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We are never getting back together...or are we? by shinichi
Chapter 5 : The guy named- Eric
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 Heyyyyyy guyzzzz…..once again welcome to my story…: D……. Here is the fifth chapter.


 image by strokes@tda! thnxxx


There is a new character in my story-

Eric Walters- Hermoine’s childhood friend….

I hope you like the chapter.




Plz read the A/N at the end of the chapter.

Do read and review plzzz…….






Hermione’s POV-



It is very difficult for me to cope with all of these changes…


What does Draco want? - Just a month, and then divorce? What is he planning in his mind? Can’t he just leave me alone?


I have already moved forward in my life forgetting all the past, then why can’t he do the same?


Do I still love him?

And what about Draco? Does he love me…….is he regretting over and over again……….?


It’s really my fault that I came back to this world. I should have continued living with my parents.

But……I didn’t want to be a burden on them….

(Flashback at Hermione’s parent’s house)




“Hermione think it all over again. I have given you the offer to come with us to Australia. I have the tickets with me so…”


“Mom…I have already made up my mind so …”



“But you won’t be able to manage all this. You are going there after four years…where will you live?

And what about Elina? Have you even thought about her life? Hermione……”


“Dad please…I am not a kid anymore…I can manage all these things…”



“And what about Draco? Are you going to meet him?”



“No! Of course not…”


“Shall I drop you?” My over-protective dad asked me.



“No thank you…I will manage that”




“Bye granny! Bye grandpa! I will miss you a lot!”


“We will miss you too dear, but you have to promise me that you will come to meet us very soon…”



“Elina, don’t promise things which are not possible right now……” I said to Elina and went away.



(Flashback ends)





I want to cry on forever. Why did I have to behave so rudely with them? They must be so hurt.


And now Draco. I hurt him too. But what can I do?

Huh, I am getting insane. My life…’s like a hell now….a hell which I made myself….cant I just forgive Draco and start living or life as we used to do?


I don’t know…I just don’t know……
















“Where’s mommy?” Elina asked Draco when he came back carrying Hermione’s luggage.



“Ummmm….i think she….” Draco was gonna reply when Hermione replied herself.




“I am here dear…..”

Elina runs and hugs Hermione.



“Mommy, where were you? I and aunt (Astoria) were fed up of searching for you….”





Hermione was mute. Draco understood well that she was disturbed so he said-



“Elina, look at the time. Go and sleep now. I’ll show you your room…”

Draco holds her hand and goes away. Elina call Hermione-


“Mom, could you come with us too?”



“Hmmm…yes dear why not?”

Hermione follows them to Elina’s room.



“Good night Elina……”



“Good night mommy! Good night Daddy!”



They both wished Elina a good night.

Hermione stood quietly, staring at the door. At last Draco spoke….



“Hermione….whatever happened in your apartment….I…”




“Ahhhhh…..oh god! I am too tired Draco…couldn’t we just go and sleep now?”

Hermione tried to make a fake yawn.



She is not a good actor. Not better than I am.



Hermione started walking towards the direction of

Draco’s room.



“Uh no, not that way, your room’s here.” Draco

stopped her.




“Oh, umm….actually I thought we’d share the same room so…I…….” It just came out of her mouth.




“I thought you would have problems with that….”



“Ya it’s alright…” Hermione turned round and then said- “Good night Draco.”



“Good night Hermione…” Draco had a tone of regret in his voice.



Draco’s POV-



I just can’t sleep tonight. I keep on thinking about her.

How old are we-26? We have our whole life left now… can we just stay away from each other?-when we know the fact that we can’t?

Huh…..we are really very stubborn.



Suddenly there’s a knock on my door.

I open the door and find my servant, Nick.



“What are doing here at this time? It’s not even 4 now.” I said pointing at the clock behind.



“Sir, Mrs. Malfoy left the house an hour ago……”


“Mrs. Malfoy?” Oh...that was Hermione. I wasn’t used to those two words for the last four years.


“Oh...but where did Hermione go? Did she leave any message?”


“Yes sir…she left this for you…”


I take the paper and read it. Then I turn to Nick and say-


“Book one ticket for Australia right now…” and I go inside my room to pack my bag.

















