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We are never getting back together...or are we? by shinichi
Chapter 4 : The dance tonight...
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aurevoir@TDA thnxxx alot! 
 Heyyyy everybody, here’s the fourth chapter of my story. Before you read it….I would just make it clear-cut from now who all are the new characters I have added in my story from the beginning and those characters too which are going to come in the future chapters.

1. Elina Malfoy – Draco and Hermione’s daughter


2. Richard Malfoy- Robin and Astoria’s son


3. Amanda- Hermoine works with her/ Hermoine’s newly made friend


4. Chelsea Weasely – Ron and Lavender’s daughter


5. Lily Potter- Of course she is known to you… I don’t think that I have to introduce her: D


And if there are any other new characters then I will tell you about them later.


Well, I didn’t tell you guyz this before but I think you may have guessed, the title of this story is “We are never getting back together or are we?”……well I got the idea of making this title by listening to the song- “We are never ever ever getting back together” sung by Taylor Swift [ One of my favorites : ) ] so guyz you can listen to this song, it’s a good one.


So read the story and review please……


PS- please read the A/N at the end of the chapter. :D


Chapter 4- The Dance Tonight

( 1 )


“Divorce!!!!!” Hermione was shocked…….



He’s talking about divorce……what does he mean??? He really wants us to be separated?


(Draco- Damn it! I don’t know what Hermione is thinking about me right now… I don’t want to hurt her but ……it’s a now or never situation,)


Hermione calmed down soon and acted as if she didn’t care at all.



“What happened Hermione?” Draco asked although he knew what Hermione was shocked for.



“Uh ……nothing Draco, just a little shocked…” Draco looked at her with questioning eyes.




“No, no I mean I was surprised to know that you know what divorce actually is. It happens in the muggle world so,”


“I found that out from muggle books……”


“Hmmm…so your habit of reading muggle books didn’t go yet, right?”




“Yep, your right……I am still like the 17 year old Malfoy used to be……though there are a lot of changes……”


“Changes…?”Hermione asked curiously.



“Huh……my life’s not the way it used to be……



“What do you mean Draco?”


“Oh dear, I am talking about the changes in my life- you know that- the family changes, the changes in my job, and the most importantly – my love life……”


Draco had gone blank out there.

Hermione knew what he meant. Draco’s dad had been killed…Draco didn’t have any grief over that but soon after his mother died too…..


And changes in his job- well he was a well qualified Quiditch player and now he was an Auror.


And changes in his love-life well, that was of course due to their separation.



Hermione soon saw his fair glowing cheeks and a tear drop on it. She was helpless…she wanted to wipe his tears, hug him and tell him her feelings but it was not the same as before…they couldn’t ever be back together after what all had happened……


Draco tried his best not to show that he was crying. He quickly wiped out his tears and said...-


“Well, just leave all this…do you remember our dog-cat fights?”


“Of course, how can anyone forget that? - especially I and you……well do you remember our fight just before we both fell in love……”


Hermione stopped. There was again this silence which Draco hated.


“Yes, I remember that very well, it was during the ball right?”





Hermione spoke in a very disheartening voice……suddenly all the events of the past came in front of her eyes-




(Flashback in Hogwarts)-




“Hermione, would you like to be my date tonight?” Draco asked with his voice like a gentlemen’s.


“Date?” Hermione felt her cheeks getting a little red and then she asked-


“Well, I’ll think of that……actually I don’t have time for attending dates with guys like you so……”


Draco scowled.



Hermione smirked.



“Ok fine, where would you take me Mr. Malfoy?” Hermione said while showing him her tongue very childishly.



“The library……”




“Are you serious?”




“Of course where else could I take you? Couldn’t think of any better place…”



This time Hermione made a face and Draco laughed.



“Of course not Miss Bookworm…’s the ball, you forgot?”


“Of course not dumb ass…”



And their fight continued-








“Miss Know it all”



“The boy who made my life a living hell”



“I think that’s not hell but heaven…” Draco corrected Hermoine.


“Of course not you…stupid arrogant git!”


“Huh ok, so the ball……would you like to be my partner?”




“Not interested at all… and moreover I have already got my partner so…”



Draco screwed up his face. 



“Oh come on Draco I was just kidding you……”



“Well I knew that… which girl wouldn’t like to be my partner?”


“What do you think of yourself…Hmph……I won’t dance with you……”



“Meet you there at 7…”



Saying this Draco went away……





(6 ‘o’clock in the evening)-



“So who’s your partner Hermione?”

Ginny asked as she started putting up her make-up.



“It’s Draco…” Hermione said with a little fear.



“DRACO!!!! I can’t believe this……are you guyz dating?”



“Shhhhh…… Gin keep quiet, please!”



“He is a death eater……”



“No he’s not…he doesn’t want to become one… Draco is very sweet by heart and he really likes me I think.”



