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Far From Home and All Alone by Already There
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two
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The two men apparate us to a small dark shack.  "Lumos" The first man mutters.  There are at least ten prisoners locked up in here.  Todd Thompson and the rest of his team are tied up in one corner.  The other corner is filled with a group of scared looking wizards in white robes.  A young woman among them catches my eye.

Her bright blue eyes meet mine as she swipes a lock of strawberry blond hair out of her face. She might be the most beautiful women in the world.  I may be a bit biased though.  I've been madly in love with her for about seven or eight years and we are planning to get married in about a month. She doesn't look at all well right now though. Her natural beauty is eclipsed by sunken eyes, chapped lips and stringy hair.  She turns her head up and looks into my eyes.  I slowly wink twice.  She nods at me and quickly turns away.

"Victorie is over there."  I breathe into Lily's ear.  She quickly glances towards where my fiancee is tied up and the then towards the floor.

"Even though you pathetic Aurors tried to stop us and imprison our leaders, Grindlewald's Heirs has once again prevailed,"  The man with the baseball cap says.  "We have taken these Unspeakables and their weapons of mass destruction! Bring forth Victorie Weasley and Samuel Phillips, inventors of a dangerous new poison invented to kill enemies of the Ministry.  We have spilled the poison into the cup of your precious Aurours!"  The man pulled a clear, corked flask filled with a gross brown substance out of his pocket.

"Ha! That?"  Victoire laughed.  "That's a failed lycanthropy cure.  A whole goblet full gave our testers light headaches and dizziness.  Not what they needed near the full moon."  The baseball caped man zaps an unknown jinx in her direction. Lily grabs my arms instinctively, a reminder to stay back.  She knows how badly I want to beat that guy to a pulp and how that would jeopardize our cover.

"Your lies won't save that man over there."

Victoire shrugs, earning her another spell.  "If you care so little about him, maybe I should practice my favorite spells on him," the baseball capped man says as he grabs my collar.  "CRUCIO!" he yells.

I've been under the Cruciatus Curse before, but under close supervision for short periods of time during training.  Then, an Auror took me into a small room and slowly built up my tolerance to about thirty seconds over the course of a few hours.  Now, I am sitting in a tiny damp shed with a bunch of dark wizards who didn't believe in breaks for inspirational pep talks.  The pain feels like just that; pure and unadulterated pain, throbbing and piercing pain, starting in my heart and pulsing through my arms and legs.  My body would soon explode, implode or maybe even both at once.  The shack blurs and shakes.  I am in a shack, right?  Not in the deepest pits of hell, or inside the most frightning corners of my dreams.

It lifts.  For a moment, it doesn't matter that I am kidnapped with my fiancee and Lily in a dirty little shack.

"I'll do it longer next time, Weasley.  Bring forth Tina Jones, inventor of the long period time turner."

A middle aged brunette women is forcibly brought to the middle of the room.  The barista pulls a small pendent on a silver chain out of his pocket.  Tina Jones's eyes widen.

"You don't realize the power you have there."  She gasps.  "I bet you don't even know what time it'll send you to!"

"Oh, we know when we'll go," The baseball caped man says gleefully.  "It's set at nineteen forty right now."

Tina Jones squints at the device "But it's not.  It's set to send you almost sixty years later, in nineteen-"

"Quiet,"  The barista says, cutting her off with a silencing charm.  "Heirs, take our prisoners to the clearing."

A few men and women lurk from out of the shadows and grab onto groups of prisoners.  The baseball capped man grabs Lily and I.

With a loud pop, we find ourselves in a clearing surrounded by trees.  One of the 'Heirs' walks over to a nearby tree and carves a circle onto it.  She incloses it with a triangle and spits it in half.

"The Great Gellert Grindlewald's sign!" She shouts.  The barista nods and hangs the time turner around his neck.  The Baseball capped man drags Lily and I to the center next to him.  

"My associate and I will travel to the time of Gellert Grindlewald, learn from his great wisdom and, mere days before his defeat by Albus Dumbledore, transport him here to begin his second reign."

I roll my eyes.  Grindlewald might have been evil, but he knew better than to come to the future with a bunch of crazed lunatics.

"For the Greater Good!"  The barista yelled.  

"For the Greater Good!"  The rest of the dark wizards replied. I cannot stand this crap anymore.  I lean towards the barista, grab the time turner in my mouth, and pull it off his neck, holding Lily's arm tightly the whole time.  Before anyone can react I reach into the baseball capped man's pants and pull my wand out.  

"Accio 'ack'ack!" I yell, the words muffled by the device still held between my teeth, grabbing the pack in midair.  The barista reaches for the chain dangling out my mouth.  I turn my head quickly, but not quickly enough; he grabs it and pulls, but I clench down on it hard and it stays in my mouth.  I thrust my head into the air in a fast and forceful motion, so strong that the man lets go of the chain.

I might not even have noticed that the world was spinning away from me if not for Lily's screams.


"Where is everyone?"

I look around.  The dark wizards are gone, but so are Victoire and the other Unspeakables.  It felt as if I went through a portkey, and yet we were in the same place.

Except...It was not the same place.  We are still about a few yards from the clearing, but everything just looked a bit different. I spit the time turner into my hand and throw it over my neck.  Of course.  The time turner.

"Can you let go of me?" Lily finally asks. I look down and notice her hand had become red from me clutching her wrist so tight.  

"Sorry Lily," I say half heartedly as I walk to the tree the dark wizards had inscribed Grindlewald's sign on.  The symbol is no longer there.

"Looks like Tina Jones's invention worked" I say.  "I think we time traveled"

Lily's eyes widen. "Forward or backward?" She askes timidly.

