stop his hand from holding yours the first time did you? a voice in my head said.

So I have slow reflexes! I justified.

You liked it, my head countered

No I didn't! I firmly said.

Yes, you did, it taunted.

But, I thought, stubbornly.

Deeeeeniallllll! It sang.

This is play boy Albus Potter we are dealing with! I thought to myself, not by any way a potential man of my dreams!

Ah, but, he has been trying to change for head said wisely.

It was true. The tabloids had no stories about Albus since our meeting about a week ago, which for Albus' record was earth shattering. Scorpius also said that he had not gone out with the lads since that night and any girl that approaches him has been promptly shot down. Scorpius strongly believed it was my doing, and that Albus had changed.

"He's calmed down, Luck; he's definitely not the same Al. And you know why.." Scorpius said to me one day when he came to pick Rose up.

"Scorpius, I'm sorry, but a week is not going to change 21 years of insanity that has been Albus Potter. I'm not going to fall for it. Let's face it Scorp, he's an eternal play boy. This is a just a phase. A week does not change a person. Soon he will be back to his whorish ways." I retorted, turning back to my charts.

"Sometimes time doesn't's more than that. Sometimes the right person just comes into your life and everything changes. You want to be their everything and you'll do anything to do that..." Scorpius muttered.

This was the story behind Scorpius and Rose. He had been bred to hate her and vice versa. However a friendship struck up regardless. And soon enough they both didn't care what the world would say, as long as they were together.

I sighed. This wasn't happening. I was Lucky Andra. I am not the type that this happens to. I am a hard working Healer. And I'm a strong woman who don't need no man. And don't you forget it.

"He's almost turned back into the original Al," Scorpius confessed quietly. I had heard about pre-party boy Albus. He has been a quiet, shy boy. The same boy who befriended Scorpius so many years ago when they both had been sorted into Slytherin. Of course, time and James' doing changed him into this monster, but according to Scorpius this was in fact the phase. Scorpius remained firm that the true Albus was the same and this socialite Albus was just him "filling the void", trying to gain the approval of his brother and stand up to the expectations of his fame. Scorpius also believed that this had become a bad habit and I was just what he needed in his life to get back on track and find his true self again.

I maintained that this was all complete bullshit and that he would run for the hills the moment I slept with him. Not that I ever would but hypothetically...

But you totally want to...I mean look at him... My mind was back to being independent.

Shut up. I retorted. I had no better comeback. My head was right. He was a very attractive man.

Rose conveniently took no sides during this eternal battle between Scorpius and I, with the occasional interrupting input of my brain. She was convinced that Albus was a wild child and not good for me, however agreed that this behavior from him was definitely odd and had not been seen since his pre-party days. My best friend was a spineless whimp who couldn't pick sides. Typical.

"Just think about it," Scorp asked, closing the argument for the day, as Rose and another intern walked towards the main area.

"Hello to my two favorite people!" Rose squealed when she approached the desk.

She had been on a roll the past week, plowing through patients like a champ. I, however, had been practically idle. Harris had taken Albus the wrong way and cleared my entire work load completely so I could be free. Scorpius and I were suspicious. Word on the street was that Harris was a huge Puddlemere United fan, and Scorp swore he saw Harris in the VIP box for the game that Albus desperately asked Rose and Scorpius to bring me to last Friday. Again, I couldn't deny the fact he was trying relentlessly.

The intern with Rose, Candice, came up to me instead,

"Hey Lucky, this was dropped of for you," Cross eyed Candice said, depositing a purple calla lily on my workspace.

I sighed. This had been the seventh calla lily. One for every day of the week. Each one contained the same message hanging from the stem.

"Dinner tonight? 7? The Hawksmoor?


I tossed the note and the calla lily down on my bag.

Scorpius and Rose looked at each other before Rose started,

"You know Luck..." She started cautiously, "maybe you should just go with him? Poor kid's been tearing his hair out..give him a break. I know he's a player, but he's my cousin. He's not a bad guy really..." She finished, tapering off.

Suddenly my mind was in overdrive. Going and proving that Albus and I were not compatible? Maybe this dinner was just what I needed to show him that I was not going to budge. Then maybe he would move on and leave me alone. As I thought about this, I made up my mind. This would be my new approach now.

"I just might.." I said, lost in thoyght.

Scorp and Rose looked shocked at me and then at each other. They probably thought I lost my mind or was cracking. I took out a piece of parchment and wrote down in purple ink, sending Albus my answer,


It was weird. I was getting ready for a date for the first time in months.

It's not a date, I corrected myself. Thankfully, my brain was not intervening.

I decided to play it simply. I had been to Hawksmoor twice since my stay in London. First with my family when they came to see me off. And then when Rose wanted to treat me. It was one of the nicest restaurants I had ever been in.

Wearing a mauve colored dress that came up to my knees and bunched up by my waist and had free sleeves, I looked classy. I chose to pair it with chunky black jewelry in the form of a necklace, huge bracelet, dangling earrings, wedge ankle boots, and a clutch. My hair was slickly pulled back in a ponytail an my makeup was dark and made my eyes intense. I must say, I was pleased with myself that I still had it in me. I looked good.

