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Chapter 12~ Effects and Near Misses

            Hermione had never felt that way before. Things with Ron had never been like that, they had never been that intense. After Malfoy, no… Draco, had kissed her she had hugged him and then he had walked her to the entrance of her tower. She remembered being nervous and hadn’t known what to do, but he had just said “good night” to her and kissed her cheek. She had been in such a daze and Ginny had immediately noticed. Not allowing the boys a millisecond to even say hi and ask, Ginny had whisked her away and they were now sitting on Hermione’s bed. She couldn’t hide it any longer from Ginny and she knew that Ginny had begun to suspect anyway. She had told Ginny everything that had happened and realized she still felt somewhat vulnerable. She didn’t know exactly what Draco felt or thought about her.
After she was done explaining, Ginny looked at her,
“I really think he likes you Hermione. Guys can pull off acts, but not consistently alongside saving a girl and being there for her.”
“But what if he doesn’t like me the same?” She questioned.
“Hermione, do you really think he would have kissed you like he did if he didn’t like you?”

The question hung in the air and Hermione thought about it. She had to admit that Ginny was probably right. He had really shown concern and a bit a jealously about her lately. She didn’t know who was more likely to kill McLaggen now either, Ginny or Draco. Hermione had practically needed to cast a body-binding spell on Ginny to keep her from storming out of the room and over to where McLaggen was and doing something horrible to him. She had almost smiled at her friends loyalty, but was alarmed at how angry she was. Once Ginny had settled down, Hermione had finished her story and Ginny was practically gushing over how Malfoy had behaved. She seemed to have discarded the fact that he was the most hated Slytherin, especially among Gryffindors.
Friday morning was gloomy and no one wanted to go outside for Care of Magical Creatures. It was a means of torture and a few people did make excuses to miss. Hermione should have just stayed inside as well, but not due to the weather. She was sidetracked by what had happened last night after dinner with Draco and was partially glad that she didn’t have class with him. She wasn’t sure what to say or how to act now. They had never really declared themselves “friends” and now she had a little feeling inside her that wanted to be more, but she was still uncertain of him. After her classes were done she wanted to disappear for awhile. So she decided to go some place that no one would think to look for her.


Ten minutes later she was tickling the pear on the panting and the door to the kitchens swung open. The elves as usual were delighted to see her and she couldn’t help but smile at them. She realized that they were actually happy here and despite her belief in what she started S.P.E.W. about, she saw that at least the Hogwarts elves were happy and treated well. S.P.E.W. could wait for another time. She sat down and asked for a hot chocolate. When they asked if she wanted something to eat she just told them to surprise her and give her one of their favorites. This made the elves become ecstatic and they started talking amongst themselves. Half an hour later she had a huge tray of small samples set in front of her. They elves had decided to let her try all of their favorite or best dishes. As she picked up her third sample the door to the kitchens opened and she looked around to see who could possibly be coming down here, not many students knew about this place. Her head snapped around to look and then her heart stopped. Draco had just climbed into the kitchens and was looking at her and the scene in front of him with an amused expression,
“Well you certainly have them worked up.” He said with a smile while eyeing the tray of samples.
She quickly pulled herself together and told herself to stay calm. He walked over to her and sat down in the other chair.
“How are you?”
She was suddenly nervous.
“I’m… I’m good.”
He seemed to study her for a second before replying. When he did speak he seemed to be choosing his words carefully.
“Hermione, I don’t know what you’re feeling but I want to explain something. I’m sorry for everything in the past that I’ve ever done to you and I realized just how wrong I was. During the war and at the end, I hated who I was and I wished I could change sides. I started to feel concern about you and it confused me. When I saw you on the train, I felt something change inside me but had no idea what it was. I have been slowly becoming more attracted to you as the weeks have gone by. I have come to love you Hermione. If you feel the same, I will do anything you ask. However, if you don’t feel the same way about me I will contain myself and be content as friends.”
He finished his little speech and Hermione just stared at him. He had just said he loved her. He was a much better person now and her heart was urging her to speak. She saw him looking nervous about spilling his feelings and she smiled.

“Draco, I forgave you a long time ago. I do feel the same way. Although I’m still kind of confused by it.”

The look of relief washed over his face and he relaxed. This made her giggle. He looked at her and his classic smirk reappeared.
“Are you laughing at me? I spill the most sensitive secret I hold and you laugh at me?”

