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Anastasia by Irobbedgringottsandgotaway
Chapter 18 : In Which I Finally Play Quidditch and Spill Secrets
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 Disclaimer: Anything recognizable belongs to JK Rowliing.

A/N: I am so so so so so sorry this took so long. I sort of gave up on this story for awhile, but now I have all these great new ideas and a big plot twist coming up, so stay tuned! Shoot me a review if you like the new banner or if you liked/loved/loathed this chapter/story! Thank you to all you loyal reviewers who have been asking for this chapter! It's dedicated to you!



Chapter 18 - In Which I Finally Play Quidditch and Spill Secrets

The evening after nearly getting expelled, I walked into the Great Hall for dinner and found about four hundred eye balls trained on my face. I tried to ignore them as I wandered over to the Gryffindor table, where the only plate set was mine. I filled my plate, ignoring the looks as I scarfed down as much hot food as I could. 

I had missed Lunch that day as I had gone straight from Umbridge's office to a six hour detention with Filch, scrubbing down a bunch of abandoned classrooms manually, as in, on my hands and knees.

I would be doing the same task every Sunday afternoon for the next month it sounded like. This was the compromise Umbridge had eventually settled for, although she was all ready to hang me in chains from the entrance hall. 

As I quickly left the room heading out the entrance hall for Quidditch practice, two people stopped me before getting to the door, dragging me into some random little niche behind a big tapestry. 

"We heard about you almost getting expelled." James said flatly.

"Yeah, is it true you socked Umbridge in the face after she called you a worthless hag?" Al added.

"What? No." I said, confused. "It was about those new pamphlets she forced our class to read. I talked back to her and used 'vulgar' language. Didn't you guys get them too?"

"What pamphlets? Umbridge wasn't there for any of her classes this afternoon. Apparently she had to meet with the minister or something." James said, his eyebrows furrowed.

"Well, you should see them for yourself." I pulled out the pamplet from my bookbag. "It's awful." 

Their eyes scanned the first couple of pages, looks of confusion, then anger, then incredulousness forming on their faces.

"What?! They can't just outright say these sorts of things! People will think they're crazy!" James said.

"This is bullshit!" Al said. 

"Ha. That's what I said." 

"But this is actually insane! Dad would never have sold off his own daughter to Greyback! I mean, he's the fricking Saviour of their world! We have to do something!" James said, upset. 

"Yeah, well don't do anything too brash, Umbridge will be on the prowl, watching you two especially." I warned him, looking both him and Al in the eyes. 

"Well, she had better behave herself." Al said darkly. "Or I will punch her straight up in the face." 

"Well, I'm sure it will be fixed in the next couple of days." I said hopefully. "Once the press finds out, they'll get so much bad press on these from parents that they'll have to retract them." 

They nod. 

"Well, see you guys later. Don't be idiots." I chide. 



"What the hell was with earlier today, Anna?" John asks as I enter the library and spot him and Scorp sitting at our group's usual table. 

"Oh, nothing really. I just get pissed off by that woman really easily. And did you see how outrageous those pamplets were?" I said, brushing it off.

"Anna, you seem really positive that these accusations are false." Scorp says quietly. "Are you sure you don't have anything you should be telling people that could testify against the ministry's pamplet?"


Scorpius knows. 

Well, he at least knows there's something up. 

I could just tell them, it's now or never I guess. 

Plus, then I can explain to them why I shouldn't have to tell anybody. 

"Allright." I said, giving in. "You know how they claim that Harry Potter sold his daughter to Greyback to become head deatheater?"

They nod.

"Well, I know for a fact that that's not true." I took a deep breath, and let it out. "Because I'm the daughter that he lost. I was stolen by Greyback the night they captured him and put my mother in a coma."

I took a relieved gasp of breath. "Wow I feel great telling you guys that."

They were gaping at me, their jaws wider than a pizza. 

"So..." I began awkwardly. "Have you done the potions essay?"

John splutters. "Have you done the potions essay... are you serious Anna?! You just reveal some crazy secret to us and ask us 'have you done the potions essay'?!"

"Anna, are you being serious?" Scorpious whispered, leaning in across the table. 

I nod. 

"So that means..." He trailed off, deep in thought. 

"It means that I'm a werewolf." I finish for him. "I was released this summer by the ministry when Greyback was killed. I've been under his command since I was a tiny girl."

"Well, I guess this all makes sense..." John says, trailing off. 

"I know that this is a lot to take in, but I promise you, I'm still Anna. I'm a decent person, and I'm still your friend."

"So you're actually related to the Weasleys then." John thinks out loud. "Do any of them know?" 

"Rose's parents know that I'm a werewolf, but Ted Lupin and Al and James, my brothers know pretty much everything." I explain. 

The two of them are deep in thought. 

They look at each other and seem to have an internal conversation with their eyes.

"So," John says, looking back to me. "Are you ready for your Quidditch game tomorrow?"

I grin. "Yeah. I am." 

I smile, looking at the two friends who have decided to accept me without question now that they know my secrets. 



"All right team. Are we ready for this?" Aaron asked, looking at the team, sitting in the locker room awaiting the call onto the field for our game agianst Ravenclaw.

