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Papa don't preach, I'm in trouble,

Papa don't preach, I've been losing sleep,

But I've made up mind, I'm keeping my baby,

I'm gonna keep my baby

Papa don't preach ~ Madonna


It's been a week since I found out I was pregnant, I still have to tell my parents and the possible fathers. All I can say is that I blame my twin brother Frankie, it was his stupid idea to have one of the parties, that stupid end of fifth year party.

The other parties were because it was James Potter the second's birthday and my best friend Dominique Delacour-Weasley's sister Victoire had recently got engaged to Teddy Lupin so they had a party to celebrate. I also blame the stupid person who thought it was a good idea to have the parties three days in a row: Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

I know I shouldn't blame them, I know it's my fault. I shouldn't have been such a stupid slut and slept around. I should have more common sense than that but when you're offered alcohol on top of the alcohol you've already had there's no saying no.

Those three parties, lots of alcohol, three different boys and no memory of which boy on which night means I have no one clue as to which one is the father. I would try asking them but I can't just walk up to them and ask 'did I sleep with you at this party' and I can't say it through a letter either.

"Alice, lunch is ready." Mum called.

I hate it when I get called Alice, yeah ok it's my real name and I was named after my grandmother but I prefer Ally and I have since I was seven. Aside from the fact mum called me Alice, I have to tell them today. I have to do it now, today is the last day that dad is at home, because he's the headmaster he leaves a day before school starts. I left my room and made my way to the our kitchen which is painted bright yellow and took my usual seat at the big table.

My other siblings Tegan, Jayden, Caleb, Summer and Frankie were already at the table. Dad walked in levitating four plates, with mum just behind him levitating another four. I muttered "Thanks." as a plate gracefully landed in front of me. Mum had made lasagna with chips and I got a funny feeling in my stomach which made me feel sick. I tried to forget about it and started to eat, "This is yummy mum." I commented as Frankie and Jayden stuffed lasagna and chips in their mouths, it almost looked like they weren't even chewing the rate they were going.

Halfway through I gave up eating, I couldn't because I was too nervous. I started to move bits of lasagna around my plate. Then I felt the feeling again and this time I knew I was going to be sick. I run from the room and just made it to the bathroom in time.

How on earth am I going to tell them, should I just come out with it or leave it for a while. Then again if I leave it I'll be back at Hogwarts soon. I mean I can't let my parents find out that I'm pregnant via Hogwarts gossip can I?

No that's just terrible, I have to do it. I have to do it today. I can't put it off any longer, they have to know. Argh why the hell did I get pregnant? Why did I have to be so stupid to drink ridiculous amounts of alcohol and to have sex and with three different guys. I swear I should be on one of those muggle chat shows that deal with problems like this as well as stupid things like 'My ex-husband microwaved our hamster and now I want custody of our cat.'

Why can't my life be simple, If I hadn't slept about I wouldn't be in this mess right now. I wouldn't be throwing up and I certainly wouldn't be freaking out about to tell my parents.

"Alice are you ok?" Mum called through the door.

"I'll be out in a minute." I said just before I threw up again. I hate myself right now I really do. I flushed the toilet and rinsed my mouth out with water before re-entering the kitchen to find them all staring at me, even out cat Mr Whiskers looked up from his food bowl.

"Mummy, is Ally sick?" I heard my eight year old brother Caleb ask just as I walked in.

Mum looked at him, "I'm not sure baby. Alice are you ok?"

I rolled my eyes when she called me Alice but nodded, "I'm fine now but..." I trailed off unsure of what to say. Am I really going do this now, can't I leave.

No, you need to do it now, A voice in my head ordered me.

But I don't want to.

But you have to, it's better to do it sooner rather than later.

Dad frowned at me, "Alice is there something going on?, are you in trouble?"

I was brought out of my thoughts and said, "You could say I'm in trouble of sorts."

"Alice Hannah Longbottom, what is going on!" Mum yelled causing Frankie to stop shovelling food into his mouth and to start paying attention to us.

