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Just One Problem by PurpleMoors
Chapter 1 : A Beginning
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Disclaimer: Anything recognisable as a part of JK Rowling's world is not owned by me (even if I wish it was)



Monroe. That's me, Isobel Monroe. 5th year Hufflepuff. Regular background: muggle mother, wizard father. It's all pretty simple really.

"Monroe! Pay attention to me!"

That annoying, persistent, just won't leave me alone voice? That's James Potter. 7th year Gryffindor. Far from regular background: famous, world saving parents and all that. Not so simple. Every girl in Hogwarts swoons at his glance and falls apart in his presence and by every girl I mean every girl….except me. The worst thing is that he knows it. He knows that every girl in this school would cut off their damn legs just to be with him…but not me. He knows that too. He knows that I have no infatuation with him at all. I mean I think he's great and everything and he's a good friend, being Al's older brother, but I just don't like him like that. This being the case he seems to have decided that I'm the girl of his dreams and he will stop at nothing to get me to realise it too. I know he doesn't really like me like that and he'll come to his senses eventually but once he's got an idea in his head it's difficult to convince him otherwise, he has to come to that realisation on his own. There is one thing that he doesn't know though, that no one knows in fact: the reason I don't fancy him.

Albus Severus Potter, my best friend, partner in crime and apparently the love of my damn life.

Okay, maybe love of my life is a bit of an exaggeration but I seem to have developed a small crush on my best friend. I'm sure it's just a phase and I'll be back to normal in no time…I hope. The thing with Al is that as soon as he got sorted into Hufflepuff he's been put on the back-burner in terms of attention, and that's just how he likes it. James is the outgoing, charismatic, charming one and he's spent his life in the spotlight, being so like his namesake. Al is…well he's just Al and that's just how I like it. When you first meet him he comes across quiet and polite and always has his nose stuck in a book but it's only when you start to scratch at the surface that you begin to see the real Albus Potter. Although he can still be quiet and polite he also becomes completely insane and funny. He has this immense imagination and an never-ending itch for adventure. I guess that's what happens when you spend your life with your eyes glued to some fantasy book or another.


Now the annoying voice is singing. Great.

I was slumped over my porridge half asleep while Al tried to enchant my latest drawing to move and I was no way in the mood to deal with James bloody Potter.

"Jaammmeess" I sang back, emphasising the strain in my voice, topping it off with a nice, wee sarcastic smile. I hoped he picked up on the fact that I may be willing to have him around but I was definitely not prepared to play nice. Al didn't even glance up from his breakfast.

"So there's a Hogsmeade trip coming up. Wanna go w-"

"B-b-bah I'm just gonna stop you right there and save you the effort by saying no outright" I know, I know I'm supposed to be a friendly little, lovely Hufflepuff but this really wasn't my day.

"That's okay. I'm just gonna brush it off, sit down over here and wait for you to come to your senses and accept" he replied with a wink and a grin as he went to sit at the Gryffindor table with his friends.

Ah silence. That's how it should be at the ungodly hour of 8am.

"Do you think he'll ever give up?" Albus's first coherent words of the morning. Earlier than usual.


"Impressive resilience by the way. I really thought you'd have caved by now."

"You think so little of me?" I replied laughing, throwing a bit of toast at him.

"Now, now boys and girls we'll have less of that shameless flirting"

There's only one person that voice could belong to: Scorpius Malfoy. My eyes wandered upwards to meet the familiar sight of Scorpius pulling Al into a headlock before sitting down next to us. I gave him a derisive look and continued with my breakfast. Scorp was Ravenclaw but at some point in the past, someway or another, we had adopted him into this wee group of ours…my embarrassing early teenage years all tend to blend into one now. My group of friends, at the core, generally consists of myself, Al, Scorp, my roommate Emma and Jacinta (a fellow Ravenclaw introduced to us by Scorpius). Al's cousin, Rose, is one of the more common comer and goers (she probably hangs out with us the most out of all the Potter/Weasley clan) and her friend Aiden hangs with us quite a lot. Both Gryffindor.

"Okay so not in the mood for joking this morning? Got it"

He's surrendered…that's rare. Scorp is constantly ridiculing Al and me about flirting with each other. We don't flirt! As much as I want to sometimes, I tend to try and avoid it lest my secret is discovered. I leant my head in my hands and yawned, thinking about how to get rid of this stupid crush of mine. It should be simple! He's my friend and nothing more…but if he was more…no brain! No! Shush!

"Heelloooo! Earth to Izzo!" I looked up and the boys were already standing up with their bags slung over their shoulders. "You coming to transfiguration or you planning to eat porridge all day?"

