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Beautiful Beast by TheOneWhoRightsTheWrong
Chapter 3 : Challenging the Beast
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Rose didnt know how long she sat on the floor crying once she stopped. It had gotten dark so she assumed it had been sometime, then again she was unsure if it was truely dark or just the darkness of the house. Though this room was different then the rest of the house.

"hmmn..." as Rose thought about it, She could tell this room seemed as if it was full of life once. Unlike most of the house instead of Green the dominant color was yellow.  Rose giggled as an image of cold Scorpius in an all yellow room floated through her mind but she immediatly stopped.

'its all his fault ' she thought as she dried the rest of her face. she walked over the the yellow bed and sat on it. gasping as she did. It was just as soft as it looked, kinda like sleeping on a cloud.

'Focus Rose this is NO time to revel in the softness of your enemies bed!!!' she shook her head trying to get back to the matter at hand. What was she to do now? She had promised not to escape, and she didnt dare try right now being that she had no idea where her family was and if he could cast them away like that she feared how easy it would be for him to get them and her back if she did attempt. But she felt she couldnt just sit there.

"Come on Rose! your the Brightest witch of your generation! THINK!" she yelled at herself just as a small creak came from the door. Rose turned her head so fast she actually fell off the bed. Rose blushing in embarrassment slowly looked over the top of the bed expecting to see a less then amused Scorpius at the door. But it was empty. Rose slowly stood up.

"maybe ...the wind perhaps?" she muttered as she walked around the bed to the door. she adjusted her sundress before cautiously peering out the door.

"no one..." she whispered to herself.  Slowly and almost spy like she snuck out of her room and clamped to the wall. looking around for any signs of life. she manuvered around a relitively large statue hiding behind it before she peered around it again.

'Wait didnt he say you could explore the castle?'  Rose's inner thought said.

'well yes, more or less' she replied.


"Why are you sneaking around?" a deeper voice behind her commented. Rose startled jumped and turned around bumping into the statue.

"I was...I was just...uh" Rose began.

"Watch out!!" Scorpius yelled. Everything happened so fast Rose wasnt sure what was happening. 

"Ow...." Rose mumbled.

'my head...' she thought as she as she went to grab it. but something was blocking her.

'what?...warm.' she thought Rose slowly began to open her eye just one but ended up with both wide open in shock as she did.

"Watch what your doing you idiot!" Scorpius barked as obvious pain was etched on his face. Rose stared up. The scene must have looked strange. Rose lying on the floor with Scorpius Malfoy ontop of her and broken rubble surrounding them. Rose blushed at their closeness. She hadnt really been this close to a boy before. Sure there was half of her family but it was different then being this close to an outside boy and if she really thought about it, it was mostly because of her family that she wasnt near boys. Rose wasnt an idiot They tried to play it off but Rose knew the boys scared any male that came with in 10 feet of her.. but her blush soon turn to worry.

"Are you ok!?" she said half sitting up Startling Scorpius into accomedating the situation by also sitting up slightly. Scorpius stared at Rose, this sense of worry he hadnt ever really felt, or at least it had been awhile since someone had shown concern for his well-being.

"Im..Fine." He said angrily at being surprised like that.

"No your NOT! your bleeding." She said as she reached a hand out and touched his cheek smearing the blood. She looked at her fingers then at Scorpius.

"you're  hurt! Come on!" Rose said jumping up and grabbing Scorpius and pulling him to her "room". 

They sat there for serveral minutes. Him on the bed her kneeling on the floor with the first aid kit.

" me your hands." Scorpius raised an eyebrow and smirked.

"You kneeling on the floor and blushing like that, someone would get the wrong idea." Several more minutes of awkward silence and a newly added chair and bruise Rose tried again.

"hands please." she said this time Scorpius obeyed and gave her his hand.

"A few cuts and a couple bruises but nothing more." Rose said smiling. as Rose disinfected them and wrapped them in bandages she got a sudden thought.

'when were his hands injured? From where we were his hands never actually getting touched by the marble shouldnt be bruised and bloody.'  Rose sat there for a few minutes thinking and studing his hands before Scorpius cleared his throat. Rose looked up and continued bandaging him up. Finally after bandaging his cheek and head she finally got to the dreaded part.

"uh...I need..." Rose tried to say it but apparently excessive blushing can disrupt a persons sentence.

