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Now Delilah and I have officially met I can safely say Fred did a good job. I can't stop looking at her during dinner as she laughs with her friends, as she waves at people she knows from different houses. How have I missed her all these years? I ask Freddie this and he answers

"Because you go for the whores my son" he says with a mouthful of pie “and you don't give the nice girls a chance”

"I do not go for the whores! You know her right? Tell me about her?"

"Well, she recently broke up with Justin, you know that Ravenclaw guy. Cheated on her with some Hufflepuff. They were only together since the start of the year but its kind of shattered her confidence a bit you know? She takes Alchemy, Defence, Charms, Potions and Transfiguration. She's best mates with Dom, Blake and Leah. Basically mate, she's been here for 6 years in the same year, house and classes as you. As you're going to date her, why don't you talk to her and find all this stuff out for yourself?"

I was astonished at how much Fred knew about her. I know they're mates - wait.



"This is Delilah Harries"

"Well done Einstein"

"No! You don't get it, she's on the quidditch team and my prefect partner next term!"

"Yes mate, she's been on the team for four years, she told you that last night. You really haven't spoken to her before?"

Before I could reply I heard someone clear their throat, I looked up and into the eyes of Delilah Harries

"Should my ears be burning?" She joked with a smile on her face


She grinned at our contrasting answers "So Fredster, ready to teach me the sloth grip roll?"

"I can't tonight Dels, I have errr - broom cupboard duties" he said with a wink

Delilah raised an eyebrow "That's skanky Freddie"

"But you love me all the same"

"That's too true. You're quiet Potter. What's eating you? Or should the question be what the hell are you eating?" Delilah looked at me and then to my plate with a wrinkled nose that looked disturbingly cute

"It's - I - err - pie" Well done James, you imbecile

"ierr-pie? Never heard of that before. Are you getting special treatment from the elves?" she laughed

"Ha, no. I wish" I could slap myself

"Actually Dels" Freddie piped up "Jimmy here can do the sloth grip roll, well, he should be able to, he’s quidditch captain after all. Why doesn't he help you tonight?"

Delilah turned and looked at me for a second before answering
"Really? Would you mind?"

"No no, I wouldn't mind at all" why does this girl make me speak so little? It's like I can't hold a decent conversation. This is just a game to me, she shouldn't affect me!

"Great! Pitch in half an hour?" She asked

"Yes definitely" I said breathlessly.

"Cool, have, err, fun Freddie. See you in a while - Captain " she laughed and walked out of the great hall but not before turning round and throwing me a wink.


Now I know Delilah is a fair flier, after all she has been a chaser for 3 years, but seeing her in the distance as I'm walking to the pitch out here on her own just proves it more. The way she handles her broom, how she's in control it just baffles me how she can't do the basic roll. I put down the quaffle I brought with me, cup my hands round my mouth and shout "OIT HARRIES! GET YO' FINE ARSE DOWN HERE" I swear I saw her eyes roll but she came down nonetheless.

"So, Harries. What seems to be the problem, you know this is basic right?" I said as she dismounts next to me

"Sorry oh mighty one" she retorts

"I'm glad you know your place" I say with a wink

She smiles at my wink. Getting somewhere fast with this one Jimmy Boy!

"Right, get on your broom and hover with your toes touching the floor"


"C'mon, you understand 'hover' right?"

"Don't get all sarky with me Potter!" She said while smiling and poking my arm

"Wouldn't dream of it babe" I smiled back and she looked away. Get in.
She mounted her broom and rose until her toes were scraping the floor. "Right, you're in normal flight position. Now all I want you to do is link your fingers, yes like that and now cross your ankles"
I could see her wobble slightly so I put my hand on her back to steady her. She tensed.

"Okay, try and keep your balance. Slacken your grip a little or you won't roll"

"Slack enough?"

"You barely moved your hands" I said with a sigh. I grabbed her hands and prised them apart slightly. Her hands are tiny.

“Nonono, nope, no ta, I'll fall. I can't do this. Stop, let's forget it”

She went to dismount her broom but I grabbed her shoulders and planted her back on her broom
"Listen. You ARE going to do this. You are NOT a quitter, I'M not a quitter so keep your fine derrière on that broom until I say otherwise. "Wow, pretty macho if I may say myself.

