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“So—Merlin, I’m not exactly sure how to explain this…”

Hayden was sitting on my raggedy couch, in my raggedy flat, looking at me, waiting for an explanation for three people spontaneously disappearing out of a ladies’ loo. Now that I thought about it, it did seem pretty odd. I mean, I used to think of magic as a normal way of life, but when you really think on it, us magical folk are pretty weird people, with all the old customs, magic schools that reside in castles, and a liking for the mysterious.

Can you even explain magic? Is that even possible?

“Start at the beginning.” Hayden prompted.

“…that doesn't help much.”

I thought for a moment, and decided to just open my mouth, and whatever popped out would be where I would start.

“So, magic is real.”

Believable, brain. Really believable.

“Is that what that disappearing thing was?” Hayden asked. “A magic trick? Just that?”

“I suppose.” I said. “But not the kind of magic trick you’re thinking of. It’s real, actual magic. From a magic wand.” I pulled out my wand and tossed it to him. “That’s mine. You get one from Olivander’s when you’re eleven years old.”

“Why eleven?” He asked, examining my wand in awe.

“That’s when you get your letter to Hogwarts.” I said. “A magic boarding school.” I explained when he looked confused. “I went there. You attend for seven years, and then you go out into the magical world to find a job.”

“Just like real life.” Hayden said.

“Well, it is real life.” I said. “Magical people think that you muggles are as odd as you think they are. Muggles are what we call people with no magical blood, by the way.”

Hayden searched my face, trying to decide if I was lying or not. I took my wand from him, and pointed it at the coffee table. “I’d move.” I advised, because his feet were propped up on it. He shrank back into his chair, and I flicked my wand. “Wingardium Leviosa.” I said clearly. The table floated into the air, sufficiently impressing Hayden.

I carefully set the table back on the ground, and Hayden stared at it, his eyes wide. “It won’t bite you.” I said, laughing. “Although, I could make it if you wanted.”

“That’s alright.” Hayden said faintly. He was looking rather pale.

“You okay?” I asked.

“Just… I might be sick.” He said, and bolted towards the bathroom.

I glanced at Cinda and Arianna, who were standing in the kitchen area, watching us. “Maybe I shouldn’t have started out with the floating table.” I said.

“You think?” Arianna asked, snorting. Cinda smacked her arm. “Ow!” Arianna complained. “What was that for?”

“We’re giving Dee moral support! You aren't helping!”

“C’mon Cinda, you were just starting to be the nice one again. Don’t go back to the dark side.” Arianna joked.

“Says Arianna.” Cinda muttered, watching as Hayden stumbled back to the couch. “You okay?” She addressed him.

“M’fine.” He mumbled, wiping his mouth with his sleeve.

I watched him carefully. “That’s magic, anyway.” I said quietly as he sat, staring at the table. “You can’t tell anyone what you saw, Hayden. Magic is a secret. I’m breaking so many rules by telling you this, especially considering who you are.”

Hayden looked up. “Secret?” He asked. “But we could use this.”

“Oh, I wouldn't go down that route.” Arianna said, cutting into our conversation. “I rreally wouldn't start on that.”

“Why not?” Hayden asked defensively. “It’s true.”

“Because then we’ll have to wipe your memory of everything you saw. Two weeks of your life will be missing and you’ll never remember. Trust me; I cast a very strong memory charm.” Arianna said, tapping her wand against her palm. “Your choice.”

“Fine.” Hayden said, slouching back into his chair. “I won’t tell. But I still say it could be useful.”

Arianna narrowed her eyes. “I’m watching you.” She warned.

“Look,” I started, planning to explain what would happen if the muggles knew about magic, but I was interrupted by a rather loud pop. I glanced to my right and saw Scorpius gripping Al’s arm rather tightly. They both had rumpled hair, which indicated that they had scuffled for a bit before Scorpius managed to Apparate here.

“Scorpius!” I exclaimed, jerking my head meaningfully in Hayden’s direction.

“Oh, sorry.” Scorpius said, taking in Hayden’s pale face. “You’re the bloke from the restaurant, right?”

“Yeah, this is Hayden Knight.” I introduced. “He’s the Prince of England.” I steadily avoided Al’s hateful glare, talking only the Scorpius. “Hayden, this is Scorpius. He’s a friend.”

“He’s the guy who made you disappear.” Hayden stated. I nodded, throwing a furtive look at Scorpius.

“Kidnapped would be a more accurate word. And he seems to be making a habit of it.” I said, narrowing my eyes at Scorpius’s grip on Al’s arm. “You are aware that you broke the Statute of Secrecy by doing that, don’t you?” I asked Scorpius. He shrugged.