"How is McGonnagall still here?" I whispered to Al "I'd have thought she'd have retired to Florida or something by now"

"I don't know. Maybe if you concentrated on what spells you were casting instead of letting your mind wander then your hand wouldn't be green and you'd have a teapot, not a cat."

"Blah blah blah. Shush." I hate how he's always right "Fine, Mr Smartypants, explain why your cat is not a teapot yet."

"Cause I've already turned mine into a teapot and back again" he answered in a harsh whisper

"Practically a bloody Ravenclaw" I muttered. He must have heard me cause he kicked me under the table and sniggered when I swore under my breath.

First class of the morning never really was my forte, especially so soon after Summer break, but the rest of the class went fairly uneventfully and in silence. Thank Merlin.

My hand was back to a normal colour, my cat was a teapot and it was all nice and quiet. This put me in a better mood and I was back to my usual, chirpy, daytime self. I jumped on Al's back as we made our way to charms and started humming an Oasis song. Charms. Now there's a subject! I'm actually good at charms. Who managed the "Wingardium Leviosa" charm first time? Me, that's who. Yes, definitely, charms is my favourite subject.

I smiled to myself when Al started whistling along with my tune. We looked like a couple of crazy people with our piggy backs and music making but it was moments like these that I just felt completely content with the way things were which is why I'd never jeopardise it by admitting to anyone, not even myself, that I liked Al more than I should. I started tapping to the beat on his chest as Rose joined us.

"Hello ladies!" chirped Rose

"Oi! Rose I'm here too!" Al said peering round my arms dejectedly at Rose, pout in place.

Rose grinned mischievously at that "Oh sorry lil cuz I didn't see you trapped under Izzo there"

"Oh don't worry I'll get down so you can chat" I cut in, loosening my arms around his neck to jump down.

"No, no don't worry about it." Al said quickly.

"You sure?"

"We're almost there anyway. I don't think Flitwick'd like it if you stayed on my back for the whole of charms!" he replied "And anyway, I'd rather have you humming in my ear any day than have to talk to Rose" he grinned and started laughing at that last part

"I don't doubt that you would" said Rose quietly with that same mischievous grin as before and a wink at Al.

For some reason that wiped the smile off Al's face, earned Rose a nasty glare and within 2 seconds he was back to his usual self. I pretended not to notice that particular interaction.

"CHARMS YONDER!" I shouted. One hand shading my eyes and the other out straight pointing at the classroom door. Al tightened his hold on my legs and started running towards the door, me laughing, still his back. This earned us a few funny looks.


The rest of the day rolled by and I found myself playing cards in the great hall, eating ice cream with all my friends. Dinner was over and there were only a few groups of people still in the great hall. Hanging out with friends from other houses before heading to the common room, probably. I was sitting on one side of the table with Scorp on my left and Jacinta lying down on the bench to my right, reading. Opposite us were Al and Rose. Aiden and Emma were sitting cross-legged on the tabletop at either end.


"Scorpius Malfoy!" gasped Rose "You're supposed to shout cheat! There are younger students around!"

Scorpius looked around him indignantly saying "Yeah at the other end of the hall maybe! They can't hear me! Anyway just because you're a prefect now doesn't mean you need to go acting bad cop all the time"

"Chill out guys!" interjected Emma, bless her, the peace keeper "And Rose is right, no swearing Malfoy" Aiden sniggered at this and Scorp punched him in the shoulder

Aiden is just a big kid really, he's a joker and is constantly landing himself in trouble. I don't know how Rose ended up being friends with him to be honest, she's just a younger version of her mother really. She's super smart, incredibly loyal to her friends and a massive goody two shoes. Nope, I don't think I'll ever understand that one. Well, whether I understand or not, it's a fact that those two are as thick as thieves.

Jacinta stirred next to me and sat up "Well I'm knackered. Bedtime methinks. Anyone coming?"

"I'll take up that offer any day" Aiden winked at her. Another thing you need to know about Aiden is he is constantly flirting with Jacinta. He claims he's just joking around but we're all pretty sure he's got something for her and just doesn't know any other way to express it.

"That's sounds like a grand idea. Wait for me Cindy" replied Emma, choosing to ignore Aiden's previous comment.

"Yeah I have a lot of reading to do" added Rose

"You always have a lot of reading to do" grumbled Aiden "but I guess I should probably go too considering I've got all the same reading as Rosie and I'm considerably slower at it" he grinned at that last part.

They bid their good nights and walked off towards the Entrance Hall.

"And then there were 3" I heard Al say from across from me and I turned my attention back to the table

"Indeed" I replied

"Well our game has as good as disintegrated with all them gone." said Scorp "lets all just agree that I won and do something else"

All it took was one glance between Al and I and we started chucking cards at Scorp in fits of laughter.

