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Hannah Potter by hannahweasley
Chapter 4 : chapter 3, draco's run in with a genius
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Everyone and I mean everyone was staring at me. Image thousands of eye staring at you, judging you before they even knew you. Thats how it felt. Most people had a smile on there face yet some looked sceptical. But one table, the Sytherins, if looks could kill I would be 6 feet under.


I followed Dumbledore slowly, praying everyone would just looked away and ignore me. Harry's hand patted my back gently and he sat down at the table to my right with his friends. I looked at them in panic, but they just smiled graciously almost in encouragement.


I wanted to stop and scream at them to stop staring at me. For them to just disappear, I wanted help. I looked down at my black shoes at I walked down the gap in the middle of the tables. Dumbledores hand was resting on my shoulder, I looked at him for help but he just smiled with a twinkle of laughter in his eye.


When we got to the front I turned at the looked at the whole school. From the Hufflepuffs to the Ravenclaws and from the Gryffindor's to the Slytherins. My breaths were shaky and ragged, my complexion must have looked pale because I felt like being sick. Dumbledore stood in front of a stand which resembled an owl with his wings propped out with candle's either side. His booming voice filled the hall.


“Good afternoon students. I hope your holidays were filled with joy but now it is time to introduce our new student who shall be spending her time her. This is Hannah Potter” Most students gasped and began whispering to there friends about me.


Wow, I guess our parents were quite the impact here.


“SILENCE. Now, yes Hannah is Harry's sister, his twin even but that shall not put her on a pedestal. We must find out which house young Hannah is sorted into. Professor Mcgonagall please bring out the sorting hat.”


I sat patiently on the stool which had been placed while I stared out into the sea of students who's eyes bore into mine. I looked onto the Slytherin table and cringed at the evil looks being sent my way. All but one.


His platinum blond hair shone in the light. His face was pale yet smooth and flawless, his jaw was strong and rigged. He looked bewildered by me. Our eyes met, I felt myself being searched. His silver/blue eyes were perfect. A small smile crept onto his face but mine kept the same. Emotionless.


Footsteps came closer from behind me, I tore me gaze away from him and looked around frantically for my twin. My panic must have been evident on my face because when I saw him a small and calming smile entered his face making me at ease.


Suddenly I felt the hate being place on my head. I flinched as it began to talk well shout.


'Ah another Potter. Its no reason to be so afraid my dear the kind people at Hogwarts will look after you. Now to decide which house you could be in. You are smart, very smart like a Ravenclaw. Although you are courageous like a Gryffindor. Something tells me you would do anything to protect a family member or a friend perhaps. Yet you weren’t quick enough with Ella were you.'


A lone tear fell from my eye. Ella, my best friend since I was a ickle baby. We did everything together and were like sisters. But when we were 13 me and Ella went out for a walk on a winters night. The 18th of December to be precise, when a car swerved onto the path. I tried to push her away but I were'nt quick enough. She died while I cradled her in my arms.


“stop it” I whispered as I wiped my tears away.


'as you wish Ms Potter. I might as well stick you with you brother. I declare you into Gryffindor.'


The hat was lifted of my head. Huge screams of joys and hands clapping erupted from the Gryffinfor table. Everyone was on there feet cheering for me, like I was something special. Which I wasn’t.


I hopped off the stool and thanked Dumbledore with a rather large grin. I stumbled down the steps and ran along to where my brother was standing. His proud smile said it all really. For once I felt like I made some-one feel happy, I had never done that before. Only with Ella.


I embraced him once again while he whispered 'congratulations' over and over again in my ear. My smiled widened more and more noticing everyone was happy I was in Gryffindor. We unwrapped ourselves and out smiles seemed to match. He led me over to where him and his friends were sitting.


I sat next to him and a ginger haired young girl, who looked beautiful. Her eyes were bright brown and a smiled was graced on her lips but I noticed when I leaned back slightly her eyes gazed lovingly at my brother. I kinda cringed but it was sweet.


“Right now that we are settled please enjoy our delicious meal we have set out for you.” Dumbledore clicked his fingers and loads of food appeared in front of me.


My mouth fell open in excitement as the food piled up in front of me. I took as much food that would fit on my plate and the ginger boy opposite had the same idea. I just realized that I didn't have a clue who any of these people are.


