When Isabella woke the next morning she was confused. This wasn’t her bed. Where was she? She twisted under the covers but relaxed as soon as she saw her mummy beside her. They were in London; she remembered something her mummy had told her before they got here: they were going to see family, her Grandma and Grandpa.



Now for only being four, or nearly five, as she liked to remind people, Isabella was very smart, clearly she took after both parents in that department, as Draco was always second behind Hermione in school.



Isabella decided that she wanted to explore this new place she was in so she carefully slipped out of bed, hoping not to wake her mother. As she explored she decided she liked this big strange house they were in, the pictures waved and smiled at her like they did at home, Isabella was so busy staring at one pretty picture with a couple having a picnic in front of a pretty castle that she walked right into someone coming towards her.



“Ooof!” She said and stumbled to the floor.



She looked up; it was the tall blond man from the plane. Her mummy had told her yesterday that this man was her Daddy. Isabella had never had a daddy before; she remembered asking her mother once, on her fourth birthday, why it was just the two of them, and her mother’s reply? “Sweetheart it’s just us because we don’t need anybody else. We’re happy as we are.” Isabella remembered nodding in agreement with her mummy because her mummy was smart and knew what she was talking about. Isabella’s jumbled thoughts were disturbed by the tall man reaching to lift her to her feet.



“Bella? What are you doing up at this time?” He asked crouching down to her level.



“Mummy’s still asleep, I wanted to explore, so I am.” She told him, sticking her chin up in a defiant manner. Oh yes, she was 100% Draco’s child when she did this.



“Hmm, well it’s nearly breakfast time. You want some?” Draco asked, he wasn’t sure how to act, he knew Hermione had told her that he was Bella’s father but this was the first time he had been with her since she found out, he was a little nervous. Would she run away? Start crying?



“Oh yes please!” She squealed. “Can we have pancakes? Chocolate chip pancakes?” She asked grabbing his hand as they started walking to the kitchen.



“Of course we can princess.” He told her; relieved she seemed to have accepted the idea.



Isabella sat and babbled away as Draco cooked up some pancakes for him and his daughter. The house-elves had offered but he refused, he wanted this to be a special moment between his daughter and him.



“So, mummy told the man that she was not going to let him use my photo as part of his collection for the paper and when he refused to leave she flicked her wand and her flew out the door!” She clapped her hands together and giggled.



“Your mother sure has a way about her.” He agreed, sliding a stack of pancakes and a glass of orange juice over to her, before sitting down himself.



They ate in silence for a while, it was a comfortable silence, Draco observed his daughter from across the table. She was very graceful, had excellent table manners, unlike other children he know (Matthew Goyle, his friend Gregory Goyle’s son for instance) her mother had taught her well.



“Mmm that was good. Thank you!” She smiled at him.



“You are welcome.” He smiled back.



“Now I think you should go get ready, you’re going to meet Grandma and Grandpa Granger in a couple of hours.” He told her.



“Okay!” She hopped off the bench and ran back to her room.






Hermione was abruptly awoken by her daughter bouncing on the bed.



“Mummy mummy mummy! Wake up!” Isabella chanted.



“Alright alright I’m awake. What is it? Why are you awake so early?”



“Mummy, daddy made me pancakes and they were so yummy. Chocolate chip ones and everything. Then he told me I should wake you up and get ready to go meet Grandpa and Grandma!” She bounced up and down.






“Yeah, daddy saw me walking in the hallways and he made me breakfast! Mummy you have to get ready!”



“Okay princess, you go have a shower and get dressed and mummy will get some food okay?” She got out of bed.



“Okay.” Bella said, and scampered off into the bathroom.






Now that she thought about it, Hermione really was quite hungry. When she got to the kitchen she saw that Draco was still there, sipping from a mug of coffee and reading the Daily Prophet.



“Now a little bird mentioned that a girl could get pancakes in here. Is this true?” She asked sitting down.



“Of course.” He smiled at her. “Good morning.”



