Chapter 14





It was the morning after their wonderful wedding. Draco was sound asleep, but not Emmeline. She was standing on the balcony with her robe on, her mother's letter scrunched up in her hand. Wiping her tears, she thought to herself 'I can't believe that my mother actually turned her back on me when I needed her the most.' Draco had woken up, as if he knew something was wrong with her. Noticing had she was crying, he got off the bed and hugged her from behind. "You know that my father also agrees with your mother. My parents are also in a constant battle after we told them about the baby. You're not alone, my love. I'll always be here with you."









Emme smiled her genuine smile and kissed her husband. "It's a shame she doesn't want to take part in her grandson's life. It's not like we're doing something wrong here." Draco sighed and kissed her cheek. "I'm going to take a shower." He paused for a moment and smirked. "Care to join me?" She took his hand and followed him.








They returned to school after a few days. The girls were discussing her mother's letter. Anna seethed "If she doesn't want any part in his life, so be it!" "Well, it's only a matter of time that she'll cool down." Tally reassured Emme. She sighed, "Well, at least I have you guys and Draco. And of course, dear old dad." She smiled, looked down and caressed her swollen stomach. "And him." The girls joined her with smiles. Tally asked "Did you choose any names yet?" Emme shook her head. "There is this one name that I really love." "Yeah? What is it?" Anna asked. "Julian" "Julian?" a new voice entered the common room. "Yes. Julian. Do you like it?" Draco came up to them. "I love it."










Finally, Graduation Day. After all their magical years at Hogwarts, their trials and tribulations, and the horrible NEWTS, it was time to say goodbye. The students wore robes and were handed their diplomas. Their families were invited to congratulate them. Keith and Narcissa had shown up. "Well done, my dears!" Narcissa smiled a warm smile, a smile Emme hasn't seen for quite a while. "Thanks, Mrs. Malfoy." Tally said. "I've only been here for a year, and I've grown attached to Hogwarts." Emmeline shed a tear. The gang took pictures and compared grades of their NEWTS. Alex was quiet today; too quiet even. Emme wondered what's wrong with him and decided to talk to him alone. "May I have a word with you?" Alex nodded and they walked away from their friends. She concentrated on the fear and worry reflected in his eyes. "What's wrong?" There was a pregnant pause. Alex looked into her eyes and said "We're attacking soon." Emme, surprised and curious, asked "When?" Alex sighed and said "2 months."  










Draco and Emme moved into their new home Narcissa bought for them. To Draco's disapproval, Emme didn't want a house elf. She wanted to cook her own meals, wash the dishes on her own and not be dependent on anyone or anything. "It's about time we take on these responsibilities." Draco wasn't fond of the idea, but he knew she had a point. Their house was decorated personally by Emmeline, with a twist of traditional and modern things.










"Alex told me about the attack." Draco knew this would happen. He sighed. "Listen, I know it bothers you, but I'm doing this for us and for my father's acceptance. The Dark Lord wants all blood traitors dead and that's our job to get rid of them." "But what if I lose you? What will I do then? How will I take care of Julian by myself?" Emme sobbed. Draco touched her face and kissed her passionately. Breaking the kiss, he said "I've told you this many times. Nothing will happen to me and I'll come back before you know it." Emmeline shook her head and left to meet Anna and Tally.








Diagon Alley. The girls arrived at a bridal shop to buy dresses for Tally's wedding. "This is an awful dress!" Tally whined. She came out with a short white, frilly dress. Anna and Emme stifled their laughter, but in vain. They burst in laughter with Tally. Anna had tears in her eyes, and Emme asked "So why did you agree to try on that hideous dress?" "Because Blaise's mother is friends with the owner and she wanted me to try it on!" Anna rolled her eyes. "Take any dress you want. Don't listen to her." Emme nodded "Anna's right, it's your day." Tally groaned and closed the curtain behind her to change. After an hour of agony, Tally finally found her perfect dress. They stopped by a hair salon. Emme thought it was a good thing to curl Tally's hair, and she was right. For once, Tally listened to her. Anna wanted a radical change in her hairstyle, so she cut her hair short up to her neck. "I like it! It gives you a badass look." Anna smiled at Emme's comment. She inspected her new hairdo "You're right, it does." Anna smirked.










After they bought and left the store, Emme noticed posters of Harry Potter with an X marked on them, photos of dead muggles and the growing curiosity of the people around. She also felt grave tension between the wizards and witches, fear and panic. 'This is serious. This could actually affect the wizarding world for a long time', she thought. As a pureblood, she always heard her parent's hatred for muggleborns and was raised to hate them. But she could have cared less about them; they didn't seem to bother her. Except for that "know-it all" Granger. She didn't bother her because she was a "mudblood", but because she was being a smartass. Emme chuckled at that thought and moved along with her friends.








A few days later, Mr. and Mrs. Zabini shared their first kiss as a husband and wife. Their friends and family clapped and cheered them. After that, they all joined together at the dance floor. Tally was dancing a little bit with the girls. "I haven't told Blaise yet, but I'm pregnant." "What?" Really?" "Oh that's wonderful!" were the girls' comments. Tally smiled "Thanks ladies! I think I made the right choice, marrying him." she looked at him and said to the girls "I'll go dance with him, if you don't mind." "No, we don't mind. Go to him." Emme approved.








