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I do not own anything you recognize! This world was not created by me, I'm just living in it.

Stupid, stupid, stupid London. Rainy, gloomy, and grimy.

Now before you christen me as a hater, I would like you to know that London brings out the worst in everyone. Doesn't it? No? Damn, tough crowd. Okay, fine. I'm a hater. First step, is admittance I suppose.

Yes, I'm a whack job that talks to herself while sloshing through the rainy, busy London streets to get to St. Mungo's for my few classes and rounds. Healing School does that to you, it takes normal, sane, social people, and turn them into complete nutters. Great, I just used "nutter" in a sentence. Stupid London is rubbing off on me.

Let me explain. My name is Lakshmi Andra. Call me Lakshmi and I'll Crucio to the next century. I prefer Lucky, and the occasional Luck. Don't push it though. Lucky works just fine.

Maybe you haven't noticed, but I hate London. Before this, I was a happy child who attended Ilvermony and then was graciously accepted and completed her schooling at The New York School of Healing on an advanced track, earning me a Healing title at the ripe age of 20. (Not bragging or anything, but only, like, a 113 witches and wizards get this honor of entering the school and completing their schooling in such a short time. No, I am not a brainiac....who are we kidding, yes I am.)

So why am I in London? Lovies, the question will be answered soon! Patience, children, patience.

Onward with my pathetic tale of my pathetic life, explaining why I'm in pathetic London..

So I was a happy and successful American Healer-in-training. More details? My father is the founder of the main American wizard bank, Divitiae, and runs the main branch which is located in my hometown of Chicago. My mother is the Healer General of the United States of America and works under the Wizarding President. I have an older brother, Nikhil, who, like my father, went into finance and manages the branch of Divitiae in L.A. My younger sister, Nila, sought a job in politics and works under the Wizarding President as a consultant, and is in New York. I had the unfortunate fate of loving Healing, and followed my mothers footsteps.

As glamorous as this life sounds, it was a quiet one. My parents kept us out of the public eye for the most part. However the social pressure that stared at us in the face was huge. Connections that my parents accumulated over the years from their prominent positions were never less than over abundant. The world was ours. Of course their wildest dreams came true when their children fulfilled their every wishes, earning top spots in their respective fields.

What was not part of the plan, was receiving the intern spot for Healing at St. Mungo's. When applying for internships, I made sure to apply to my favorites, Miami, L.A., New York, Boston, Dallas, and if course, my beloved Chicago. My mother, had the brilliant idea of applying to St. Mungo's.
As a joke, she said.
The chances of getting in were slim, she said.
We won't send you that far anyways, she said.

News flash. She lied.

The opportunity was a once in a lifetime shot. It would be silly to chose The Asclepius Healing Center in Chicago over St. Mungo's. No matter how much I cried and screamed I was going. My last name was Andra; not attending the greatest Healing Institution in the magical world was not an option for me.

So here I am. Thousands of miles away from my hometown, my family, and my usual life. All alone in London. Curse Healing. Why did I pick this career?! Oh, that's right, I love helping own fault.

I walked into St. Mungo's grumbling about the weather and whining like usual. Realizing I had about 20 minutes before I was needed, I sauntered downstairs to the cafeteria.

"Wonder when you'd turn up." A familiar voice said.

I turned around. Rose Weasley was staring at me. I smiled. Rose was one of my fellow interns and in the past month I had been here, she had been angel sent by Merlin and literally my one and only friend.

"Lovely day," I said tonelessly

Rose laughed and threw her arm around me

"Why are you so bitter Luck?" She chuckled

"Hmm I'm not sure Rose. Maybe because I don't belong here?" I retaliated

Rose frowned. I had upset her. She grabbed my coffee cup from my hand and started tending to it, just how she knew I liked it.

After a few moments of silence she said,
"Lucky, though you're new here and you hate it, I am so glad you're here. Sure, I've heard about you, since from a prominent Wizarding family from America and all, but being with you is different. You're one of the few people who know what it's like being in the limelight. You get it Luck. I love having you here. Though we barely know each other, we've become close Lucky. And I wouldn't have it any other way. I thank my lucky stars every day that you're here." she tapered off, stirring the enormous amounts of sugar that I preferred in my coffee, obviously hurt by my blatant hatred to my circumstance.

"That use of 'lucky' better not have been a crack at my name.." I smirked at her, my mood significantly lightening and my heart swelling with affection at the brilliant red head in front of me.

She smiled back, glad that I understood and accepted her sincerity.

"Come on," I said, throwing her arm over my shoulder again, grabbing my coffee from her hand and taking a swig of it. It was perfect. Typical Rose. "I've got patients to see with my best friend"

Rose smiled appreciatively. She was right, in the short amount of time I had been there, I had found a lasting friend in none other than Rose Weasley.