“Morning. Emm Berry..” Hermione called. The elf appeared with a loud crack.



“Miss Hermione called?” She squeaked.



“Yes, could you please bring me a stack of chocolate chip pancakes, some tea and bacon and sausages. Thank you.” She smiled at the elf, who promptly went away to do as she was asked.






Just over an hour later Hermione and Isabella were ready and on their way to her parents house. Narcissa had offered to go with Hermione for some support but Hermione declined. She needed to do this by herself. 



Apperating to the corner of her street, where she used to live, she walked to her old house. Taking a deep breath and clutching Isabella tightly to her, she rang the doorbell. 



Hermione’s mother opened the door after a few seconds, she was exactly how Hermione had remembered, the only thing that had changed was her mum had a few more worry lines and was slightly thinner. Hermione’s parents had forgiven her for sending them off to Australia for the war and brining them back after; but would they forgive her now?



“Hello, can I help you?” She asked smiling at Hermione.



“Hi Mum.”



“Hermione? Hermione?!! Is that really you?!” Her mum gasped.



“Yes, mum its me.”



“Derek! Derek get out here now!” Jean Granger shouted.



“What what is it?!” He came running, stopping dead in his tracks once he saw his only daughter.



“Mione? Is that you? My little girl?” He whispered.



“Yes daddy its me. I had to come see you. We have a lot to talk about.”



“A LOT TO TALK ABOUT?! A LOT TO TALK ABOUT?! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? WE THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WE WENT THROUGH! AND YOU JUST COME WALTZING BACK OUT OF THE BLUE!” Her father thundered, only stopping once he heard a small cry of fright coming from behind Hermione.



“Oh hush sweetheart don’t be frightened. Mummy’s fine.” Hermione crouched to console her trembling daughter.



Hermione’s parents shared a stunned look as they watched their daughter comfort the young girl.



“Well, it’s clear to see we have a lot to talk about.” Hermione’s mother stated. “Why don’t you come in and we can talk over a cup of tea?” Jean Granger opened up the front door to her daughter.






“So, I guess I should start from the beginning.” Hermione was sat in her parents kitchen, still unchanged from when she was at school, sipping from a mug of tea, Isabella was in the living room, watching TV.



“Yes, the beginning would be good.” Was her father’s short reply.



“Well, it was seventh year, and you remember I wrote to you to tell you I had been seeing a boy in my year, Draco Malfoy? Well, one day I came back to our common room and went into his room to see if he was there and I found him with another girl,” Hermione’s mother gasped in shock and her hand went sympathetically to cover her daughters. “So of course, naturally I freaked out. We had a massive fight and it ended with me storming out of the common room after announcing to Draco, and everyone else, I was five weeks pregnant.”



“Oh Sweetheart, it must have been awful having to go through that by yourself.” Her mother said.



“Pregnant! You were only 17! That is far too young to be having sex young lady!” Her father said, working himself up.



“Oh hush now Derek, its happened okay.” Her mother told him. 



“Yeah, so... I fled, and I moved to America, yes far away I know. And then I had Isabella, then I went back to work, I’m editor in chief of The New York Prophet and Bella and I live in a lovely apartment and she’s just started pre-school. And it turns out that Draco was set up. He’s spent the last five years trying to find me.” By the time Hermione had finished speaking; Isabella had come through and was now sitting on her mother’s lap.



“And how old are you gorgeous?” Jean asked her granddaughter.



“Four, I’m five on the 29th of May.” She said proudly.



“Wow. You’re almost a grown up!”



Isabella giggled before saying; “Mummy, I’m hungry.”



“Alrighty then baby what do you want?”



“How about we all go out for lunch?” Derek suggested.






Soon the four Grangers were sitting in a very family friendly Resteraunt chatting away as though a five year gap without seeing each other was nothing. Hermione had magically sent for all her photo albums of Isabella for her parents to look through while they were eating, that way, her mother could see how Isabella had grown. A couple of hours later they were done.