"Okay this is how my Dad taught me so I think I'll do the same. You ready?"

"Ready? Ready for what? You're going to push me and tell me to hold on aren't you? If you do that I guarantee I'll cry"

Merlin, this girl really is petrified. I looked at her curiously

"What are you scared of?"


I didn't expect that. I mean everyone expects to fall during a game of quidditch, it come with the game. Somehow I don't think it's just quidditch She's talking about here.

"I won't let you fall, okay?" I said looking into her eyes. They're green with a hint of silver. Wow.

She shook her head

"trust me"

"That's a pretty big ask James" she said with a weak smile

"You can trust me, I promise"

"Trust and a promise all in one night. Where have I heard that before?" She whispered, I'm not entirely sure I was meant to hear it. I stood next to her on her right, placed my left hand round her waist and my right hand on her right shoulder
"lean into me" I instructed, she hesitated before doing so. I stayed there for a while before asking "ready?"

She nodded

"I'm going to guide you down till you're upside down. If you don't want to go any further just tell me to stop and I'll bring you straight back up again, okay?"

"Let's do it" Delilah replied

I slowly pulled her more towards me and down, she was concentrating so hard

"don't think, just go with it" she immediately relaxed.

At this point she was horizontal, hanging on the side of her broom. Slowly guiding her till she was upside down

"Okay stop" Delilah said quickly
I swiftly pushed her back into normal position

"you okay?" I asked

"I think I've put enough trust into someone I've never spoken to before, for one day. We’ll keep practising though right? I want to get this right.”

“Of course we will, every practise and any more sessions you want in free time. You did well tonight and you’ll be a pro in no time.”

“I doubt a pro, but thanks for taking time out to help me”

“What kind of man would I be, what kind of Captain would I be if I didn't help out someone in need?”

“I wouldn't call it ‘in need’ exactly”

“Course it is, you needed help, I was there. You were in need..”

she chuckled “Okay Potter, I was in need”

“Exactly. Want to chuck a quaffle for a while?” hoping to keep this one-to-one session going for a bit longer

“Sure, why not? Feeling a bit rusty after the summer anyway”

“Do you not practise at home?”

“Nah, I live in a town and theres nowhere close to me where I wont be seen. All juggles you see” she replies while chucking the quaffle at me


“Bet its great at yours though, massive family. Never a dull moment, am I right?”

I threw the quaffle into the middle hoop and I watched her zoom off to collect it, pulling out of her dive seconds before hitting the ground. “You’d make a fair seeker too you know but yes, theres always someone blowing someone else or something else up and theres always someone having a tantrum.”

“I prefer chaser, in all the action. Your family sounds great, it’s such a massive family. Thats what I want. Its just me and my Dad at home. When he’s home that is…”

“Your Dad work a lot then?”

“Yeah, he works in London. He's an MP”

“Hes a muggle?”

“Yeah” she laughs “That surprise you?”

“Just a little bit, and your Mum?”

“She was a witch, an Auror. You know a seven years ago when the group of dark wizards from your Dads time tried to take power and live up to Voldemort? She died fighting them”

“Wow, I’m, I’m so sorry”

“Its okay, she's a hero. She's my hero”

“So she died before you came to Hogwarts?

“Yes, she knew I was magic though so she knew I was off to Hogwarts. Thats a comfort I suppose, she didn't die not knowing if I was magic or not.”

“Im pretty sure she’d be proud of you if you were a witch or a muggle. Parents are always proud of what you do, right?”

“My Dad wasn’t, thinks I should be following his footsteps and not my Mums”

“Do you know what I like about you?


