I cried tears you'll never see

so fuck you,

you can go cry me an ocean

and leave me be.

                           -Fall Out Boy, save rock and roll



 Draco got dressed, and went to walk out of his room. He opened the door, and saw the note Hermione had left him:

Malfoy, gone to the Gryffindor common room, I’ll be back by 9 to discuss meetings, changes, and our prefects. Don’t forget.


He made his way into the common room, picked up a book from the bookshelf, so many Muggle books, they really need more wizard ones,  he picked up Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ read the blurb, and sat on the plush sofa in the middle of the room, in front of the fire.

Hermione made her way into the Gryffindor common room, to only find Ginny, Ron and Harry awake. Like always, Ginny and Harry were always touching; holding hands, a hand on one knee, just simple things. Almost as if, if they let go from one another, they would be ripped apart. Quiet sweet actually. I want that, almost did with Ron.

Over the summer, Hermione decided to let her parents stay in Australia, she thought It would be easier for them. Molly had said she can live with them, and share Ginny’s room. When Hermione got there, Ron started to act funny. Different, per-say. After two weeks of being ignored, she finally said something to Ron.

*He loved her, he really did, but he couldn’t be in a relationship right now, he was still upset about his brother. She understood where he was coming from. She looked back up, and saw tears roll down his face, she held out her arms, gesturing a hug, and he hugged her. As soon as he touched her, he thought he was being stupid, he looked back up at her, and kissed her. Eventually, she drew back, she got confused.

‘Hermione, Im so sorry, I shouldn’t of done that.’

 ‘what do you mean Ron? You just said you don’t want a relationship, but then you kiss me?’ she could feel anger, hurt and confusion rise up in her.

‘I know, im sorry Mione. I really am.’

‘no, no its fine,I understand’ and with that, she got up and left the room. Things haven’t been the same since.*

Ginny heard a noise, and wondered who had come in, she turned around, and saw her best friend.

‘’Hermione!’’ she ran up and embraced Hermione in a big hug. Hermione hugged back, wondering how long it had been, since someone hugged her, not vice versa.

‘’Hey Ginny,’’ she looked round to see the boys together, looking round. A bright smile on Harry’s face, a simple face on Ron’s.

‘’Where have you been? It’s been hours?’’ Harry said, looking at her in confusion, patting the armchair beside him, signalling for her to sit down.

‘’Oh, sorry, I had things to do’’ she replied, thinking of Malfoy walking in on her in the shower.

‘’err, okay, its good to see you!’’

Hermione made her way over to the armchair, uncomfortably nodding to Ron on her way there.

Ginny started to speak about the future, and there were awkward glances from Ron to Hermione, but they carried on talking.

‘’WON WON! WHERES MY WON WON!’’  The group all looked over to the girl’s common room in mid conversation, to see Lavender make her way down, and planted a fat kiss on Ron’s lips.

‘’um. Hello Lavender. You remember Hermione, right?’’

Hermione looked over to Ron and Lavender in dis-belief, only a month ago, he didn’t want to be in a relationship, and now, now she is with HER! Of all people. What happened? What’s so wrong with me, that he lied to me?

‘’of course I remember her. She broke me and you up, but it won’t happen again!‘’ she looked over to Hermione (who had tears running down her face, but failed to notice) and smirked.

‘’REALLY? HER!’’ Hermione shouted, she couldn’t control her anger and hurt, ‘’YOU SAID YOU DIDN’T WANT A RELATIONSHIP A MONTH AGO, BECAUSE OF FRED!’’ Ron winced at his name, ‘’YOURE A LIAR RON. YOU DESERVE HER.’’ Hermione now noticed the tears streaming down her face- wiped them away quickly.

''C'mon Mione, look im sorry.''

''NO RONALD. You're not sorry! You never were!''

''I...I dont know what to say? Did you really think we would go somewhere?''

''Ronald are you really that stupid? Of course i thought it, we kissed! YOU DONT JUST KISS SOMEONE AND NOT EXPECT IT TO GO SOMEWHERE.''

''Well, i just thought it was a thing of the moment, a thing of that day.''

''You...words dont express how angry i am at you Ronald! I felt sorry the first time this hex was placed upon you, oh wait, you done it to yourself, looks like im going to have to do it this time. Eat Slugs Ron.'' she aimed her wand at Ron.

Harry and Ginny lead her out of the room, but not after Ginny slapped her brother.

‘’Ron, you’re my brother, how could you hurt her like this?’’ before Ron could answer, Ginny joined Harry and Hermione, and left- leaving Ron standing there trying to stop the slugs, regretting what just happened, and an oblivious Lavender, climbing all over him.


‘’Im so sorry Hermione, I didn’t know, if I did, I would of pre-warned you. I didn’t know he was that much of a dick.’’

‘’Its fine Harry, no need to apologise, like you said, you didn’t know.’’

She looked down at her watch, and saw that it was 9.10 pm; she was late for her meeting with Malfoy.

They carried on walking, when Hermione said she needed to go, as she was late for her meeting.

‘’Okay Mione, but don’t forget, we both love you, and hear for you, if you need to talk about that idiot? Okay?’’ Ginny said reassuringly to her best friend.

‘’Yeah, I know Gin, thanks. Love you guys too’’ she hugged them, turned on her heel, and walked towards the Dumbledore portrait (still asleep, is that all he ever done?), whispered the password and entered the room.

She got in, and realised, that Malfoy wasn’t in the common room. She was grateful that he wasn’t. She sat down on the sofa, and curled up into a ball, and started to cry.

‘’Oh now you get in Granger. This was your bloody idea and your bloody la-’’ he walked in to the common room, but stopped, when he noticed she was crying.  He looked at her awkwardly. ‘’what’s wrong?’’