“You seem to have it under control.” He said. “Besides—hang on, what’s she doing here?” I followed his gaze to where Arianna was standing in the kitchen area.

“She lives here, Scorpius.” I said, glancing from to Arianna and back again.

“Why?” Scorpius asked, making a face.

I rolled my eyes. “Same reason you live with Rose and Al…bus.” I said, glancing at him quickly. I wasn’t sure if I should use his nickname, but it was second nature to me. He glared at me, and I looked away.

“Because I can’t pay rent with my crap job?”

“Because you’re friends.” I said exasperatedly. “Although, the job thing is a reason too.”

“You’re still friends with her? After all she did to Aidan?” Scorpius asked. Al muttered something that sounded suspiciously like, “As if she would care.” And Scorpius glared at him.

“Oi!” Arianna said. “I can hear you, you know!”

“You’re still friends with me? After all I did to you?” I asked, ignoring Arianna.

“Exactly my question.” Al muttered sarcastically.

“You know what?” I asked rounding on him in what Cinda likes to call my ‘Here Comes the Bitch’ voice. “I don’t think I quite understand what your problem is here!”

“Oh, you don’t understand what my problem is?” Al scoffed angrily. “Would you like me to list your many offences over the past 11 years? Or would you not like your new boyfriend to know about your true inner bitch?”

“Oh, you’re one to talk!” I yelled at him. In the corner of my mind I was painfully aware that everyone in the flat was completely silent, watching this go down. “You’re the one who bullied me to the point where I moved to another continent to get away from you!” Angry tears were welling up in my eyes, but I bit them down. “And you won’t even tell me why!”

Al’s eyes were stormy and his fists were balled at his sides. He opened his mouth, as if he were about to make a biting remark, but Hayden, of all people, stood up to defend me.

“Hey,” He said, facing Al. For a moment, I had a vision of two hot guys in shining armor fighting over who gets the girl, like in a fairytale, which was essentially what was happening here, only in my version they were two princes from different worlds fighting, and one hated my guts. “That’s enough. I don’t know you or what your history is with Deandra, but from what I’ve heard, you don’t have any right to talk to her like that. Like she did something wrong.”

“And who are you?” Al asked. “No, don’t tell me. Latest boyfriend. You took her out on one date and she left you at the restaurant. Yeah, she’s flighty like that. Never could face her fears. You’re just the pity date.”

I’m the bloody Prince of England, mate.” Hayden said. “I’m no pity date.”

“Then I am sorry, Your Highness, because you have made a truly terrible choice in the female species. She will ruin your life. I’d try to explain to you how she ruined mine, but the magic involved would probably be too much for your little brain to comprehend.”

“Never pegged you for a pureblood supremacist, Potter, especially considering who your dad is.” I spat out, grasping at straws to defend Hayden. Al had never been a pureblood supremacist, not even close. He wasn’t the complete opposite, simply because he wasn’t that interested in the topic, but he definitely wasn’t discriminatory.

But it was that comment that set him off. He sent a hex at me so fast that I hardly had time to dodge. My wand was in my hand in a heartbeat, and then Al and I were dueling. I sent spell after spell at him, pouring all of my confused, angry, and hurt feelings into the nastiest jinxes and hexes I knew.

I’m not sure if it was Cinda or Arianna that cast the Shield Charm, but one of my spells rebounded off an invisible wall and shattered a vase. Scorpius lunged towards Al and Disapparated with him before he could do any more damage, leaving me with my two best friends and one very confused and frightened Hayden.

Arianna started cleaning up (none of our spells had hit their targets, leaving quite a mess in the flat) while Cinda and I tried to explain things to Hayden.

“Who was he?” Hayden asked shakily.

“Ex boyfriend.” Cinda responded cheerily. “Dee just let out a lot of pent up rage and suppressed feelings, she should be easier to deal with now.”


“Well, that’s a relief.” Hayden said, smiling nervously. Then he looked to me.

“Look,” I said softly. “It’s really hard to explain right now. How about you and I go on a date next Wednesday? Except not with the fancy restaurants and the limousine. Someplace normal. Like a picnic.”

“It’s the middle of November.”

“We’re British. We live in London.”


“So I’ll meet you at 5 outside the building.”

“Fine.” Hayden said grouchily. “I’ll bundle. But I have to go now.” He stood up and grabbed his coat.

“Hayden?” I asked when reached the door. Cinda and Arianna were dutifully busying themselves in the kitchen, pretending not to listen. “I’m really sorry. For everything.”

