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    DISCLAIMER: I don't own the lyrics! Song Lyrics are from Untouchable originally by Luna Halo, but this is taken from Taylor Swift's version.





    Chapter 5

    “Do you think that if I glare at someone forcefully enough, they’ll get a hole burned in their head?” Nova irritably asked Lily in the morning that weekend. She glanced at Nova through the mirror, where she was clasping pearly earrings on her tiny ears.

    Lily did a quick 180 spin. Nova was in her Head’s Common Room, and, Nova had to admit, it was a really great advantage to being a Head. “Does this have anything to do with Remus going out with that Ravenclaw girl?”

    “Pshh, whaaa-?” Nova bluffed. “No. Why on earth would you think…something…ridiculous…like that-oh Merlin, Lily shoot me right now.”

    Lily giggled at her. “I don’t think it’ll work out. There’s…well…there’s some secrets that Remus has been hiding, which I don’t think the Ravenclaw girl is going to like.”

    “What if she doesn’t even find them out?”

    Lily shrugged. “Don’t worry about it, Nova. I’m sure he likes you. Maybe he’s just confused.”

    “But…” Nova sighed. “Is it stupid to say that I honestly thought he would ask me out?”

    Lily gazed at her friend. “No! Never! I would have too, in your position.”

    Nova shrugged. “Oi, why are you dazzling yourself up anyways?”

    Lily burst out laughing. “It’s the first Hogsmead today!”

    Nova blinked and stared. “That’s today?” Then she looked down at what she was wearing. “Er…Lil? Could I maybe borrow some of your clothes?”

    “Of course!” Lily told her, ruffling through her closet. “Wear this,” she said, giving Nova a ruffled black miniskirt with a lime green t-shirt and black leg warmers, only, directing her to put them on her arms. “It looks good on you.”

    Nova grinned. “Thanks.”

    As they emerged from Lily’s room, they came across James and the rest of the Marauders. Sirius was near passed out on the couch, Peter was engaging in a conversation with Remus, and James was walking around clad in nothing but a towel, having just come out from his shower.

    “Ew! James! Put clothes on!” Nova shrieked, clasping a hand over her eyes.

    “Oh thank the heavens you’re here!” Sirius gleefully said. “I was dying of boredom without you and-ho…ly…shit. You have legs.”

    Nova lifted a brow. “So do you.”

    “No, like…you have legs. You have sexy legs.”

    “Er…thank…you?” Nova unsurely said, subconsciously hiding her legs from view. Even Remus looked up from Peter, to her legs, she noticed. “And shouldn’t you go now? To erm…be clothed?” Nova shifted awkwardly, when she spoke to James.

    “Right,” he said. “But er…bit late, but would you suppose you’d like to go to Hogsmead with me today?” he calmly asked.

    Nova blinked and stared at him. She slowly turned her head to face a surprised Lily. “Nova, I mean,” James added, as if that was what delayed her answer.

    Lily shrugged, seeming to have not minded. So Nova grinned and said, “Sure!”

    “Not fair,” Sirius groaned. “Now I have no one to look forward to being with during Hogsmead! I should’ve asked you first,” he rambled on.

    “Aw, I’m flatted,” Nova sarcastically said. “Glad to see I’m so appreciated.”

    “Be a good minion, Minion, and blow off your dumb date and have fun with me!” Sirius lightly demanded.

    She narrowed her eyes. “No.”

    He pouted.


    “What happened to ‘I love Lily and I’m oblivious to all other females in the female species’?” Nova asked James as they walked around Hogsmead, after having already gone to Zonkos.

    He had his arm casually around her as they walked. She could feel him shrug. “Six years of rejection in everything, and it kind of just hits you that it won’t happen. Besides,” he said, a smile tugging on his lips. “Then you came along, little innocent girl who we’ve never noticed, and I feel slightly attracted to you.”

    Nova laughed. “That’s a compliment, yes?”


