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            Ginny hung her broom in the cupboard of Number Twelve, wiping sweat from her workout off of her forehead.  She chugged a glass of water and looked over a piece of paper that was folded in the pocket of her robes.  She heard the creak of the floorboards in the entryway.  Harry was home from the Ministry.  She quickly stuffed the papers back in her robe and headed upstairs to the shower.  She slipped out of her Harpies practice gear and stepped into the tiled shower, not unlike the ones in the Prefect’s bathroom at Hogwarts.  She adjusted the water to the perfect temperature; the shower was refreshing like a waterfall on a tropical island.


            Ginny had just gotten the owl offering a spot on the Harpies team and Harry wanted to surprise her.  Hermione told him about a private island in the Caribbean that was isolated and difficult for Muggles to access.  Ron had taken her to celebrate her birthday the previous year. Of course Ron couldn’t mention it to Harry, because he didn’t like putting ideas into his best friend’s head about taking his little sister to romantic private islands. 

            Harry and Ginny spend two nights on the island in a small straw hut he borrowed from a Ministry coworker.  Like most camping sites, the hut was shabby on the outside, but was luxurious on the inside.  The only thing it was lacking was a shower.

            “Here, let me show you something,” Harry laughed after Ginny complained about not having a place to bathe.

            He led her through the sand to the bottom of a giant cliff. He took out his wand and tapped on the rock.  Clean, refreshing water poured from the top of the rock formation.  For a moment, Harry disappeared behind the wall of water.  She saw a toned arm and torso come through the water that motioned her in, and a grin that gave her no reason to object. She took his hands and was enveloped by his firm embrace.


            A rap on the frosted glass shower interrupted her daydream.

            “Ginny, dinner reservation is in an hour. Are you almost finished in there?” Harry asked.

            Ginny hopped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her body.  She quickly dried her hair and applied a bit of makeup.  She then went to the closet and rummaged through dresses, but nothing seemed right.  As she dug through her choices, she found the perfect one for the occasion that she hadn’t worn in years.


            She slipped on a tight dress with a lace back that she bought the previous day.  She made Hermione promise that if she ever knew that Harry was going to propose, to tell her immediately so she would have time to prepare.  Hermione had come to her that morning, red-faced and out of breath.  She had only found out minutes before she arrived at the Burrow.

            “Ron’s just told me.  Harry went and talked to your parents and has the ring. He wants to do it tonight,” Hermione panted. “I really wish you would have let me keep it a surprise.”

            “You know I would have never forgiven you if you did,” Ginny laughed.


            “So where are we going tonight?” Ginny asked as she slipped her wedding band onto her finger.

            “New place in Diagon Alley. I know the owner. You’ll like it.”

            It seemed as though they were always trying new restaurants and going to shop openings.  It had been a few years since Harry’s Hogwarts days, but his celebrity remained.  People were always offering him free meals to go to their openings. He was a good sport about it and always attended, though he always refused to have a free meal.

            “Three down from Olivander’s. You know the spot?”

            Ginny nodded and slipped the envelope in her robes into her clutch.


            Ginny was too nervous to eat anything at dinner.  Harry, oblivious to her current eating habits, scarfed down his meal and some of hers.  She was about to share her news with Harry, but then quickly changed her mind. What if he choked on his food? What if he freaks out and causes a scene?

            After dinner, they went for a walk around the shops.  They always like walking through there; the lights from the shops illuminated the pathways.  She decided that this would be the best time to tell him news that would change their lives forever. He slipped his hand into hers.  Yes, there was no better time.

            “Harry, I was feeling ill the other day, so I went to the hospital wing when I went to Hogwarts, and I got some results back.”

            Harry stopped and turned to face her. “Are you alright?” he asked frantically.

            Ginny grinned and nodded. She took the test results from her bag.

             “Very much so. Harry, we’re having a baby.”



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