“Hello, cousin,” Bellatrix said sweetly. “Very nice to see you again. Not.”


“What are you doing here?” Sirius growled. “Death Eaters aren’t welcomed in this house.”


“Uh, I’m sorry, I thought this was the Potter’s house,” Bella said, acting flirtatious. "I didn't know a certain traitor lives here."


“Just get out,” Sirius hissed. “I don’t want to see your face ever again.”


Bellatrix smirked, stepping further inside the house. “I want to prose you an offer, Sirius.”


“Sorry, I’ve no intention on making a deal with an insane bitch like you.” Bellatrix waved the comment easily.


“The Dark Lord is interested in you, Sirius. He wants you to join him in our honorable rank. If you agree, we’ll make sure that half-breed you call a girlfriend won’t be touched.”


“I’ll join you when Hell freezes over.“


“Why won’t he hurt her?” Remus blurted before Bellatrix could throw an insult at Sirius. “I thought he hated half-bloods and Muggle-borns alike.”


“Well, at least her father is a respected German Pureblood. We need allies from other countries.”


“That’s where you got it wrong, bitch. I’d never ask my father to join,” I spat.


“But will your daddy do the same thing if we, how should I say it? Ah, kidnap you?” Sirius wrapped his right hand protectively around me, wetting my shirt with his blood.


“You dare to touch her, even if it’s only one strand of her hair, I’ll skin you alive, Bella.”


“Whatever, Sirius,” Bellatrix said, rolling her eyes. She glanced at her partner, who nodded his head vaguely. It was very swift I almost didn’t notice this.


“I give you one more chance, Sirius, before I’ll leave this pitiful place you lot call a house.”


“Never,” Sirius gritted. Bella shrugged.


“Fine, we’ll be leaving now. I tell you one thing, cousin; don’t say I didn’t tell you to reconsider.”


With that, Bellatrix and her companion Disapparated. Sirius muttered curses as soon as they were gone, ruffling his hair with his right hand. He let out another string of curses when he realised his head was bleeding. Remus rushed to get some medications into his room while James tried to heal the wound. Sirius was all cursing and wincing when I tried to bandage his head. James and Lily were also fussing around about Sirius, insisting on taking him to St. Mungo. We were so focused on Sirius, we almost didn’t notice Remus.




“Remus, are you okay?” Lily said, patting his shoulder. Remus was curled like a ball, trembling.


“Sirius, what’s wrong with him?” I said. My boyfriend had a look on Remus and he cursed, loudly.


“It’s full moon already?” James said, jumping on his feet. No one needed to answer it, because Remus had slowly starting to change.


“Holy fucking shit,” Lily said – which was really unlike her to say such profanity. “He’s a fucking werewolf! Remus Lupin is a werewolf!”


I looked at Sirius, expecting him to draw out his wand at Remus, but Sirius was not there. Instead of the Sirius Black I knew, I found a really big dog in his place. He growled loudly, and it scared me shitless. Lily had pulled me away from the dog, wrapping an arm around me, just right when the dog jumped to tackle Remus, who had changed fully into his werewolf form. They were clawing each other’s head off literally, and a big stag strode in front of us, kicking its legs to the werewolf’s body. It took me less than one second to realise that my boyfriend and his best friend were Animagus.


An unregistered Animagus, I dared bet.


Remus had finally managed to grab one of James’ legs, and broke it in a terrifying snap. Lily screamed loudly at that, closing her eyes with her hands. If James could talk, he’d definitely let out a string of profanity. James, in his stag form, let out a painful shudder. Upon seeing his best friend hurt, Sirius growled again. He was now trying to bite Remus, but the latter had grabbed his neck, and hurled him across the room in an amazing strength. With both James and Sirius down, Lily and I were easy targets for Remus. Lily was already whimpering, and I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. Was I going to die this way?


Incarcerous!” shouted someone, and ropes flew out of thin air, wrapping themselves around Remus’ body.


It was James’ parents.


“James, Sirius, take Lily and Lina to the house,” Charlus Potter said. “Your mother and I can handle this. Go.


