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an unexpected baby by hogshead
Chapter 2 : waking up with scorpius
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 chapter 2



My eyes flickered open slowly the weak first few rays of sunshine tickling my eyelids through the crack of the curtains around the bed telling me it was time to wake up.




For a moment i lay still looking looking ahead my mind slowly staring to working again. Then i felt uncomfortable on my side so i made to sit up but something was holding me down.




Suddenly i felt very aware of everything.




Someone was pressed against me pulling me closer to them. But i could hear his calm rhythmatic breathing. I couldn't turn around to see who was in my bed.




However i didn't need to look behind me because there was clues to who he was right in front of me. The curtains were open but they weren't the the comforting red and gold i expected to see but they were cold green and sliver. Oh shit.




I knew who's bed i was in it was pretty clear but the tiny speck of hope that was inside of me disappeared when i saw the moving photo of Malfoy on his broom smirking for the photo.




oh Merlin.




A breeze drifted though the open window near by and a chill went though me. I looked down to see i was wearing nothing! Just then Malfoy began to wake up. His grip began to loosen on my so i quickly turned round to face him. "Malfoy." I say shaking him.




As he looks up at me his eyes widen. Quickly he scoots to the end of the bed dragging the covers with him. "Weasley what the hell are you doing in my bed!" He exclaims.




I smirk up at him. "oh i was bored so i just wondered up here." i say sarcastically. He frowns clearly not liking me trying to bring light to the situation. So i tried a different tack-tic."Well I'm naked and your naked so i think maybe there's a slight chance we may of had sex but you never know theres plenty or logical explanations." He scowls again in return.




We lay there for a minute in an awkward silence until i spoke up. " Um..Malfoy what are we going to do?" I asked. He looks at me for a minute. "I don't know...".




Well he's useful. Quietly i say " I wont tell if you don't." He sighs with relief and gives we a weak smile.




The mood starts to turn awkward again. "Ok who are you and what have you done with Scorpius Malfoy." I joke. He smirks and lifts an eye-brow. I start to stand up and get changed hunt down items of clothing that have been thrown around the room.




As i grab my bra from near Al's bed i realize no ones in the dorm. that was lucky otherwise i wouldn't know how to explain to Al why I'm sleeping in his best friends bed; who also happens to be my worst enemy.




When I'm fully dressed i look over to Malfoy he's lying on his bed watching me. "Err..bye then." I say awkwardly. He doesn't reply but still watches me. I go to lift the door handle and he speak's up " Bye Weasley." He says with a smirk playing on his lips which even i admit makes him look sexy.




I open the door and smirk back as it closes. I carefully make my way down to the slytherin common room to find some people asleep on the sofa and on the floor. But their out cold so if I'm silent they wouldn't hear a thing. Although if i jumped down the stairs and to the door i don't think they would wake must be early morning because the castle is silent on the up to the Gryffindor common room.




I finally got up to the Fat Lady's portrait she was snoring softly. i had to clear my throat a few times to wake her up. I think it would of been a better idea to sleep on the stairs the old bat was screeching her head off .Eventually i got in to the common room and by the state of it, it looks as if theres been a party up here as well ether that or a bomb has his it.




I climbed the stairs pulling the dress down every time i took a step when i reached my dorm every one was in bed asleep so i slipped into my bed not bothering to get undressed and happily lay down with the hole bed to myself.





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an unexpected baby: waking up with scorpius


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