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Writings of Nelissa Finnigan - A Failing Journalist by hplover987
Chapter 6 : Six
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You've left my lovely fiancee. - Cassandra Thomas.

Josie is under the illusion that I'm actually interested in Hugo Weasley. Who could ever be interested in him? He just short of stalked me. Last time I checked that isn't normal behaviour. But if Mum discovered I was dating anyone she would be thrilled, begging me to get pregnant so we can have a shotgun wedding.


Mum owled me last night to brief me for Cassie Thomas's boring

engagement party tonight. It won't be too bad because Josie has been invited too. But we still don't know who the groom is. Reading in between Mum's scatty gossiping lines Cassie is two months pregnant, which explains why the wedding is only two more months away.

Thirty minutes before we had to leave Josie was still out shopping for an outfit. She says that you always find single men at these kind of events. I don't know if that's true or not, but I've had rollers in since midday.


I heard a knock on the door, causing me to nearly smudge my eye liner. I shuffled over into the hall, being careful not to knock my rollers. I got to the door and looked through the peep hole. I couldn't see them straight away, I had to look down. A goblin was standing with a roll of parchment tucked under his arm. I went into a blind panic. They couldn't come here! All they do are send threatening letters about my dismal finances. I pressed my back to the wall to hide, but then I heard something awful.


“Can I help you?” Josie asked cheerily. I sighed heavily.


“I'm looking for a Ms Finnigan,” the goblin's voice came.


“Oh, she should be in. I'm her flat mate,” Josie said. Then Josie's

key was pushed into the door and turned. I hurried into the bathroom and climbed into the bath, rollers, stockings and all. Then I drew the shower curtain a little. “Nel!” Josie called. I kept quiet as the bathroom door opened. I saw the goblin behind her as she scanned the room. I think Josie spotted me because she started to frown. “Sorry,” Josie said. “She must have popped out,” she shrugged.


“Could you inform her that if she doesn't put more money into her account we will be forced to involve law enforcement,” the goblin said.


“I'll let her know,” Josie said anxiously. I listened out and heard the door slam. I sat slowly up and the bathroom door opened again. Josie stood in the doorway with her arms folded. “Nel,” she said disapprovingly.


“Sorry,” I tried. She stepped forward and gave me a hand out of the bath. Once I was on my feet Josie stood back.


“Nel, you didn't have to do that,”


“I did,” I laughed.


“Let's go into your room,” she said. We walked across the hall and when we were inside she reclined back onto my bed. “I don't know what you're so afraid of. When I go to Gringotts the goblins are lovely to me. They ask me how I'm doing, and slow the cart down, and once they even brought me a bottle of mead,” Josie reasoned.


“They might like you. But you have trillions of galleons in your vault,”


“Not trillions,” she laughed.


“You've seen my letter, you know how much I have in mine,”


“You can get through this, Nel. If you wasn't so proud I'd pay your debts myself,”


“No way,” I retorted.


“We'll think of something,” she smiled.


“Thanks, Josie,” I replied.


“Come on then, let's get ready for this thing,” she said and hurried out of my room.


* * *


I walked with Josie arm in arm towards the Thomas house. It was big and Victorian and situated in the middle of nowhere. I remember coming here when I was young and hating it. It hadn't changed besides the large groups of people heading toward the garden. We walked around the back of the house and outside until we came to huge gazebo's sheltering the patio. There were people in suits walking around holding silver platters of canapés and champagne. We both took one and Josie leant over to my ear.


“I didn't think they had this much money,” she whispered.


“They don't. The only people more broke than them is me,”


“Oh, then how can they afford this?”


“The groom must be minted?” I offered.


“Who is he?”


“I don't know. Mum doesn't either,” I thought.


“Josephine, Nelissa,” a male voice said behind us and we turned around. Josie's face lit up and I had to look hard before I recognised him. Greg Wood.


“Greg!” she squealed excitedly.


“You've changed,” I commented. The last time I had seen him, or Josie for that matter, was on our last day of Hogwarts. He was a band listening, tattoo wanting, skinny jeans wearing boy back then. Now he was filled out with short hair and tattoo's on his hands. But he was good looking, I regret not snogging him back at school.


“You girls haven't,” he said, looking at Josie. “And you're both still attached at the hip,”


“So, how come you're here? You never were close to Cassie,” I said.


“Do you know the groom?” Josie asked eagerly. Greg started to laugh and we both looked at him oddly.


“What?” I asked.


“You haven't heard?” he asked.


“Heard what?” Josie asked.


“I'm the groom,” Greg finally said.


“You're marrying Cassie?” I asked, trying to hide my disgust.


“That's right. We've been dating for four months,” he explained.