“What about you? Do you like him?”



“I don’t like him but now I feel that I like him like hell…”



“But when did all this happen? Did you forget how he used to insult you by calling you a mudbl… well leave that…just tell me how you both became friends…”



“Nothing- we collided. We fell. He lifted me up. I suddenly slipped off his arms and then I hit my head with a rock. I fainted and he took me to St. Mungos.

He took care of me all the time. It was so very sweet of him. That day I realized that he was not that bad.”




“And then?”




“Well, we both were made partners in the potions class and then we realized that we needed to be civil towards each other…and that’s how we became friends.”


“And soon you both started liking each other and ……”


Hermione ignored that sentence.



“Oh gosh Gin, look at the time, we only have half an hour left… come on which dress should I wear?”



“Hmmm….yes you have to look extremely gorgeous…at least for Draco.” Ginny grinned.




“Yes I shall have to…”




(7 ‘o’ clock-)


“So you’re ready?” Ginny asked. Ginny was wearing a beautiful violet gown with a big rose on the upper left of her shoulder. She wore a 5 inch heel which was matching with her dress.



“Yes I am…” Hermione said turning her face towards Ginny.



“Oh my god, you look beautiful dear!”


Hermione wore a cocktail with peacock colors – a mix of green and blue. It was looking splendid on her but she didn’t look pleased.


“What’s the matter Hermione? Why are you looking so tensed huh?”


“The dress…”



“What happened? You didn’t like it?”



“No, the dress…ugh…”



“Oh come on tell me? Who wouldn’t like this awesome cocktail?”



“I love this dress! But…but it’s too short!”



“Oh god…what can I do with this bookworm?”



“Oh come on Ginny! This is too short. It is not covering my thighs properly. It’s not even reaching till my knees!”



“Hermione, you’re looking damn good in it and so you’re coming with me in this dress right now okay!”



“Wait. You go; I will turn up after five minutes. Please give me some time to make up my mind.”



Ginny grimaced.



“Please.” Hermione folded hands.



“Okay, as you wish. But don’t forget, a handsome guy is waiting for you” Ginny winked went off.




I gotta make up my mind fast. Ginny’s right, Draco must be waiting for me…



Listen Hermoine…you have to impress Draco right? Well, this cocktail is too short for me but I am looking good right? I know Draco won’t believe his eyes when he’ll see me. So can’t I give it a try? I can do it! Gryffindors never give up so easily do they?



Hermione once again looked at herself on the mirror.









Draco got impatient. How long had he to wait for her? He once again took a deep breath, looked at his watch and then began tapping on the floor with his foot.


Everyone came hand in hand, a beautiful couple all were.


And then arrived Blaise with his lady Pansy.  Blaise noticed Draco who was now hiding his face behind the curtains.


“Hey mate, why are you hiding?”

Blaise grinned. He had already guessed what must have happened.


“Uh, no nothing…I was just waiting for my partner…”


“But Austoria has already arrived I guess,” Blaise said while pointing his finger at Austoria who was inside with another Slytherin.



Draco felt a little uncomfortable this time. He had already told Blaise about Hermoine but Pansy? - She would get furious to know that he (Draco) liked Hermoine and she was his partner.

Blaise immediately understood the situation and he told Pansy to go inside and he’ll come later.


After Pansy goes, Blaise talk to Draco-


“Uh…you are such a dumb ass… couldn’t you guess that Hermoine’s my partner?” Draco shouted at Blaise.


“But I didn’t think that you and that muggle got so close…”



“Just shut up…” Draco pushed him into the hall, “Go and have a dance with your Pansy, go. Go!”



Hermoine didn’t arrive yet so Draco went inside and sat at a corner, gloomily.







Oh god, I was so busy in my thoughts that I forgot Draco’s waiting for me.

I really have to hurry up now.


Hermoine rushes to the ball. She could now see everyone with their partners.


At one corner, Ron and Lavender were having their cut couple fights as usual.

Ginny and Harry were dancing peacefully.


Luna and Neville were just holding hands and looking at each other lovingly.

Really, love was in the air-wasn’t it?

But where was Hermoine’s love?


Hermoine couldn’t find Draco anywhere. At last she saw him having a drink at the corner of the room. She ran towards him when suddenly her partener came in front of her-



“Oh! My sweet heart, where are you going? Come and dance with me…”



“But …Draco is waiting for me……”











( 2 )



“Where has Hermoine been? How long can I wait for her…?”


Draco had gone crazy. No girl had ever made him-the great Draco Malfoy wait so long. No girl even dared to get late on a date with Malfoy. Then how could Hermoine be late?


“Gryffindor Pride…” Draco muttered to himself.



Suddenly Draco’s eyes fell upon a couple dancing. Draco was shocked to find that the pair was none other than Hermoine and Dean.