"And I don't think it's a stomach bug." I said as I tried to put it off a little longer.

"What are you on about?" Mum questioned,  "What's not a stomach bug?"

I sighed, "Why I just threw up and have done for the past few weeks, why I've been off my food or moodier than normal."

Mum looked at me and I could see she was working it out, "No! Alice please tell me that you're not pregnant."

Summer chose that moment to spit out her food which landed on dad and Caleb moved his arm and hit his glass spilling orange juice all over the white table cloth.

I stood up quickly, "I can't." I whispered.

"I didn't hear that Alice, can you repeat yourself?" Dad asked me as he wiped whatever Summer had spat at him off his sleeve.

In a louder voice I said, "I said I can't because I am."

Jayden said happily, "Ally's having a baby." Frankie stared at me like I had just announced I was an alien or something, Tegan's mouth was hanging open and mum and dad didn't say anything although they looked angry.

I had done it, I had actually told them. I took a deep breath, "I'm pregnant and I'm keeping this baby." I told them whilst fighting back the tears, I looked at dad, "Daddy say something, please." I said in a small voice.

He stood up, "How could have been so stupid?" He questioned, "You're sixteen. You shouldn't even be having sex let alone getting pregnant." Dad yelled.

"I thought you were smarter Alice, I taught you the contraceptive charm. You knew it so why didn't you use it." Mum said in a low voice. "Alice you're sixteen, you can't raise a baby."

"I practically raised Summer whilst you were running this god damn pub. Half of the time I've spent here has been looking after this lot as soon as you felt I was trustworthy enough." I told her as I pointed at my siblings who were all looking from me to mum and dad, as though they were watching a tennis match.

"Don't you dare talk to your mother like that." Dad roared and out of the corner of my eye I could see Summer's face. She looked very confused and I could see her bottom lip quivering and her eyes welling up.

"So don't treat me like I'm a child. I've dealt with things most kids haven't and you know. When you want me to do something you treat me like an adult and now all of a sudden I'm a child again." 

"You're sixteen Alice, you're not of age and you're certainly not old enough to have a baby." Mum told me.

"I know how old I am, stop bloody reminding me." I yelled, "I told you didn't I, I wasn't going to but I did. I was shit scared about telling you, about how you would react. And look can you blame me."

There was a whimper and Summer started to cry.

"I can't deal with this, I can't deal with you Alice. Not right now." And with that Dad left the room.

"That's right dad, run away like you always do when things get tough." I yelled and then a minute later I heard the door downstairs slam.

I felt a tear slide down my cheek and I wiped it away, my own father has left because I told him I was pregnant. My own father hates me right now and that hurts, especially since I'm daddy's girl.

Mum stood up and I saw that she had a disappointed look on her face, "Oh Alice." She sighed, "I think you and I need to have a little chat. Frankie clean up, Tegan watch Summer, Jayden and Caleb..." She paused as she thought of something that wouldn't result in them fighting or breaking something and then said, "You can help Frankie." Mum motioned for me to follow her down the hall, which I did. She ushered me into her and dad's room and I sat on the bed as she shut the door.

Mum didn't come near me, she stayed over by the door, "Oh Alice, what are we going to do?"

"We? I told you I'm keeping it, no matter what." I said in a low voice as I wiped away another tear.

"This isn't going to go away Alice, unless you..." She trailed off.

I glared at her, "No, no way."

"Well then adoption it is."

"No, mum I told you. I'm keeping it, I'm keeping my baby. You can't tell me what to do, it's my body, it's my life."

Mum came over and sat on the bed next to me, "Alice, don't you see. What about Hogwarts, what about your education, what about your future?"

"I'll drop out if I have to, I'll get a job and my future is this baby. So I'm a little young, mum there are girls out there younger than me who have gotten pregnant or have children. I'm not the only one."

Mum just looked at me and sighed, "Who's is it may I ask?"

I shut my eyes and whispered, "I don't know."

"Sorry didn't catch that."

