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The day went by, Draco's wish came true. He had spent the whole day with Hermione who has the same classes as him. He was happy inside but didn't show any hint of it outside. He's jumping up and down in the inside. However, he has been a master on hiding his feelings. He kept his poker face on. That night they were together again. They were doing their patrol, making sure that no students are strutting around the castle.

As he and Hermione walked at the halls, he sighed on contentment. He can't hold it anymore. We wanted to scream that he's happy. But he knew better.

"Draco? Are you ok?" She asked sounding concerned in Draco's actions. She didnn't know him well, but she can tell that something is up. He wanted to talk but she was sure that she's not the one he would talk to.

"Yeah, I'm fine." He smiled at her. "Thank you."

"For what?"

"For asking."

"No problem. Are you sure though? You know, I might not be as close to you as Blaise and Pansy, but you can talk to me if something is bothering you. I'll be happy to help and I'll try my best to be able to help." She smiled at him.

"It's nothing really. Thanks anyway." He smiled at her. He can't help it now. He's too happy to hid it. He wants to shout 'I'M SO HAPPY THAT YOU'RE HERE WITH ME. I'M HAPPY THAT YOU'VE EVEN CONSIDER TALKING TO ME. EVEN BECOMING MY FRIEND.' But he knew better. He might scare her away, sshe might think that he's crazy and a creep. He didn't want to risk that.

His thoughts were interupted by Hermione. Smiling, she said. "You know Draco, you should keep on smiling. It makes you appear brighter and lighter." And makes you more handsome, gorgeous...stop it Hermione. She smacked her head mentally.

"Thank you. You should keep smiling too. It looks great on you." He said, still smiling. He's happier even. Hermione just commented on his smile. He could not be anymore happy. His soul wants to jump out of his body. If he was about to die right now, he wouldn't give it a second thought.

"Thank you." She said blushing. He likes her smile too. She don't know why, but she's really enjoying his company. He's a different Draco Malfoy, that's for sure. He's really not the Draco that has tormented him all her life.

They went back to their common room as soon as they have finished their patrol. They sat down to their table and planned on their meeting tomorrow with the prefects. They arranged who will be with who on their patrols, where they would patrol and when they would patrol. Once they have decided, they made seven copies. One for each pair of prefect, one for the them and one for Professor McGonagall. Once that they were done they agreed that they'll review their lessons for today and they did their homeworks and essays and such, together.

They were silent as they did their work. Once in a while, they'll ask each other about certain things about their lessons. They went on for hours and didn't notice that it was already twelve o'clock. Then, Hermione's stomach grumbled. She hushed her stomach and blushed. Their second night together and he, again, heard her stomach grumbled. Draco can't help it but laugh a little.

"Someone's hungry." Draco teased.

"Oh hush you." She blushed even more.

"Oh, nothing to be embarrassed about." He said. "It's not like I haven't heard that last night."

She blushed even further. Her face now was as red as Ginny's hair.

Draco clapped his hands once and Pinky, their house elf, appeared. "Pinky, would you be so kind to bring us some midnight snack? We've been working our arse off and we got hungry." He said to the little elf.

"Of course mister Draco." The elf bowed down to them and disappeared with a snap.

"Thank you." Said Hermione to Draco.

"I'm hungry too. So no need to thank me." He said.

"Either way. I really appreciate it. And thank you for being nice to Pinky."

"Hermione, I never mistreated a house elf in my life. If you're worried about how I've treated Dobby, he never came near me. He's always been afraid of me and I don't know why. Maybe because of how father has treated him. But I've treated my own house elf with respect. I really love their cooking. And without them, I'll have no one to keep me company at the manor."

"Oh. Sorry. I just thought... You know... Anyway... You've change, proven that you are different form him. And I'm really glad that I have made friends with the new Draco." She smiled at him.

"I'm glad to be your friend too, Hermione. Thank you for accepting me. Despite of what I have done to you and you friends in the past. I really am sorry of what I have done to you and Potter and the Weaslette, but don't expect me to say sorry at Weasel. I still don't like him. And I think I'll have trouble on liking him, seeing that even you, Potter and Weaslette doesn't like him at the moment."

"Well, Draco. Apology accepted. Though, I have already forgiven you when you offered to be on civil terms. And thank you for hanging with Harry. And yeah, don't worry about liking Ron." She said, spatting his name.

"Well, he's been kind enough to offer me your tutoring" he said laughing. "The least I can do is that. I'll apologize to him and Weaslette tomorrow. So please remind me. Ok?"

"Yeah. Will do."

Then, the Pinky appeared with a plate of cookies and two glasses of milk floating above her head. "Heres you are mister Draco and miss Hermione. I'll go and leaves you now." She said as she moved towards the table where they sat and laid the plate and glasses infront of them.

"Thank you Pinky." They said in unison.

"Pinky's happy to serves mister Draco and miss Hermione. They are very goods Heads. They are most kinds to Pinky." The house elf blushed. "I'll come back later to clean up." With that, the house elf disappeared once again leaving them alone.

They ate up the cookies, drank their milks. They were both contented with their midnight snack. Happy that they are now officially friends. Happy that there are no more awkward tensions between them. When they have finished eating, the decided that it was now time to go to bed. They both headed to their rooms.

"Good night Hermione" Draco said to Hermione.

"Good night Draco." She smiled at him.

Happy and contented, they both entered their own rooms. Smiling, Draco went to his bathroom and got ready for bed. As for Hermione, she did the same. Then they went to their bed and lay down with a smile on their faces. Draco, knowing that she was only inside the other bedroom, smiled even more. His cheeks will be sore tomorrow for the smilings he has done today. Happy and contented, they drifted to a peaceful sleep.

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