Like human beings, the stag and the dog nodded. Sirius walked toward me, while James limped toward Lily. Sirius, who was probably almost as big as a pony, lowered himself down in front of me. I was confused at first, not knowing what I was supposed to do. But, Sirius’ paw nudged my leg, nodding his head to his back. I took it as a sign for me to ride on him. From the corner of my eye, Lily had already climbed on James’ back. They wasted no time and took off as fast as they could, running away from the familiar neighbourhood. We were running for minutes until we reached an old house, probably almost as old as Charlus Potter himself. I jumped off Sirius’ back before he could change back into his human form. I gasped upon seeing how badly hurt he was. He had his back looked like it was torn opened from Remus’ claws, and his face was barely recognisable anymore. James was looking slightly better, except for his broken left hand. It was bent in a really weird position, and I couldn’t imagine how painful it felt.


“Sirius?” I squeaked, afraid to touch him, fearing that I would’ve hurt him even more.


“Yes?” his answer came in a weak whisper.


“Do you need anything? Should I do something?”


“Where is...James?” he said.


“I’m here, mate. I’m here,” James answered, dragging himself closer to me and Sirius. “You all right, Padfoot?” Sirius grabbed James’ hand, and the raven-haired craddled my boyfriend’s head.


“Promise me that...you’ll protect...protect...” Sirius’ hand went limp and his eyes fluttered closed. James’ face gone pale instantly.


“Sirius? Sirius?” James called, by there came no answer. I felt like stones filled my stomach.


“Oh no...” Lily whispered, coming closer. “Is he...?”


“No!” James shouted, surprising me and Lily. “He’s not dead! Sirius, wake up! Wake up you, fucking ugly bastard! Wake the fuck up!”


But, there was no answer from Sirius. James pulled his best friend into a tight hug, howling in agony. I could literally feel my heart breaking at the sight of the two of them. I just got Sirius back, when I tought I’d lose him forever, only to find he really was leaving me again. Tears began to fall freely from my eyes, and I let out a shaky breath. Lily, with tears falling down his face, hugged me and whispered something to me. I couldn’t hear anything she said, though. My ears were buzzing and all I cared was my boyfriend was dead.


“Prongs...stop hugging me...like a fucking girly girl,” whispered a voice. Lily gasped when she saw Sirius’ hand moved to pat James’ shoulder, who looked like he’d seen a ghost.


“You’re not dead yet?” James said, bewildered. Sirius chuckled faintly.


“I’m not that easily to kill you know,” Sirius whispered. “Apparently, God doesn’t want me to be in Heaven nor Hell, so he kicks me out.” I snorted a laugh, wiping the tears off my eyes. Trust Sirius to make jokes when he nearly died.


“So, you just...what? Fainted?” Lily uttered. Sirius moved his head slightly.


“Think so... James, can you heal my back? It hurts like a bitch.”


“Fuck you, Black,” James said, shaking his head in a disbelief, but he couldn't stop himself from smiling. He took his wand and turned Sirius’ body, before closing the wounds.


“Merlin, that feels a lot better,” Sirius groaned, pushing himself to sit. “Now, give me your hand, Prongs. I’ll mend your hand.”


“You two can do Healing Spells?” Lily inquired, seeming genuinely amazed.


“Yep,” Sirius said, concentrating on James’ hand. “There. I’m done.”


“Thanks, Padfoot, mate,” James said, moving himself to lean on a wall near him. Siriusshrugged, waving his hand at me so I could cuddle with him.


“Don’t mention it, Prongs.”


“How long have you been able to do Healing Spells?” I asked, curious.


“Since last year,” James said lightly, as if it was nothing.


“But, that’s something beyond the OWLs!” Lily exclaimed.


“Well, we thought it’ll be efficient for us to learn,” Sirius began to explain.


“Seeing how often we get injured,” James added.


“Intentionally or not...”


“...mostly intentionally...”


“...after fighting Slytherins...”


“...or fighting you and Lina...”


“...but, it’s worth is, ain’t it, Prong?”


“Yes, it is, Padfoot...”


“...because, in the end, we get to be with our beautiful girls...”


“...and the world knows how amazing James Potter and Sirius Black are.”


“You guys are so full of shit,” I laughed. “I still don’t understand about one thing, though.”