I lifted my head up and said a little louder, "I don't know. There were three parties at which I was rather drunk and three different boys. I'm not sure which one it is." I admitted.

"Let's not tell you father that, why couldn't you have used protection Alice? I taught you the contraceptive spell last year. Or why couldn't you have not had sex, you're only sixteen as it is."

"Mum I know ok, I know the spell, I know I shouldn't have had sex. I know that I'm only sixteen, I know that I'm pregnant and I know that I've messed up. I don't need telling twice." I said as I stared at the blue walls which made me feel like I was outside, how I wished I could be anywhere but here right now.

"Are you going to tell them? I presume you know who they are." Mum asked.

I nodded, "I suppose I'm going to have to. And I'll have to mention that there are two other possible father's. Oh god everyone's going think I'm a slut." I cried.

She didn't say anything, I knew she was thinking the same thing. "I'm guessing that the 'heat stoke' and 'dodgy food' were cover ups for morning sickness?" Mum asked making air quotes as she said heat stroke and dodgy food.

"Yeah." I replied.

"How far are you?"

"I think I'm about two months."

Mum's jaw dropped and her blonde hair that was pinned back, was slowly coming undone, "Two months, when did you find out?"

"Two days ago." I replied.

Mum stood up abruptly which caused her hair to fall around her shoulders, "I need to find your dad, will you and Frankie be ok watching the others."

I nodded, "Sure." She left the room as did I. I entered my room which was painted bright yellow to represent my bright, happy personality and flung myself on my bed. There was a knock on my door and I looked up to see Frankie stood there with Summer in his arms.

"Hey Al." He said, "So who's is it?" He asked as he came and sat on the end of my bed. Summer wriggled herself from her arms and crawled up to me, with a smile on her face. I pulled her onto my lap, I just can't refuse cuddles off my three year old sister, now can I. "So who's is it?" Frankie repeated, "Do I know him?, is he in our year? Did he force himself on you, because if he did I'll kill him."

"Frankie shush, I can't tell you whose it is because I don't know myself. Yes you know them, two of them are in our year and the other is the year above and no none of them forced themselves on me, at least I don't think they did. We were both drunk, so don't go saying they're to blame because we're both equally to blame, it takes two to tango. Ok."

He looked at me and started to do a great impression of a goldfish, I tickled Summer which made her giggle and said, "Look at Frankie, doesn't he look like a fishy."

"Fishy!" Summer yelled.

"What do you mean, there are three." He asked snapping out of his fish trance.

I tickled Summer again and replied, "Yes, there are three. Now can you drop it. I'm not telling you who they are until I've told them myself."

At that precise moment there was a crash from the kitchen and Frankie went to investigate what ever Jayden and Caleb had done, meaning I was left with Summer. "Where's mummy?" She asked looking up at me with her big blue eyes.

I smiled at her cuteness, what with her blonde hair in little bunches and a pretty pink dress on she could easily be mistaken for a doll if she sat still long enough (Fat chance, she's always running around.) "She's gone to get daddy." I told her.

"Where's daddy?"

"He's gone to the shops." I lied.


As much as I love her, she can be annoying sometimes. "To get some ice-cream." I said quickly. "Do you want to watch a film?"

She nodded eagerly and crawled off my lap. I found one of her favourites which is about a lion and put it on. Since mum is half-blood she likes us to have parts of the muggle world around the house. She clapped happily as she snuggled amongst my pillows. "I'll be back now Sum."

I closed my door behind me and went into the kitchen to see what damage the boys had done. "Where's Tegan?" I asked as I saw my three brothers, two of them covered in lasagna and the other looking very annoyed.

"Dunno." They shrugged in unison.

I rolled my eyes at them, "Just clean this mess up or mum will kill you." I told them as I went back down the hall to bang on Tegan and Summer's bedroom door. "Tegan, open this door NOW!"

The door opened and I saw my fourteen year old sister crawl on her bed and grabbed her pillow, to which she was sobbing into, a bit of parchment next to her. "Hey, what's wrong Teeg?" I asked as I went and sat by her, pulling her into a hug.