“I'm Hannah” I said shyly looking down at my plate. The brown haired girl spoke up first in a over enthusiastic voice of hers.


“Hey Hannah, i'm Hermione, this is Ron and the girl next to you is Ginny” She looked adoringly at Ron beside her and I knew something was going on there.


I waved at them all and was automatically indulged into a very interesting conversation with Hermione about how I should take extra lessons from her and the teacher. I agreed with her we started to arrange days where I would spend a evening lessons with her. We had a pleasant time talking to everyone until I felt some-one behind me. I spun around and saw the same blond haired boy I saw before.


“Hello I'm Hannah” Being the polite woman I am, I introduced myself in a kind manner but he didn't seem to interested by that.


“I really don't care, we don't want another Potter. We already have one we don't want. As well as two weasley's we could live without. And a disgusting mud-blood who hate more than anyone. She doesn’t deserve to be here.” His voice sneered at me. But hesitation was written all over his face.


“Piss off Draco” Ron snapped back.


“What's a mud-blood?” I asked tentatively.


“Its one of the most horrible thing you could call some-one. It's when a witch has no parents or grandparents that are wizards or witchs. I am one, we are believed to be the most low life scum of the earth.”


I was livid. How dare he make her feel like that. Who did he think he is?


“Who the hell do you think you are? How dare you make her feel like that. I have known these people no more then a hour and I have recognised them as the most kindest people in the world, but your too self conceived to know that. You are the most vile, disgusting cretin I have ever met.” By the end of my speech I had stood up, face to face with Draco.


He wasn't to pleased with my last insult as he whipped out his wand and pointed it at my chest. By this time everyone was staring at us, they heard my outburst but no-one moved.


“I would suggest you put that wand down Draco.” I sneered.


“And why would I do that?” Obviously thinking he had the upper hand.


“I may know nothing about magic but I took boxing, karate and judo for three years. So Im pretty sure I could break every bone in your body with one punch, would you like that?” My threat terrified him because he put his wand back in his cloak instantly.


“You may trick everyone else but you don't trick me, I can see right through you. You see, I took psychology and I was top of my class so I was taught to read people and their emotions.” I told him and probably the rest of the school as well seeing as they found our conversation so interesting. Draco just smirked.


“You can't work me out even if you tried” He spat at me.


“Your eyebrows are creased and your forehead is wrinkled, this shows you are either concerned or frustrated. Im guessing at me. Your jaw is rigged and your lips are pressed into a straight line. You don't want to say something you will later regret because you know you will regret it for sure. You have your arms crossed over in front of you but not because you are proud or brave but through cowardness, your scared and very protective over yourself. Tell us Draco who is breathing down your neck? Who has you on their radar at all times? Who are you so scared of? And you legs, one is in front of the other in a fighting pose yet your hesitant. You want to avoid a fight if you can. Draco your like a open book pleading to be read.” By the time I had finished every time were trying to hold back their smirks and laughter.


“Now I think you should apologise to Hermione, NOW” I shouted the last bit. My anger finally getting to me. He jumped obviously startled by the tone of my voice.


“Sorry granger” He mumbled and stalked off in a sulk not happy with the fact I made him apologise to Hermione in front of the whole school.


I turned back to my newly made friends and my twin, sitting down oblivious to the stares coming my way. When I finally looked up Hermione had a single tear running down from her cheek. I instantly felt bad, did I say something? I was just standing up for her.


“Hermione, im so sorry, I didn't mean to make you cry” I stared at her in sadness, hoping she would forgive me.


“No, no don't be sorry. Thankyou Hannah, I can't believe you made him apologise to me. Your really didn't have to do that” She began to look down.


“It's okay Hermy, thats what friends do. They stand up for each other, I hope we can be friends guys” I looked round at the one by one and they all smiled and nodded.


Our conversion seemed to flow with no trouble. I secretly gave them all nicknames because I knew I would never be able to say Hermione in a hurry. She agreed and she liked the nickname I gave her, Hermy. Although all the others got jealous so I just laughed at them.


“Shall me show Hannah to our room Hermione?” Ginny asked, finally taking her gaze away from my brother who was staring right back at her.




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Hannah Potter: chapter 3, draco's run in with a genius


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