“How could you do that to me Hermoine?” Draco wanted to scream at her that very moment but instead of doing that he went up to Austoria.



“Austoria, come and dance with me…” Draco ordered.



“Oh wow, of course I would love to have this dance with you Draco!” Austoria cried in delight.












Hermoine looked round. She wanted to dance with Draco but Dean forcefully made her dance with her.

She looked around for the 5th time and then she saw him dancing with Austoria. By face she could guess that Draco was forcefully dancing with her but Hermoine became very angry. She, with all her force pushed away Victor all of a sudden and went to Draco. She stood in front of the pair for a second. Draco very well knew Hermoine would come to him and scream but he took no notice of her.




Hermoine grew impatient.

She pulled Draco by his hand and started screaming at him. All the dancing couples stopped and stared at them. It was like a family melodrama in which the wife was scolding the husband while he replied meekly. But Draco wasn’t gentle at all.




“Draco, you were going to dance with me right?” Hermoine asked in a low voice trying to be polite.




“Huh, and you were supposed to be my partner tonight. What happened?” Draco screamed at her in front of everybody else.




Harry, Ron, Pansy and all the others who very well knew that Draco and Hermoine were sworn enemies were shocked to see that Draco and Hermoine were fighting for each other.



“Draco actually…” Hermoine said controlling her tears.





“I have been waiting for you since so long but you…you just don’t turn up on time. Fine, I got tired of waiting so I came inside and waited for you. But no, you still don’t turn up, and then I look around and see everybody dancing with their partners, my eyes fall upon a beautiful couple- HermoineDean dancing peacefully together, enjoying each other’s presence.”



“Draco, why are you shouting like this?” Hermoine couldn’t control her tears anymore and they rolled down from her eyes.




“Why are you behaving like this? Wow, and now you are crying…” 


Hermoine couldn’t take it anymore. She ran away from there.


Draco didn’t take much time to understand what he had done just then. He ran after Hermoine.

Everyone else looked towards the way they both ran. All started talking about both of them.









“Hermoine wait…..please listen…”


“Draco I have already heard too much and now I won’t listen to you anymore…”


Draco pulls her into hi arms.


“Hermoine, I am sorry……see, try to understand, you don’t know how I burn with jealousy when I see with any other guy……and that’s why I screamed at you so badly……I didn’t want to but…… just happened…I like you a lot and so…”


Hermoine places her finger on his lips.


“I am sorry Draco. You don’t need to explain yourself…I like you too…”










Flashback ends-


“Hermoine…what happened?”


“Oh no…nothing Draco, I was just thinking about...”


“I know you must be thinking about that day right?”


Hermoine gave him a smile and he returned it.


“Ok, so let’s go and get your luggage…”


Hermoine nodded.


They both hold hands and apparate to the apartment Hermoine was currently living in. Hermoine unlocks the door and they both enter.

Draco looked around. He could see many photo frames in the small living area containing photos of Hermoine, her parents and Elina.

But where was Draco?  That he didn’t know.




Then they entered her room. It was a large one even larger than the hall…it was a double bed where Hermoine and Elina both slept together (according to Draco) and then there were two cupboards, a wardrobe and a closet.


Hermoine opened the wardrobe; Draco could see how neatly she had kept all her belongings.

She took out a suitcase, a large one then she suddenly put it back and then took out a smaller one.

Draco looked at her questioning- “Why? You could take the bigger one?”


“It’s only a month Draco…” Hermoine said with a sigh.


 “Oh ya…” Draco said in dismay.



Then she opened her closet and took out Elina’s clothes.

Meanwhile, Draco, escaping her notice, stealthily opened her wardrobe and took out a photo frame.


It was of Draco and Hermoine, of their wedding day. They were hand in hand, looking very happy with each other.

Hermoine looked stunning in her white gown and behind her was Ginny who was holding a bouquet of pink roses. Draco on the other hand looked extremely handsome (as he always does) in his black suit.


Next Draco took out an album, full of Elina’s childhood photos.

And with Elina, he could only see Hermoine and her parents. Again he asked himself, where was he at that time?

Draco remembered all the past and murmured to himself-


“Huh, I must be busy in writing letters of apologies to Hermoine for sure…”

Suddenly the photo frame he was holding as snatched by Hermoine.


“What? Give me that back!”




“Oh, I understood you want to take this with you, right? I know you always think about me and so…”


Hermoine looked at him with tears in her eyes.


“I am sorry; I didn’t mean to hurt you…”


“No, it’s my fault, I shouldn’t have kept this picture with me till now, and anyway this is of no use…” saying this she threw it on the floor and it broke into pieces.  She ran out of the room.



Draco could hear her sobbing. He first cleaned all the mess and put the picture in his pocket.

He then packed the bag for her and then apparated back o the Malfoy manor.



Hope u liked the chapter.
Well wish you a merry Christmas and happy New Year 2013: D


Love you all,



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