“And that is?” James and Sirius said at the same time.


“Where do you guys get those weird names?”


“Yeah, I’ve always wondered about that, too,” Lily agreed. James and Sirius shared a look, having silent conversation with their eyes for a few minutes. Finally, they came upon the decision to tell me and Lily about it. James took something in his pocket and thrusted it in Lily’s hand.


“Why are you giving me this piece of junk?” Lily said, checking out the old parchment in her hand. Sirius and James chuckled at Lily’s reaction.


“This piece of junk, she says, Prongs,” Sirius said, grinning.


“Lily, Lina, you are the only two people out side of our brotherhood that are allowed to see this magnificent piece of art,” James said smugly.


“Believe it or not, this was Remus’ idea, actually...”


“...pretty wicked of him to think of this...”


“...you wouldn’t believe us, even if we swear to it...”


“Okay, okay,” I said, stifling a laugh. “We get the intro, just skip to the explanation.”


“Padfoot, if you please,” James said. Sirius nodded and tapped the parchment once.


“I solemnly swear I’m up to no good,” Sirius said whilst grinning. As soon as he finished talking, words and lines and dots began to appear in the parchment. The lines began to make Hogwarts castle and its details, the words were forming names of people and places, and the dots, it appeared to be a sort of symbol of a person and their footsteps. Lily and I leaned closer to read what was written on the top of the parchment.


“Messrs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs; proudly present, the Marauders Map,” Lily and I read. I looked up at Sirius, who had a playful smirk.


“So, this is – “


“Yes, Lina, this is a Hogwarts map...”


“...included its rooms and all of the passages...”


“...and the lovely people inside...”


“...altough, I think Snape and the other Slytherins aren’t exactly lovely.”


“Wait a minute,” Lily interrupted. “You guys made this? You two and Remus and Peter?”


“Technically, Peter didn’t make this. He couldn’t, actually,” Sirius stated matter-of-factly.


“And Remus only gave us a little help. He said he didn’t want to say make anything that’ll put us in trouble,” James said, shaking his head in a matter of someone ashamed.


“And how did you come up with the stupid names?” I asked.


“Stupid?” Sirius said, looking positively horrified. “They’re really cool names!”


“Like, the coolest name ever!” James said. Lily rolled her eyes.


“Yeah, yeah, just get on with it.”


“We thought that in case Filch ever got this, he won’t be able to know this map belong to us,” Sirius said. “But, we sort of hope that when our kids get hold of this, they’d remember how brilliant their fathers were for coming up with this brilliant thing.”


“Moony is obviously Remus, with his monthly problem and all that. Wormtail is Peter, because his Animagus form is a rat, and he’s got this tiny cute tail. Padfoot is Sirius, because his Animagus form and his typical footprints. And last but the very most important is Prongs, which is me, because of my Animagus form, that is a stag.”


“This is amazing,” I said in awe. “I mean, if you ever cheated on me, I’d known easily about it!”


“Ouch, Isilee, that hurts,” Sirius said, pouting adorably. I lay my head on his shoulder, trailing kissed on his jawline.


“Don’t worry, Padfoot, I trust you,” I said. Sirius grinned.


“I know you do,” he said, capturing my lips with his.


“So, Remus really is a werewolf, huh?” Lily said, laying her head on James’ shoulder.


“Yes, he is. Was bitten when he was five, I think, by Fenrir Greyback,” James said.


“The filthy scum is Bella’s best friend,” Sirius muttered heatedly. “One fucked up family, right?”


“Sirius...” I started, but he’d raised his hand to shut me up.


“It’s okay, Lina. We both know that’s the truth,” he said. “Now, let’s just sleep. My back is throbbing like hell, no offence, James.”


“Okay, we’ll just have to wait till morning comes, then,” James said. He turned to look at Lily and planted a soft kiss on Lily’s lips. “Good night, Evans.”


“Good night...Prongsie,” Lily said, grinning.


Both Sirius and I laughed. He hugged me closer, burrying his head in my hair. He muttered good night to me, but I merely whispered it back to him. I felt tired as hell and it took me less than one minute until I fell asleep, dreaming of a certain insufferable git, who was sleeping beside me.

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