Suddenly, my fireplace flickered. I was getting a Floo call. I walked over to it. It was my parents.

"Baby, how's everything? How many patients have you been seeing? Are you eating? Why are you dressed up so nice? Are you going out tonight? Where are you going? With who?" A series of questions streamed from both of my parent's mouths.

"Good. Depends on the day. Obviously, Mom. I'm going to dinner, yes. To that one restaurant, Daddy. And with a friend." I answered calmly. I decided to spare them the gory details about tonight. Parents, ya know? I wasn't sure how they'd react to be honest, especially if I told them I was going to dinner with Albus Potter.

Suddenly, an owl flew into my living room and dropped a scrap of parchment. I picked it up, it simply read,

"Sending a car to get you. Be ready in two minutes.


I crumpled up the paper. I turned back to my family,

"Listen, I have to go. But things are going great here. Don't worry about me! I hope you're all well. I miss home." I said hurriedly

I walked towards the door,

"Bye guys." I said opening the door just as the intercom to my apartment blared, saying there was a car waiting for me.

"Are you going on a date?!?" My sister screeched as I walked out of the door.

Oh boy. I was for sure going to be grilled for this later.

I climbed into the car. The driver introduced himself as Henry and explained that Mr. Potter was already at the Hawksmoor, waiting. As I contemplated why he didn't just come get me himself, the car started and drove to the restaurant.

It was a short drive. The driver helped me out, as I stumbled across the street and into the restaurant.

I walked in and before I could ask where Potter was the hostess interrupted me,

"You must be Lucky? You're exactly how he described you," she said warmly.

Bewildered, I followed her through the crowded restaurant and into a secluded corner, which held a table for two overlooking London and Potter sitting there perfectly at ease.

How romantic. My heart almost fluttered but then I reminded myself that this was Potter. I wasn't going to deny the fact that he looked good though. Damn. He looked polished with dark jeans, a deep gray button up top and a skinny black tie. He stood up as we approached the table.

"Ah there you are. Thank you Camilla." He smiled politely at the hostess dismissing her.

"Anytime Albus. If there's any way I can assist you, it would be my pleasure!" She replied, batting her eyelashes and sticking her chest out, openly flirting with him. He must not have noticed or maybe he chose to ignore it, which came as a shock to me. Instead he turned to me and helped me in my seat and then sat across from me.

"You look beautiful," he said simply

I didn't exactly know how to respond. It was a bit much. His actions, this restaurant, everything. And the fact that he looked great didn't help. His eyes were the color of grass tonight and they looked almost unnatural.

"Your eyes. They change color?" I blurted out.

He smiled, "Yeah. Depends on the lighting, what I'm wearing, my mood. I know, it's weird.." He tapered off, looking away.

"No. They're...wonderful." I admitted absentmindedly.

"Really?" He said smirking. Oh no. "You like my eyes?"

I rolled my eyes, "Don't flatter yourself."

He chuckled. He seemed different. More calm. Less cocky. Mature.

I froze. I couldn't be considering this could I? No. I was just stating the fact that he seemed semi human, instead of walking around considering himself to be a demigod.

He was quiet, just staring at me. Almost as if he was drinking me in. I felt my face heat up. That was the good thing about being Indian. Blushing didn't show. Win.

He suddenly reached over and gently pulled my hair out of its ponytail.

"I like your hair when it's down." He explained, and then went back to observing me.

I was silent, thanking god he couldn't see my blushing.

"Um. So how did you know all my favorites?" I asked shyly, trying to make small talk.

"Oh that. It was easy. The restaurant was figured out because Rose still her calendar up in her apartment and she jotted down your dinner date. So I thought you liked it. The flower I assumed because you remember the picture of you that you gave to Rose? I saw the calla lilies in your hand and guessed it'd be your flower of choice," he explained.

Curse my portrait I had given Rose. He was right. I pictured the portrait in my mind's eye. Me in a white dress, holding a bunch of calla lilies, in a green field that had grass the same shade as Albus' eyes.

"I considered nicking the picture actually, but Rose would've noticed," Albus admitted smirking his signature smirk and looking down. I was amused now. Was Albus Potter actually embarrassed to be saying this? It seemed so.

"And purple? That was a guess. The day I was watching you sign charts, you were using a purple ink quill..." He finished.

He was right on all accounts. He had done his research well. I sat there shocked. The waiter came up and requested our drinks.

We both placed orders for water. As he was walking away Albus asked another question,

"Sir? If you don't mind could we please have an allergen menu?" He said motioning to me.

My jaw dropped. How had he known?

"How..?" I asked, speechless.

"Rose." He explained "She warned me about your allergies. Eggs, huh?" He said.

Damn Rose. She was helping him!

"I've had them since I was little." I explained.

After a bit of a struggle, him refusing to eat anything I was allergic to (a sweet gesture, regardless of the fact that it was Potter), and me finding a pasta with no egg noodles, we placed our orders.

We sat in silence for a bit. I was starting to relax, glad he wasn't openly throwing himself at me and had calmed down. But maybe this is all a ploy.