(Draco’s POV continued)



I reached Australia pretty quickly…I didn’t know where to go now. I quickly took my mobile phone, a muggle device which Hermione had given me to use. But I didn’t know how to use it. Oh yes, she had given me a number. Umm…but where had she saved it?

I tried to find it and then I pressed some buttons and then I got a number.


I didn’t wait anymore and just dialed it. And yes, someone picked it up too.




It was a female’s voice. But it wasn’t Hermione’s.


“Hello? Who is it?” The voice replied again.


“Oh ya, umm..I am Draco…”


“Draco Malfoy?” came an instant reply.


“Yes…I wanted to talk to my wife……”


“Oh…I am Hermione’s mother…she just went out without her phone…I will call her now wait”


“But where is she……where are you all right now?”


“What? Didn’t she tell you? …Hermione’s father is too ill so she came to meet him…”


“Oh….could you give me your address….? “



“Yes...take it down..”


I wrote it on a piece of paper, and hired a cab which led me straight away to their house......














(Draco’s POV continued)





I don’t know what had actually happened……was he dead? Well I hope not, at least for Hermione……

But where was their house……all the houses here where of the same kind……


There were whispers all along as I searched for Hermione’s house.

“Hey, I think this is Draco Malfoy…isn’t he? Hermione had told me that he has blond hair”





“Yeah… I think he is Draco…you know what he was an ex-death eater…but don’t tell this to anyone…”





“But what’s a death eater?”




“I don’t know…a bad profession maybe…Mrs. Granger told me……”




“Hmmm…well you don’t know that he is a well-trained Auror now!”




“And what the hell is that?”


“I don’t know that either…I just heard it from a guy named Eric…”




So was I so popular among muggles too? They knew me as-

Hermione’s Husband,

An ex-death eater and

A well trained Auror!

Wasn’t that pretty cool?



But how did these muggles get to know that?

And who is this guy Eric……?

God knows…………




I finally reached the last house on that lane and read the name-plate in front of its gate-

The Grangers


Oh, so finally I had reached their house.

I was about to knock the door when I saw Hermione at the yard. She was sitting on a bench with her head down and her hand on her face……was she crying?





I was walking towards her when suddenly a guy came- a handsome guy, a little older than me…I guess…but I bet I was taller!




He called out to Hermione-





Saying this he ran to her……Hermione got up and pulled him into a hug……She hugged him!!!!!!  Anger filled up my mind…or was it jealousy? NO!




I just stood there like a fool while they were still in their hugging position.

Well, she never hugged me like that?





Huh, it’s just a hug right?

Draco Malfoy- don’t over react now……




I went near them and coughed loud enough for them to hear. They quickly separated and Hermione blushed.

She blushed! Uh huh……why the hell was she doing that? Before I could speak anything, the guy spoke-



“Mione dear……where were you darling? I missed you so much………”


He holded Hermione’s hand.



“Eric…I missed you much more…I missed u like hell dear…”


Oh so this was the guy named Eric. How did he know that I am an Auror? Hermione must have told him.


This was too much for me. I spoke-


“Hermione, who is he? You never told me about him?”


Before I could speak the guy spoke again. Had he had this stupid habit of speaking when he was not wanted?



“Hi, I am Eric. Eric Walters. I am Mione’s best friend. Could I know who you are?”



Oh, so did Hermione still have best friends? I thought that the Potty and Weasel were her only ones……But they weren’t her friends anymore now……huh…that’s another long story to tell…………



“I am Draco Malfoy…Hermione’s husband…”


“But don’t forget that we don’t live together…” Hermione spoke in between.


Why was she doing that? I know... she really wanted to make me jealous…ok fine...I won’t be jealous………but unfortunately, nobody could stop me from being jealous.



“Hermione…did you tell Eric about us? I mean about the wizarding world and all……” I whispered in her ear.


“Yes of course…” She smirked.



“That’s ridiculous!” I muttered to myself.



“Uh…did you say something?” Hermione asked me…trying to escape laughter.