    “Good,” she nodded. “You’re not all that bad either, Potter.”

    He lifted a brow. “Not all that bad? Psh, I’m the best, Prescott!”

    “You tell yourself that,” she smirked. “Ooh, can we go Honeydukes?” she asked, as she noticed the store.

    “Of course!” he told her, leading her in. Nova noticed that he held her hand, nice and tenderly, gently too.

    She actually liked it.

    “I’ve been craving the Caramel Chocolate Chips,” she admitted. “I must be infatuated with chocolate and chocolate chips.”

    He gave her a lopsided grin.

    The two of them hadn’t known it, but Peter, Remus, Sirius, and Lily were spending the entire Hogsmead trip following the two of them around secretly-Peter under the Invisibility Cloak, and Remus, Sirius, and Lily all with disillusionment charm, making them invisible. Remus had blown off his Ravenclaw date for this.

    “Is he holding her hand?” Lily whispered.

    “Why? You jealous?” Sirius asked, wiggling his eyebrows even though it was pointless and they wouldn’t see it.

    “Of course not!”

    “This is ridiculous!” Remus said. “What does he mean, he felt ‘attracted’ to her?”

    “You sound like a clingy ex-boyfriend, Remus,” Lily muttered. Then she gasped. “Remus! You’re jealous, aren’t you? You like Nova! You like, like, NOVA!”

    Nova’s head whipped around, as she thought she heard her name being called. “What’s wrong?” James asked her, looking down at her.

    “Huh? Oh! Er, nothing. Nothing, I just thought that I heard someone call out my name,” she told him as they left the store. Her eyes fell on the shrieking shack. “Have you ever been in there?” she asked him.

    He worriedly glanced away. “No, of course not.”

    She tilted her head as she stared at it. “Are you up for an adventure?”

    His head snapped back to hers. “You don’t mean that you want to go in there?”

    She nodded. “Come on! I want to see what’s in there. It doesn’t even look spooky.”

    “Er…” was all James was able to get out before she grabbed his hand and ran for the shrieking shack.

    Lily, who knew about Remus already because she was smart enough to catch on, worriedly asked, “Do you think we should go up there as well?”

    “Yes,” Remus firmly stated. “I don’t want those two out of my sight.”

    “Now you’re acting like an over-overprotective father, Remus,” Sirius commented. “Oi, Peter, you even here?”

    “Yes,” he squeaked out. “Come on. We better get there quickly or the door will close and we’ll have to open it super carefully and slowly so they don’t hear.”

    Remus blinked. That was probably the first smart thing he’d said in three years.

    They quickly reached the door before it shut, and heard Nova’s voice.

    “This place has the potential to be a nice, cozy home,” she said, running her fingers along the wood. She turned around. “Don’t you think?”

    He smiled at her. “Do you like to decorate?”

    She nodded. “Especially big things like houses, or grand functions.”

    James thought for a moment. “My family does a winter ball every year. You could decorate that if you want. My mum hates decorating it. And it usually looks like utter hippogriff dung anyways.”

    She laughed. “I’d love to!” He had pulled her closer to him while she laughed with her head thrown back a bit. When she regained composure, all she could do was stare at his big brown orbs that stared right back into her little green ones.

    And without warning, he leaned down and pressed his lips against hers.

    Remus almost gave them away by choking on his own saliva. Lily’s mouth was hanging open and Sirius just blinked and stared. Peter almost had a panic attack.

    James pushed Nova up against the wall of the shack, smiling against her lips, as her hands tangled themselves into his soft hair. His hands moved from the sides of her waist to the loops on the miniskirt for a belt, to just up against the wall to keep her right there, where he wanted her to be.

    Peter eventually managed to make a pan fall, causing them to break apart. Nova was blushing a little and James laughed at this. “Come on, we best get out of here before we get in trouble.”

    She rolled her eyes, but let him lead her out of the shack anyways.

