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Rose’s breakdown had made a powerful impression on Scorpius. It was one thing to be annoyed at her because she was as stubborn as her father, but seeing her so fragile and broken made something snap inside of him and he found himself with a sudden urge to protect the girl. These thoughts plagued him as he showered and turned in for the night. Laying in bed, he thought of the Weasley family and how unlikely the whole situation seemed for them.

He wasn’t part of a large family. He was the only child of Draco and Astoria Malfoy and his parents had cared for him greatly growing up. He was by no means spoiled, but he had been showered with affection his entire life. His mother had told him once that his father did not wish to apply the same methods with him that he had seen growing up.

Draco Malfoy had struggled to redeem the family name after the war. What was left of their saving after having financed Voldemort’s reign of terror had been spent on lawyers and trials in the aftermath of the Hogwarts Battle and Lucius never really recovered from that. The once proud head of the Malfoy House was reduced to living his old age with his wife, supported by a son he never really took the time to know. The Malfoys currently owned a line of shops expanding in several magical locations across the continent. Astoria had managed to get involved in a whole range of activities, from charities supporting orphans of war to societies that promoted the welfare of underprivileged magical beings, such as werewolves. Slowly they regained the trust of the community, though the prejudice was still there and Scorpius was dealing with it constantly.

With images of family skeletons well hidden in closets in his head, he drifted into an uneasy sleep. It felt as if he was only asleep for a few minutes when he heard somebody call his name and his eyes opened. It was already morning outside, so he must’ve slept through the night, yet his body felt tired and protested at the idea of leaving the warmth of the covers. Turning his head and adjusting his focus, he saw Rose in the doorway of his bedroom, dressed in flannel pajamas. For a moment he was sure he was seeing things, but as he got up and sleep left his body, he realized that she was really standing there.

“Scorpius?” she called again and this time he got up and made his way across the room.

“Rose, what’s happened?” he asked, his worried eyes searching for any sign of attack on her. He found none and it dawned on him that he may be becoming paranoid.

“Somebody… there’s a note.” she said in a small voice and he could hear the fear in it.

“What note? What happened?” he asked and she extended a small piece of parchment she had been clutching in her hand. He took it and unfolded it to read its contents, his hands shaking.

Miss Rose Weasley,

It was with great pleasure that we learned of your return to the country. Although we realize that your time is rather valuable and you have a serious task at hand, we request that you grant us a meeting. We shall write soon with the terms in which it will take place.


The Peverell Society

“Who are these people?” he asked when he finished reading. She shook her head.

“I have no idea. Never heard of them. The note was in the Daily Prophet when it arrived just now. I came to wake you as soon as I saw.”

“That makes no sense, who would know you’re here? Who would know that you’ve returned? Have you contacted anybody since you’ve been here?” he asked, his tone betraying urgency.

“No, nobody aside from those at the Burrow know. And I hardly think my family would give away my location to a stranger.” she replied and crossed her hands over her chest in a defensive way. “Maybe somebody saw the Prophet owl? How did they know to send the paper here anyway?” she inquired.

“Potter gets it delivered to all his properties with compliments of the management. Special services for the community or something.” he said, dismissing her theory. “Are you sure you’ve never heard of them?” he asked again. “Think carefully.”

“No, I haven’t. I have heard of all sorts of societies across the ages, like the Silver Spears. In the 18th century they only accepted members with aspen wands. But …” she frowned and suddenly stopped mid sentence. She turned on her heel and ran from the room with Scorpius on her tail. She jumped over the last few steps and entered the study, slamming the door against the wall in the process. Scorpius followed her in and watched as she dug her way through a pile of books that she had previously stacked in a corner.

“Not Celebrated Wandmakers, no, The Pure-Blood Directory, that’s rubbish,” she muttered under her breath and then finally pulled out a leather -bound, black book, roughly the size of Hogwarts, A History. “It’s a really silly book, written by a silly wizard named Morys Fitzherbert, that details magical conspiracies across time.” she explained as she placed it on the table with too much force, making bits of parchments and dust fly. “Most of it is nonsense, but it has a whole chapter dedicated to secret societies.”

