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"I love you, Hermione." He said his forehead against hers.

"I love you too, Draco." She said as he leaned towards her. Their lips, inch by inch drawing closer...

A loud banging in his door. His dream, his wonderful dream. "DRACO, OPEN UP!" That voice. That was the one in his dream. He hurriedly got up and opened the door.

"What? What happened? Are you ok? Is there something wrong? Do you need something?" He blurted out.

Hermione, noticing that he only had his green silk boxers on, blushed. "No, um, well, uh, I just wanted to wake you up. We'll miss our breakfast again if you don't get yourself ready now." She said, looking at anything but him.

Noticing this, he looked at himself and then blushed a very faint one. "Sorry. I'll just be ready then." He said.

"I. Uh. Yeah. Ok. Sorry for... You know. Waking you up with such noise." She said as she walked away.

Closing the door, he leaned against it and sighed. "She's so beautiful when she's blushing." He said to himself. Shaking his head while smiling, he made his way to the bathroom to prepare.

She made her way down to their common room, already in her uniform with her Head Girl badge in place. 'Wow, Quidditch really has more benefits than I thought. I mean, those muscles. He's so... Hot.' She thought blushing to herself, she sat down at the couch and waited for him.

A few minutes later, she heard a door opening. She turned her head towards the sound and saw Draco, already in his school uniform. He shut his door closed and made his way down.

"Sorry, I took long." He said as he reached her spot.

"You look... Different." She said, squinching her eyes and tilting her head a little.

"Uhm, yeah. It'll take me longer if I did my hair. Does it really look that bad?" He said, running his hands through his hair and made it even messier.

"No, actually... It's kind of... How do I put it... Interesting."

"Good kind of Interesting?" He said, smiling. Hoping that she'll say yes.

"Yeah. It's the good kind of interesting. Now come on. Let's go to the Great Hall and have breakfast." She said smiling back at him.

They then head down to the Great Hall for breakfast. Once they they have arrived, they separated to go to their own house tables. Hermione sat beside Ginny and opposite Harry.

"Good morning guys." Hermione greeted the two.

"Good morning, 'Mione" they said in unison.

"Good night sleep?" Harry asked.

"Yes. Thank you for asking. How about you two? How was your night?"

"Well, I think yours are better. Seeing that we have to share a common room with a git and his slut. I'll have you know, I also share a dorm with a git." He said.

"Oh." She then filled her plates with bacon and some toast.

Draco sat with Blaise opposite Pansy.

"How was your night?" Draco asked them. He's in a good mood they thought. He's smiling and humming.

"You seem to be in a very good mood." Blaise commented. "Oh, right. Our night." He started when he noticed Draco's expression changed from a light one to a deadly glare. "Well, we would have had better if assignments were light. I mean, it only the freaking first week and the professors decided to give us bulk work. We spent our night doing them."

"Why? I mean, I'm sure it's not due today... That is so not you two."

"Mate, it's our seventh year already. Make that our second seventh year. And we don't want to be buried with assignments and essays."

"Oh, I see."

"Yeah you see. We're not as smart as you mate. In case you forgot."

"For your information, mate, I have chosen to have easy subjects this year so that I can easily catch up."

"All subjects are easy for you."

"No, there is one."

"Right. Muggle studies." Then they fell into silence. Draco had already filled his plate with his choice of breakfast and began to eat.

"Hey Draco?" Pansy broke the silence.

"Hmm?" He answered, he didn't talk because there was still bacon in his mouth. He didn't want to risk spitting them out.

"Remember, you said, uhm..." She was blushing. She didn't like the idea but they needed this.

"Spit it out Pansy." Draco said once he has swallowed his food and drank some orange juice.

"Well, you said that Granger is tutoring you, right?"

"Yeah." Draco nodded with a quirked eyebrow.

"I was just wondering, if you could please ask her if she can tutor us both too? We'll pay if she wants. Just please." She said with a puppy dog eyes and both of her hands intertwined.

"I'll try. But I'm not promising."

"Yey." She clapped her hands.

"What time are your free periods?"

"At ten, after Charms" Both of them said.

"Ok good. We'll just walk together in the library. She has the same free period." Draco said and then he noticed Blaise with an amused face. "What?"

"My, my Draco. You're not yet even together and you already know her schedule."

"Oh Blaise. Do shut up." Pansy said.

"What? I was just teasing." He held his hands up in surrender.

"We exchanged schedules, so she knows mine too, mate. As heads, we should know where the other is, in case of emergency."

"Yeah, whatever."

Then they fell into silence again and not long after, he noticed that the three Griffindor had stood up and was packing their things. He then drank all of his juice and sipped some water, packed his things and stood up.

"Mate? You're going already?" Blaise said bbut Draco was already half way gone and he doubt that he heard it.

"Hey." He said when he walked up to the Griffindors.

"Hey." Hermione said. "We're just going to class now. What to come?"

"Yeah sure."

"Oh. Wait. I forgot. You're class is on the other side of the castle. If you come with us, you might be late."

"Hermione, I think I can handle. It's only..." He then glanced at his pocket watch. "7:30, if we go now, I think I can make it to my class in time."

