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Beautiful Beast by TheOneWhoRightsTheWrong
Chapter 4 : Fearing the Beast
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The dinner was quiet to say the least, but Roses anger subsided quickly. It was magnificent if anything but Rose had to wonder who made it. Surely it couldn't be Scorpius, he had been with her up until this point and the few minutes he was gone he couldn't have made all of the food on the table. Rose gingerly sipped her soup, she knew he wouldn't poison her. Rose glanced at Scorpius next to her, He had a cold look as always but he also looked ....worried.

'maybe if he smiled a bit more he wouldn't look so angry all the time, maybe he'd even look a little warmer that would be a miracle.' Rose sighed at her rambling thoughts. Scorpius glanced over at Rose who also looked very much deep in thought.

"is it not to your liking?" Scorpius asked wiping his mouth. Rose pulled out of her thoughts looked over at Scorpius.

"No not at all, its very good in fact, I was just thinking, are there any servants? I mean I think there are but are they invisible or just hidden from me?" she asked. Scorpius looked at her then over to the window. It was already nightfall and the moon was out.

"its not that they are hidden from you, nor are they invisible exactly, its what they are I can not even see them, so honestly I don't know what they are, I suppose they are like ghosts or the wind. You see those servant bells over there?" he said pointing to where they came in. Rose saw 4 small golden bells. Rose nodded and turned back to him.

"And over there that chime?" He pointed to the other side of the room. Rose nodded.

"That it how they communicate, most of the time, sometimes when they desperately need to from what I've observed they will speak in hush whispers." He said standing from his seat and walking over to the large windows revealing the moon. Rose thought about what he had just said.

'in the dungeons!' she thought back to when she arrived earlier, the lights flickering the door and the whispers.  Rose looked up at Scorpius as he stood in front of the window.

"Is that it then. No one but us and the wind servants Here?" She asked also rising from her seat and walking over to the windows a few feet from him. As she thought about it she hadn't seen his family or really anyone else around.

"you ask a lot of pesky questions You haven't changed since school it appears." He said avoiding the question.  Rose glared over at him straightening her dress once more.

"Well Im so sorry some of us enjoy learning unlike others Malfoy!" Rose huffed.

"just like you to get hot headed once confronted also." He said again this time teasing her.

"Hot-Headed!? I'm Hot headed what about you!? Mr. Kidnap-my-family-and-almost-crucio-my-father-for-standing-up to someone-who hit-a girl!" Rose knew very well what she said could cause a fight but she could care less. Malfoy didn't respond, and since from where Rose was standing she couldn't see his face Rose stepped a little closer to him. She wasn't sure what to expect an out burst perhaps, that was the problem with him, she could never predict exactly what he was going to do. Maybe narrow it down to two options but that was it.

"Your right." His voice had startled her so bad she flinched rather extremely and blocked her face. Scorpius glanced over his shoulder at her wild gesture, and stared at her. Rose blushed at the atmosphere since he was only starring, He quickly corrected the situation by laughing at her outburst.

"Haha laugh all you like." Rose said crossing her arms.

"I don't know why I jumped your not threatening in the least." She said snidely closing her eyes for a second.

"Probably just as frightening as your looney grandfather." She said about to turn away when suddenly she felt her self grabbed and slammed into a wall.

"What the bloody hell is wrong with you!?"  she yelled but quickly stopped when she saw his face. It was intense just how menacing he was looking at her. like he would snap her neck given the slightest push. Rose noticing his smirk, probably due to the fear she let go of, glared into his eyes. one hand was balled into a fist beside her head, and the other was lazily wrapped around her neck.

"Get. your. hands. off of me." she said in a harsh angry and frightened whisper. Scorpius smirked.

"I thought I wasn't frightening?"  he said cold hardness entering his speech.

"You aren't, your nothing but a coward, just like your father and his!" Rose yelled at him but was cut off when the hand around her neck tightened cutting off her air. Rose squeezed her eyes shut and tried desperately to pry his hand from her throat.

