Chapter 3

She sat up quickly, regretting it instantly as the pain blossomed in her back and shoulder. She gingerly relaxed back and began analyzing her surroundings trying to make sense of what had happened.

The room was unfamiliar and white, sterile. Nothing like she had expected, wet dungeon walls or maybe a metal cage overhanging a cauldron of acid. The last thing she remembered was running, the final battle! Ron! Harry! What had happened? How long ago was that?! Hermione frantically looked around for her wand and was disappointed that it was not anywhere visible. She started to move to the door when a small elf came in holding a tray of tea and tiny sandwiches; her purple tea cozy was clean and well kept.  Silently placing it on the table and leaving. As unwilling as she was the sandwiches looked tasty and her grumbling stomach was being uncooperative… she would hold out till she knew more about her situation, and continued looking around the almost bare room. Why was everything so white? The only window in the room looked to be magically enhanced as it was showing a pristine beach. Soft music played from a radio in the corner.

A tall man in green robes came into the room; he flashed a calming smile when he noticed her alertness.

“Hello Miss, how are you feeling today.”

She analyzed his tan face before answering, his features were kind enough but after everything she had been through in the last couple of months made her weary. He couldn’t be a death eater could he?

“I’m sore” she started cautiously,” Where am I? How long have I been here?”

“ I would be sore to if I had taken a fall like that,” He chuckled,” You’re in good hands, as for how long you have only been in my ward for a week, with the injuries you sustained it was necessary to induce sleep so your body could heal.”

“What fall?! Where am I?” He was not going to get away with not answering! “Miss Drasina please calm yourself, you will injure yourself farther.” His voice was calming but his words confused her. “Who is Drasina!?” Her voice raised several octaves as she started to get up again only to have herself rather forcibly pushed down again. “Rick! I need you in here” Hermione glanced around again only to find the man joined by a much larger man, He gently but firmly held her steady. “I guess the dose was wrong maybe you should sleep for a bit more. I need to look over your injuries for further analysis…” he murmured more to himself for either her or Rick pulling a syringe from his coat.  The man named Rick’s grip steadied her arm as she watched helpless as the needle bit her skin was plunged back into darkness.


Dr. Casious sighed as he withdrew his wand and began looking over her again. Some of her cuts were not healing well; the laceration in her shoulder had stopped bleeding but had not begun to heal yet. Poor girl had been through so much, and the sudden attack had not made sense. Her shop had burnt to the ground overnight. He wondered idly as he walked from the room looking over her charts, if her association with the Malfoy’s had done this....


Draco stared out the window of his bedroom. He was waiting for the owl to arrive before setting off to go visit Sin. It had been a long week, he still had no idea how she managed to find her way to Madame Helen’s. It looked like Sin had fought her way out of something horrible. Helen had told them that she had new and old injuries all over herself.


 The Madame had immediately sent for healers and they took her to St. Mongo’s. With no family Sin had been taken in and was being treated, but she wasn’t being allowed visitors. Not even his mother had gotten in to see her yet. They had managed to influence her care a bit though adopting her bills. Sin was now in the best hands that money could pay for.


When Helen had written Narcissa about Sin, old fears put into place. It was like being under the dark lord again. She had immediately went and tried to see the girl, but the healers had been steadfast, no one besides family could enter. When she had returned home with the news Draco had left immediately and came home the next morning hung-over and haggard looking. She hadn’t asked questions, just had Skippy put him to bed. 


 Once Sin stabilized, they were moving her into a more permanent room. Draco was expectant. The healer said she was being moved this afternoon. This would be the first he would get to see her since their last date. The healers had not let him in when she was taken in. He had been removed from the premises when he had tried to force his way in to see her. His long fingers tapped his desk impatiently. His cloak and bag lay prepared for the moment the owl arrived. For once his money or power got him nowhere.

            Narcissa walked into her son’s room without bothering to knock. She handed him a letter and watched as he read and reread the letter before looking up, his face was cautiously hopeful. She wondered just what she had done allowing these two to meet. The girl had already changed her son, he didn’t bring home strange witches, his drinking had gone down considerably, and for the first time since the war she was starting to see glimpses of who he had been before Voldemort’s rebirth. At first it had scared her to think of how attached her son had gotten, she could only hope it was for the best. He came out of his room cloak over his arm and a small package in his hand. She had already gathered her cloak and purse, and was waiting for him in the hall. They set off to go meet with the girl who had won her son’s heart.