"Oh. Ok. You're right." She said. "Come on then."

They walked out of the Great Hall and into the corridors of the old castle. Harry and Draco mostly talked about Quidditch and Hermione and Ginny talked about girl stuff. Then it was time for Ginny and Harry to part ways with them. Well, Harry was going with Ginny because he want to accompany her to her class, just like what Draco wanted to do with Hermione. Ginny and Harry waved goodbye to them and turned to leave.

"So, just us now huh." Draco said.

"Yeah. Draco?"


"Can I tell you something?"

"Like a secret?"

"No. Nothing like that. More of an observation."

'Oh shoot, did she already figured it out?' He thought. "Yeah, sure."

"This feels weird."

"What feels weird?"

"Us. Being friends. You even made friends with Harry and Ginny. And Ginny's a Weasley."

"And Potter will always be Potter." He added. "This does feel a little weird." He admitted. "But things have changed. Changed for the better." He said with a smile.

"Yeah. I guess." She smiled back at him.

"Hey, Hermione?"


"Can I ask you something?"


"Uhm. Well, you know Pansy and Blaise?"

"Yes? They're your best friends, am I correct?"

"Yes. They are. Well, I was wondering if, well, uhm. They need some help. And I was wondering if maybe they can join us in our studying?"

"You mean to say that we tutor them?"

"Well, basically, you tutor them. But yeah, I guess I can do that too."

"Draco, you're as smart as I am. Well, not really, only second to me when it comes to being smart. But you can do it you know."

"I know. I just, I have things in my hands too. You know? I myself, am still catching with my classes. Please?"

"Well, if you put it that way. I guess I can do them too." She said. "Just meet me in the library at ten ok?" She stopped walking. They were already at her class. "So this is me." She said pointing at the door behind her. "I'll see you later ok? Don't be late." She said as she smiled at him.

To his surprise, she did the unexpected. She kissed him on his cheek, turned around and went inside. To their luck, not much students were walking around or else they have just started a brand new rumor.

"Wow." Was all he can say. He felt a tingle in his stomach as he touched his cheek from where Hermione kissed her.

He then walked towards the other side of the castle. He took out his pocket watch, 'only 7:45' he thought as he speed walk through the corridors. He reached his room in time and saw Blaise and Pansy walking over.

"She said yes." He said when they got close enough to a hearing distance.

"What? She said yes?" They said in unison.

"Yes." He said with a smile on his face.

"Congratulations, then, mate. You may now replace me as the happiest man in the world." Blaise said.

"What? Congratulations?" Draco asked, confused why Blaise have had congratulated him.

"Yes, you said she said yes. So congrats, mate. I never thought that she'd be easy to break. I would have courted her back then." He said then Pansy hit him in the arms hard. "Ouch. What was that for?" He asked but Pansy just glared at him.

"Blaise, she said yes on tutoring you two. Not yes on me. I haven't asked her to go out with me yet. I don't think it'll be anytime soon."

"Why not? Why is it very hard?" Pansy asked. "Do you want me to do it for you?"

"No. I don't want you to ask her for me."

"Ok. Fine."

Then they went inside their classroom. They sat together as usual. He was silent and wasn't paying any attention to their professor. Then, not long after, the class ended and they headed towards the library to meet Hermione. Hermione and Harry was already there in their usual spot. They walked to them, Draco at the front. Pansy and Blaise was still uneasy and a little awkward.

"Hi." Draco said to the two Griffindors as he sat down.

"Hey." Hermione said with a smile. She then noticed the other two Slytherin still standing behind him. "Uhm, Draco?" She then nodded towards the two.

"Oh." He said looking too, at them. "Come on guys, sit. They don't bite." He said to them and the two did what they were told.

"Hi." Pansy was the one to greet them.

"Hello." Hermione said as she reached out her hands to Pansy to shake. The Slytherin took her hand and shook it. Then she held it out for Blaise to shake.

"Hi." Blaise said. Harry then did the same and shook the two Slytherins' hands.

"So. Draco said you needed help in some subjects. May I ask what particular?"

"Uhm, Arithmancy." Pansy said.

"Oh. That one is quite hard. How about I try and simplify it to you first then we'll go harder and harder."

"Ok. Sounds good." She agreed.

They then worked on their subjects together. They felt at ease once started. It didn't last too long when they hit it off and started laughing with one another. They didn't even feel the time pass by. It was already 12:00 so they decided that they'd go to the Great Hall together. It was odd seeing two Griffindors and three Slytherins. Once they have arrived, they then went on their separate ways and sat with their houses. It's true, they feel comfortable with each other. But they still feel uncomfortable when it comes with the whole house. They have always been house rivals. Even after what had happened.

Harry and Hermione was then joined by Ginny. After they ate their lunch, they went on with their day.

They had so much fun, and the week passed with a blur. They didn't even notice that two weeks had already passed. Hermione and Draco has been hanging out with their study group that they even got to go out together during one Hogsmade weekend.

For those who haven't known them all those years in Hogwarts, they'd think that they had been friends since forever, but for those who have known them, they became odd friends. Seeing them together is very odd, since they used to hate each other. They indeed are Odd Friends. Three Griffindors and Three Slytherins.

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