“Remus, will you please stop avoiding us?” James said, knocking on a door of a compartment where one Remus Lupin was hiding inside. We were on our way back to school for our sixth year, a month after Remus' accident. Once he transformed back into his human form, he went back to his house and never contacted us anymore. James and Sirius were exceptionally restless to try to get Remus talkin to them again.


“Moony, this is not funny anymore,” Sirius growled. “I’m sick of you being sentimental and emotional like a fucking pregnant lady. There was no harm done, mate.”



“There wasn’t, but there would be,” Remus answered faintly. James sighed, his chin gracing the top of Lily’s head as he tried to lean on her tiredly. Lily stroked his hair supportively.


“Remus, will you open the door for me?” Mary said. The boys and me and Lily had told her about Remus’ problem. She was surprisingly fine with that, saying that she’d known that all along.


“No, Mary. In fact, I want us to break up. I’m too dangerous for you,” came Remus voice again. Mary stared at the door in disbelief, and I embraced her, knowing she secretly breaking the longer Remus avoided her.


“I say we barge in,” Peter suggested after awhile.


That was probably the best thing he’d ever said in his life.


“Yeah, I agree with Pete,” I said, nodding my head.


“Okay, we’ll do that,” Sirius said, taking his wand from his pocket. Apparently, Remus had heard it.


“Sirius, if you try to open this door, I will – “




Kill you,” Remus ended meekly. He huffed, crossing an arm against his chest. “All right, now that you all have cornered me, what do you want?”


Mary sat next to her boyfriend and grabbed his calloused hand inside hers. She used her free hand to cup one side of Remus’ face, forcing him to look at her. “I don’t know about the others, but what I want is for you to stop running from me and stop keeping secrets.”


“Mary – “ Remus began, but Mary had put her finger on Remus lips, making the wolf boy blushed. James and Sirius, bless them, were clearing their throats noisily.


“Hush up, Remus. You’re in no position to argue me. Your job now is to listen to me. Understand?” Remus nodded. “Good boy... I have a secret to tell to you. Do you want to know what’s that.”


Although everyone knew it was a rhetorical question, Remus absentmindedly answered, “yes.”


“Okay, come here closer so I can tell you about it.” But, before Remus could even move, Mary’s lips had landed on his, surprising no one but Remus himself.


“It’s official,” Sirius whispered to James. “Remus is an idiot for not seeing that coming at all.” James nodded his head approvingly. I slapped both boys’ heads.


“I love you, Remus John Lupin,” Mary said when they had pulled apart. “I love you even more than you can imagine. I don’t care that you’re a werewolf – heck, I don’t even care if you were Voldemort’s son! I repeat again, you foolish wolf; I love you.” Remus stared at Mary with eyes wide opened. Then, in a blink of an eye, probably even less, Remus pulled Mary closer and attacked her lips. James whistled, Peter cheered, while Sirius barked his initial laugh.


“Nothing would ever go wrong, huh?” Lily said, nudging my elbow. I grinned and merely nodded my head, too happy to say a word.

“Aw, shit,” Sirius cursed under his breath once the train stopped.


“What? Anything wrong?” I said quickly, fearing that one of the wounds he suffered from Remus attack had opened by itself. James smirked knowingly at Sirius.


“Hes all right, Lina. He only needs to piss,” James explained.


“Just that?” I tried hard not to laugh, but Sirius was glaring murderously at me and I couldn’t help it.


“Lina, don’t you dare to laugh,” my boyfriend snarled. I giggled faintly.


“Sorry. Your little habit is just so cute,” I said, still giggling. Sirius rolled his eyes, looking half-tempted to chock James to death. In the end, he shrugged it off and went to the nearest rest room he could find.


“I never knew he’s so much like Lily,” I told James as we got off the train. Lily had went to the rest room just a few minutes before Sirius himself. Like most of the times, she asked me to hold her wand while she went to pee, saying that she feared she’d accidentally break it.


“Really? Lily has the same ritual, too?” James asked, a small smirk playing in his lips.


“Yeah, but don’t tell her I told you this.”


“My lips are sealed.”


James and I intended on waiting for Lily and Sirius, but Remus had restlessly nagging on us to go with the gang, saying Sirius and Lily would catch up. I knew they were right, and my legs were starting to ache from standing so long. Together, James and I boarded the carriage, along with Peter and Remus and Mary. I saw Mallory and Abigail had took off with two Ravenclaw boys I didn’t know, and I told Mary that we should interrogate the two about those boys. Grinning, Mary agreed about it, and was soon busy kissing Remus as if her life depended on it. I heard James made a loud snort, Peter shifted uncomfortably beside Remus, and I could only roll my eyes.


When the carriage stopped just right in front of Hogwarts’ gate, we spent no time and hurried ourselves inside the castle because surprisingly, rain had started to fall so hard on us. Some girly girls that we passed shrieked about their shoes being ruined. James intentionally kicked the puddle so hard, splashing water all over those girls. We both had a good laugh as the girls ran as fast as the could, screaming. Once inside, James cast a Drying Charm on the both of us, and soon I felt warm. It took about fifteen minutes after the Sorting was finished though, to realise that Sirius and Lily weren’t with me yet. I started to worry about them.


“Where are they?” I mumbled to no one.


“Don’t worry, Lina. I think they just got detention for being late from McGonagall,” James said while stuffing food into his mouth.


“Yeah, I agree,” Remus said. “I mean, what can – yes, Snape?” Severus Snape had came up behind me out of nowhere, looking only at me.


“Do you know where’s Lily?” he asked nervously. James clenched his jaw and was about to get up from his seat if Mallory hadn’t stopped him.


“No. Why?” I said. I swore to Merlin, when I said no, panic flickered in his eyes, before those dark pools changed cold again.


“Just asking. She was always near you and I thought it was weird to see you without her. And oh, one more thing, Isilee.”


“What is it?”


“He won’t make it.” With that, he walked away, following his stupid friends. I wondered though, who the hell he’d been talking about.


“What was all that bullshit?” James spat bitterly. “Asking about my girlfriend, then speaking in riddles. Freak.”


“I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like there’s something fishy about him,” Abigail said. James and Remus scoffed at the same time.


“Nicola, there’s always something fishy about Snape,” James said. “Come on, let’s just go to our Common Room. Probably Lily and Sirius are already there.”


James was wrong. Even until morning came, Sirius and Lily never came into the Common Room.

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“Need help, Evans?” I said. A soft shriek came out of her lips, and she almost dropped her trunk onto her foot had I not been there to catch it.




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“Well, you didn’t, so I guess no harm done,” I said with a playfull grin. She rolled her eyes in annoyance, but gave no further comment.


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