The tiny witch at the reception desk at St. Mongo’s told them with a bored voice that she was on the fourth floor. They waited in the elevator, and Narcissa told Draco to be on his best behavior, the Healers letter had told them that she was still in a chemical induced coma but they could go see her. One of the things they had been able to do was put her in a more comfortable room. Adopting Sin’s bills allowed them to have regular visits and checkups on her condition. The look of thanks on her son’s face had been well worth it.



Draco rested his head on her bed, she still wasn’t awake but her even breaths told him nothing had changed. Her blonde hair lay spread out on her pillow, his mother had been in here brushing it for her again. Pieces of it were missing.  He looked over her face, her left eye was still swollen and her left hand was bandaged up to her elbow, her neck was bruised and her shoulder was wrapped in bulky bandages that had an odd odor coming from them. One leg was in a full cast and the other was wrapped with more bandages. One side of her face was bruised and scratched. If this was a week’s worth of healing he was almost glad he hadn’t seen her before. It was very apparent how close he had come to losing her.


Under all the damage he could still see his Sin, her full lips and pronounced cheekbones made her look like something you would expect a princess to look like. He could see the light scarring on her neck from her past under the bruising, she was always charming her skin to hide it, and he sometimes wished she wouldn’t. It showed that she had character, after the war they all had scars some visible some not.  Her tan skin was starting to lose its normal luster. She would be cranky for a time but the healer had insisted that she stay under a bit longer. Her comatose state was welcome while healing this much damage. It had been the topic for the last few days, how the curse will affect her movement but Draco remained optimistic. Sin was part of his life now she had no right to leave it. He checked the clock again; he was going to be late for work if he didn’t leave soon. He kissed her forehead before leaving for work.


There was little to be done at the house, and the healer wasn’t due again until the next day. He had set up his office in the corner of her room. Pouring over plans for the new house he was having built. He took a page and lifted it, staring at the ring box that sat on his desk apprehensively.  It wasn’t like him to rush into things, especially with women but this was different. When he had found out about the fire his heart had stopped. It was worse when they couldn’t find her. He had almost lost her. Those few days were darker than the Dark Lord’s reign had ever been for him. While she still wasn’t back mentally but he was determined that once she woke up he was going to make sure she never left his side again. It had been a dilemma for weeks now but having talked it over with his mother, she agreed, she was more than thrilled, she had already ordered several wedding books. He just hoped Sin would be as enthused.  


Draco was also going over the plans for her new shop, a little place in Hogsmeade, right along the main path. He was having the place built so close to Hogwarts for a reason. Not only would her business increased tenfold, but she would be safer. He was planning on moving himself and his mother into a new house nestled in the country away from the population.  Sin would be joining them if he had his way. He doubted she would resist. It had its perks, being a Malfoy.

He smiled ruefully to himself, but lost his in his prattling he couldn’t help but think back to his dinners in her tiny flat above her shop. Sin, his intelligent beautiful and wonderful girlfriend had lost everything. Her old home had been completely destroyed. Where it once stood was a pile of ash the ministry had cleared away for evidence. Her life’s work was in those ashes.

He didn’t want her to go back to that. He didn’t know how to help her if she did. He had hoped to move her to his new home before she woke, but it was taking more time than he thought for her body to heal. Though her wounds were sealed, the curse that had hit her was working against them; her blood was trying to kill her. She was under a strict potion every other hour to flush out the bad blood, the healer kept her in a comatose state, the procedure was incredibly painful, and if she was awake her heart would only kill her faster. He looked away from her in that moment, and returned to his paperwork, trying to bury his morbid feelings. He would find and distroy whoever did this to her. 

Narcissa had found a new way of distracting herself by busying herself with plans for her son’s wedding. She glanced at the painting of Lucius that hung in her sitting room. It had magically replaced the one of Abraxas, when he died. The painting hadn’t talked but rather sat there looking over his family. He was looking intently at her plans when she heard him talk behind her… “So Draco has found a wife?” She looked back shocked. Lucius leaned forward in his high backed chair and looked at the photo Narcissa was holding. Sin and Draco were laughing together in the rose garden; both were lying on the ground on a blanket posing for the camera that was obviously in Draco’s hand. Showed it to him and he tried to look disinterested. Narcissa broke the silence. She touched his frame before speaking, “Draco is happier than I have ever seen him, love” She sat the picture aside and looked at her former husband. Lucius sat back in his chair and inquired”Is she a mudblood?” Narcissa was taken back, even after the war he was on about such nonsense... “Of course not,” she answered snidely “She’s a half blood, not that it matters.” He nodded, and she left the room, unable to look at her former husband.