Then Cassie spotted us and ran over. She wrapped her arms around Greg's waist and reached up to kiss him on the cheek. “You've met my lovely fiancée,” she said happily.


“Yes, the same place you did,” Josie replied.


“Sorry?” Cassie gasped.


“At school,” I supplied.


“Oh, yes,” she laughed. “Come on, Greg. My friend Tina wants to say hello,”


“Tina Green?” Greg asked.


“Yes, that's right. Now come on,” she urged. Greg looked at Josie and I had to hold in a laugh. Cassie pulled him away and we both looked after them.


“What do you think?” Josie asked quietly.


“At least we know how they can afford this. Greg's dad has money from being Quidditch Captain at Puddlemere,” I explained. “And the

wedding?” I asked her.


“Definitely shotgun,”


“She probably did everything possible to get knocked up, just so she could get to his money,” I laughed.


“Not taking her contraception potion,” Josie put in.


“Telling him he doesn't 'need' to preform the charm,”


“Poking pin holes through the condoms if they're going muggle style,” Josie said and bit down on her lip.


“I bet he was thrilled,” I muttered sarcastically.


“Who has a STD now,” she said smugly and took a large gulp of champagne.


“He was looking at you,” I teased.


“He's engaged,” she reminded me.


“He was dating Olive Goyle when you got with him back at school,”


“This is different. Everyone's grown up now,”


“Of course,” I said and rolled my eyes.


“Anyway, what's going on with you and him?” Josie asked.


“I don't know,” I sighed, finishing off my glass and retrieving another. “I saw him on the weekend and we did some shopping and it was really nice. But he's so damn infuriating,”


“Really? He doesn't seem it,”


“Well, he is. And I had to buy a broom because he was there,”


“A broom,” Josie echoed. “As in a racing broom?”


“Yeah,” I nodded. “I only asked him for advice because I didn't want

to get stalked,”


“I didn't know he was into Quidditch,”


“Obviously,” I laughed. “How do you think he manages them?”


“Manages who?” she asked, confused.




“England,” she echoed. “Who are you talking about?”


“James,” I laughed. “Who are you talking about?”


“Hugo,” Josie grinned.




“Why? What's been happening with James?”


“Your guess is as good as mine, Josie,” I shrugged. I looked over to the buffet table and saw Greg alone and watching us. He saw me and looked down. “Someone wants you to go over,” I told Josie. She looked and started to laugh.


“At his engagement party!” she gasped.


“Go on. This might be your last chance to flirt before he's a married man,” I reminded her.


“But I can't leave you,”


“I'll go and talk to Mum and Dad about getting some of my money back,”


“Okay,” she breathed. “Good,” Josie smiled. She started for Greg and I spotted my parents. I walked over and tapped Dad on the shoulder. He turned around and beamed at me. I hugged him and little and Mum kissed me on the cheek.


“Okay, Darling?” Dad asked.


“Yeah, are you okay?” I asked.


“Are you dating anyone yet?” Mum asked in hushed tones.


“Not since I saw you last,” I rolled my eyes.


“Leave her be,” Dad begged.


“Actually I wanted to talk to you about something,”


“Anything,” Mum urged with bright eyes. Oh no, she thinks I'm pregnant.


“You know that money I borrowed you both. I was wondering when you're going to be paying me back?”


“Oh,” Mum said and started to laugh.


“We were going to surprise you,” Dad added.


“What?” I asked weakly.


“We're not paying you back,”


“You're not paying me back,” I echoed.


“No, we've booked a holiday for you,” Dad explained.


“And a special someone,” Mum added excitedly.


“Or Josie, or anyone,” Dad reminded her.


“Wow, thanks,” I replied dimly.


“You could act a little more grateful,” Mum snapped.


“I am,”


“Do you need the money? Are you in any trouble?” Dad asked with concern.


“No,” I laughed hysterically. “Of course not,” I lied. “I'm just going to the loo,” I said and turned to walk inside the house. I walked so far down the corridor and stopped. There was a copy of the Daily Prophet lying on a little table. I picked it up and flicked to the sports section. My own article stared back at me and I read over it with little interest (how I feel when I write it). Then I turned a couple of pages until I came to the work wanted section. That's what I needed! A part time job. If I earn a little bit extra Gringotts will leave me be. I scanned the page until an advertisement caught my eye.



Hogwarts school is looking for a trainer to work with our first and second years. They will be required to teach the rules of the game and apply it to a practical game. Someone with an interest in the sport is a must and a career in the field is preferable.

Contact Alfred Willber (headmaster) for details.'


This is perfect! I work in the field and I can fake interest. The only person that tends to catch me out is James. This what I'll do, I'll become a part time quidditch coach.

Thanks for reading and feel free to review! We're half way there x

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