He crossed the room. “Hey.” He said, cupping my face with his hand. He kissed me softly, causing my stomach to warm and my eyes to flutter shut. I could feel his smile easily with my lips against his, which, by the way, were very soft and warm.

His lips, not mine. Although I hope mine were too.

Too soon, he drew away with a grin. “It’s alright.” He said. With that, he crossed the room and opened the front door. Then, he was gone.

I stood there for a moment, a stupid smile creeping on to my face.

“I approve Arianna said, making me jump in surprise. She was standing right to my left.

“Very romantic.” Cinda said with a nod, standing to my left.

“Shut up, you two.” I said with a grin.


“And they still won’t tell you why?” Aimee asked.

I was at Aimee’s flat, sprawled across her and Isaac’s queen sized feather mattress. It felt like the most comfortable thing in the world, regardless of all the sex that had probably taken place on it.

“No!” I said, staring at the white ceiling. “I don’t get it.” I moaned and rolled over on the blue silk sheets, facing Aimee. She was sitting with her legs tucked under her, brushing her stick-straight blonde hair out.

“Why did they say they can’t tell you again?” Aimee asked.

“I dunno, because of the Ministry or something.”

“And when did they start bullying you?” She asked absently.

“Beginning of second year.” I responded.

“Can you remember anything major that happened before that?” She asked, beginning to pull her hair into a neat French braid.

“I can’t remember anything about the month of May.” I said, shaking my head. “Well, and my cousin—Aidan’s sister—died in Mungo’s June 2nd. My family wasn’t invited to the funeral, strangely enough. I asked my dad about it, but he just said that Aidan’s family had reasons. Her name was Arabella. She was five. I don’t remember much about her.”

“Maybe that’s it.” Maybe they’re just harboring a lifelong grudge against you for Aidan.” Aimee mused. “Hair tie.”

I grabbed one off my wrist and handed it to her. “That’s pretty unlikely.” I said. “I mean, what grudge? What did I do?”

“Maybe you didn’t do anything.” Aimee said. “Maybe your parents did something, and Aidan’s parents told him to make your life hell.”

“Well, I guess we’ll never know.” I sighed. Aimee shot me a confused look, and I elaborated. “My parents are dead.”

“Oh,” She said thinking. “Well, I was the fat ugly pregnant girl who got knocked up by her dead fiancé at 17 years old.” She shrugged. “Life could be worse.”

I laughed loudly. “Life could be worse.” I agreed. “Hayden kissed me.”

Aimee’s eyes widened. “Oh my god—you do not have a right to be complaining right now!” She exclaimed. “The Prince of freaking England kissed you! I mean, have you seen that man candy? Sure, Albus is great, if you like scrawny, I guess. To be honest, I never thought he did fully mature, if you know what I mean.”

I snickered loudly and sat up. “Hey!” Aimee exclaimed. “I want details! How was it? Sexy? Sultry? Sweet? Is he grabby?”

“No, he’s not.” I assured her “It was sweet. I had just apologized for being such a jerk to him—” I had thought about it a lot and I really had been nasty to him. “And then he kissed me.” I smiled at the memory.

“Oh my god, you’re totally in love with him!” Aimee squealed, seeing my expression.

“No, I’m not. I don’t believe in love, anyway.” I said. I had never admitted to this out loud, but as soon as I said it I knew it to be true. “They’re just words that guys use to get into girls’ pants.”

“Well, it certainly worked on me.” Aimee shrugged. “Fine, so you don’t love him. But you do like him, at least.”

“I do like him.” I said, smiling as I checked my watch. “I have to go.”

“Why?” Aimee whined.

“Girls’ night.” I said, rolling off her bed. “I’m going to get too drunk to Apparate!”

“Sounds fun.” Aimee muttered sarcastically. “Why?”

“Because it’s girls’ night and I want to get drunk.” I said. Then I turned on my heel and Apparated to my flat to change.


“3 more firewhiskey shots and a tequila.” I slurred to the bartender, a burly blond male.

“How many have you had already?” Cinda demanded. She was sitting to my right, illuminated by the lights of the dance floor behind her.

“I dunno.” I said. “Two.” I smiled happily and held up two blurry fingers. Or was it three? Everything was sliding in and out of focus.

“Three more firewhiskey shots and a tequila?” The bartender asked, setting the drinks down in front of me.

“Uh, no.” Cinda said, pushing the drinks back to him. “Look at her! She’s way over her limit. How many drinks has she had?”

The bartender stared at Cinda stupidly. “’Ey,” I slurred, my accent sounding thicker than ever. “Leave Percy alone. He didn’t do… he didn’t do nothing to you.” Why was it so hard to get these words out? And why was the room spinning?