Scorpius joined her as she scanned the contents of the book, her eyes darting quickly from one page to another. Finally, she seemed to find what she had been looking for and turning the page, they both started reading.

‘It is a little known fact that the three brothers presented in Beedle the Bard’s tale were in fact members of the Peverell family. The three Peverell brothers, Antioch, Cadmus and Ignotus, lived in the 13th century and were famous in their age for their extremely powerful magical abilities. As such, upon completing the three magical instruments, legends started appearing, claiming the items to be so extraordinary that no human could possibly forge them, thus they must be a product of a supernatural force such as Death. The items quickly became recognized as the Deathly Hallows and the family is now rumored to have links to other extremely powerful families, such as the Slytherin family, who’s best known member, Salazar was one of the four Founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the 10th century. Some rumors, such as this one, have been confirmed by historical fact. Others, such as their meeting with Death at twilight remain simply myths.

It is however know in the large community of Hallow supporters that the brothers Peverell did not wish to leave the three artifacts unprotected after their deaths and so the descendants of both Ignotus and Cadmus carried on their late fathers’ wish in secret, forming a group that is today known as “The Peverell Society”. Composed at first of only family members and trusted allies, the Society currently acts as guardians of the Deathly Hallows, monitoring their passing from one wizard to another. Invisible to the untrained eye, their involvement is present in every historical moment of significance to the Hallows.'

Scorpius finished reading and looked at Rose, who was staring at him with a triumphant look on her face.

“Rose, this is rubbish, don’t you see? Secret societies, links to the Slytherin family, involvement in all notable historical events? We’re not even sure Cadmus Peverell had an heir. As I recall the story, he died after not being able to bring his girl back or something.” he said and closed the book.

“That’s a legend, Scorpius, it’s one percent fact and ninety nine percent fiction.” she said as she turned back to the pile of books and produced another. The green covers had the name Nature’s Nobility: A Wizarding Genealogy written in gold letters. She opened it on top of the other one and began flipping its pages.

“Really Rose, what are you hoping to find? And in that horrible book!” he exclaimed, giving her an exasperate look.

“Horrible book? Why would you object to the book calling you one of the Sacred Twenty Eight? More like Sacred Twenty Seven since Dad married Mum. The author of this would’ve set themselves on fire if they knew.” she commented and Scorpius rolled her eyes at her. She was in full Hermione Weasley mode and he suspected that he wouldn’t be able to pry her away from the books until she finished searching for whatever it was she was searching.

“I don’t buy any of that Sacred Families codswallop.” Scorpius informed her. The Sacred Twenty Eight was a list in the book, complied in the early 20th century that named all the wizard families who’s family tree was composed entirely of pure-blooded wizards. Of course nobody bothered to update it and Rose’s comment on the Sacred Twenty Seven made no sense to Scorpius whatsoever, since many other families had probably ceased to fulfill the criteria, beside the Weasley family. The Black family would’ve also been removed after Andromeda Black married Muggle-born Ted Tonks, and the Gaunt family, since their last descendant had been the product of a love-potion induced affair between a witch and a Muggle. The late Garrick Ollivander himself was half-blood and the family was still on the list, while other families, such as the Potters, were excluded altogether. Astoria had once told Scorpius of that list, noting only that both the Malfoy and the Greengrass families were on it, despite the fact that they had several ancestors that hadn’t married pure-blood wizards.

“There it is!” Rose finally exclaimed and showed Scorpius a drawing in the book. It was a family tree, expanding more generations than he cared to count. On the top it read “The Peverell Family” and highlighted were the names of the three brothers from the 13th century. “See, it’s right here!” she said, her finger tracing a line that pointed from Ignotus Peverell to Gerrard Peverell.

He was linked to Violetta Fawlye and together they had a son named Hector that married a witch from the Selwyn family. The lined underneath them showed two children, a son named Francis and a daughter Amicia.