    All in all, she had a fantastic day.

    And Remus Lupin hadn’t popped in her mind at all.


    Dinner was awkwardly silent among the six of them. Nova’s eyes flitted from the four of them. “SO,” she loudly said, gaining all of their attention. “What did you guys do at Hogsmead today? How was it?” she asked, trying to be conversive, hardly knowing she was doing the entire opposite.

    “Fine,” Remus curtly mumbled.

    She sighed, holding a hand up to her head. “Do you know the bigger the grape is, the more sour than sweet it is?” she curiously asked.

    Even her usual randomness wasn’t enough that day to break the tension. Growing terribly tired of it, she loudly slammed her plate of food away. “Something’s up, something’s bothering all of you, it’s really awkward and full of tension around us all right now, I don’t know why, you won’t say anything, and nothing is making it better. Maybe if I just go away, you’d be better, yeah?” she angrily said, speeding out of there before any of them could stop her.

    James groaned and slammed his head against the table. “So,” Remus said, quietly. “Anything…interesting happen?”

    He gave him a confused look. “When?”

    “When you went to Hogsmead, of course,” Lily piped up.

    He narrowed his eyes. “Er, well, I suppose so, yeah. How come you’re all pouncing on me now?”

    Sirius shrugged. “What happened, then, mate? Give us the details!”

    Lily gave him a disgusted look. James’ neck flared red a bit, as he awkwardly rubbed it. “Well…er…we uh, we kissed, if that’s what you mean.”

    Lily snorted. Kissed, my arse, she thought. More like snogged the living daylights.


    “Are you mad at me, Lily?” Nova meekly asked when Lily stormed in the girl’s dormitory after dinner.

    She furiously shook her head, no, as she paced back and forth. “Heavens, no. Just…just a bit surprised, is all.”

    Nova raised a brow. “Oh why is he going around asking you out? He spent six years pining after me! SIX. Have you any idea what that means? Bloody idiot’s infatuated with me and he’s hardly spoken a word to me this year unless it had to do with bloody Heads duties!”

    Nova felt a smile creep up on her face. “Lily dear, do you like James Potter?”

    She blushed like mad, stuttering out, “N-no, of-f course n-not!”

    Nova’s smile widened. “You do!”

    “No, I don’t!” Lily snapped. “Oh merlin, who am I kidding?” she moaned. “I like him! I like him, loads! Eurgh, Nova help me!” She paused for a second. “Actually, no. Don’t. You’re the one going out with the idiot.”

    Nova frowned. “I could not, if you want.”

    “No!” Lily quickly said. “Don’t go about screwing up things for yourself just for me.”

    Nova bitterly laughed. “Lily dear, it can’t be any more screwy than it already is, thanks to one Remus Lupin.”

    Lily gave her a sympathetic, half understanding look. “Who is the Ravenclaw witch anyways?” As an afterthought, she added, “I meant that in the mean way, not the literal.”

    Nova laughed, but answered anyhow, “I believe her name is Kirsty Abbott.”

    Lily groaned, curling her legs up as she sat against Nova’s bed, resting her chin against the tips of her knees. “And she’s not even a mean person!”

    “Well what did you expect, with Remus? He’s not Sirius,” Nova retaliated.

    Lily shrugged. “Well now I’d feel bad to go and prank her to ease on our problems.”

    “Me too,” Nova told her. “Hey, shouldn’t you be heading back to your Head’s house now? Before it gets past curfew?”

    Lily nodded. “Yeah, you’re right. I’ll see you in Potions tomorrow then,” she said, smiling at Nova. Nova beamed back, in return.

    Nova had heard some shuffling around outside their door, but made nothing of it. Lily swung open the door, and both girls headed down the stairs. Lily hugged her good night, nodded goodbye to the Marauders who were down there as well, and out of breath for some reason, and left without waiting for James.