Weeks passed into months and on the eve of Narcissa’s birthday Draco took her out to a nice dinner in London. Afterwards they went to go visit Sin together. When they both walked in Sin was sitting up in bed looking over several cards from the village. When she looked up and smiled at them both. Neither had expected it. Sin had been in induced sleep for months. Draco broke first, immediately striding over and took her hand kissing them each in turn before kissing her forehead. His mother joined them coming around the other side of the bed pulling up a chair; she was looking over Sin’s face with confusion.” Hello Drasina how was your sleep?” Draco’s jaw dropped how could his mother be so playful at a time like this Sin, was awake, her eyes finally open, and all his mother could get out was some lame joke about sleeping? Sin smiled wider “I had a really nice nap” Narcissa nodded her eyes oddly sad for the mood; She paused before asking “Who did this to you?” Sin frowned before answering,” I’m honestly not sure. The healer told me that once I have healed more they can use some spells to try and help me remember, but honestly I’m not sure that I want to…” Her voice dropped off as she looked out the window. Draco squeezed her hand and kissed her again, his voice seemed to be lost. Sin looked appreciably at Draco a moment before turning back to Narcissa” Is my shop…. Is it gone? “She asked her voice dropping to a whisper.

When Narcissa nodded, Sin stared forward for a moment blinking away the onslaught of tears, before nodding as well. It seemed to Draco that she had been expecting this part but had hoped it wasn’t true, her disappointment was obvious. She looked over to the stack of unopened letters; several of them looked like they were insurance papers. “Would you mind helping me with these Draco?”

He only glanced at the stack before turning to her “tomorrow love, let’s just enjoy you being awake, is there anything you want, maybe something to eat? I can send for anything.” Anything to distract her, She smiled and asked sheepishly for a honey cake with lavender icing. Skippy returned just five minutes with a full tray of them and some tea. The evening was oddly charming.  It wasn’t until Sin started yawning that they left. Narcissa told her that she would be back the next evening with some clothes and some things for Sin to read. Draco kissed her forehead and told her he would be back in the morning before work.


Two weeks later Sin was able to get up and move around in a wheelchair. By the fourth week she was able to go home with the Malfoy’s under the supervision of their family healer. Draco had set up her a guest room downstairs next to the library. The room was nothing to sneeze at; its large windows looked out over the rose garden they had met in.  

Her dreams seemed to get wilder as the weeks trudged on. Most were vivid and wild randomness, but some the ones that frightened her were the darker ones about cellars and underground tunnels. She had not been sleeping well, but could not take a sleeping potion.

Sin called for Skippy. The elf popped into the room instantly. Sin was happy to see the elf dressed in the new tea cozy she had bought her. Skippy bowed, “what can I do for the miss?” Sin couldn’t help but smile at her. “I would like some tea please, and some soup, I am quite hungry.” Skippy bowed once more and with a pop she was gone. Sin took a muffin from her hidden stash beside the bed.

She managed to stuff an entire muffin in her mouth, before turning back to the dramatic scene playing out, right outside her door. This was better than the soap channel on the muggle picture thing. She thought gleefully. From what she could gather, Draco was close to throwing punches at the guests who refused to leave. The guests were not taking it well, as they wanted to talk to her. Draco had been insistent that they could come back when she was awake. He was oblivious that she was, in fact, awake. It had been hard to sleep with all the yelling… The men were arguing that the longer they waited the colder the trail would get.

She sighed before calling out “Draco, I am awake enough to talk. Hopefully then, they will go away.” Her soft words sounded exasperated, she was tired of the questions and it had seemed that they were bugging her even more of late.

Skippy had been Draco’s house elf since he was a kid, so when Sin had started living here, the elf had taken to her master’s “miss” immediately. She had never seen the elf in rags and her cozy’s were always clean and pressed. She wasn’t free but she was well taken care of. Thinking of pressed, she had noticed that Draco was a bit more… messy as of late. If she had money, she would bet on lack of sleep that was driving him up the wall, maybe she could convince him to take a nap with her later. In her mind naps fixed almost anything, almost as well as a good book could.

