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Dear Diary,

It been ten days since I kissed Connor and ten days since I last saw him. I have no idea where he is, but I know Nikola is around with baby Carly because they've been over here nearly every day. I'm starting to think she and James definitely have a thing going on because all they seem to do is snog whenever they think no ones looking.

I've asked her where Connor is and she said he had gone to visit some relatives with their nan and brother. So I guess he really is away, there's me thinking he was avoiding me. Then again I've been avoiding him. The kiss wasn't awkward but the fact in was infront of Scorpius, my brother, Phoebe and my cousins made it awkward. Hopefully Connor will be back soon, I think I have withdrawal symptoms from not seeing him for so long.

Love Moi (Rose)

It's been ten days since I last saw Connor, TEN FREAKING DAYS. I really hope he comes back soon or even today, today would be good. I've really missed seeing him and being with him, I've missed his accent, his eyes, his smile and even his abs. Oh Connor I miss you.

Nikola's around here all the time with Carly and it's me and Lily who end up babysitting her mainly because I'm responsible (according to James) and Carly knows me and Lily because she's James' sister.

Can I just say never ever, ever let Phoebe Finnigan babysit even for a couple of minutes. Yesterday Lily wasn't around to help me, so it was just me and Carly whilst James and Kola went off to the to cinema in the muggle village. I needed the loo and no one else was around so I didn't know what to do with Carly, then Phoebe suddenly appeared.

I told her I had to pee and she offered to watch Carly. When I came back downstairs I found Carly dressed in a pink tutu, fairy wings, a crown and holding a wand Crawling around the living room whilst Phoebe was standing on the sofa looking scared.

When I asked what she was doing, she said she had been playing dress up with Carly and then Pheeb handed Carly her wand to complete the look. I heard something smash behind me and I saw a vase fall off the fire place. After putting two and two together I realised it was Carly who had done it as well as some other stuff like turning the curtains bright pink with yellow spots.

Like I said never let Phoebe babysit, Nana was fuming with me and her but of course not with Carly since she's only a baby. I'm looking after her again today because Kola has gone to get stuff ready because Connor's coming home and it's Ronan's birthday and James is god knows where.

I have to say Kola has definitely changed him, I mean he's nice to me and the others and he'll sit and play with Carly for hours. Since the sun is shining, I decided to take Carly to the park. Strapping her in her pink pushchair I left the Burrow and made my way through the village and into the next one.

I love Carly, she's so cute with her little blonde bunches and her summer dresses. The other people in the park have been giving me some dirty looks, I'm guessing they think that I'm her mother. God I hate people like that, for all they know she's my sister or cousin or not even related to me.

After and hour and a bit, Carly started getting tired so I decided I would head back. As I saw The Burrow come into view I vaguely heard someone calling my name "Rose, Rose."

I looked around and saw Connor come running towards me. My heart jumped a little when I saw him, he looked so good. I can't believe I haven't seen him for ten days, his hair was spiked and he was smiling.

"Hey you, have you missed me." He said once he was close to us.

I opened my mouth to answer but realised he was talking to Carly and not to me. I quickly shut my mouth but then changed my mind and said "Hi."

"Um, hey Rose." Connor said slowly, "So how are you."

"I'm good, you?"

He nodded, "Kola sent me to get Carly. It's Ronan's tenth birthday and Nan's done him a party."

I nodded, not being funny but he's been over ours with his family when we've had parties and now we don't get an invite. Yeah I get that Ronan doesn't totally know our family except Lucy, who he surprisingly bonded with straight away but y'know it would have been nice to have been asked.

"Rose, are you listening." Connor said, his voice bringing me out of my thoughts.


"I'm gonna take Carly home. See you around." He informed me as he pushed Carly towards their house.

I smiled and then nodded, "See you around." I muttered as I walked back to The Burrow.

I was halfway to the garden when I heard my name being called again, when I turned around I saw Connor grinning at me from outside his house, "Oh by the way your families invited." He called, "And so are you." His grin widen and he turned back around.

I smiled to myself and when I entered the kitchen I found Dom at the table eating ice-cream.

"Hey." She said looking up, "Woah! hold up girl why are you grinning like a cheshire cat?" She asked.

"I'm just happy." I shrugged, "Oh and it's Ronan's birthday and he's having a party and we're all invited." I told her.