“She married into a family called the Drytons, that I think became extinct in the male line pretty quickly, or else were Muggles. There hasn’t been a boy born in the line up until Symond Potter, uncle Harry’s great-grandfather.” she finished and her eyes were shinning with the thrill of her discoveries. Scorpius suddenly remembered that wizard genealogy was one of her passions and decided against calling her on wasting time looking at the family tree. “But if you look at this other line, this is where it gets interesting.” she said and Scorpius’ eyes followed the name Cadmus Peverell.

Cadmus Peverell had married a girl by the name of Lettice Pygot, that gave birth to a son. Her date of death coincided with the child’s date of birth. Cadmus had indeed fathered a child and the girl from the tale was his wife, that died giving birth to his son. He traced the thin ink line over a few more generations and finally realized what Rose had been looking for. Nathaniel Gaunt had married Philippa Slytherin and there, on paper, stood the proof that maybe the crackpot old wizard that had written about the Peverell Society wasn’t completely mental after all.

“So it’s real!” Rose concluded and slammed the book shut. “The Peverell Society is real and if what that wizard wrote is correct, all the major wizard families have ties to it!”

“Look Rose, I don’t want to burst your bubble, but I don’t think it’s that simple. First of all, I never heard any mention of it and my family, on both my parents’ side can be considered one of the oldest. If something like that existed and it had the influence the book said it had, my grandfather would be all over it. Second of all, I don’t buy all of this “protectors” of Hallows business. Not when two people with known connections to the last owner of the Hallows are dead and one of the aforementioned Hallows has been quite literally pried from somebody’s dead hands.” Scorpius pointed out. The mention of the deaths and the missing wand seemed to bring Rose back to reality and she suddenly looked grave. “We still have to figure out how they traced your location to this place. Not to mention that from what they hinted, there’s been a serious breech in Ministry security and we’ve got somebody aiding these people by providing them with classified information.”

“But, Scorpius, what if the two are unrelated? The Elder Wand’s disappearance and the murders.” Rose pressed on, unwilling to let go of her discovery. In the back of his mind, he noted that she was showing the Weasley stubbornness all over again.

“They are not. It all makes so much sense to me now that you’ve told me Potter was the master of the Elder Wand. Rose, whoever broke into Potter Manor left a message in a heavily warded room. But beside that, they didn’t leave a trace on the wards. They had managed to somehow duplicate the wand of the Head Auror and we didn’t have a clue. Imagine if they could produce such a good copy that it didn’t set up some of the most advanced protection wards known to spell casters, what they could do with the Elder Wand?”

Rose paled by the time he finished speaking and rand a hand through
her hair, messing up her long braid. “You think they might try to copy the Elder Wand?” she finally asked.

“After what you’ve told me about the other copy and the fact that everything seems thoroughly planned, I’m almost sure of it.” he confirmed for her and she picked up a stack of papers from the desk.

“I wish you would’ve told me sooner about the wand used to break into Harry’s house. I could’ve incorporated it in my work.” she said as she grabbed a quill and scribbled something. “Now take it from the beginning. No trace was left on the office door?”

“No. The office wards were intact when Head Auror Potter and Deputy Auror Weasley entered.” Scorpius read of his official report.

“And no magical signatures registered on the wands?”

“No, no sign at entry, no sign at exit.” he confirmed.

“Then, we have to look at this from a different angle.” she said as she removed the books from the desk and placed a large piece of parchment instead. “We have three categories of people so far, that were involved.” Rose began as she drew a table with three columns on the paper. “We have members of the Order of the Phoenix. Then we have members of Dumbledore’s Army. And last Auror Office members.” she announced as she labeled each column appropriately. “In the first one we have Dedalus Diggle and Hestia Jones, both members of the Order. Then we have Parvati Patil, a member of the D.A. and last we have Alastor Moody, Auror. These three are seemingly unconnected and while Diggle and Hestia may have had some contact with Moody, it’s unlikely they had any at all with Patil.”

