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THE ONE WITH THE POWER TO VANQUISH THE DARK LORD APPROACHES....BORN TO THOSE WHO HAVE THRICE DEFIED HIM, BORN AS THE SEVENTH MONTH DIES...AND THE DARK LORD WILL MARK HIM AS AN EQUAL, BUT HE WILL HAVE POWERS THE DARK LORD KNOWS NOT...AND EITHER MUST DIE AT THE HAND OF THE OTHER FOR NEITHER CAN LIVE WHILE THE OTHER SURVIVES....THE ONE WITH THE POWER TO VANQUISH THE DARK LORD WILL BE BORN AS THE SEVENTH MONTH DIES.... " OOTP U.S. Edition, page 841 _______________________________________________________ Harry Potter was sitting at his old broken desk in his "room" at the number four Privet Dr., when two owls flew in through his open window. One of the owls was tiny and its little feathers were ruffled, Harry reconized him as Ron's owl Pigwigeon. Harry didn't reconize the other owl, but he had an idea of who the packages attatched to the Barn owl's legs were from. Pig was the first one to reach Harry, he circled Harry's head for a moment before landing awkwardly on his out stretched arm. Once Harry detatched the parchment from his leg Pig flew over to Hedwigs water dish and dipped his beak into it, causing Hedwig to give him disaproving looks while she flew to the top of Harry's dresser. Placing the parchment down on his desk, Harry untied the two packages and parchment that was strapped to the large owls legs. He gave a greatful hoot and flew back out the window. Smiling to himself Harry sat back down at his desk and picked up the letter from Ron first. Dear Harry, Happy birthday! Sorry we haven't written in a while, you wouldn't believe how strict the Order is being about what we can and can't do. Anyway, hows it going? Have you killed the Muggles yet? If you ever decide to, write and I'll be there..anything to get out of this house! I can't say anything of importance in this letter, but I'm hoping that Dumbledore will let you come here soon. Me and Hermione have loads to tell you, but you'll have to wait. Hope you like your present. see you mate, Ron Grinning, Harry put down the letter and grabbed the package that Ron had labled as his off of his desk. It was wrapped in outdated pages from the Daily Prophet, and the images of past crooks and contest winners stared up at him as he quickly tore away at them, and ripped off the red ribbon that had been carelessly wrapped around it. Once the last of the paper fell away, it revealed a brightly colored book. The front cover read: 1, 000 (Legal) Ways to Mess with a Muggles Mind. Harry watched as a picture of a wizard hiding behind a couch caused an unexpecting Muggle man to trip over and over, while the Muggle wife stared in shock. Chuckling Harry looked at the bottom of the cover looking for the authors name, and nearly dropped the book. By: Fred and George Weasley Below that there was a little piece of parchment attatched, with a note scribbled in Ron's hand writing. It just came out, I figured you want one. I got it autographed for you, look on the inside cover. Ron Harry did as he was told and opened the book. As promised Fred and Georges names were written neatly in a gold ink across the surface. Along with a note. Harry- Ron told us that he was looking for the perfect gift for you, and ta da! We just so happened to have this wonderful tribute to ourselves avalible. Hope you can use some of these on the Dursley's, although I wouldn't try the one on page 67, thats shall we say..already been tried on one of them... From your incredibly famous friends, Fred and George Curiously Harry turned to page 67, it read: Number 253: Buy a Ton Tongue Toffee from Weasley's Wizard Wheezes and find yourself a rude morbidly obiese Muggle, pretend to drop some where he will surely find them. Sit in a well hidden spot(With a good view of course.) And let the fun begin! Harry burst out laughing as he looked at the expertly drawn cartoon, of a large boy that was obviously supossed to be Dudley, nearly choking on a three foot long purple tongue. As what Harry guessed was Aunt Petunia sreamed at a plump man standing with a plate in his hand looking as if he were about to throw it at the fire place. Where it showed two pares of feet disapearing in green flames. (They had apparenty decided to leave out the part that it had taken Mr. Weasley a long time to straighten the whole situation out, but Harry didn't mind, because at the moment all Harry was worried about was trying to get air into his lungs, because he was laughing so hard he was gasping for breath. Below the picture in the same gold