Suddenly Albus started fidgeting. Tapping his foot, loosening his tie, drumming his fingers on the table.

I couldn't help myself, "Is there a problem?" I asked.

"Uh, no." He said flustered, "Your, um,'s not resting against the table...that's my leg." I looked down. Indeed, my leg was up against his.

My cheeks heated again, "Oh god, I'm sorry!" I hurriedly scooted away.

"No no, it's fine." Why were we awkward? This must been the Albus that Scorp missed. I, however had been like this since birth. Queen of awkward.

"I'll be right back okay?" He said getting up. He walked a couple feet, turned and gave me a heart stopping smile, then walked away.

What was wrong with me?! Heart stopping?! No. This was Albus Potter. But this new Albus was different. More tame.

As I battled with myself internally, the whore-stess Camilla came back.

"Damn where did he go?" She asked, realizing it was only me at the table.

"I don't know," I replied, feeling a twinge of annoyance.

"Ah no matter. I guess he's yours isn't he?" She said to me.

I made a small noncommittal noise with my throat.

"You're a lucky girl, you know that?" She continued, "He literally has been sitting here every night this week, waiting if you'd show up."

My jaw dropped. He's been coming here just in case I showed?

"This is the Potter table. Did you know that? It's reserved for the family. James always brings his girlfriend here. Rumor is Harry Potter proposed to his wife Ginny at this exact table. They've bought out the table for decades," she explained to me.

"Albus however never brought a girl here. Until now. He always took them to clubs or bars. Always a new face. Always used to see him at least 4 times a week. I bartend at a club a couple blocks from here for the extra money," she rattled on, "I haven't seen him there for a bit though. I guess you're why. Suppose every guy has to settle down eventually. You must have him pretty good. You guys make a gorgeous couple." She finished.

"We aren't together." I stated.

"Oh? Well either way, you're the one who's got Albus' heart I suppose. You're a really lucky girl." She said, walking away.

My head was reeling. He had waited for me? He had stopped his ways? Where was he anyways?

I started walking towards the back, searching for him. I found him, talking on his phone.

"...I can't Scorp! You don't understand! In her presence I sound like an idiot! I can't think! I can't function! She makes me so nervous! I keep thinking I'll fuck it up!" He said into the phone.

I smiled, "Albus?" I called out to him.

He abruptly ended the call and looked at me.

"Come back to the table," I said smiling and tugging on his arm.

He smiled, following my lead, slipping his hand into mine. This time, I was fully aware of it too.

I didn't pull away.

The dinner went by fast. Once we had calmed down a bit and ate and talked it flew. Too soon it seemed, he was helping me out of my seat and into his own car.

"Albus?" I asked, "why didn't you pick me up?"

"Um, I just went straight to the restaurant..I wasn't sure you were going to show.."

The white Benz SUV suited him. He grabbed my hand in the car. For the second time that night, I didn't pull away.

Like a gentleman, he walked me all the way up to my apartment. I rummaged for my keys. I turned to him and smiled.

"Thank you for tonight." I said shyly.

"Anytime." He said smiling.

"No, you can't come in," I said jokingly.

"I wasn't going to, love." He replied calmly, kissing my cheek and walking back down the stairs.

I sighed. What was happening.


"I just like holding his hand!" I protested to Rose, "it's big and warm and comforting!"

I was explaining the date to Rose at lunch a few days later, after composing myself. She was ecstatic.

"Sure, Lucky. You like him. You like my cousin!" She said gleefully.

"I dunno Rose. It's still Albus." I said hesitantly.

Sure, Albus was charming and was..better. I was still skeptical. Not sure that putting my heart on the line was the exact way to go about this.

"He's changing Luck. For you! I never thought I'd see the day!" Rose said, clapping excitedly, "Everyone's noticing it too!"

It was true. The whole Potter/Weasley clan had commented on it to Rose. All Albus' friends were glad he was being normal again.

"Tell ya what?" Rose said, "My birthday's coming up, right? Let's go clubbing! We can observe his behavior there! They say alcohol brings out the truth!"

She was right. I agreed to her plan. We then took off to work.

I went through my patients and then returned to my main station. To my surprise, Albus was sitting in my seat.

"You got two calls. One from the nurses on the Red floor. They said a patient you transferred to them is going home today. And then another call was from a boy named Albus who wanted to know if you wanted to grab dinner tonight?" Albus said cheekily.

I sighed. He was quite the charmer when he wanted to be.

"Fine I suppose I can go out to dinner tonight.." I feigned irritation. I smiled. He smiled and then slipped his hand in mine.

To the outside world it would have looked like we were dating. Since that night of dinner I had grown comfortable with holding his hand. Like I said before, I enjoyed the feel of it.

While I was contemplating this, Rose shouted to us,

"Oi! Love birds! We're going out clubbing for my birthday! Clear your schedules! Next Friday!"

Albus and I looked away from each other, embarrassed.

More like awkward birds.

Hello everyone!! I'm trying to make the chapters longer!! It's hard because I like having short chapters with small ideas but I'm working on it! Lots of things coming up! Keep reviewing! It makes me very happy! Thanks for all the support, you guys really rock.

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