Draco interrupted her musings as he walked into the room, closely followed by two men. “Hello Miss Veriand, we are from the department of magical law enforcement.” Sin struggled to keep the annoyance off her face. She already knew this they had been here last week. ”We have a few more questions for you.” Sin hated the way the men loomed over her in that moment. Cursing herself for having fallen in love with this low platform bed. She could feel annoyance winning as it creped onto her face. She managed to quickly change it into a pleasant smile. “I have told you all that I know, gentlemen.”

 Mr. Westbury looked over the scroll in his hand, before taking a picture from a folder in his shoulder bag and handing it to her. The scene on the picture showed her a small building in smolders; it looked like someone had blown through the cellar. She could see debris everywhere. A flash of a dream came to her immediately: a figure discarding a black robe and mask before setting the place on fire. Was she the one to cause it? How did they have a picture from one of her dreams?

“What am I looking at here? I have never been to this area.” Her words were more sincere than she felt. Had my dream been real? It couldn’t be the same place. Maybe it was just my imagination being funny. Her mind raced over the possibilities. ”We believe this is the last place Hermione Granger was taken, before she died.” Sin couldn’t help but be awe struck. Hermione was dead? “…she is dead? Then why were those men calling me Hermione?” He paused before answering. “This is a well-kept secret in the ministry, even Mr. Potter doesn’t know. This site was raided after several muggles called in the fire. We managed to determine that of the two bodies that were found, one is believed to be Miss Granger. We found evidence that, the night this happened, was the night you showed up at St. Mongo’s. Your medical files are contusive someone who was held captive. Your body was so mangled the healers barley managed to fix your face using your existing bone structure. If it hadn’t been for your wand we wouldn’t even know who you were. We were hoping that you could help us out with this. Do you remember anything from that night?” Sin was speechless. This brought a whole new perspective to everything.

 Her thoughts were broken, as she felt a push on her mind and quickly blocked it out. He wasn’t as skilled in Occlumency as she was and was immediately glad that Draco had been teaching her. She wondered if she should have blocked him out, but she needed time to analyze the newest memory of that dream. So she went for feigning ignorance. “If I knew anything about this, I would have mentioned this to you.” Another push, she was starting to get annoyed, if he wanted to access her thoughts he would have to ask. “I only want this resolved, but I feel like you are accusing me.” Her annoyance slipped into her words. Sin took a deep breath; she needed to get a better handle on herself. They had managed to upset her. Mr. Westbury looked taken back “Oh no miss. My apologies, we just hoped you had remembered more information.”

Skippy chose this time to pop back into the room carrying a silver tray of tea and soup. She had forgotten about the elf. She sat it down on the table Draco had brought in, so she could work on insurance papers and such. She thanked the elf before turning back to the men, “If that is all, I would like to be left in peace, if I remember anything further I will notify you.” She took the tea cup in her hand and took a sip, house elves were wonderful. Skippy had remembered her favorite tea and had managed to add the right amount of honey and cream. She looked pointedly at the men, giving them the full force of her stare. The men reluctantly left, with Draco escorting them out, he turned to her before leaving the room “I’ll be back after they are gone.” He disappeared around the corner.

Sin was used to visitors at this point. Those men were the only ones that stressed her. Even the healer with all his poking and prodding never upset her as much as the ministry workers. The Malfoy family healer had just given her wonderful news just that morning. She was going to get to walk again soon. Her muscles were in full recovery and the shrapnel had not done permanent damage. She would have to be careful for the next few weeks but she could finally get up. As pretty as this room was, she was starting to get restless and agitated from being inside all day.

Skippy helped her get into the bath after the ministry men left; she relaxed in the hot water that smelled of lavender and jasmine. She mulled over the picture that the detective had handed her. Why had that looked so familiar? Was it a dream or was it one of her missing memories. Before the fire, her memories really hadn’t mattered to her, she was curious yes, but it was not a source of agitation until now. Maybe the library had a book about a memory finding spell. She took a mental note to look later. As nice as the manor was Sin longed for her home above the bookshop. She now wanted to know everything about herself. Not this Sin, the Sin before.

Back at his office, Mr. Westbury smiled to himself. He had planted the seed in her mind, the small lie that would start an avalanche. It had taken a while to find her. The cleaver girl used her captor’s identity. If Mary had not found her that day he would still be searching. Soon enough Hermione would be back, no longer under the Malfoy’s protection. He would need to intercept her before she rejoined Potter and Weasley. He had several plans, each for a different scenario. All he had to do was wait. Then the real games could start.

AN~ Pardon the rough editing work on my part, but its up! If you have time tell me what you think. As Always Happy reading ~ Lady

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