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The Power of Tea by SiriuslyLily
Chapter 1 : Guinea pig of awesomeness.
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A/N: This is my first story. I don't own anything. Well, I must own something, I'm not a hobo. 

Julie xx



 "Are mornings only here to haunt me?" I asked my full length mirror on the wall beside my bed. I am short. Not that short, just short. That is the reason I have black wedges charmed to look like ordinary  shoes to make me taller, but not by much. (I'm only sixteen, I charmed them at school. Obviously.) Wedges remind me of potatoes. So basically I have potatoes on my feet. Charming. Imagine walking around with potatoes on your feet, and your nieghbours stopping and staring, screaming "Potato girl is out to get you! Run for your lives!" I'll be out on wanted sign saying "CRAZY TEENAGED POTATO WOMAN OF THE NAME WINIFRED BLYTHE. NO REWARD.


"Why won't my hair stay flat?!" I screamed at the mirror again. My massive hair is a massive problem. It's so curly, brown, thick,  wavy and big. But at least I can make it look better. I ran my brush through Jungle, of which it may be named, and the brush got stuck. I'll need to get a new brush now. Thank you, hair, thank you. The handle of the brush fell onto the floor. My Jungle is a murderer, he decapitated my hairbrush's head. Well, isn't that nice?




"I will just chop it off!" Sorry, Jungle, but you're going too.




I pointed at Jungle through the mirror. "You, thy jungle, shall be banished from thy head!" I shreiked pulling at my hair. Stupid hair.




I didn't notice the door open.




"Winnie, how are you?" Vanessa, my twin muggle sister, asked me sarcastically, obviously directed at my hair. Her's  was long and sleek. The opposite of mine, I tell you. My whole family is muggle, except for moi.




"Perfectly fine, Nessa. But I'll need a new hairbrush." Vanessa nodded and pulled out her phone. It's a Iphone 11, completely amazing, for muggles. "James called, said he'd be over in an hour. So we have to get that little problem of yours fixed." James Sirius Potter, my neighbour. Yeah, his dad saved our world from muggle and muggleborn destruction. So? This morning I saved my pet ginea pig from obesity. Huzzah. James and I have a weird friendship. We argue, a lot. Dom had to lock me in a broom closet once for almost pulling his nose off. He deserved it. I mean, when someone throws you in to the black lake, he deserves to get his nose pulled off. It's law.  But we're still sort-of friends. We belong in a group including Dom, Fred and Lysander. Ly has the coolest name in the history of cool names. Lysander Scamander. Lysander Scamander. Lysander Scamander. Amazing, it rhymes!




Nessa pointed to the bed. "Sit down, and wait here." Then she ran out of the room.




I wonder what she's going to do.




Chop it off?




Straighten it? (Merlin, please don't.)




Give me a wig?!




Vanessa returned with various bottles of different colours. The purple one contained Frizz-be-Gone, the blue one contained Straight-n-Shiny, the green one contained Sleak-Easy's,  a Wizarding potion I had gotten her.




"Nessa, please do not use Straight-n-Shiny." She shook her head, and her Straight-n-Shiny hair swished along.


"how about Sleak-Easy's?" I considered this for a moment.


"Alright then."


"Use this inbetween shampoo and conditioner." She handed me the cold glass bottle. It had a picture of a witch with bottle-blonde hair and a bad fake tan. This is going to be fun.








My hair smelled like oranges. I like oranges. My hair bounced around my shoulders instead of suffocating them.




"Winnie, James will be over in a minute! Hurry up!" Nessa flapped her hands wildly while spinning in circles. I forgot to mention that Vanessa likes James, a lot. She has a picture of him under her pillow. He might have soft black messy hair, tallness, muscles and sparkly eyes, but he's a prat.




The window knocked.




Nessa and I spun  around to see James at the window, sitting on his Firebolt. Show-off.


I pushed the window open and he flew in.


"James, please don't bring your broom into my room. My parents are muggles." James laughed, then stopped suddenly.


"What happened to your hair?" 


"I used Sleak-Easy's." I shook my head violently. Just to show off it's bouncyness.




"It's nice. I can't decide if I like this or your usual Jungle." He grinned at me. I grinned back. I met James on the Hogwarts Express in first year. He tripped me over so I punched him and gave him a black eye. Just in time for the feast.




"Well, are just going to stand there or hug me?" I asked him. He pulled me into his arms, my head resting on his chest. I was very comfy. He lowered his head and whispered into my ear, "You smell like oranges." I laughed into his shirt. Oranges are a largely loved scent. If you don't love the smell of oranges, you have to go to Azkaban for 1,000,000 years. Probably.




"Hey, you've been cuddling for too long, it's boring me to tears." Nessa was sitting on my bed with her head in her hands singing songs, to block her mind. Nessa is very uncomfortable when I hug him.




"We're not cuddling." I told her, while breaking away from James."Jamie, where're we going today?" I flopped onto the bed beside Nessa. James decided to do the same. "Well, my whole family, cousins and all, are going to be at the Burrow today. So I was going to ask you to come over. Do you want to?" James smirked in his 'I'm-so-sexy' way, his hazel eyes boring into my hazel eyes. Dom and Fred are going to be there. I shall venture to the land of Burrowness.




I walked to the small black table beside my bed. "Okay, but first I want to know if I should wear my grey, yellow or purple beanie." I have to wear a beanie to flatten my Jungle.




"No beanie today. You don't have to hide your hair, it looks good. It always does." He put my beanies back onto the table, and poured a glass of water over them.




"No! My babies! What have you done? You've drowned them!" I screamed hysterically and dramatically. James laughed at his victims.Murderer. That's two murders I have witnessed today. They were so young, they didn't get to live their lives. We would have had so much fun, with them sitting on my head. 




"You can't wear them now. Their wet. So stop whining, and get on the Firebolt." He picked up his broom and straddled it. I walked over to it and did the same, wrapping my arms around his torso. 




"Ness, close the window, won't you?" We flew out the window before she could reply. We live beside a forest, so no muggles can see us fly. Except for my parents and Vanessa. The forest whizzed past us in a blur. We flew inside  his bedroom window. It was already open.




 "We have arrived in the bedroom of James Potter, be sure to visit the gift shop on the way out." James threw his broom on the floor and sat on the bed. I sat on the bed too. His bed is bouncy. I bounced for a minute, to find an amused James. "Find something interesting about my bed? Thought you would already know bout it. I mean, you sleep in it every other night." Now, now, please don't get the wrong idea, folks. I have never slept with James, It's just that we always share his bed or mine. It's good company, and its comforting. I'm just the teensiest bit scared of the dark. There could be an evil homocidal granny, sulking in the shadows, waiting to attack with her knitting sticks. Or a blood covered girl holding a knife that that watches you in your sleep. It's terrifying. James is the only person who knows of my fear.




"Yeah. It's your bed tonight, by the way." He nodded.‎ 


"Winnie, what do you think would happen if Dom and Freddie knew we slept in the same bed?" he asked me thoughtfully. Dom would probably through a fit and Fred would adopt a spoon collection, calling them his 'real friends' or something.


"I don't know, but it probably woudn't be a good thing." I answered.





Please review. Do you like this story? Should I keep writing it? Here's somes facts:




1- Winnie is very protective of her toes.


2- Winnie is Irish, like myself.


3- James has an obsession with Quidditch.




Julie xx

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The Power of Tea: Guinea pig of awesomeness.


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