"H-h-h-e b-broke u-u-up w-w-with m-me." She sobbed. "B-b-because h-he l-likes s-s-someone e-else."

I sighed as I picked up the parchment and read over it, I never liked the stupid prat: Corey Mclaggen who she was dating, I always thought he was a bit of a slime ball. I pulled her closer and stroked her brown hair (she follows dad), "It's going to be ok Tee, trust me. Things will get better for you, you'll find another boy, a nicer boy. Mclaggen was a bit of a prat to be honest."

She smiled weakly at me, "He wasn't worth it, just think about it like this: on the plus side you're young, free and single now you no longer have that slime ball but on the down side you're going to have to put a with a hormonal sister for the next couple of months."

Tegan laughed as we broke apart and looked at me through tear stained lashes, her chocolate brown eyes wide, "That's true, although I don't think you can be any worse than you are now."

I laughed as did she and I hugged her again, "You can either watch a dvd with Summer or help me sort the boys out." I knew her answer without her actually saying it and took her to my room where Summer was practically glued to the TV. "I'll get you ice-cream now." I whispered as I chucked her a box of tissues before closing the door once more.

I re-entered the kitchen and wished I hadn't, I swear my brothers were never house trained. None of them can wash up or even clean up and don't get me started on the pig sty's they call their room's. I think the black squid is cleaner than them. "Stand still." I ordered them making them stop what they were doing. I whipped my wand out and started muttering some of the house hold charms mum taught me. Even though she likes muggle stuff she hates the cleaning and does it using charms such as the folding charm and the hoovering charm. Mum also charms things like the dishes to wash themselves or for lunch/dinner to serve itself.

I love magic and within five minutes the place was a lot cleaner, although the dishes still needed to be put away. Thinking that they couldn't be trusted with that I did it and sent them off, Jayden and Caleb left but Frankie didn't. I set about getting ice-cream for Tegan and Summer whilst he waffled on, "Ally I know your listening, who are the father's? Just tell me and I swear I won't go too insane on them, maybe just a broken bone here or there. Please Ally, I'm your brother, I'm your twin brother."

I pushed passed him levitating three bowls of chocolate ice-cream with sprinkles, "I'm not telling you and as your twin sister I'm telling you to piss off and leave me alone. Now I'm going to spend time with my sisters."

I opened my door and was ambushed by Summer who wanted her ice-cream, I was so glad I hadn't been carrying them otherwise chocolate would have landed all over my nice cream carpet. I must say in the past however many minutes I've been gone Tegan has deffinetly perked up a bit, Summer does have that effect on people. She can cheer you up in an instant.

"You ok Al?" Tee asked as I snuggled next to her on my bed. "I mean what are you going to do?"

"Tee I'm fine and like I said I'm keeping this baby. But can we drop the subject and enjoy the film, I'd rather not speak about boys or babies any more today."

She smiled at me and we spent the rest of the afternoon watching films until mum came home. Without dad. Mum stayed in her room for the remainder of the afternoon and didn't come out until five o'clock when she set about making us sandwich's.

"Mum, sit down. I'll make them." I offered.

"No Alice, it's ok." She told me, scraping her hair back out of her face.

Tegan then came over and took the plates over to the table before calling Jayden and Caleb who were playing on their muggle games console in their room and Frankie who was sat on the sofa watching TV. Summer was watching her favourite film for the second time today in my room. I went in and asked, "Hey Sum, mummy's made some sandwich's. Do you want some?"

"Yes pease!" She yelled. "Now pease Ally!"

"You've got to sit at the table." I told her.

"Food now!" Sum yelled putting her arms up for me to pick her up.

I went over and switched off my TV before scooping her up in my arms causing her to giggle like mad. "Come on missy moo." I carried her into the dining room and sat her on one of the chairs before going to help mum, again she shooed me away and told me to rest.

"Mum will you look at me!" I yelled causing her to jump.

She turned around slowly, "Alice, please just sit down. We'll talk later."

