“Where are they?” Kingsley demanded over his CD.

“Dragon, Red, and The Kid all went in already”, Seamus confirmed.

“Who’s idea was that?” he growled.

“Give you one guess.” The audible sigh of Seamus could be heard over the CD.

“Lion, Princess, Grizzly get in there and give them some fucking cover”, he sighed.

“On our way”, Seamus replied and He took up the lead as Lavender sped after him, with McNally covering behind them.


The building was filled with dust from the explosion. “Blow up the hallway they said it would be fun they said”, Draco mused as they rounded yet another corner, the rubble would be too much go through here quickly as well.

“I didn’t see you with any bright ideas”, Ginny hissed back and pulled Draco and Jessie back into an alcove as a Deathie rounded the corner in front of us. Draco nodded to Jesse, and the boy nodded back. In a flash the boy was jumping from the alcove green light shot from his wand and the deatheater went down.

Ginny and Draco dragged him back to where they were just hiding.

“It’s your mansion get us out of here”, Ginny shot at Draco.

“Sorry I’m not used to the layout when its blown up”, he rolled his eyes.

“Look lover’s quarrel over there, someone needs to do something quick or they’re going to start to notice the trail of bodies we’re leaving”, Jesse offered up.

Draco smirked, “Fight our way out the front door?”

“You two push I’ll take flank”, Jesse offered.

Before they could even reach the front entrance way another explosion shook the already demolished manor.

“Fuck, you know I had hoped to inherit this place when this was all over”, Draco sighed dramatically as the smoke cleared and Lavender stood triumphant in the hole she had just blown in the side of the building.

“Way to go Princess”, Jesse looked over his shoulder, Seamus and McNally were on either side of her watching the yard for any movement.

“Did you guys get the package?” Lavender asked when they came into hearing distance.

“Wrapped it with a pretty bow for you.” Draco patted his cloak pocket.

“Let’s get the hell out of here then.” A commotion from down the hall made Ginny turn and raise her shield at the last moment. It hit Jesse’s first and ricocheted off, reflecting back at the attacker. Jesse was sort of a genius with defensive magic.

“Damnit”, Seamus came up next to the group there was no way they were running out of there with fifteen Deathies on them. “I didn’t even get to yell surprise”.

“Can we not do the clever one liners today?” McNally brandished his wand in some ancient looking dueling stance.

“But it’s my thing”, Seamus dropped his right foot back ready to spring forward.

“You need a new thing”, Lavender agreed. Before the next curse could be cast from the Deatheater a hunk of the hallway curled itself inward. There was an audible smack as one of the oncoming Deathies probably faceplanted into it.

Ginny had her wand trained on the wall. With another flick of her wrist it turned to glass.

“Do it”, she said through her concentration.

Draco’s wand shot forwards after hers, a sonic pulse shattered the glass, the Deathies looked perplexes for a moment until another pulse sent the glass shooting for them. The first couple were sliced to ribbons before his colleagues managed to get their shields up.

“Take them all”, Seamus raised his wand and a green jet of light shot from it. It had always unnerved Ginny that he didn’t even need to speak the curse anymore. The group spread out Lavender ducked behind the opening she had made in the wall. Jesse stayed near the front trying to catch stray curses in his reflective shield. McNally and Draco were pushing towards the remaining Deathies. Ginny did what she did best. The first Deathie that came into her sight she hit with a binding charm. A moment later she threw a bolt of fire onto him. It consumed him in mere seconds.

“Imperius”, Lavender whispered from her hiding spot she kept her eyes focused on a Deathie in the back, he went rigid and turned to the man next to him and literally pounced on him, swinging around like a human helicopter, he provided the distraction Draco needed to build up. With a rush of raw power from his wand the debri around him flew down the hallway at the Deathies, Ginny added her own effect as she made the ceiling collapse on top of them.

“Give us some cover Seamus”, McNally had grabbed the still casting Jesse by the scruff of his shirt and was hauling him out of the building.

“Time to go”, Draco smiled at Ginny as he headed back to the group. She back peddled   watching for anyone who the avalanche may have missed, before turning heel and running through the opening into the night air.

Seamus pointed his wand into one of the upper story windows. “Now would be a good time to run”, he made a face that told them he may have over done it… again.

“Fuck”, McNally cursed and Jesse didn’t need any help this time as the six of them sped for river that ran through the back of the property. A jet of fire shot up through the roof of the mansion.

“Really Mate?” Draco looked to Seamus who gave him an innocent shrug.

“Fuck”, McNally cursed again as the fire was spreading out towards them at an alarming pace. “Hope all you kiddies can swim”, he pushed off the bank of the river when he reached it and dove in. Jesse was the last one in before a jet of fire shot over the water in front of him. He looked panicked for a moment, but Ginny grabbed him and threw a breathing charm on him as an air bubble surrounded his mouth and nose. He nodded his appreciation.

“Tell me you idiots are still alive so I can kill you myself”, the voice rang through all their ears distorted by the water.

A smile broke out on Seamus’ face followed by Lavender and the group shared a chuckle before heading for the surface to face the wrath of Kingsley.

“All accounted for package secured”, Seamus reported as they crawled up the other bank of the river.

“I bloody hope the package is secure”, was all the angry voice said.

“See you at extraction point Eta two minutes”, Seamus added. There was no reply.

“Well if Captain doesn’t kill us, Snake will for leaving him out”, Jesse shook out his mop of hair. They had universally decided on Blaise’s codename as snake for being oh so Slytherin.

“I hope you have insurance”, Seamus looked back to the half burnt what used to be a mansion.

“Insurewhat?” Draco frowned at him.

“Nevermind”, Seamus sighed, maybe he did need a new thing.

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