Scorpius watched as Rose drew a diagram on the parchment and checked the facts stated in his own documents. “They’re only connection with each other is through Potter.” Scorpius observed and saw Rose marking it accordingly on the parchment. “The day we found Diggle, he said that Diggle had been one of the first men he met on his first visit to Diagon Alley and that he later escorted the Durlsey’s into hiding in the summer of ‘97.” he recalled and opened the folder marked “Jones, Hestia”. “And he wasn’t alone. Jones went with him into hiding and stayed there until she received word of the Battle of Hogwarts. I still don’t see how Patil ties in with them though.”

Rose’s head snapped up and she stared at a fixed point on the wall, muttering to herself. “Patil, Patil… Patil! That’s it! The Patil twins were my Dad’s and Harry’s dates to the Yule Ball in honor of the 1994 Triwizard Tournament. I’m sure of it. My uncle Bill met aunt Fleur at the Tournament, after all. How much are you willing to bet that it was Parvati who went with Harry?” she asked Scorpius, who was writing down the information they had uncovered.

“I remember that Yule Ball thing. It was the only ball my parents ever had at Hogwarts and Mum was too young to attend. She still likes to remind my father sometimes.” he said as he closed the folder on Hestia.

“Wait, if your Dad went with Patil’s sister, who did your Mum go with?” Scorpius asked. He knew that they should be focusing on the task in front of them, but he felt that he could ask Rose without feeling awkward about it.

“Viktor Krum.” she replied as she drew lines from one column to another.

“Krum? The former Quidditch world champion?” he verified, not believing his ears.

“The very same,” Rose confirmed and smiled to herself. “Much like your mother, my father never forgot that.” she chuckled and Scorpius grinned at the thought. There was a pause in their conversation in which only the scratching of quill on parchment could be heard and Rose spoke again. “I feel strange doing this, researching all this stuff on Harry. It’s so strange to think that they were young once.”

Scorpius wanted to reply but his attention was diverted by something in one of Rose’s analysis reports.

“Rose, can a wand duplicated and bearing a brother core be passed off as an original from a magical point of view?” he asked slowly.

“I’m sorry? Do you mean if the magical marks they leave are the same? Maybe for a Summoning Charm or an Unlocking Charm. For anything above a first year level, the copied wand will leave its own, unique mark.” she said and looked at him with a curious expression. “Why’s that?”

“Because we never checked for the magical mark on these wands. The boys in Artifacts just crossed referenced what we brought in with the wand registry. But we only stopped to look for magical signatures once we looked at the wards on Potter Manor. And those would definitely have recognized a foreign wand.” he said and she appeared to be in deep thought, chewing on her lip.

“Maybe they used a Doubling Charm on the wand?” Rose suggested.

“No, the wards would’ve picked it up. Over time, the copy rots or gets tarnished. And a Doubling Charm cannot replicate organic materials, such as DNA from the core.” he told her.

“Then that can only mean one thing.” Rose decided. “Tell Harry I’m ready to give my report on the situation.” she said and looked oddly serious in her peach pajamas.

“Care to give me a preview?” he proposed, raising an eyebrow.

“Right, yes.” Rose said and sounded a little embarrassed. “Somebody cloned the core of Harry’s wand, using the Muggle method and I think that’s what they want to try with the Elder Wand as well.”

AN: This was one of my absolutely favorite chapters to write. I love family trees and studying how people are related to each other. I'm so proud that this story has reached over fifty reviews and more than one thousand reads! It blows my mind thinking that so many people have read this! Thank you so much to those who've read and reviewed!

In chapter ten of "The Mysterious Case of the Twin Wands"? Rose has finished with the wands, but that doesn't mean they're any closer to finding the killer. Perhaps it is time for Harry to take some drastic measures? All this and more, next week!

As always, I don't own anything, it's all part of the Harry Potter universe owned by J.K. Rowling.

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