"OI!" shouted Scorpius in between face fulls of cards "You're supposed to be my friends! You little shits!"

"Language Scorp!" Albus screeched in his best impression of Rose that he could manage while gasping for breath

"Right you guys are going down!" Scorpius shouted, jumping up. Oh crap best run now. So we did. One flick of my wand and the pack of cards were back in my right hand, I grabbed Al with my left, pulled him over the table and quick as a flash we were sprinting down between the tables away from Scorpius. All the way to the Quidditch Pitch with Scorp on our heels, him shouting how immature we were and us replying with more laughter.

I collapsed in the middle of the field, reached for Al's ankle, cards went flying everywhere but Al evaded my grasp and kept on running. It was a futile attempt. He got about 3 steps and Scorp tackled him to the ground about a metre to my left. I genuinely think I almost peed myself laughing at the sight of Scorpius sitting triumphantly on Al's back.

"Alright! Alright! I surrender!" gasped Al, struggling to breathe. I think it was a combination of laughing uncontrollably and the hefty weight of the Quidditch player on his back that was doing it.

"Good." Replied Scorp with a smug smile on his face. He got up off Al and lay back on the grass, looking up at the sky.

"Man, you fatty. I think you crushed my ribs" Al complained.

"You should have given up sooner then! Monroe here" - he pointed at me - "gave up right at the right moment. I hadn't yet caught up with you yet but she knew you'd keep running meaning I'd forget her and take you down instead, hence rendering her safe."

Al smiled saying "Well played Monroe, well played" I made a gesture as though bowing and smiled back at him, catching his eye and holding it.

"Weeelll!" Scorpius proclaimed bringing our attention back to him "As much as I love to hate you ladies and would love to stay here all night hating you, it's getting late and it's almost curfew"

"Yeah good point" I agreed getting up, Al following suit. We started walking across the grass but only got a few metres when I noticed Scorp was walking away from the castle. "Uhm Scorp the castle is this way" I shouted over to him.

"Hell no! Walking is too much effort. I'm getting my broom from the changing rooms and flying to my window."

I heard Al sniggering at this from behind me and I smiled shouting "Fine have it your way lazy bones! See you tomorrow!"

"Night, losers!" he shouted back and disappeared into the door of the changing rooms.

We started to walk back to the castle again side by side. It was starting to get dark already and walking in silence I could hear Al's steady breathing beside me. We were almost at the edge of the pitch when I noticed Al disappear from my peripheral vision. I turned around to face him. He had stopped walking a couple of metres behind me and was staring into space, looking blank when he said something I never expected him to "Watch the sunset with me Isobel"

I stared at him blankly "Excuse me?"

He turned his head towards me, a smile growing on his face "Watch the sunset with me"

"But it's almost curfew. We've never stayed out after curfew before in our lives. It's against the rules!"

He was full on grinning now. He looked so excited as he closed the distance between us in two long strides, stopping to stand about a foot away from me. My, that's closer than I thought it would be. "Come on Isobel! When do we ever do anything against the rules and curfew-breaking is barely rule breaking! Everyone has to do it at some point at Hogwarts! Come on, please!"

"Give me at least three good reasons why I should and I might just consider it" I replied smiling mischievously. He narrowed his eyes at this and smiled.

"Okay. One: I love sunsets. They're the second best time of day (after sunrise), two: I've never stopped and made a point of sitting down to watch one but hey there's a first time for everything eh? and finally…" he paused, his smile fell and he looked me straight in the eye, deadly serious.

"Three?" I prompted, staring right back.

"I want you to be there. Firsts for everything and firsts are so much better when you're with someone else, someone you really want to be with you, that is."

My stomach jolted and I heard myself agree as I watched the smile grow back on his face. What was I getting myself into? This is not something friends do! Sunsets are romantic! He should really find himself a girlfriend to do this kind of thing! Someone that he's not completely confusing by suggesting things like this, especially when he's in such a close proximity. 'He doesn't know you like him as anything more than a friend' I reminded myself silently 'This is all completely platonic for him'

He took me by the shoulders, turned me around and started leading me towards the stairs up to the stands.

It was right here that it occurred to me…if I don't sort out my stupid crush soon then this is going to be a long, long year. 



Author's Note: 

Hello! This is my first fic ever! I know right! Scary! Well just to say if anyone actually reads this note or this story then please let me know what you think. Reviews would be so helpful, especially to a beginner like me! I really hope you enjoy it and tell me if there's anything you think should happen cause a bit of help with direction is always appreciated. Anyway, hope you enjoyed and come back for more!

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