“Hey guys, I was planning on doing some shopping today, and I think it’s time for me to pay a visit to Diagon Alley. Would you mind watching Bella for me?”



“Sure you go have fun sweetheart, catch up with some old friends.” Her mum said, taking Bella by the hand.






Fifteen minutes later Hermione was strolling down Diagon Alley, ice cream in hand deciding where to go next. So far she had been to the jewellery shop where she purchased a beautiful necklace to wear at the reunion and a gorgeous bracelet for her mother as a present to say thank you.



Too busy licking her ice cream, Hermione was not watching where she was going and did not see the couple in front of her until she had walked into them.



“Oh! I’m so sorry!” She said jumping back while her ice cream hit the ground.



“Oh not a problem...Hermione?!” The man asked.






“Oh Hermione it really is you! Ginny can you believe it?! It’s Hermione!” He cried, pulling her into a hug as strong as Hagrids.



“I can see that.” Ginny laughed at her husband’s behaviour, before hugging Hermione herself.



“It’s so good you see you Mione. But where the hell have you been?! I have been so worried! Have you seen Draco?! He’s spent the last five years looking for you! How could you not even write, to me or to Ginny?!” Harry demanded.



“Harry give her a break!” Ginny chided him. “Look why don’t we all go back to our house and we can catch up. Mione you can stay for tea right? Plus you need to meet James.”






“Our son, he’s three.” Ginny smiled.



“Oh of course. I’ll go get changed first, why doesn’t Harry come get me at five so I know where I’m going?”



“Sounds good.”



“Okay you remember where my parents live right?” She asked.



After assuring her that he did remember where her parents lived, the couple and Hermione went their separate ways, with Hermione going back to her parent’s house to get ready.






Hermione walked into her parent’s house to be immediately attacked in a hug by her daughter. Picking her up she said “Hey sweetheart, did you have fun with Grandma and Grandpa?”



Nodding her pretty head Bella said “Yeah! Grandma and I painted pictures and then Grandpa showed me his collection of trains, they’re so pretty!”



“Oh wow, sounds like you had a good time. Think you’re still awake enough to come to some friends of mine for tea?”






“Hermione? Is that you?” Her mother called from the kitchen.



“Yeah mum coming.” Putting her daughter down, Hermione walked towards the kitchen.



“How was your shopping? Buy anything nice?” Her mother asked.



“Yeah. Here, I got this for you.” She handed her mother the bag with the bracelet in it.



“Oh what for?”



“Just to say thanks and I’m sorry for putting you in this situation.”



“Oh sweetie, you don’t need to apologise to me, I’m your mother, it’s my job to help you.” Her mother smiled at her.



Her mother opened the bag and unwrapped the bracelet, “Oh its gorgeous! Here help me put it on.” Putting the bracelet on for her mother, Hermione said;



“I bumped into Harry and Ginny when I was in town today… they’ve invited me round to theirs tonight for tea. I hope you don’t mind if I go?” Hermione wasn’t sure if her mother would want her to go out after just reuniting with her.



“Oh sure, you go catch up with your friends, I imagine you will have a lot to talk about. Do you want me to watch Bella for you?”



“No I thought I would take her with me so that they can meet her, plus she can meet their son James.”



“Oh that will be wonderful! You go on and get changed and I will watch her for you until you are ready.” Her mother shooed her out the kitchen and up the stairs.



Soon the doorbell rang and Harry was being warmly greeted by Hermione’s parents who were questioning him on his job as an Auror. Before long, Hermione noticed it was time they left to go see Ginny.



“I’ll probably just go back to where I’m staying tonight after visiting Harry and Ginny but I’ll call you tomorrow okay?” She told her parents as the left.






Just five minutes later Harry, Hermione and Bella were strolling through a lovely village that Hermione recognised very clearly.



“Godric’s Hollow? What possessed you to move here?” She asked.



“You’ll see.” He grinned at her.