    Nova watched Lily leave, and inwardly grinned. “Yes!” she hissed, hi-fiving James.

    James winked and walked backwards out the door, as he reminded Nova, “You are the best. It’ll all pay off in the end!”

    She smirked, shaking her head. Remus, Sirius, and Peter gave her odd looks. “What was that about?” Peter asked.

    She cracked a smile. “Nothing, Peter boy-o. Nothing of your concern.”

    “But-” Remus began.

    “You’ll all find out soon enough. At this rate, I give it about two weeks,” Nova sternly told them. “Now shoo. Go on up to bed.”

    Sirius pouted at her. “Minion,” he whined. “You’re acting like a mum.”

    “I ought to as well!” Nova said, unmoving. “Heaven knows you four need one.”

    Peter groaned throwing his head back, “It’s bad enough with Remus. You make Remus look like nothing!”

    She tilted her head and grinned at the bloke. “That’s good, on my part. Now go! Go on up!”

    “Miss Nova?”

    She whipped around to see little Nole Corner tugging on her sweatpants. “Miss Nova, I can’t sleep and Mattie is having a bad dream. Will you tuck us in and sing to me like my mummy does?”

    She smiled warmly at him, crouching down to his level. “Of course I will, sweetie! Come on, why don’t you take me up there?” she said, standing up straight again, taking his hand as he led her. She looked behind her shoulder. “You three come too,” she ordered. “I’m not going to ask you politely again.”

    Sirius rolled his eyes but dragged himself up anyways.

    “Aw, Mattie,” she pouted at the little boy who was sweating, sitting up clutching his blanket. “Come here, sweetie, do you want a hug?” he nodded throwing himself at her. Sirius stuck his head in the doorway, feeling relieve that she was turned away and didn’t know that he was there, as well as Peter and Remus, who he dragged along with him.

    “Why are we doing this, again?” Remus hissed.

    “Shut up, Moony,” Sirius told him. “Because it’s fun to watch the way she acts with children as opposed to us.”

    Remus rolled his eyes but didn’t leave either. Sirius cast the disillusionment charms once more and stood by the doorway as they watched her going from bathroom to the two boys’ beds to everywhere. She came back with a wet cloth, and lightly pressed it to Matthias’ forehead and neck. “How do you feel, sweetie? Do you feel sick?”

    He nodded dazedly. “I don’t feel too well Miss Nova.”

    “Oh, honey,” she sighed. “Are you going to throw up?” he nodded and she scooped him up, rushing to the bathroom. “Let it all out, sweetie,” she told him, rubbing his back soothingly. “You’ll feel better when it’s all gone.”

    After cleaning him all up, Nova led him back to his bed where Nole patiently waited for her. “Will you sing now, Miss Nova?” She pursed her lips.

    “Nole, sweetie, I’m not much of a singer, honey-” His wide eyes and pouty expression made her debate it. “Oh alright. What do you want me to sing?”

    “My mummy likes muggle music,” he told her. “Do you know muggle music?” She nodded. “Do you know a song called ‘Untouchable’ Miss Nova?”

    She smiled. “Yes, actually. I quite love that song, don’t you Nole? Mattie, have you heard it before?” The tired looking boy shook his head, no.

    She smiled, patting Nole on his chest lightly as she started to sing.

    “...and when you’re close I feel like coming undone. In the middle of the night, when I’m in this dream, it’s like a million little stars, spelling out your name, you’ve gotta..."

    She smiled, feeling successful. Not only did the two boys fall fast asleep by the end of the song, but all of the other eleven year olds who had been previously staring up at her curiously had also fallen asleep. Her heart felt warm as she looked around at the little kids who were asleep, and she went around, tucking each of them in and making sure their head weren’t hanging half off the bed-it would hurt in the morning.