She started laughing, picked up a sample and threw it at him. It hit him in the forehead and she laughed even harder. A real smile came onto his face and he got up and came towards her. Before she knew what was happening he had leaned down and kissed her. As before, her mind went blank. She felt his warm lips against hers and the heat seemed to spread through her entire body. He just held the kiss and made it long. That drove her crazy and she opened her mouth and moved her lips slightly to kiss him back. One of his hands came up to hold the side of her face gently as he deepened the kiss. Then he pulled away leaving her breathless. He picked up her hand and kissed the top of it which sent a tingling sensation up her arm. She smiled and felt the little butterflies in her stomach going crazy.

Once she had composed herself and he had sat back down, she waved her hand over the food,
“Would you like some? I told them to surprise me with their favorite dish and they decided to let me taste all of them.”
“You’re asking me if I would like to try food?” He said with a smirk. “Of course I’ll try some.”
And with that, he scooted his chair closer to her and picked up two samples. One he handed to her and the other he took for himself. They both ate half and then passed the other half to each other to switch. She began to feel very comfortable and they had a great time tasting the different samples and discussing the ones they liked the best. He was sitting close to her and every once in awhile he would lean over and kiss her cheek. This resulted in Hermione blushing almost every time and she hated it but realized she didn’t mind Draco seeing it.


As usual, they lost track of time. The elves started making dinner but neither Draco nor Hermione paid attention. Hermione continued to enjoy his company and try samples. She didn’t care that she was missing dinner, or that Ginny was probably worried. Draco had her full attention now and she was loving it. She had never seen him this at ease before and she realized just how handsome he was when he smiled. While he was taking a drink she looked him over. His hair was messy in a sexy way, his shirt was a dark grey button down and he had left the top three undone which showed his chest. His muscles were obvious through his shirt and rippled a little when he would move. The smell she loved was also hanging in the air around him and it attracted her to him more, that spicy citrus scent. She had never noticed him like that because he had always tormented her and they had been too busy hating each other. She smiled and inhaled. She was so glad things were different now.

He had apparently noticed her studying him because he put down his mug and a smirk appeared.
“See something you like?” He asked while holding back a grin.
She blushed.
“Maybe, but I’m not going to tell you.” She said with a smile.
“Well maybe I’ll have to convince you.” He said as he moved closer to her.

Her breath caught a little and she was momentarily at a loss of words.
“Hmm no witty comeback? What has you so speechless?”
By this time he was whispering in her ear and it sent tingles down her spine. She turned to look at him and was given no time to reply because he lips met hers. He kissed her in a soft and gentle way. She wrapped her arms around his neck and deepened the kiss herself. He nipped at her bottom lip and then ran his tongue along its edge. Sparks shot through her body and she moaned. She couldn’t explain the sensation she got when he did that to her, but it made her want more of him. He seemed to notice and right when she thought that the kissing was about to get deeper and more intense, he pulled back and kissed her gently once more. Hermione was pretty sure that he had just made her heart melt.




Draco’s view…

He never realized how amazing it could feel to kiss someone like that. As he pulled back and placed a softer kiss on her lips, he was amazed at how good it felt. Of course his body wanted more, but it also felt right to have that simplistic aspect of just one gentle kiss. He had been on cloud nine since she said she felt the same about him after he had explained himself. As they had sat and tasted the elves food and talked and kissed some more, he realized he wanted to make her his girl. He knew that the school would be in an uproar once they found out and that he would have to face Potter and Weasely, but it would be worth it. He would need to show Hermione that he was a good person and wanted to prove that to her.
After he pulled back from his last gentle kiss, he saw her happy face and knew he had to ask her.
“Hermione… will you go out with me?”
He looked down and held his breath. She hadn’t spoken and he glanced up at her. She was still smiling and when his gaze fell upon her she nodded. His heart exploded as he saw her nod her head at him and he heard a very quiet whisper of a “yes.” He then let a huge smile spread across his face. She was his, his girl.
“Draco?” a quiet voice said, pulling him from his happy thoughts.
“Yes?” He said and looked back to her.
“What do you think the school will do when they find out?”
He noticed she sounded worried and he figured she was probably speaking mainly about Ron Weasely.
“Well they will probably be shocked, but I’m going to show them they don’t have to be worried.”
He saw her smile and look a little more assured. He reached and took her hand.
“What do you want to do? Do you want to tell Potter and them?”
She looked at him for a moment and then replied,
“Yes, I need to tell them. They deserve to know and Ginny will kill me if I don’t tell her and she finds out from everyone else.”
“Alright and if you want, I’ll come with you.”
He leaned in and kissed her forehead and then they left the kitchens.