"Backwards.  That witch inscribed the sign pretty deep. It would have left some kind of scaring even years later.."

Just as I say that, I hear a pair of footsteps in the clearing.

"Let's leave!" Lily moans.

"No.  I want to see when we are."

Lily shakes her head frantically, her short and unnaturally blond hair swimming in front of her face as I grab her wrist again and pull her towards the clearing.

"Teddy Lupin, let me go!"

"Shh... Teddy Lupin might not exist yet."

"I hope he does! I hope we just went to yesterday or last month!  I can deal with that!"

In the clearing, a ragged looking man stoops over a small pile of wood, igniting it with his wand as we approach. I would guess he is in his forties or so, but from this distance it is hard to tell.  

"Hey!" I yell. The man quickly spins around and draws his wand.  Before I can put up my hands in surrender he casts a shield charm.  I get a good look of him, finally.  Nondescript brown eyes, gray streaked brown hair and a ton of ugly scars sit upon an oddly familiar face.

"Hey! I'm not trying to kill you!  I just want to ask a quick question!"

The man releases the shield charm, but does not lower his wand.  I quickly let go of Lily again so he would not think I was kidnapping her or anything.

"What's the date?" I ask.

"The date?" he questions, confused.  "It's Friday.  What's around your neck?"

"Why are you so nosy?  You have anymore details, like month and year specifics?"

"It's September fifth, 1997.  Why is the date so important?"

I barely heard the last part.  Lily gasped a and shrinks up a bit.  Going to the height of Voldemort's reign was not what Harry had in mind when he told me to keep his daughter safe.  Actually, that was the last thing Harry had in mind.  As a matter of fact, I bet if Harry was here Death Eaters would be the least of my problems.

"Did you need to be somewhere by now?" He asks, bewildered by Lily's response.

"No.  She's just a bit excitable, with the Death Eaters and Voldem-er, You-Know-Who running around."

The man did not buy that.  Instead, he walks over to me and grabs the device around my neck.  "What kind of device is this?" he asks in shock.

"None of your concern." I say, pulling it away.

"How did you get past my protection charms?" He asks me an annoyed voice. "Nobody's broken past my anti-apparation, anti-portkey and muggle repelling spells in years."

"Guess we just kind of wandered in," I shrug, pulling Lily away.

"That dial had numbers around.  What do they mean?  You aren't some kind of time travelers, are you?  Because you're obviously stupid one to show up in a middle of war."

Damn, we had to come across the smartest dude in the forest.  One who thinks he's the shit apparently.

"That flash of light over there looked nothing like a portkey, and I've cast anti apparition spells around the surrounding thee square miles. You two do not look like you've been traveling on foot that long."

Man, this jerk is annoying.  I guess I should have listened to Lily.  "Fine. I'm a time traveler. Since I don't want to bother you with my time traveling antics, I'll leave you here to sit in the middle of the forest.  I would tell you not to tell anyone about me, but for some reason I think no one would believe you if you did.  Goodbye."  

"Now wait a minute!" The man says.  "I don't know what it's like when you live, but we're in the midst of a war.  Do either of you have any defense training?"

"I'm an Auror." I reply tentatively. "And her dad's a bit paranoid.  She knows-"

Suddenly, everything seems to blur in front of my eyes.  I grab the nearby tree to keep myself from falling.  

"We'll be fine," I gasp as I clutch the tree again.  I wonder if I am time traveling again.  Everything seems to spin before my eyes.  Had the forest been so dark a moment ago?  

I feel as if a giant weight had risen from me as I stumble and fall onto the forest floor.


"He's vegetarian, he won't eat that.  More for me, I always say.  Don't worry, I think he's got some peanut butter in that gigantic backpack go his."


"He put an undetectable extension charm on it.  He's got a sleeping bag in there, a deluxe potions kit, a few small children…"

The man snorts as Lily lists off my bag's content.  I can smell some kind of meat, sausages possibly, cooking over a campfire nearby.  The man and Lily seemed to be disturbingly well acquainted by now.  Knowing that girl, she had already told him our whole life stories.  I open my eyes slightly to see that it is pitch black in the forest now except for the campfire.

"You up, Timmy?"  Lily turns and asks me with a smile.  "I introduced us as Lainey and Tim, like before."

"Kinda," I mutter as I try to sit up.  "How long was I out?"

"You don't remember?  You woke up right after you fainted, but then laid down to rest and went straight to sleep.  Neither of us could remember if we were supposed to wake you up when you start fainting all over the place, so we just let you lie there."

"Glad to see you're being cautious."

Lily giggles and scoots closer to me.  "So it's almost dinner time.  I've taken the liberty of donating some of your sandwich bread and applesauce.  I have no idea why you have applesauce in that bag, but it's cinnamon flavored and cinnamon is awesome, so we're eating it.  All of it."

"Sure, yeah."

I rack my brain to think of what Victoire said about the potion those Grindlewald'e Heirs had given me.  She said it gave the testers light headaches and dizziness when they consumed large quantities, right?  So how come when I take a few drops I'm taking an impromptu nap in a pile of leaves and mud?  

Unfortunately, it seems like Lily and I are stuck with her new friend for awhile. I tentatively stand up and walk over to the fire where the man is cooking to try and make nice with him.  

"I don't think we really got a chance to introduce ourselves,"  I say, awkwardly sticking out my hand.  He places the skillet on the ground and stands up to face me.  "You can call me Tim Grey."

"Remus Lupin,"  the man responds.  Before I am even able to react, I hear a loud coughing sound.  It was Lily, standing a few feet away and barely able to control her laughter.

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