"We were born ready Aaron." Tim states. We all nod, too nervous to speak.

We gather by the tunnel onto the field and wait for our names. 

Aaron's name is the first to be called, then his fellow beater "Duufffff..." 

Next came the keeper, McClaggen.

And then the Chasers. 

"Fellow, Donovan, and Chase." 

The three of us began the walk down the short hallway that led to the pitch. 

It was cloudy, with a slight breeze. Pretty good for playing. 

"Aaannnd... Canders!"

We lined up in the middle, Aaron in the middle along with Davies, the captain of Ravenclaw. 

I found myself the object of much animosity from the other team, besides John, who was lined up right across from me and Scorp, who was a little ways down the line across from our Seeker, Eugene Canders. But the Ravenclaw Beaters, Macmillian brothers from seventh and fifth years, were glaring at me, looking between me and Davies, who looked pretty pissed. Guess they hadn't heard about the new girl on the pitch. 

I ignored them, winking at John, who smirked back. 

I couldn't wait to see the look on his face when I snatched the Quaffle out of his hands. 

Madame Hooch blew her whistle and I gave one last glare towards the Macmillians before shooting up quickly, coming to a quick stop where centerfield was. The Quaffle was dropped into Tim's hands and the game begun. 

The voice of Robert Macintosh, the leader of the running club, filled the stadium.

"And the game begins! This should be an interesting match today folks! For the first time in two decades, we have not only a girl playing, but a Gryffindor! Quite the surprise, the Hufflepuff captain has kept this silent for the past two months since tryouts. Not sure how legal that is, as..."

"Macintosh! Focus!" McGonagall snapped. 

"Fellow is in position of the Quaffle, and is speeding towards the goals. He passes to Donovan last minute and Hufflepuff scores!" 

Cheering erupts from the Hufflepuff crowd, but there are boos from the Slytherins and Ravenclaws. I ignore them until I realize who they're booing. 

The Slytherins are in so much shock at a girl on the pitch that some are still sitting stock still while others are cursing at the field. I spot Fred Weasley, Slytherin Captain, standing at the edge, laughing his guts out. 

I scowl. 

John and Chaser #2 from Ravenclaw are now speeding towards me, passing the Quaffle back and forth between them heading down the pitch. 

I speed in between them and snatch the Quaffle out of the air. I speed off, keeping eyes out for Tim and Donovan. 

I dodge a bludger and quick snap the ball over to Tim, who scores. 

I swoop low around the goals and catch the ball the second it leaves the hoops. 

I dive underneath the hoop, looping around and chucking the Quaffle at an angle so that it goes through the far hoop, away from the Keeper. 

I speed off down the pitch again as the Ravenclaws gain possesion and dodge the incessant bludgers the MacMillian brothers are hurling towards me. 

"Well, that was a surprising play by Anna Chase, fifth year Gryffindor playing for the Hufflepuffs. Aaron Wood has been training the newcomer well. The Ravenclaw beaters are keeping their trained eyes on her, and are giving her their usual warm welcome, as it appears they are not happy with the new girl on the pitch, who is now in the possesion of the Quaffle agian. Damn, she's quick as she races past the ensuing Ravenclaw Chasers." 

"Macintosh! Language!" 

"Sorry Professor, Chase scores again for the Hufflepuffs! 40-0 to Hufflepuffs."

I smirk, spying Fred Weasley standing dumbstruck in the stands.

The game continues, and the crowd become significantly less animous with each goal I make. 

We're up by one hundred and forty after the first hour with no sight of the snitch.

I score again, then pass the rebound to Donovan, who scores before John takes hold of the Quaffle. 

He takes it downfield with another chaser and scores. 

"Fellow in possesion of the Quaffle, takes it downwind to Donovan, who fakes right then passes to Chase, who lodges in a tight spot right past the Keeper's ear." 

We're now ahead by one hundred fifty. 

"Fellow catches the Quaffle on the downfall and takes it around the pitch once, Ravenclaw close behind, and he shoots, he scores! The score is now 270 - 110 to Hufflepuff." 

I make another quick goal and then take a lap around the pitch to avoid the two bludgers that were just lobbed at me. 

"Canders has spotted the Snitch! Malfoy is also in pursuit, but he is apparently trying to prevent Canders from catching it, as Ravenclaw is behind by too much to win. Canders is in the lead, now Malfoy is pressing left, Canders pulls ahead again..." 

I pass the Quaffle to Tim and he scores, but everyone else is paying rapt attention to the Seekers. 

"But Malfoy is persistent, pulling the two of them to the side away from the Snitch, Canders is pulling back hard, trying to get away from Malfoy, but Malfoy goes up with him..."

Tim and I score another goal as even the keeper isn't paying attention anymore. 

"Canders pulls ahead one more time, and Canders has caught the Snitch!" He swears.


"The snitch has been caught by Hufflepuff seeker Eugune Canders despite the intelligent gaurds by Ravenclaw seeker Malfoy. The game is over! And look at all those points! Final score is 450 - 110 to Hufflepuff!" 

I sigh, relieved. I smile, feeling absolutely glorious. 

Then the bludger collides with my back and I go down. 



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Anastasia: In Which I Finally Play Quidditch and Spill Secrets


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