"What? spit it out!" Scorpius yelled impatiently.

"I ...NEED YOU TO TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF." Rose blushed Scorpius stared. Slowly a blush crossed his own face.

"My WHAT!?" he asked a little shocked.

"Well really its just your cloak and shirt and well anything blocking your back." Rose said rushed. Scorpius wasnt sure what to say.

'Dont say anything she is simply the daughter of a mudblood.' Scorpius argued with himself.

'sure ..but she is still a girl.' he remarked. He looked her up and down again from the top of her red head to her blushing face to well lower.

'I wouldnt say she's a girl anymore.'  He thought to himself before his grandfather came into mind and Scorpius face hardened.

'Daughter of a mudblood'

Scorpius didnt say anything didnt even mutter a sound as he stood and dropped his cloak. air flying as it landed on the floor. Rose would have left the room, only with him standing directly infront of her she couldnt not unless she wanted to end up touching him. So Rose sat there head turned away and blushing profusely. Scorpius smirked teasing her would be fun. SLowly but surely Scorpius undressed the rest of his shirts before he was bare-chested before her. Rose though never turned to look.

"Im done." Scorpius said in a low whisper leaning on the arm of the chair to get her attention. Rose surprised at his face jumped up and knocked the chair back.

"Sorry!" she said rushed as she kneeled to pick up the chair. Scorpius smirked and nearly chuckled. after several minutes of sitting on the bed looking at a blushing Rose, Scorpius got bored.

"Well Get on with it."  He said irritated. Rose snapped out of her blush and embarrassed state of mind and immedietly turned angry.

"well sorry!" she said.

"Turn around please." Scorpus obeyed and sat waiting, he didnt have to wait long to feel a stinging sensation on his back.

"OW! THAT HURTS!" he growled turning around and slapping the cotton swab away. Rose smirked.

"Dont be a big baby!" She said reaching for another one. Scorpius turned all the way around and grabbed her tiny wrist in his large hands roughly.

"be gentle." he said in a low growl.

"I cant help it if it stings!" Rose yelled back. Scorpius had nothing to say because she was right of course so instead He simply and roughly dropped her hand and turned away.

"continue." He said after a few minutes. Rose nodded and picked up another cotton swab.

"This is going to sting...alot so..just bare with me ok?" she said and began after waiting for a reply. Scorpius sat there motionless, it really didnt hurt the only reason he freaked out before was because it startled him, but he had been through worst.

'then again it could be because shes being gentle.' his inner thought said. Scorpius remained silent the entire time.

"There. All done." Rose smiled. as she tied the last of the bandages. Scorpius didnt reply simply stood up and began to put his clothes back on as Rose stood and walked to the wardrobe where she placed her purse. Rose cleared her throat catching his attention.

"Arent you forgetting something?" she said waiting.

'no."  Scorpius said after looking around for a few minutes holding his shirt. Rose looked at his body it was very nice, toned but very pale.

"See Something you like Weasley?" Scorpius smirked.

"Put your shirt on or are you trying to get the attention of the daughter of a mudblood?" Rose smirked right back.

"trust me Weasley if I wanted you I'd have you." he said almost darkly.

"But I wouldnt have you." Rose said countering.

"Now are you going to thank me or stand there?" rose continued.

"Why should I thank you it was your fault I got hurt after all." he said

"Well if you hadnt startled me I wouldnt have bumped into the staute." Rose replied angrily not realizing they were getting closer and closer.

"If you hadnt been sneaking around I wouldnt have had to startled you!" Scorpius said also unaware that they were stepping closer and closer.

"WELL IF YOU HADNT KIDNAPPED MY FAMILY I WOULDNT BE HERE TO SNEAK AROUND!" She yelled standing on her very tiptoes to yell in his face. Just then a chime shimed alerting Scorpius. Clearing his throat Scorpius stepped back and ressumed his role as prison guard.

"DInner is finished now so lets head down." he said waiting for her to go first.

"I said I wasnt going." ROse said looking away from his eyes.

"And I said it wasnt a request now you can walk down with me willingly or I can levitated your arse all the way down there." Rose considered the options for about 2 seconds before brushing past him angrily Scorpius smirked. The Beast always won.

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Beautiful Beast: Challenging the Beast


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