I sat down reluctantly as she put a plate of ham sandwich's down in front of me. I only ate the bread and butter, I really don't think I could have stomached the ham. After dinner Frankie went downstairs to help Cara and Luke run the pub whilst Tegan took Summer to the park as it was still light outside. Jayden and Caleb went back to their room to play their game leaving me and mum alone in the kitchen.

"Mum, you've barely said anything to me since you came back. What's wrong?"

"Your father's gone and I can't find him all because our sixteen year old told us she was pregnant." Mum snapped at me as she washed up.

"I get that your disappointed in me, I get that you probably hate me right now. But right now I need my mum and dad more than anyone else."

"You're right I am disappointed, but I don't hate you. I need time to adjust about the fact my eldest daughter is having a baby with some random guy."

"It wasn't some random guy, I know who they were. I just don't know which night I slept with which guy."

"Why don't you go for a walk or something Alice, I need time to clear my head." Mum told me.

"FINE!" I yelled, I left the room slamming the door behind me and then left the flat. I ran downstairs and through the pub avoiding bumping into people. Frankie must have spotted me as he called my name but I ignored him and carried on.

I pulled my wand out and tapped the bricks, as I watched them part to reveal Diagon Alley. I made my way down the street which was surprisingly crowded considering the shops would be shutting soon and prayed that Hazel was in. I stopped outside the red door next to Quality Quidditch supplies and knock rapidly, the door was pulled open by Hazel who had a sleeping Lacey in her arms.

"Come on in Al." Was all Ze said as she ushered me up the stairs. I caught sight of myself in the mirror at the top and saw I had black lines running down my face and my eyes were red. "Sit down Al." Ze said as she carefully place Lacey on the sofa next to me. "Do you want a glass of pop?" She asked.

I nodded as Lacey moved in her sleep. Her brown hair was in little bunches and it was clear that she looked like Ze, they have the same face, mouth and eyes. "Thanks." I said as Ze handed me an ice cold glass of lemonade.

"What happen Ally?" She asked after a minute.

"I told mum and dad. Dad left and is no where to be found and mum, well she told me to leave so that she could think."

Hazel came and knelt in front of me, "Look at me Al. I promise you everything will be allight, they'll come round eventually. And if it all goes pear shaped you can stay with me."

"Thanks." I muttered as Lacey's eyes flickered.

"I'll be back now, just going to put madame here to bed."

I smiled as Ze left the room with Lacey, I'm pretty sure if Ze can survive Hogwarts whilst being pregnant and be a great mother then I can as well. I stayed at Hazel's until nine, which was when I decided it was time that I went home as I still have to pack for Hogwarts and see if mum will talk to me.

I gave Hazel a hug on her doorstep, "Thanks Ze."

"Any time Ally and I mean anytime. You're like my little sister, so if it's eleven at night and you need a chat come round."

I smiled, "Bye Ze." I called as I walked back up the street and towards the pub. When I got it Frankie was still behind the bar and instead of serving people he was chatting to Luke, I slipped passed and made my way upstairs. I entered the living room to find Mum curled up on the sofa with a glass of wine in her hand, the empty bottle on the coffee table and the TV on.

"Mum, I'm home." I whispered unsure if she was asleep or not. No reply. "I'm home." I said a bit louder, still no reply. I walked over to her and saw that she was just staring gormlessly at the TV.

"You're grounded Ally." Was all she said, "Go to your room and be quiet Summer and Caleb are both in bed."

As I entered my room, I purposely slammed the door shut, making a lovely 'crack' as it collided with it's door frame. I flung myself onto my bed fully clothed and hugged my pillow. Today hasn't been the greatest day, but at least mum and dad know. I just have to tell the three possible daddies. Well that should be fun.

Note the sarcasm.

A/N Each chapter is going to be in a different person's point of view. Ally and the three father's. Ally's chapter's will probably be longer as she's the main story teller but hopefully each of the boys chapter's will be around 1500+ words.

Also big thanks to the four people who reviewed chapter one and the six people who favourited.

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