I left Dom and her ice-cream and went to go get changed, I put on a pair of denim shorts and a pale blue boob tube, a certain boob tube that makes my boobs look great! Me thinks Connor's gonna be falling head over heels tonight. Oh god, did I just think that! Shit, I'm turning into Dom.

Oh no,no,no I can't be turning into Dom, that's bad, real bad. Dom can be a total airhead about boys, I mean I've spent the past three or four years drooling over Malfoy but the closest I've ever got to him is talking whilst trying not to stutter. Whereas Dom will spend hours and I mean hours getting ready to try and impress a guy. Not that she needs to, I mean she is part veela, boys tend to have the habit of dropping at her feet.

And now here I am hoping Connor's gonna fall at my feet, we kissed once, ONE bloody time and I'm now thinking he's madly in love with me. Who are you kidding Rose?

I managed to pull myself together when Dom came in and changed into a really short pink skirt and a white top, looked in the mirror and then left. Calm down Rose, you are NOT Dom, calm down, I told myself as I made my way to Connor's with Lily right behind me.

I knocked and Connor answered, looking rather handsome in a white t-shirt that clung rather tightly over his abs. Must not drool, must not drool.

"Hey," I said brightly, "Where's the birthday boy then?"

"I'm here!" Came a voice from behind Connor, there stood in a blue shirt was a mini Connor or in other words his brother Ronan.

"Happy birthday!" Lily squealed from behind me as she handed him our present.

I persuaded Nana to stop in the quidditch shop in Diagon Alley to pick up a present.

"Thank You!" Ronan gushed as he rushed to hug Lily and then me.

Looks like he's a happy boy, with his new quidditch shirt specifically in the Northern Irish's team (The Derry Dragons) colours.

"Come on in." Connor said ushering us into the hall, "Go on through, some of you other cousins are here."

Who else was here?, I wondered as myself and Lily made our way to the garden where it seems the party was. All from the trees hung streamers and lanterns, a big banner saying 'Happy 10th Birthday Ronan' in multi coloured letters hung across the fence, a table with food on it and a table with various sized presents on, stood near the house.

James was here looking pretty happy, Kola was sat on his lap and Carly on hers. They do kinda look like a little family, all happy and smiling. Lucy and Molly were here, as was Dom who was chatting up some tall dark haired boy who was holding a young girl's hand and Fred who was looking over and watching James and Kola.

And of course there were adults here, some I knew (Ivy, Nana, Mum and Auntie Ginny) and others I didn't, so I'm guessing they were either family or just parents who had a crazy child or two running around with Ronan and Lucy.

Most of the afternoon I spent with Lily, James, Kola and Carly. Connor was over talking to the boy Dom had tried and failed chatting up. I swear he's avoiding me, I haven't seen in ten days and I saw him for all of what ten minutes this morning and we didn't exactly have a proper conversation.

As it got darker and more of the small noisy things left and the adults had gone inside, I was left outside with Connor, Molly, Dom, James, Kola and Carly. I was quite happily watching James and Kola getting Carly to walk between them. I smiled, she is literally the cutest baby ever.

"Hey Rose, can we talk?" Came the gorgeous voice that belonged to Connor.

I nodded and followed him over to the shed that was in the corner, I went to go in it but Connor pulled me around the side out of view from various relatives.

"I've been away visiting family and I'm sorry I didn't tell you but it was all last minute."

Again I nodded, "That's fine Connor but why..." I started to ask but he cut me off.

"Why am I telling you this?, because I don't want you to think I was avoiding you. I like you Rose." He said softly as he kissed my cheek.

I felt myself blush and mumbled, "It's fine, Kola said you were away."

"As long as you know." He said before kissing my other cheek and walking away.

I smiled to myself and followed him. I said my good byes and made my way back to the house. This has all got to go in my diary, everything he said and did.

"Hey Granddad." I called softly as I saw him in the chair, unsure of whether he was asleep or in deep thought.

No reply, must be asleep then. Rushing upstairs I pulled my diary out and set to work, writing as much detail as I could possibly remember before Dom came back and interrupted me.

"I going to bed, I'm knackered." I told Dom as I shoved my diary under my pillow.

"You ok Ro?" Dom asked.

"Yeah fine, I'm just tired."

"Ro, it's like half seven."

"I know."

"Night then." She called leaving the room.

I snuggled down in bed and my dreams were filled with Connor, leprechauns and Rainbows.

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