"Don't you dare talk about my father. you stupid little bitch." He growled at her. Roses eyes burst open at his language and anger. Rose was frightened but she was also very much pissed off.

"Let....go...of ...me!" She whispered through gasps of air. Scorpius smirked and leaned his head closer to hers. Rose turned away still struggling for what little air she was permitted. Tears welled up into Rose's eyes from deprivation of oxygen. Scorpius leaned in closer to her ear.

"Besides, what right do you have to criticize me and my family when you yourself are the misfit daughter of a mudblood whore?" The dark chuckle in his voice scared Rose. He leaned over to her face and licked a tear that escaped her eyes. Rose's eyes flew open and she let the fear flow through her.  Scorpius licked his lips.

"Crying suites you Rose." he whispered. Rose felt a new fear course through her body as she realized how close he was to her. Rose struggled and fought to get out of his hold. Scorpius released her throat to grab her wrist. Rose took the chance to breath before realizing she was pinned against the wall again.

"Whoa Rosey why an outburst, unless you were afraid?" Scorpius said. Rose stopped struggling and looked Scorpius dead in the eyes.

"You do not scare me!" she said spitting into his eye. Scorpius released her and Rose ran from the dinning room she didn't know where she was running to but her body just kept going until she ran out of breath. Rose collapsed in the hallway leaning against the wall.

"Rose! come out come out where ever you are." she heard him call. Rose suppressed a whimper upon hearing his voice. Rose had hated him all her life and she suddenly remembered why. She despise him. when she thought she heard him go Rose came from out of her hiding place. She looked around in the dark. She thought she could see a door at the end of the hallway but as she went to go to the room a hand suddenly grabbed her from behind quickly immobilizing her.

"Found you." Scorpius smirked as he pressed her against him in an attempt to stop her struggling. Why did you run my little flower? the fun was just starting" he said opening the closest door he could and going in, then quickly shutting the door, all the while hanging on to Rose.

"Let go of me! Get your hands off me Malfoy!" Rose yelled, her voice squeaking from fear once or twice.

"Aw don't you like it? your mothers a whore after all Like mother like daughter. Rose stopped struggling and without warning held one arm back before swinging it with a lot of force across his face. Scorpius immediately let go of her in shock. his eyes slowly looked over at her. Rose was pissed her eyes were blazing with hatred.

"How dare you talk about my mother that way! your nothing but scum! the lowest of the low...just like the rest of your family!" she screamed at him. Something snapped in Scorpius and he jumped a her knocking her onto the bed. Rose was so startle she lost her voice. his hands were angrily gripping the collar of her dress yanking her slightly off the bed.

"I told you once...don't talk about my family, or Ill treat you like you should be treated." he looked insane to Rose, she was so afraid she didn't know what to do or say. She soon found her voice when Scorpius proceeded to smirk and without warning rip the top part of her dress. Rose went to block off her chest and Scorpius took the chance to grab her wrist and hold her arms down. Rose let a few tears fall, much because she couldn't really wipe them away. Glaring at Scorpius Rose struggled against him.

"You know I wouldn't struggle its not helping your case, in fact its probably worsening it for you." Rose caught his meaning and immediately stopped. Scorpius smirked in victory. She watched as his eyes left hers and looked lower and she couldn't help but blush and look away.

"P;ease.. Scorpius....Dont. No more..Please." Scorpius's eyes flew up to hers and widened. He was shocked not because she was crying but rather she had said his name. Scorpius lifted himself up from her and sat at the edge of the bed.

"Go." Was all he said, all he need to say for Rose to get up and fly out of the room. Rose stopped once she felt far enough and looked down at her ripped dress and bare tank top. She slid down the wall and simply let the tears fall. Never had she been so afraid...especially of him.

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Beautiful Beast: Fearing the Beast


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