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The Dark Lord's Daughter by Serpens Noctis
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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A/N: Ok so I first posted this story about 2 years ago but have now had a major revamp so decided to start again from scratch, so sorry for any confusion caused!

One of two housekeeping things to clear up, the most important of which is that Voldemort died for good the night he tried (and failed) to kill Harry Potter.

Also this story primarily concerns Slytherins, not repentant ones but ones who still believe that blood purity trumps all. So whilst in the story I will try and stay true to this, in ‘real life’ I have never/do not/will never support discrimination against individuals or groups of people based on looks, religion, gender, ethnicity, height, weight, favourite ice cream flavour or any other basis, so please don’t hate me!

Any other things that I have decided to change (sorry J.K.Rowling!) I will mention as and when necessary.

Anyway without further ado, I am proud to present.... The Prologue!




“I’m sorry, I can’t, I just can’t...”

He took a shuddering breath before continuing, “I thought you of all people would understand! You know how much my name means to me, what I have done to defend it over the years!”

His voice was cold as he stared into her eyes “I will never be able to marry you, not whilst your parentage is unknown, not whilst it would be a disgrace to my family and my name.”

She stood there, silent, trembling, wishing that he would give up everything for her yet knowing that he never would. She couldn’t ask that of him. She wouldn’t.

If only he knew how much it had killed her to come here tonight, to dress up and smile and play the perfect Pureblood whilst inside her heart had shattered into a million slivers of ice.

His Engagement Party. An event she had deluded herself into thinking would never actually happen, not unless she was the lucky girl with the thousand galleon ring on her finger and his strong arm around her waist.

“I’m sorry” he continued, his voice strong despite his glittering eyes, “You know I will always love you, more than anything else on this Earth.... But I cannot defy my father in this”

He held her gaze. Damn him and his pride! But deep down she knew that this was one of the things she loved about him. She would never change anything about the perfect, broken man in front of her.


His name dropped softly from her lips, she tilted her head back, perhaps to gaze up at the cold stars above them, perhaps to prevent the tears which threatened to spill from her eyes from falling.

There was something she could do, something that might yet save them. But it was a risk, like lighting a fire only for it to consume you and those you loved, raging out of control across the pages of history. But she had to try. For Him. She would have risked the world for him and he knew it.

She returned her gaze to his face, taking in perhaps for the last time his soft lips, his grey eyes, his eyelashes wet with unshed tears.

 “There’s something I haven’t told you yet, something I learnt only yesterday....”

She gazed out across the lake, her eyes unseeing. In barely a whisper she spoke again, “Something that could save us”.




*Drum roll*...... So what do you think? I’ll get onto the actual story soon, I promise. Just please let me know what you think, you all have time to leave a quick review or even a smiley-face in the big friendly box below, so please do! Love to you all x

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The Dark Lord's Daughter: Prologue


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