She sat up, and looked at him in disbelief, ‘’like you care. You would just laugh at me then call me a ‘Mudblood or something…’’ she went to leave and go to her bedroom, but he grabbed her hand, spun her around and made her look at him in the eye.

‘’actually, I wasn’t going to do any of those things. I’ve changed’’ wow, you’re pretty when you cry, no, what am I thinking? ‘’what is wrong Granger?’’ he held her close, so she couldn’t go anywhere.


‘’well what?’’

‘’well, it’s just Ron, in the summer he said something to me, and today, it turned out to be a lie, just so he can be with Lavender’’ why am I telling Draco this? And since when did Malfoy become Draco. Do I trust him, no I can’t, he is a Malfoy, and did work with Voldemort. She looked up into his eyes. His stone grey eyes, they look different, he looks happy, but hurt. He wiped the tears from her face.

‘’what? Why did he do that? That idiot. He doesn’t deserve you Granger. ‘’ he wiped the tears off her face again. Such soft skin. NO! I can’t do this.

All of a sudden he froze, he let go of her, and ran to his bedroom in a confused state.  Hermione watched him go, confused by what had just happened, went back onto the sofa, and cried. Why would Malfoy care about what is wrong with me? Why? Why do I have to have this much stress. This place, eurgh this place, its drives me mad, but I love it all the same. Everything with Ron, it hurts, why can’t Malfoy just hug me, wait, why did I think that? Im so confused, I think, I think I like him, im not sure. But I can’t, because he hates me, and nothing will happen. Why did he hold me like that? For me to not get away? GEES Hermione stop questioning everything he does. He doesn’t care about you. he is a Malfoy. He watched you get tortured by his aunt, beaten, and scared by her. He went to kill Dumbledore, no. I just, I just need to sleep on things, and not remember his eyes. Oh, his eyes -and with that, she carried on crying.

Draco ran up to his bedroom, confused by what he had just done. Why did I wipe the tears away, and be so affectionate. I cant do this. He lied in bed, and listened to her cry. It hurt him, knowing that she was crying, but he couldn’t figure out why. After a while, the crying stopped, and turned into heavy breathing. He climbed out of bed, and went to the first step. He saw that she was asleep. He went over her, and picked her up, carried her to her bed, and tucked her in. he had never done a thing like this before. Sitting on the end of her bed, he looked at her, and without realising, he started to smile. Why do you confuse me so much Granger. Why? Im a changed person, but Its hard, to go against something I was bought up by. He got up, took one last look, and went back to his bedroom.

In the morning, Hermione woke up to find that she was in her bed. Malfoy. She ran downstairs, and saw Draco.

‘’Did you move me to my bed last night’’

‘’Morning to you too.’’ He looked up from above his newspaper, and looked at her, ‘’in a matter of fact I did, but don’t worry, I didn’t do anything I shouldn’t of before you start.’’

Hermione looked at him in confusion. ‘’err, thanks, I suppose.’’

He nodded, ‘’breakfast is about to start, shall we go down?’’

‘’yeah, I suppose, let me get dressed, 5 minutes.’’

10 minutes had gone when she finally came down. They left the common room, and started to walk down the deserted corridor.  Hermione had something bugging her mind. Without looking at her, Draco said,

‘’what’s bugging you? you seem agitated and tensed.’’ He still didn’t look at her.

‘’it’s just that, im wondering why you are being so nice.’’

‘’nice, what’s wrong with me being nice?’’ he was puzzled.

‘’well, nothing, but you’re never nice. Because its you.’’

Draco looked at her and laughed. ‘’Me? Just ‘cause im a Malfoy, doesn’t mean I can’t change’’ he started to laugh even more

‘’what’s so funny?’’ Hermione crossed her arms in frustration.

‘’you! Thinking I can’t change!’’ he gave her his famous smirk, and they separated  ways in the great hall.

Hermione went over and sat down next to Ginny at the table. She looked at Ginny, and saw that Ginny was to, smirking at her.

‘‘what!’’ Hermione questioned.

‘’you, and Malfoy, I saw you two laughing together when you came in!’’

Hermione looked at her friend, wondering what she was thinking. ‘’so?’’

‘’So? Is there something going on that I should know about?’’

Hermione stared at Ginny, ‘’No! Nothing! He was just laughing at me! That’s all. Typical Malfoy.’’

‘’hmm, whatever you say Mione. I don’t believe you, but I’ll take your word for it. Hey, there’s this part going on tonight in the Room of Requirement.  Want to come and join? It will be fun! A load of people in your year are coming, and some of mine- but mostly yours. Me and Harry are going.’’

‘’hmm, are they going to go?’’ Hermione pointed in the direction of Won Won, and Lavender.

‘’err…I think so, but I’ll fix you up with someone at the party. Anything for you!’’

‘’fine, I’ll come, what time?’’

‘’9 pm, wear…something nice’’

Hermione raised her eyebrow, ‘’why?’’

‘’because some games might be going on.’’ And with that, she got up and left.

Hermione started moving around the breakfast on her plate, games, what games? What did she mean? Whenever Ginny mention games, they always ended up in disaster. She felt eyes staring at her, she looked in the direction they were coming from, and saw that it was Malfoy. He saw that she was looking, and quickly looked away. What was that about?

She got up, and left for the head common room.

As he watched her go, he felt a pang, he didn’t want her to go, he just wanted to carry on watching her, but why?

Blaise turned round to him,

‘’hey, mate, there’s this party going on tonight, want to come? Drink there and everything. ‘’

This is what I need, to shake off this weird feeling I have. ‘’yeah, sure, time and place?’’

‘’9pm, Room of requirement.’’

‘’cool, got to go, bye’’ and with that, Draco left the Great Hall.

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