Rose and I strolled into the the intern area. We were a part of a team of 8. The rest of the 6 a nice way...freaks. It was no wonder Rose and I bonded so quickly. Of course, as Rose mentioned before, we had known of each other. My family's prominence in America was not unheard of. And whoever didn't know of the Golden Trio and their children would have to be living under a rock.

"Good luck," Rose grimaced at me. I sent a sympathetic look her way and we parted ways to go check up on our respective patients.

My assigned section was Gold-3 on the second floor. Rose was Gold-5; on the same floor but on the other side. Silently I thanked our moderator, Healer Harris for separating us. Rose and I together on rounds would be thoroughly unproductive..

My patients seemed to be doing fine and rounds only took about 20 minutes. I walked back to the common area of the Gold Floor. Rose was already there, eating a bag of chips, with her feet propped up on the counter, leaning back as if she had a finished her seventh night round. That reminded me...

"Rosie you have night rounds this lovely evening?" I asked batting my lashes in her direction.

"No. And though I love you Lucky, I am not sitting with you through another night round." Rose bluntly said.

"Whyyyyy?" I whined

"Because." Rose firmly said.

"Do you have a date with Scorpy?" I fumed.

"Shut up." Rose glared, but then started laughing.

I should've known. Usually Rose was good about staying with me, as she knew I was afraid of being on night duty alone. But if dear ol' Scorpius pulled her away, she had no choice.

They were sickeningly sweet to each other. They started dating their sixth year of Hogwarts and have been together ever since. I harassed them to tie the knot already. Rose firmly stood to the fact that 21 was too young. I thrived off their romance. Unfortunately I had as much romance in my own life as a rock. But I suppose a rock had more game than I did.

"You really need to get a life." Rose said jokingly

"Too right you are Rosie posie," I replied.

"Luck, I'm serious. Get out there! You of all people would be able to snag a bloke...look at yourself in the mirror love," Rose said steering me to a mirror across the hall.

I looked. I was attractive. Like Rose said, being in the limelight trained me to take pride in my appearance. Ever since the dark times of my awkward teen appearance had faded away, my looks had been my first impression on people.

I was tiny, only 5'4 and very skinny. I looked about 5 years younger than I actually was, however this was fixed with makeup, dark makeup that lined my prominent dark brown, almost black eyes, that dominated my face. I had caramel skin that kept its color year round because of my Indian ethnicity. My hair, which was a shiny black, came to rest around my mid back.

"Yeah I suppose I'm IGHT." I smirked

"Cut it out, you Yank." Rose retaliated.

I chuckled. Sure, I had relationships in the past. I dated the Seeker of my school's Quidditch team until I graduated and he broke up with me for his Quidditch career and my Healing School dream. During Healing School I was involved with another guy; nothing serious, and we ended it when I came here. The truth was, I didn't want to just date around. I wanted passion, fire, someone to sweep me off my feet. A prince, who would do romantic shit, like read poems and deliver flowers. Someone who was mature and would take care of me. Someone I would proudly show my parents. Someone near perfection, a true gentleman.

I envied Rose. Scorpius and her were so deeply in love it made my stomach churn with excitement. It was like watching a engrossing romance but live. But besides, I didn't need a relationship and wasn't going to settle unless I got my fairy tale in male form.

The day went by with not much hassle. A witch came in with a few feathers spurting from her back and there was a wizard who had a severe cut on his leg from trying to heal his own Splinching disaster.

Soon it was time for Rose to go on her date with Scorpius.

Bah humbug.

"So this is it. You're leaving me here. Alone. I knew this day would come. I'm being abandoned." I dramatically carried on.

"Oh shut it," Rose smiled at me. She hugged me and patted me on the head. Gathering her stuff she turned back to me, "if you have any trouble, get at me, yeah?"

Get at me? I was rubbing off on her.

"Sure, sure Rosie posie," I mused at her.

She left with a smile and a wave.

I sighed. I hate night rounds.

I finished what seemed like my 29th round of the night and sat back at the main area. I was starting to doze off when I heard a loud BANG, followed by a crash.

This should be good, I thought to myself.

I adjusted my Healing robes and started hastening to the general direction of the commotion.

"Sir I'm going to ask you one more time to please get back on the bed. You need to stay the night to make sure your vitals are stable. It's common procedure!" An exasperated MediWitch was saying to someone.

Curious, I grabbed the thin curtain material that separated me from the argument, and listened closely to what the problem was.

"Like hell I will! Listen here blondie, there's nothing wrong with me! I was out clubbing with friends, was clearly passed out, and my lame mates decided it would be easier to drop me off here than my flat or drag my unconscious body along with them!" A man was furiously trying to explain.

At that precise moment the curtain was ripped across. I didn't realize I had such a tight grip on it until I went flying along with it.

I braced myself for the impact of the hard, cold floor, but it never came.

Instead a pair of strong arms were around my body preventing me from falling on my ass. I tentatively opened my eyes and was greeted by sparkling green, almond shaped eyes.

So guys, what do you think?
Please review! This is my first fan fic ever! Also if a banner could be made, that'd be great!


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