“Look,” Cinda said, taking a seat next to me and rubbing my back. It felt good. “My friend is too drunk to see her fingers—”

“I’m surprised she ‘asn’t passed out yet, miss.” The bartender said truthfully. Cinda glared at him, and he shut up. I frowned. Cinda shouldn’t be mean to Percy. He was very nice. Supplied the drinks.

Was his name Percy?

“As I was saying, my friend is too drunk to see her fingers. I’m going to go find my other friend and get them both together so I can Apparate them home. If she asks for a drink, don’t give it to her. If she tells you I was just kidding, don’t listen to her. If she tries to bribe you, don’t take it. Trust me; I will know.” Cinda got up from the bench and walked into the dancers. I tilted my head. It looked odd from this angle. Although, looking around, the room looked odd from every angle.

A drink would help with that.

“A—a vodka please, Percy.” I said, putting on my best smile.

“I’m sorry miss, but your friend over there just said that I am not to give you any more drinks.” He said, wiping out a glass with a rag.

I laughed loudly at this. Why would Cinda say that? She must have been making a joke. “She was just kidding.” I told him, striking a provocative pose and almost falling off my seat. How did that happen?

“I am sorry miss, but she said you would say that.” Percy told me.

I sighed. It looked like desperate measures were to be taken. I stood up, and the world spun for a bit, but I blinked a little and it came back into focus—a little—and I steadied myself on the bar. I leaned across the counter and grabbed the back of Percy’s head with my free hand and forced his lips to mine. I forced his mouth open and kissed him forcefully. While he was distracted, I reached for the tequila I had ordered earlier and grasped it tightly.

I pried myself from Percy and held up the tequila, panting. “Nice meeting you.” I slurred, and then I stumbled out onto the dance floor, holding my drink aloft while I wiped my mouth.

After a little bit of trippy jump-up-and-down-like-a-gorilla dancing, I had lost my tequila and I was now dancing with a complete stranger (my suspicions were that he was a man, although I could be wrong. He felt a bit scrawny) to an extremely dirty song. Vaguely I hoped in the back of my mind that he wouldn’t try to rape me or something, because there wasn’t anything I could do to stop him. I was wayyyy to drunk.

So that’s how I found myself with my back to a complete stranger, grinding up against him with my arms hooked around his neck, not really caring as he sucked at my neck and groped me with all he had.

Shouldn’t have had so much firewhiskey. I completely blame the alcohol.

“Hey!” A voice snapped me out of my alcoholic stupor. I looked up to see Cinda. From what I could make out of her face, she looked furious with me. She glanced up to see who I was dancing with, and her eyes widened.

“Get over here.” She muttered, ripping me away from the stranger. “And you.” She said, turning to my dance partner. “Who do you think you are?”

“I’m sorry.” The voice slurred. It sounded familiar, but I just couldn't place it. “Do I know you?”

Cinda made a look of disgust. “You’re just as wasted as she is. Well, I hope you remember this in the morning. Just know that I will never let you near her again.” I was tempted to look around to see who she was talking to, but Cinda kept a firm grip on my arm. “Don’t look.” She muttered, and she led me away.

She led me back to the bar, which I thought was excellent. “Ari!” I exclaimed, because Arianna was sitting where I had been. “How are you tonight? Have you got your grooooove on?”

“How drunk is she?” Arianna slurred at Cinda.

Cinda sighed. “As drunk as you.” She answered, and then muttered to herself, “I hate girls’ night. Outside, both of you!”

We let her lead us outside and back behind the club. She grasped both our forearms tightly and spun on the spot.

As soon as we appeared in the flat, the world spun again, and I ran to the bathroom. Well—I ran to the hall, ran in to a wall that I swear attacked me on purpose, and threw up on the floor.

“Scourgify!” I heard Cinda say. The vomit vanished, and I stared at the spot where it had been in confusion.

“Where did it go?” I asked Cinda in a confused voice as she led me to my room. “Where is it?”

“It’s everywhere, Deandra.” Cinda sighed, tucking me into bed. “Now go to sleep.”

“Okay!” I said cheerfully, and closed my eyes tight.

I heard Cinda say, “Goodnight, Deandra,” before she shut the door, and I was submerged in darkness.

So this is way late. I promised myself that I'd get it out on January 10th, but finals snuck up on me and I didn't have any time. The week's been hectic. But hopefully I'll have more time and I'll be able to get more out by February. Remember to review! What do you think about Deandra finally yelling at Al? And Hayden? Tell me!


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