Draco came and hugged Emme from behind. "And how is Mrs. Malfoy doing?" He asked huskily. Emme giggled and said "Oh, I'm fine…and yourself?" "Fine as well. You know, I have never seen a more beautiful pregnant woman than you. You couldn't be more radiant." Emme, understanding his intention, looked at him and said "Let's get out of here." Once she said that, the couple went to the newlyweds and quickly apologized for leaving so early, in reason which Emme doesn't feel well. Tally, being a woman with strong intuition, understood the meaning behind their quick escape. "I didn't get that. Did you?" Blaise asked her. Tally bit her lip, smiling. "Yeah I do. Being pregnant and hormonal also means she has sexual cravings." Blaise gazed into her eyes for quite a while "You're pregnant, aren't you?" she grinned and kissed her husband. "I couldn't be happier!" They kissed once more.










Draco carried his wife to their bedroom. He put her down, and she said in a sexy tone, "I'll be right back, I'll slip into something comfortable." and closed the bathroom door. Draco disbelieved what she said and thought she would wear regular PJs. He wore only his boxers and got in bed. A few minutes later, she came out; wearing a sexy pink baby doll "I'm back." Draco sat up straight and stared at her intently, almost like a wolf, listening for his prey. "You're so beautiful. You don't know what you do to me." Emme smiled widely and joined him. "I love you, Emmeline Malfoy." "I love you too, Draco." and with that they made sweet, sweet love. 








2 months have passed. Anxiety, fright, and concern were the main words to express the time. But nevertheless, Emmeline was expecting in a matter of days. She was more tired and worried than ever. Draco was less around the house and more at training with the other Death Eaters. Tally, who had nothing to do with it, frequently visited her so she wouldn't be lonely especially at a time like this. The girls tried to make the best of it and had "food parties", meaning cooking, baking, and even frying food and sit by the lake. "I'm only 3 months pregnant, and I can't stop eating!" "Wait till you get to the end, you'll eat a whole lot more!" They laughed hysterically until Emme felt a sharp pain in her abdomen. She gasped and clutched her stomach. "That hurt!" Tally became worried and immediately understood what happened: she was going to have the baby. Tally decided to owl Draco about Emme. "I owled Draco. He'll meet us at St. Mungo's" Emme nodded and panted.







Before Emme could say "Alohomora", she was in a patient's robe, on a bed, and healers were constantly taking care of her. Emme, panicking and clutching her stomach, asked "Where is he? I'm not having this baby without him!" Tally reassured her "Don't worry, He'll be here before-" She was cut off when she heard someone running. Draco, with his hair disheveled and panting, arrived. "-you know it." Tally finished her sentence. Emme and Draco kissed. "He didn't want to come out until I arrive." He smirked and she chuckled.







To her surprise, it wasn't a hard delivery. She thought it would be more excruciating. She held her newborn close to her, and caressing his cheek. She smiled "My Julian." Draco kissed her head. Julian opened his eyes and revealed blue eyes. The couple shared a soft laugh; his eyes were the same as his father's. Before they knew it, Narcissa and Keith arrived. The new grandparents stood in awe that their grandson. "May I?" Narcissa asked Emmeline. "Of course." She handed Julian to her. "Oh Merlin, my first grandson." Draco and Emme had never seen her like this: delighted, warm, affectionate. Keith uncharacteristically cooed at the baby. Tally soon entered with Blaise, and their other friends came as well. Alex was holding him "He looks like Draco, really." he said. Anna said "I don't care about looks, as long as he doesn't turn out to be cocky like him." They broke into a laughing fit.




Three weeks have passed since his birth. A clear tuft of white blond hair was shown under his little beanie hat. His parents were mesmerized by him. Emme was putting him to sleep when Draco came to Julian's room. His mark on his forearm burned. It was like instant hot-white pain. Draco gasped in pain and said to her "It's time."







As soon as he said it, they heard explosions and screaming. Draco instructed her "Take Julian and run to the safe room! I'll be back when it's over. I love you!" Emme started to panic and cry "I love you too! I'll be here, waiting for you." They shared a kiss and he disapparated from the house. She had to wake him and do what Draco told her to do. She ran with him downstairs to their safe room, the basement. He started to cry and she tried to calm him down. "It's alright, my love. Daddy will be back soon." She quietly wept.







Over the days, she decided to sleep in the basement, and then she heard a pop. Tally. "Hey." They hugged. "Can I stay here with you? I don't want to be alone at a time like this." Tally asked. Emme looked at her in surprise and exclaimed "Of course!"







They spent the following weeks together at Emmeline's house. They grew terribly worried about their loved ones. They kept their radio on just in case they call out a deceased person's name. Tally noticed her friends' fragile look. She was thinner and paler than ever. "Emme, you have to eat something." Emme shook her head. "Look, you think I don't have a clue what you're going through, but guess what? I do. I'm having a baby and I don't know if its father's coming back." Tally stated. Emme sobbed "I know, but I miss him badly." "I miss Blaise too." Emmeline was convinced and went upstairs to the kitchen to cook herself a meal. Before she started, she heard a knock on the door.







She approached the door, looked in the peep hole and opened it. "Alex!" She hugged him "Easy. I'm a bit hurt." she spotted his torn shirt, injured shoulder and his bloody face. He came in and she locked the door. They were standing. She noticed the look on his face "What's wrong?" He licked his lips and sighed. "There's something I need to tell you." "What?" She inquired. "Draco's gone."



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