    She quietly shut the door and headed up for the seventh year boys’ dormitories. As soon as Remus and Sirius realized this, they quickly dashed ahead of her, as discreetly as they could have, tugging Peter along. Their chests were rising high and low when she quietly opened the door. Peter still had his glasses on. She stifled small laughter, and pulled them off, setting them down on his bedside table, properly fixing the blanket on him.

    Her eyes scanned over Remus and Sirius. Half of Sirius’s body was hanging off the bed. So Nova hovered over his bed, lifting his upper half of his body and lightly pushing it in, and doing the same with his lower half. Remus was without any blanket, so she pulled it up from the foot of his bed and covered him up. She whispered a tiny, “Good night, boys” though she knew they wouldn’t have heard it.


    “So,” Sirius amusedly stated at breakfast. Lily yawned tiredly and gave him a pointed look, for him to continue. “Nova, I’m wondering…Do you have any special talents? I don’t know, like perhaps…dancing…singing?”

    Remus’ eyes shot warningly at Sirius, who was oblivious, as he devoured his eggs. Nova blinked. “Er…uhm…I don’t…think so. I mean, I-I sometimes sing and all but I don’t have a good voice.”

    Sirius snorted, but it went unnoticed by Nova. “Why do you look so tired? How late did you get in last night? Not too late, it can’t have been. You must have just spent a few minutes putting Nole and Matt to sleep, yeah?”

    Nova blinked once more. “Er…well no, not exactly…”

    “I’m confused,” James stated. “Are you confused?” he asked Lily, who looked surprised that he’d even acknowledged her.

    “Oh, um. Well, yes.”

    He nodded. “Good. I don’t feel too left out.”


    “Alright, today, I would like for you to pair up with one of the three others who are seated at your tables. We will be making a Draught of Living Death potion,” Slughorn told them. He looked up when no one moved. “Go on, now! Instructions on page 593.”

    Everyone scrambled around. Nova glanced at her three options: Sirius, James, or Remus.

    The three of them had allegedly claimed her when picking seats the second day of classes.

    She honestly hadn’t minded. When neither one of the three of them had gotten up to get any supplies, nor had they decided who they’d work with, she stood up and left to get the supplies to leave them to choose. As she came back not five minutes later, the three of them were arguing amongst themselves. “I called Nova first!” Sirius said.

    “Too bad, she likes me better, she’ll be my partner,” Remus curtly told him.

    Excuse me. I believe Nova is my girlfriend, and as so, she will be my partner,” James demanded.

    “Shut up!” Nova ordered. The three of them fell silent. “Dear heaven, what is wrong with the three of you? I’ll work with Sirius for this one, alright? No complaints.”

    They nodded silently. Sirius stuck his tongue out at James and Remus. Lily, who sat a fair distance away from them, yet still in hearing distance, gave Nova an amused look, to which she rolled her eyes at. “You crush the beetle, and I’ll-”

    “It says to cut it,” Sirius interrupted.

    She shot him a look. “I’m a potions genius, Black. Just do as I say.”

    He looked like he wanted to complain, but did as she said without complaint. “I’ll cut up the gurdy root. Could you possibly add in the caterpillar skins?”

    He nodded and did so after adding the crushed beetle juices. They were almost done after a half hour.

    “Stir clockwise four times,” she ordered, while wiping her hands clean. She looked up. “Let it sit for ten minutes and then stir counter clockwise twice. Then we’re done!” she gleefully said, sitting back.

    As it turned out, Mack Finnegan’s potion exploded in his face, Lily and Nita’s potion was ace, and Sirius and Nova’s overcame Lily and Nita’s, which came as a surprise to both Slughorn and Sirius. “Did I, or did I not tell you to just shut up, do as I say, and trust me?” she asked, smirking when they were getting ready to leave class.

    He lopsidedly grinned at her. “I simply must learn to just shut up and listen to you.”

    “I wear the pants in this relation, Snuffles,” Nova told him. “Always remember that,” she said, winking, as she left the Marauders to catch up to Nita and Lily.

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