I didn’t reply…The guy (I will always refer him as the guy) spoke again-




“Hermione, I think I should go now……Ashley’s waiting for me…..”


Oh, so he has some girl…thank god…



“Ok…bye…” Hermione replied.



The guy kissed Hermione on the cheek and went away.


How could he do that in front of me? I felt like kicking him on his butt but he went away.

And wow… Hermione was BLUSHING AGAIN!!!!



She spoke to me after a while-


“Ummm… Draco what are you doing here?”


I couldn’t control my anger.



“What do you think I am doing here huh?”


“Why are you shouting at me?”


I didn’t reply again




“Oh, got it….looks like someone’s jealous…” Hermione smirked…


“No, I.Am.Not.JEALOUS!”



Hermione looked at me and laughed.



“Oh come on Hermione…you left me a message that you’re coming to Australia…well I learnt from your mom that your dad’s sick?”



“Ya, he…is not well…”



“He’s not dead right?”



Hermione glared at me.

“Hermione wait!”

 She walked towards the door of her house, took out a key from her pocket, unlocked and opened the door…I went behind her and entered the house. was quite big………with expensive furniture and much more……I was really gonna like this place………


I further followed Hermione to her room. She took a book from her extra large book shelf with tons of books…and sat on the bed. I then asked her-




“Who was that guy?”


Hermione first looked at me with her eyes questioning “Which guy?” But she soon understood and said-


“Oh, Eric? Well, he did introduce himself to you, didn’t he?”



“But you never told me about him!”


“Uh..I never got time dear…see, he was like a secret friend…”


Secret friend? Or do you mean Secret Boyfriend?”




“He’s not my boyfriend!” Hermione screamed at me.


“Well, if anyone saw the way you both were behaving with each other, their first guess would be that he was your long lost love…!”




“Draco, we are only friends!”


“Well whatever…you gotta remember this thing that you both have to be just friends because you are married and he has some girl named Ashley…right?”



“Ha, Ashley is his seven year old sister…and if we talk about us then………we are almost separated right?”



“Don’t forget that we didn’t have a proper separation yet, Mrs. Malfoy…” I gave more emphasis to those two words.


“Well, whatever…Eric’s my first friend, my first crush, the first guy I flirted with……”



“You flirt?” I asked in between totally shocked.


“Umm…actually it’s been one of my hidden hobbies since I was 10…”




I gave an extra-odd smile while Hermione left the room.












“Beep-beep” “beep-beep”



Hermione picked her mobile phone, a muggle device, which she had got addicted to.

She checked her messages.


“Hmmmmmm…two messages from Eric. Lets see what he sent…”


Whoa! U did a gr8 job 2day.

U owe me, my dear frnd :)


And the second message was-


C, I am goin’ 2 throw a small party to welcum u,

So be ready for tonight…I have planned everything so do cooperate plzzz… say hi to..uh…what do u call him? Oh – Ferret right? Or whateva :)


  And then there came another beep.


Missing u… <3



Hermione smiled. She went out of the room thinking about the party.






Heyyyy!!!! Sorry for such a late validation…I was sick and then busy with exams….so..couldn’t update soon.






Should I  write long chapters or should I write short chapters and validate them soon??????? Plzz help me….answer to this question about what you think………


Well, how was the chapter?  I will soon upload an image of Eric Walters I hope. :)

The next chapter is going to be pretty exciting. I am gonna be too excited while writing the whole chapter. Well read the below extract from my next chapter and have an idea how the next chapter’s gonna be-



I was not in my senses. This bottle of beer was…uh…it had totally gained control over me…it was tasty…much better than fire whisky…I looked at Hermione…..she was not in such a bad condition. She didn’t drink so much beer did she?


“Hermione, you know what…I can see two of you…one here and one there…”


“Ha…haa…I can see four of you! Now beat that!”


Oh…I think Hermione’s condition was worse than mine…


Till then go on reviewing

As usual Dramoine rockz :)



PS- Thnks to Girl who dream, Stella, Dramione is osom, Malpot fan,Guest, Cupcake and others for their sweet reviews…

Love u all :)




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We are never getting back together...or are we?: The guy named- Eric


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