“When you asked about my family, you didn't ask what it was like having famous parents. You didn't even ask about them”

After a moment, Delilah started descending and I followed. When we had both reached the ground she said “You’re a Potter, its a name, it doesn't define who you are or what you should be. You didn't ask to be born into a family of famous wizards, wizards who have great power in the Wizarding World. Same as Im a Harries, it has importance in the muggle world, my Dad is important in the muggle world and trust me, if anyone knows what its like to be constantly asked about their Dad instead of yourself, its me”

“I didn't know that about you”

“Not many people do, only the muggleborns I suppose”

We arrived at the broom shed and locked away our brooms. I watched her as she moved a piece of her hair out of her face and tucked it behind her ear. She turned to face me and said "You think we could try again another night?" She asked, looking up at me. Wow, this girl was small, how cute. I couldn't help but smile at this.
"Of course, just say when you're next free and i'll be there. I'm sorry, I've just realised how dinky you are" Shit. Some people (Lily) don't like being called small even when they obviously are. "Sorry, I didn't mean-"

"No it's fine James, really" she laughed, praise Merlin for that!
"I guess 5 foot 1 is pretty titchy to your giganticness"

"Too damn right it is. Is giganticness even a word?" I said smiling back at her. She then did something that surprised me. She rose up on her tiptoes, kissed my cheek and said "thanks James" before walking up to the castle leaving me staring after her.

Oh Boy.



James is actually a decent enough guy but this won’t stop me on my mission. Of course he’ll listen to what I have to say, he’ll want to make me think he’ s actually interested in what I have to say then i’ll be hooked. Not this girl James. James, James, James, you really think you're getting somewhere don't you 'Jimmy-Boy'? I have the urge to do an almighty evil laugh. A kiss on the cheek? Nice touch Dels. Nice touch. The game face was definitely on tonight and the man-whore that is James Potter fell for it. How cute. I can't wait to tell the girls all about tonight.

I finally reached the Gryffindor common room and immediately saw Dom, Blake and Leah by the fire
"DELS!" Dom squealed excitedly "how did it go? What did you do? What did he do? What did you say? What did he-"
"DOM!" Blake interrupted "let the girl speak" she turned to me "pick a question, any question"
"Okay, it went fine. I smiled, laughed, looked embarrassed/cute, if he touched me, I tensed. If he looked at me I smiled and looked down. If he acted charming or told a joke then I laughed. Made myself seem interested in him blahblahblah. I did everything you told me and more"

"What do you mean 'and more'?" Leah asked
“We locked away our brooms, walking up to the castle I said 'thanks James' and kissed him on the cheek"

One thing I hate about girls is their squealing and that's what they all did at once.
I continued "I asked him if he would mind trying again another night and he was pretty eager! He seemed to think we were getting on fine. What do I do now? I can't always be nice to him"

They all thought for a moment. It was pretty funny, I've never seen them all concentrate do hard "alright guys don't hurt yourselves"
Leah ignored my comment "I'VE GOT IT! When he comes in, if he looks and smiles at you just look straight through him or look away. When he speaks to you, yawn or look for something in your bag to show you're not interested. Then tomorrow, do the complete opposite. Give him your undivided attention, make him think you're interested it'll confuse the hell out if him."
Dom, Blake and I just looked at Leah. Wow, this girl. "Leah you are a genius! Who knew you had it in you?!"
Leah just shrugged her shoulders and said "I've watched the bitches do it. Thought it might come in handy one day"
That it did, as at that point , who was to walk through the portrait hole? None other than James Sirius Potter. I looked over and he seemed to sense someone looking, he looked back at me and smiled. I turned away and flipped my hair so it fell over the back of the sofa I was currently lounging on.
"Well done Dely" Dom said "he looks totally confused"
"He's coming over" whispered Leah
That's when I had a fantastic idea. "I'll leave him hanging guys" I whispered as I got up off the sofa. I stretched and announced to the girls I was going to bed. I climbed over everyone just as James reached my sofa.
"Hey girls, hey Delilah" he said, looking straight at me
I just looked at him, smiled and walked off to the girls dormitory.

The moment I stepped foot into my dorm, I laughed. You know that manic laugh when you're so happy something's going your way for once, the one where you think you may go hysterical? Yep, that was me. I was still curled up on my bed crying with laughter when Dom and the girls walked in.

"You think she's okay?"
"Delilah? What have you been smoking and can I have some?"

"It's okay guys" I interrupted, tears still streaming down my face "I was just laughing at James' face. I've never seen anything so priceless!"

At once, we all started laughing. They have definitely put something dodgy in the Pumpkin Juice.

The Game is well and truly in motion.













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