They made their way up to Gryffindor Tower and Hermione whispered the password, she still didn’t think it was a good idea to let Draco know the password, yet. The Fat Lady gave her a funny look as she glanced between the two of them but said nothing. She looked over at Draco and saw that he seemed to be relatively at ease. Glad he is… my nerves are about to set fire to my whole body! She climbed through the portrait hole and saw the three people she needed to talk to. They all raised their heads and started to say hello until they noticed who climbed through behind her. That’s when hell started to break lose.
“What the HELL is HE doing here? Hermione please tell me you didn’t let him in.” Ron said through gritted teeth.
Hermione looked at them before answering. She saw that Harry looked confused, Ron was furious and Ginny looked like she was starting to take in and understand what was going on.
“Yes Ron, I let him in. You see… Draco and I-“
“Draco?! Now you’re calling him Draco? What happened to Malfoy? Or Ferret-face?” Ron said in a menacing tone.
Hermione had enough. This was the last of Ron’s attitude.
“Shut it Ron. Draco and I are together now. He has changed and been there for me through some of my toughest moments this year.” She said hurriedly.
She was met with total silence. Apparently almost everyone else in the common room had heard her too. No one spoke. She could feel Draco standing behind and knew he was ready in case something were to happen. Then Ron exploded.
“HERMIONE, HOW COULD YOU!? HE’S AN EVIL, TWISTED DEATH EATER! You say you’re with him? As in like, dating him? I would have thought better of you Hermione.”
“Ron. Ron, shut up will you.”
It was Harry who spoke. He had been watching and listening to everything and hadn’t said a word until now.
“You haven’t exactly been the most supportive person and you have no right to tell her who she should be with.”
“But Harry-“
“No, you don’t have a place. I have to admit I’m surprised by this and never in a million years would have thought it possible, but here we are.”
Hermione gave Harry a small smile. This was the reason she loved Harry and why he was like the brother she never had. She watched Ron go even redder as Harry stepped forward and face Draco.
“You hurt her and I swear on my life that I will make you wish you never came back and that you were never born.”
Hermione noticed his voice was dead serious and cold as ice. She then glanced at Draco who nodded. Ginny now took her turn. She ran up to Hermione and gave her a huge hug.
“I had a feeling something was going on! Oooohhh I hope you’re happy. Oh and Malfoy, you won’t just have to answer to Harry if you do something bad to her.”
“Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt her. If that was my plan I would have done it by now.”

After Hermione promised Ginny that she’d tell her everything later that night, she and Draco left the common room. They were just walking about the corridors when Draco suddenly pushed her into an empty classroom and before she knew what had happened her was kissing her. She gave in to him quickly and kissed him back. He pushed her backwards until she was against a wall and then she felt him start to kiss down her neck. Her breathing was shorter and she seemed to have a harder time concentrating. Her arms were around his neck and as he came back up to her lips, she wrapped her fingers around his hair and pulled him closer. This just intensified the kiss more. She felt the longing as he kissed her and as he ran his tongue along her bottom lip electrical tingles were sent through her body and seemed to end up in her stomach. His hands made their way under her shirt slightly and she inhaled sharply as his fingers slid along the bottom or her ribcage.


What felt like an eternity passed, but in reality it was only a few minutes, they broke apart. Both of them breathing heavily and slightly light-headed. He was looking at her and she saw the caring man he had become. She wanted their kiss to last forever, she wanted to stay in his arms and never leave, but it wasn’t possible. She knew some of her thoughts must have showed through on her face because he laughed a little and pulled her into a hug. In the distance they heard a clock chime and they knew it was around the time they had to head back to their houses. He pulled back just enough to kiss her forehead and them whispered,
“I’ll see you later, Hermione. Meet me in the library after breakfast tomorrow.”
“Ok, Goodnight Draco.”
“Good night Hermione.”

The next morning Hermione replayed everything in her mind. She winced slightly at remember Ron’s reaction, but he didn’t matter. He had no business interfering in her life. He had passed up the chance to really date her and she no longer liked him. As she dressed she thought about getting all pretty but then decided against it. Draco didn’t need all of that, he had seen her in her worst moments which meant that makeup felt like overkill to her. Ginny had been watching her the whole time and just smirked. They walked down to the Great Hall and were expecting to sit and have a good breakfast, but as they neared the hall they heard shouts. The girls ran to the entrance of the hall and as they stopped, Hermione’s heart froze.


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