They turned a corner and Hermione stopped, stunned. In front of her was the most beautiful cottage she had ever seen, made out of stones it belonged with the garden so absolutely, flowers crawled over the walls and windows and she could see that smoke from a roaring fire was coming out the stone chimney.



“Oh Harry its beautiful, it looks as though its straight out of a fairy-tale… Hang on, is this..?” She turned to him, her eyes full of questions.



“Yes this is the spot of my mother and fathers old house. Kingsley gave me permission to knock most of the old cottage down and clear the rubble; the foundations are the same though. He also employed people to cleanse it of all the dark magic and bless it with protection spells. It’s unplottable of course. Only people Ginny and I want to see can get access.”



“Wow. Let me see the inside!” Ginny opened the door to them all and greeted Hermione with another big hug before turning to the little girl hiding at her mother’s side.



“And who might you be sweetheart?” She crouched down to get a better look at her.



“My names Isabella Charlotte Granger-Malfoy and I am four years old.” She told the woman politely. When she said her last name both Ginny and Harry glanced at Hermione sharply.



“Well come in then guys!”






Half an hour later the three adults were sitting in the cosy living room of the Potters home whilst James and Bella played in the play room next door. Ginny had prepared a fabulous meal, clearly she had inherited her mother’s famous cookery skills and it was as they were now sitting back sipping wine that the conversation turned serious.



“So Mione, what have you been doing since you disappeared?” Ginny asked.



“Well, for the past five years I have been living in New York. Bella and I have a beautiful apartment and she is at pre-school now whilst I work at the New York Profit - I’m the editor in chief.” She told them proudly.



“To be honest I only came back because I received the letter about the five year reunion at Hogwarts, goodness knows how the owl knew where to find me but one can never underestimate McGonagall can they?” All three laughed.



“Also I knew that it was time to see my parents. Today was the first time I had spoken to them in five years. Today was also the day they found out about Bella.”



“They didn’t know?! But Hermione why didn’t you tell them?” Harry asked, shocked. He knew it was not like his best friend to keep secrets, especially from her family.



“I didn’t think they would be happy with me. I worried they would make me abort her, or come home and I wasn’t ready to come home. Draco would have found me easily and I just needed to get away.”



“Which brings us to the subject of you and Draco now. Does he know your back? Does he know about Bella?” Ginny asked.



“Yes and yes. It was quite coincidental you could say, we were one the same flight home from New York, as you know he and Blaise had gone of a tour of America and so we bumped into one another. He knows about Bella and she knows that he is her daddy. And for the two weeks that I am here I will be staying with Draco at Malfoy Manor.” She explained, taking a long sip of wine after she had finished.



“Two weeks?” As usual Ginny had picked up the most vital piece of information. “You’re leaving in two weeks?”



“Yes, I have to. My life is there, I have a great job, friends and Bella has just got settled in school. I can’t uproot her just for the sake of her seeing her father. It wouldn’t be fair.”



Just then the fire in the lounge burst into green flames and all three adults leapt to their feet in shock. All three had their wands pointed at the figure emerging from the fire.



“Harry, Ginny I need your help. I have a new lead on Hermione. I need to find her to get her back to me. We belong together.” The figure said, shaking soot out of his bright red hair.



“Ron….” Harry said, clearly lost for words. This was not his friend he recognised, the manic expression in his eyes clearly spoke loud and clear that Ronald Weasley was not the person he used to be.



“Ronald Weasley! I think you will find that you and I were never together and do not and will NEVER belong together. I think it’s time you get that fact straight.”



Ron whipped around to stare at her so fast that Harry automatically took a step closer to her, just encase he tried anything stupid.






“The one and only.”




I am soo soo sorry it’s been such a long time since I updated this story and I completely understand if you are annoyed at me. Unfortunately a lot has happened and I just haven’t felt up to writing but now hopefully I will be updating quicker! So what do you want to happen next?? Any suggestions?!  Please please leave a review (puppy dog eyes inserted here) I would be so grateful if you could? Just tell me what you think please?! Thank you!!! :)

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