ink was: Dedicated to: Harry Potter, an excellent friend, and fellow trouble maker, and a Mr. Dudley Dursley for without him this hilarious prank would not have been possible. Letting out one more laugh, Harry wiped the tears of laughter from his face and put the book beside Ron's letter. And picked up the letter from Hermione. Dear Harry, How are you? I've been so worried about you. And I probably have good reason to, given what happened to you last year around this time, so for my sake I hope your being careful. Happy birthday! I hope the packages got there on time, we just sent them today (your birthday) I don't think we were supossed to put so many packages on one owl. Me and Ron rented this one at Diagon Alley to deliever the presents, Ron sent Pig with his letter, just to give the poor thing something to do. Ron's giving me odd looks, because I'm writting so much, so I guess I'll leave it here. Enjoy your present, and please be careful. Love, Hermione Harry picked up Hermione's neatly wrapped package and tore the maroon paper off of it, revealing an old, but still nice looking copy of Hogwarts a History which was one of Hermione favorite books, that she was always telling Ron and him to read. He opened up the book to see that Hermione had written on the front page. I figured if I got it for you, you might actually read it. I'll probably get the same thing for Ron on his birthday, then maybe I wont be the only who actually knows something.Kidding..sort of. Happy birthday, again! Hermione Feeling better than he did that morning Harry placed all of his gifts under the loose floor board, and changed into some jeans and a worse looking t-shirt than the one he had changed out of.. Oh well, It's not like they'll notice.. He thought to himself as he trudged down the stairs and into the Dursley's living room. As always no one even acknowlaged him as he walked over to the plate of beacon that was sitting on the coffee table. He knew it was probably for Dudley, but since Dudley was staring at the t.v. so hard his eyes looked as if they were about to pop out of his head, Harry figured that he wasn't likely to notice if the house burned down around him. So he leaned over and grabbed a piece of the soggy meat, and shoved it into his mouth. No one moved so he took his chances and grabbed a second one, and crammed it into his mouth, he was starving, he hadn't been allowed to eat lunch or dinner the previous day, because he had apparently been "ungrateful" when Aunt Petunia had giving him Dudley's old sneakers. The shoes had holes in every possible place, and smelled as if they had been boiled in stinksap. But it didn't really matter, because Harry wasn't planning on wearing them. Sighing he stepped away from the plate and torward the front door, but before he could reached it he tripped over something large and very solid. " Urgh. Sorry. " He breathed, not really meaning it but thinking that it was probably the wisest thing to say. The solid thing he had tripped over had been Dudley's leg, that he had purposely flung out in front of Harry. But Harry said nothing, hoping that he wouldn't have to deal with Dudley today, if anyone could ruin his good mood it would be him. " Ow, watch where your going! " Dudley shouted not taking his eyes off of the television. At this, Uncle Vernon took his head out from behind the newspaper that he was reading. " Where do you thing your going? I thought we told you to stay in your room. " He said giving his most intimidating look, that made him look like he might burst. " I'm going for a walk. " Harry said, he had learned a long time ago to say as little as possible when dealing with a Dursley. " Not after you nearly break my son's leg your not! You get back up to your room imediately! " Uncle Vernon was now yelling unnecessarily loud. " Well its kind of hard not to step on him, when he takes up the whole room... " Harry mumbled under his breath. " What did you say? " Vernon asked, his face now turning its usual dark purple color. " I said I'm going for a walk. " Harry stated, as he turned back around, opened the door, and walked out. Well, that was typical Dursley behavior. To totally ignore me until I do something "bad" and get punished. He thought to himself. It's my sixteeth'd at least think they'd acknowlage the fact that I'll be leaving in two years, hopefully less than that. Wasn't turning sixteen supossed to some kind of milestone in life or something? Sweet Sixteen...yeah right...

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